Natalya Bakalova (Kiev, Ukraine) from Kiev, Ukraine a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Natalya Bakalova (Kiev, Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Natalya Bakalova (Kiev, Ukraine)
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Kiev, Ukraine
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Natalya Bakalova (Kiev, Ukraine)Heres another one to add to your list. All the information is below. If you would like all the eamils, I can provide those to you, too, if you require them. THANK YOU so much for your pages. They have saved me from other scammers in the past. Steve Peterson Barcelona, Spain SCAM INFO: SCAMMER Name: NATALYA BAKALOVACommon name: Natasha Address given: Krasnozvezdny prospect 117, apt 1 Kiev, UkrainePhone: None given Email: Possible Co-conspirators: ELENA KOT (Person to send money to) EUGENE MAKAROV ("Owner" of "Medved Travel Co") from Kiev, UkraineFraudelent Agency: MEDVED TRAVEL CO Agency address: Antonovicha str, 6 03120 Kiev Ukraine Phone #: +38 068 321 85 98Agency email: medvedtravel@ukr.netStory: I first contacted this girl in September, 2001 through, where she is under the user name of Natasha1164 who said she is from Kiev, Ukraine. We corresponded over the period of 3 months during which time she raised no "red" scam signs. Her emails were very normal, talking about friends, world politics and events, things she did on the weekend, likes & dislikes.. She always answered my questions and asked some of me. She did not ever mention financial hardship, profess her "undying love", send provocative pics, nor ever ask for money. None of the typical "red" flags that are common to scammers. She did, however, raise a couple of "pink" flags, which were enough to rouse my suspicions. "Pink" flags: 1) She mentioned she had a friend that works at a travel agency 2) Claims to use an internet cafe but her email headers show she uses a dial up modem connection and uses Outlook Express as a mail client. 3) Mentioned that she was born and raised in Kiev, but her mom died of cancer from the Chernobyl accident All the above mentioned "pink" flags were over the course of emails during 3 months and each could have a very plausible explanation, so I gave her the benefit of the doubt, though they were enough to save me my money in the end. After 3 months of correspondence we began discussing the idea of meeting. She said that it didnt matter if I came to Kiev or she came to Barcelona where I live. I wrote back and said that I thought it would be nice if she came here to Barcelona so she could get a chance to travel and see something new because in one email she said that she had never been out of the Ukraine. Of course she thought this was a nice idea and wrote back that she called the travel agency and could get a bus tour to Barcelona for $420. She enclosed a simple .txt file she said the travel agency (Medved Travel Co) gave her on a floppy with the price list of various hotels and corresponding prices of the tour package. She probably got this information (names of hotels here in BCN) from a legitimate travel agency and typed them out herself, possibly changing the prices to make it more attractive, as information given to me by other legitimate travel agencies on coming to BCN were more expensive. I wrote back and asked her for information on travel agency. She replied my giving me the email and a phone number of Medved. Since my suspicions had been aroused from the "pink" flags I mentioned above, I decided to check this agency out so I wrote an email to Medved requesting further information. "Medved" replied enclosing a .txt file with the above mentioned address and phone number and also the name of the person I should wire the money to. The first red flag was that the email from this "Medved Travel" was one of those free email accounts anyone can set up, which seemed a bit strange to me. I got on the internet and tried finding info about this company and found absolutely nothing. I did, however, find out that the phone number given to me was a MOBILE phone number ! Red flag #2 - no company would give a mobile phone number as a contact phone! At this point I got in contact with my friends at and they confirmed this was indeed strange. They (THANKS!) tried emailing "Medved" in Russian and also got in contact with people in Kiev. At this point, I wrote another email to "Medved" asking for VERY detailed information on the company - company bank account, affiliations with embassies and professional organizations, the names of the tour operators they work with in arranging tours to Barcelona, and most important, the Accreditation IATA # of the company. I did not receive a reply. While I was waiting for this reply, my friends and got confirmation from a person in Kiev that the company "Medved Travel Co" does not exist at the address given. I wrote one last email to Natasha playing stupid in which I said I was having trouble getting a reply from Medved and would she please call them, to see her reaction. I did not receive a reply from her. So, moral of the story, guys? ALWAYS check out information given to you about agencies, and NEVER send money blindly to someone you have never met. And most importantly, ALWAYS follow you gut instinct! If it smells even the least bit fishy, it probably is! Following my gut instinct has saved me from 3 scams so far. SRP Barcelona, Spain
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