Oxana Curdiucova from Brest a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Oxana Curdiucova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Oxana Curdiucova
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Oxana Curdiucova (Kobryn, Belarus) My name is Brian I live in the USA am 36 and work as an engineering technician in the computer industry. I was a member of several dating sites and Oxana had contacted me on the kiss.com site in September of 2000, we had corresponded for a year and 2 months. I think February 16th was the first time she asked for money but it may have been before I dont have any letters from before February they were lost. She game me the e-mail address of the supposed travel agent but I told her I didnt trust them after I talked to them so I would send money to her. The money went to Oxana Curdiucova at the Brest western union branch, I sent a total of I think it was $3200 over a 6 month period ending the end of October of 2001. She was scheduled to fly into Seattle the 25th of November 2001 at 3:45 PM but I had gotten an e-mail from her the 22th saying something about a security problem and that she would talk to the agency BelTourBrest Friday and get back to me then. I didnt get any message back so I continued on like she was flying in so I went to the airport on the 25th and was there for 3 hours waiting at the baggage pickup area had her paged, talked to customs, immigration and finally the last person to get thru immigrations to find out she wasnt there. I sent her an e-mail when I got home, thinking that the security issue was the problem?? FOOL. She responded back on the 26th with that she was in a car accident and sent pictures of the car hooked up to a tow truck. Needless to say I was upset on several levels. She says in her letter that there was another car involved in the accident and that she had to pay for damages to both cars The three picture I sent as you can see there is one that is of who ever it is when she is younger, she said this was with her friend and cousins, other with her friend and the other is her mom, supposedly. Even with my suspicions I was convinced when I saw the pictures with her mom and the one where she is younger with the cousins and friend. I wish that I had found this site a year ago and fortuantly I found it now before I tossed more money and spent more time with this woman. Brian Carlsen Lurch68b@hotmail.com Letters

Hello my dear, Brian ! Unfortunately, I had the most terrible day in my life. Everything was good from beginning. My working day finished and I took a car of my working mate. We gathered together with my friends and went to the countryside. Its a Mercedes, 1995. We had wonderful time. It was getting dark. I drove at 70 km/h. I was at the crossroad when I had an accident. It happened another car was on the main road and at all speed I beat the car. And I broke that car and my car. I was shocked. I couldnt understand, what was happened with me. Nobody suffered in my car. Only I stroked my head. My dear,Brian I have concussion of the brain. I am feeling very bad. But the driver of the second car suffered. Now I have many problems; two cars are broken. I dont know what to do. All our plans destroyed at one moment. The police came at once. They took my drive license. No I have to repair the cars and pay the money for moral damage. Other wince the police will have criminal report then I have to forget about you and our future. Ill not to be able to leave my country during 5 years. I have big problems, I dont know, what to do, I dont want to leave. Help me my dear Brian . We can be together. But this accidents made my life hard. I want to be with you. The only way is to pay for repairing and moral damage, Im so. Sorry to make many problems for you Brian . I hope, youll understand me and dont leave in such a difficult moment. Im so distressed, my love Brian. Write me soon, I need I need you now more than even. Kiss you Brian. Yours Oxana. Dear Brian, Thank you very much for your nice letter. You make me feel so happy Brian so special. You want to meet me dear. Brian for me to travel abroad its needed to get a Visa and passport to purchase a tour, because our "Wise president made a law that the women who 45 and single can not leave Belarus if they have not a tour. So i went to the travel agency in Brest yesterday when i got your letter and found out some information. You may contact them directly if you wish and find out the information yourself. They have a computer and e-mail. Here it is : bel_tour_brest@hotmail.com They plan trips from Moscow I must tell you dear. Brian i love your letters they are so interesting. Each letter I get from you i feel your heart dear. You have so much love to give, its like a fire burning in the distance for me, it warms me. I hope Im worthy of your love. You know, Im just a mortal woman, nothing special. But for you, I want to be the best woman to make you happy always. I know, people make mistakes, but dear, well forgive each other when we sometimes fail. Love is not truly strong unless its strong enough to withstand any stress. Our love will be strong Im sure. Weve found each other in the distance, & our hearts are connected, my love. You know, in wedding vows, people say for better or for worse, Im sure if we see each other at our worst well still love each other, because our love is strong. My dear, you make me feel so wonderful inside, I hope I make you feel the same. I want to love you, dear & be loved by you so much!!! Id like to explore the world with you by my side. Just imagine?? the hills of Rome?? the streets of London?? Paris in its charming beauty?? etc?? etc?? I dream of your kisses, lips, heart?? Yours, Oxana.
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