Marina Mikhailova from Murmansk, Russia a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Marina Mikhailova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Marina Mikhailova
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Murmansk, Russia
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I am a 43 yr old man living with my 14 yr old Daughter in Florida. I had An ad Posted to Yahoo! Personals, to which I recieved a reply from a lovely young woman in Russia. Intrigued, I replied. Her letters began believably enough, but after about four, I realized she was not answering my specific question - tho she did give me her address. Interestingly, Before that, she asked for My Phone number - She wanted to see if I was real! It did not get as far as asking me for money, although she did mention that the cost of "making all papers was $200 - this is when I started doing some research, and came upon your website - lo and behold, there she was listed as Lubov Gavrilova with 3 of the same pictures I had recieved! I will note that her letters progressed rapidly, each one more intimat than the last till, finally, she was professing her love for me gushingly. Thanks to your site, I have only spent money to send her flowers - I havent recieved any reply yet, but I expect that they will not be able to find the address. Oh, well - lesson learned. Here are some of her letters and photos. Letters Here she mentions money...
Hi my love Scott! Or what is it - Im in total confusion - whats happening to my poor mind. It may sound so crazy but I feel something for you! It is a very great feeling love! I cant describe that great mood that I got up today in the early mourning thinking of you huging me in the field of flowers! It was a great dream!!! I didnt see such kind of dreams from time of my firstly falling in love!!! It was so wonderful as in reality!!! I feel love and this fact heat my soul when the winter has taken its rules in its hands and already cold in the street.I feel that Im enough powerfull to make my dream come true and come to you to USA and to see you in reality and to shake your hand and to look into your eyes and to say you in person what I really wanted to say but cant get it in words on paper... It is so sweet - to think that it may happen to me and to turn all my life head over heels and bring me something I have never feel before. It is really seemed to be a land of the dream here. USA is something that does not seem to be real but some kind of fairy tale. I hope that this enthusiasm does not frighten you! I feel so happy thinking that some day we finally can meet in reality but not only over e-mail. Im sure we are to meet someday. I need to know you in reality!!! Mmm... I want to tell you about why am I still alone... It is really hard here to find a man I want to be with. It may seem to be whim but its not so. It is really poor here with good men. I cant describe it correctly but it seems to me that Russian man dont want to find their half in me. It is not good experience of changing boyfriends often but I come through it and it is all false. I hate that period of my life. I was crazy and finished at all to make mistakes in this life. Now I decided to find the man in other country and it happened that I decided to find him in USA. It was always my dream to marry American man. Of course that wish was mostly subconscious but finally I was advised to try to write to American man and I feel that make a good thing. I like whats happening to me last days. It is so new to me!... But I have known a little about how can I come to you. The most important is to get the foreign passport and visa to visit. It is not easy as have heard and but I think that theres no impossible things in the world. The most important is great wish and will to do what you want. I will speak with mother about this but firstly I need to know what do you think about this. I have learned that the cost of making all papers for me will totally cost about 200 US dollars but Ill learn it more better if you want. All this letter is so spontaneous but from the deep of my heart. I want to know what do you think about what I said to you in it. Is it really love - how do you think? This feeling makes me so strong and courageous. But in deep of the heart Im afraid to read your answer. I want to love but what future will show?... I need to know your answer!!! I wish for you to answer me as soon as you can. I love you. It is a little part of me. Im finishing at this... Marina.

Hi my new friend Scott! Im really glad to find your letter for me again! I was a little afraid that you will not answer me. I found that I want to know more about you and want to tell you more about myself. How do you think is it good? Some words about weather here. It is already cold and the ground is co- vered by snow. The roads are so slippery and so strange and great at the same time. The winter is in the air already. It is coming and I feel great waiting for those great celebrations that are coming with winter. And the best is New Year! I love it so much and cant wait until its beginning!!! I heard that there in USA mostly popular is Christmas but I love more New Year. I have heard much about Santa Claus and I always was inte- rested if Americans heard about our prototype - Grandfather Frost or Im not sure if I spelled it well. So great to feel that winter is coming!!! So - information about me. I am 169 centimeters height and 58 kilogram- mes weight - Im not sure how much it will be in your not metric system. I hope that youll be possible to evaluate this in feet and pounds. I live in the flat which consists of one room and kitchen. It is really small but very cosy and I love my home as I live not far from my parents flat. The are in Murmansk too. I often visit them and I help to keep a household. I work in the library as librarian - it makes me pretty few money but I at the same time work as tutor of Math and Physics. I learned it in the University that I finished four years ago. I learned there for 5 years and it was best time of my life. It was so happy and carefree days. I have many friends from that time but we meet not very often and loosing each other from the sight all this time. Many of them are gone from our city and we didnt see each other for a long time. It is really pity!!! So I have a higher education that is not claimed in my country but Im not despond - Im sure that I will begin the best life someday - that is my best dream of life! I like to travel very much! I think that Im born traveler. Unfortu- natelly I have never been out of Russia but Im sure that someday Ill do it! Now I am to dream only. The best of all I want to visit America. It is seemed to the land of dream here! Secondly I want to visit Egypt - I think that it is the land of world secret and I like everything unknown very much! Thirdly I want to be at the South Pole someday - I understand that it is seemed to be heard as crazy thing but I like extremal situations too! M-mm-mm. I reread my letter and understood that it is almost not contain concrete information about me - everything is so blurred. I want to say to you that Im very scattered girl - may be because Im too romantic person! And how do you think if you are romantic man too? I love romantic persons! Sorry I forgot to tell you about my favourites but Ill try in the next letter. But Ill finish now. I want to say to you that it is very fascinatingly with the man you have never seen in person! I think that Im little crazy saying you this. Sorry that I dont ask the questions but you may tell me everything you want about yourself - I will be very glad to know more about you! Marina. p.s. Please dont be angry for me if I will write to you not every day. I have no chance to go to Internet Centre every day but Ill try to do it for you! I ask you to not to lose me if I will not write you for several days! Hi my friend Scott! I want to ask you how are you right now? How do you feel, how do you live there so much far from here. It is so hard to imagine that somewhere there is a country where everything is different than in Russia! So strange but I feel so exciting asking you about this silly things! I cant explain whats happening to my feelings last days! Sorry that all last words sounds some sentimental! You know the life here is different and often changes from good mood to bad in may be few minutes - it is everything is good around. Im almost happy thinking that everything is how I want to! I waited for the winter here and its come finally - here is already 10 degrees below zero by Celsius and finally not dirty at all! I love this time - winter - cold but everything is so clean and clear. The air is so fresh and powerfull that I feel sometimes that I can straighten wings and fly away towards the land of dream! It is so great feeling!!! I hope you dont think that Im little crazy in my dreams! But it is all words and dreams only. So I want you to know more about my life here. It is not easy I think - I dont know what to begin from... I wake up at 7 a.m. usually. Then I make an easy breakfast for myself and put closes and move to library. It is not far from my home - in 15 minutes of way by trolley bus. I use to move for work. I have no my car so I do it usually to get to work. I like to go walking to work when it is not cold and I have good mood. It makes me else better mood and give me the charge of vivacity for the hole day. I begin to work at 8.30 a.m. usually. It is not very interesting work but I dont complain - it is enough original. Im the youngest girl in our department and I have not very good relations with our women here at work. I have the best girlfriend at work - Katya - she works at other department but we are together during all changes and dinner time. We have a dinner on a neighbourhood cafe. It is not very expensive but very tasty to eat there - and we often have very big dialogues with Katya there! We like to have disputes with her but anyway we are very good friends! I like my for the chance to have a great access to many books. You know... I love to read very much! Thats make me to think more about what do I live for? Am I the person that comes to this world not simply so but for something important that I can make! So.... I will continue about how do I spend my usual day... After the dinner that I have from 12 till 13 I continue to work until 17.30 will come. After that I have my free time. I spend it differently and this is mostly depends from my mood and day of the week but often I simply get to home and take the book and lay down to bad with it. It sounds very prosy but it is really so. That is description of my usual day. I hope that you were not very bored by it! Sorry but I see that I have to go now... It i so pity that I to stop now but I hope to find your answer for me and Ill sure will write you a new letter some later... Sorry I forgot to ask your phone number - I want to do that earlier but forgot at ll. If you dont mind I want to call to you to hear your voice and to check up that you are really exist! It sound some crazy may be but I wish to know your phone number! Really! Ill think of you! Marina.
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