Lubov Gavrilova from Moscow a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Lubov Gavrilova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Lubov Gavrilova
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Lubov Gavrilova (Khabarovsk, Russia)/Olga Naumova (Kemerovo,Russia) I am a father of two girls. She found my advertisement at and so she e-mailed me. We wrote to each other for two months. The money letter came after one month. She wanted the money to be sent by Western Union. I sent three money orders for $800. She was supposed to fly here to the States. She is quite the writer and could probably make a good HONEST LIVING WRITING! She would tell me how bad it was in Russia and how poor the men were to select from! On the 15th letter she messed up and signed it Marina! Now she writes me and says the money was stolen. That was it raised a big alarm! While checking your black list, I found someone else had met her! I sent her the letter that she sent to him and told her she is now famous -add to that list -Lubov. Derrick-last name confidential First letter Hi my friend. October 14 I am very glad that you answered me, if that is honour I didt expect that you will write me the answer-back letter, but I hoped also my hopes were justified. I want to tell you a little about myself that you who could represent I such. My name is Lubov, on Engish my name is Love.I was born on November 10, 1974,in city of Habarovsk. The square of Habarovsk is approximatly 37,2 thousand hectare. The population of Habarovsk is 617,8 thousand people. The distance from Habarovsk to Moscow is 8533 kilometres. I am 26 years old, my growth is 168 centimeters, my weight is 54 kgs. The color of my eyes is blue. I have ended Medical Institute and work as medical worker in urban hospital. Its necessary to work even night, because for us such the working diagram. I like my job and I carry out it with a feeling of the debt. The summer has passed and autumn has came, with its arrival the nature was painted in set of perfect paints from gold up to brightly red, I like this time in our district. Especially I like when the sun shine and warmly on the street. Russia is the country which rich and sated events by a history, at one time it were the great country, but unfortunately now we must agree that our country is in an emergency. In our hospital at times has medicines.I work in surgical branch.In free time from job I like sport,especially I like an aerobic. I do it that I want to support myself in a good form. When I studied in Institute I studied English language and I can speak English freely.I use the computer by the Internet-Centre of our city. The Internet-Centre works round the clock.Probably you set to yourselves a question why I have decided to meet the man from other country. I want to say you one that I am disappointed by the men in our country, in my opinion they are weak by spirit and for this reason more often when they have any problems they begin drink alcohol, especially vodka very much. I dont like it and in my opinion americans are more self-assured and sure in the forces also. I want that you has told about youself,what is your growth,your weight? What are you have a purposes in your life? Besides I want to see your photos that I could to see how are you look.I will be very glad to receive your letter, I will wait your answer and I hope that you will write me soon. I hope that I interested you and we will correspond with you. On this note I will finish my letter. Your friend from Russia, Lubov. Tenth letter November 13,Hi my love Derrick. How are you? How are you keeping there without me my darling. I hope that you are very well. At me all are simply fine. I called in the American Embassy and I have informed that for us with you the optimum variant will be a visa which is called tourist. As I have said it is the visa which called by B-2, and it is valid during 12 months. By this visa I can go on all your country. I have learned that this visa costs 180 dollars. Except for that its registration are 45 dollars. It is all information that I have informed in Embassy. When I learned all it, I was supervised by one feeling, only it is love and the desire will meet with you. To regret, at us in our country is very bad economic situation and people couldnt receive theirself wages many months. In our hospital the doctors and nurses do not receive the salary so long time also. Me is very shame that at us such situation in our country. And it is more a shame that I should ask that you have sent me money on visa. I ask you that you have sent me 280 dollars. I understand that it is little bit more than cost of the visa, but this money includes the cost of the air ticket from Khabarovsk to Vladivostok and the cost of the passport also.As you probably have understood I should fly to Vladivostok because I must visit the embassy and personally agree with the employees of embassy about the registration of visa. I ask to send money recourses by the system of Western Union, I think that it is most reliable and fast system of the remittances from one country to another. Money should be sent to the address: Lubov Gavrilova Khabarovsk MOSCOW INDUSTRIAL BANK 20/1 SOTSIALISTICHESKAYA STR. KOVROV , RU 601909 It is the address of branch Western Union in our city. Unfortunately I havnt a personal bill in bank and for this reason it is better send the money recourses by this system. When you will send me this recourses, you should send me ten-digit control nomber or it is Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), without it I cant receive a money. I believe that our love will help us to overcome all difficulties and will help us to incorporate in unique organizm. I think that the love contains in itself so and trust to each other, I want say that you can trust me because I cant deceive you, because I love you and want to be only with you my darling. Yesterday, when I slept I saw a nice dream about our meeting with you and about volume as we with you were engaged by love. It was a nice dream. There we were together and also you kissed me tenderly until then while I have not got in paradise from yours tendernesses. I love you and I wait your letter with the answer to my request. Yours love, Lubov.
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