Tatyana Tsaregorodseva from Novosibirsk, Russia a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Tatyana Tsaregorodseva the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Tatyana Tsaregorodseva
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Novosibirsk, Russia
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Greetings! I would love to have you add my scam story to your site. Once I saw the pics posted for Tatyana Yurina from Novosibirsk, I knew for sure that I was definitely taken for $1800!!! I was contacted thru kisscom from a member "TNT2000." She called herself TATYANA TSAREGORODSEVA, with the address 23-61 Kirova Street in Novosibirsk, Russia. With the e-mail address tata333@fromru.com I was definitely intrigued. We struck up an internet friendship/relationship and it all snowballed from there. We exchanged pictures and letters. I was really thinking I was going to meet a nice attractive girl from Russia----if Tatyana only knew what I was thinking NOW!!! I didnt think much when I received a request for help with a VISA---$300. That was in the middle of October. Then I was going to buy an airline here to have her fly over----oh no the ticket "had to be bought there." So, I did some checking and found out it was $150 less for a ticket to be purchased in Russia, so I sent over $900--November 3rd. Then once I did that, she e-mailed me that she needed $530 for some kind of insurance to allow her to leave the country. I sent $600 on November 8th. Then 3 days after I sent the $600. I received the e-mail from her saying that the money had been stolen from her while she was in the Moscow subway. I contacted Western Union to see where the money was picked up----all from the same location---not in Novosibirsk and in Moscow as I was told---all through a Bank called "Menate P/St. Petersburg," from a location called "Yoshkarola." Western Union did do a little checking, and in the last 45 days there had been dozens and dozens of money transfers to TATYANA TSAREGORODSEVA from the United States. Western Union would not tell me who or how much---just the fact that they were indeed large transfers and many of them. Western Union would NOT list her name as a potential scammer. It seems all Western Union is---simply a tool used by scammers in this particular case. I am not normally a stupid or gullable person---Im in media and usually pretty savvy---but not this time. I wish I had found your "Blacklist" sooner----but unfortunantly it cost me $1800, and another $200 in Western Union charges. So---I am out $2000 to this scammer from Novosibirsk. I am including the letters she wrote to me, her photos, and after all this happened I got an e-mail---supposed to be from her mother---Svetlana. I have notified the FBI and will contact the Russian embassy here in the United States, but I want to warn any and all men---this woman IS A SCAMMER!! Here are the letters I received from her starting in September, so you can compare them to some you may have received or may be receiving: #1/September 28th #2 Oct 1, 2001 #3 October 2, 2001 #4/October 3, 2001 #5 October 6, 2001 #6 October 8, 2001 #7 October 10, 2001 #8/October 13, 2001(1st request for money) #9/October 14, 2001/I forgot to include the MTCN # for her to pick up the money....wish I never had sent it!!! #10/October 16, 2001 #11/October 18, 2001 #12/October 20, 2001 #13/October 22, 2001 #14/October 24, 2001 (2nd request for money to fly to Moscow) #15/October 26, 2001...she doesnt have a bank account to wire the money to...I have to use Western Union.... #16 /October 28, 2001 #17/October 30, 2001 #18/November 1, 2001 #19/November 4, 2001 After the $900 was sent #20/November 6, 2001....a request supposedly from Moscow for another $530 #21/November 8, 2001 The Money "has been stolen" I wrote back to her....playing along...saying I wanted to come see her...etc. Then I received 1 other letter this one from her "Mom." (And theres "ocean front property in Casper, Wyoming" also) #22/Letter from "Mum"/November 17, 2001Surprisingly----NO request for money. Again---a word to the wise I was scammed big time----the silly things we do for what we think is "love." If you have information regarding this woman, please feel free to contact me: J.J. Hemingway 726-E. Greta Avenue Spokane, Washington, USA 99208 509-465-1850 jjhemingway@icehouse.netShe needs to be stopped---no tell how many people have been scammed the same way I was and how many more will be scammed. There are 11 photos that she sent me, so youll know what to be looking for Thanks again for taking the time to read this and passing along any information you may have! J.J. Hemingway Spokane

Hi. My name is Tatyana. I have looked your structure on Kiss.com, it very much to like me and I have decided to write to you the letter. I very much want to get acquainted and strike up with you long acquaintance if certainly you do not object. On the character I very devoted woman and if I shall grow fond of someone I shall wish to remain together with him for ever. I am always fair in the intentions. Most of all in life I do not love a deceit. I very much hope, that you will not leave my letter without attention and will answer me my electronic address: tata333@fromru.com. I Wait with impatience of your fast reply. And if you want, I can send you the photo. Tatyana.

Hi my new friend J. Greetings from Russia! I am glad that you have written to me. I very much would like to learn (find out) more concerning you. My name is Tatyana, I live in the best city on light - Novosibirsk. Probably, it is necessary to tell a little about itself... My mark on a horoscope - Aquarius. Was born January, 27, 1973. Growth of 170 centimeters. Weight of 54 kgs. Formation (education) the maximum (supreme). I was not for the husband and I have no any own children. I havent brothers and sisters. My father has left us with mum when I was some more absolutely small. Since then I about him nothing did not hear. About my appeal look at my photo. Please came to me the photo, well??? I shall be very pleased to see them. I have no any children. My favourite colors - bright. It is possible to tell, that the motto of my life is " do not make to another what yourself you do not wish ". What I appreciate in people? Kindness, mind (wit), tenderness, fidelity, sense of humour... And the main thing - honesty! I hate rage, envy, lie, treachery. And still - vainglory! Certainly, everyone has lacks (I too not an ideal). The main thing that them was very little!:). Unfortunately I have no any phone of a house. I work as the medical sister in childrens hospital. I very much love the work. I to speak in English not much, but now I go on rates on studying the English language. Now it is a little about my interests. They WELL ARE VERY EXTENSIVE! First, I do not present myself life without MUSIC (capital letters!). It means - only "ingenious" or, at least, talented. What exactly? Beatles, Talking Heads, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Queen. classics. By the way, I very much love alive music. Second, I very much love books. Actually, without them life too would lose much. I read, basically, "classics", love novels and philosophical things (Dostoevsky it is repeatedly re-read, Tolstoy, Pushkin, Sholohov... Well it is a lot of Them!). The reference book - " the Master and Margarita ". Thirdly, I love cinema, Films too I look "clever", but genres practically anyone. I like Mastroini, Kluny Hofman, De Niro, From directors Koppola, Parker, Torontino. Mihalkov, Ryazanov, and much, much... All and to not list! And fourthly, my weakness - I very much like to spend time on kitchen to prepare (be going) for new dishes and salads. I simply adore it!! Mine loved (liked, favourite) foodstuff it " Russian borch ". This very tasty dish I would hope that it very much was pleasant to you. That else... Still I very much love animal (especially cats). I have a cat, its name a Boris. I adore the friends (them a little, but all of them are checked up by years). In general it is possible to tell, that I very sociable person. I want to find that unique and unique in the life with which I could divide (share) all life. In the choice I do not want to make a mistake. I would like to know as much as possible about you. My intentions are very serious. I at myself here have not found worthy to myself the man and consequently I have decided to try to get acquainted through Internet. Therefore I can write to you 6 days per one week. But, unfortunately, I to not have an own computer and consequently I shall write to you with internet cafe. I think that we shall be good friends or even more ??¦. On what I to hope. I would like to hear your ideas, that you wish concerning the future. I hope that you find my words are interesting also it starts to help to learn (find out) to you me little bit better. I wait for the answer from you again. You had such desire - write!! Your new friend Tanya. P.S. In a photo, I with my cat Boris.

Hi my liked friend J!! I am very happy to receive letter from you letter. In your letters you show me the big interest, and it very pleasant for me. I looked at you and if it is fair, I do not know, why I have chosen your structure, it likely any mark from above. You trust in it? I yes. Today in us very good weather. I today havedecided to Take walk in such fine day. I saw so many happy people.... And I like in love in, liking sympathy which liked, a favorite! I like those who kisses in underground transitions and in automobiles underground. I smile, when I see under a canopy at stops of the bus Para of scope. It is pleasant for me to look at boys - schoolboys Who bears bags for the girlfriend and buys for them ice-cream, and Then eat it together, biting off with turns because there was no money To two frozen... I would like to give all from them flowers and stars. And the dark blue sky with fluffy clouds. Also it is insignificant, what weather In the street. I continue a balcony. I raise eyes to the sky, and I find There an asterisk, and I think, that it may, you, there in me look also it shines only for me. I smile... I have decided to show today a Para of lines of your letter to my loved mum. Mum, reading has Probably good person has close told it you. Also that it trust you. She would like it we with you, had all well. We With you begin to understand and feel each other it is very important. We should entrust each other. Lie it is bad very much. Mum from The childhood always teach me to speak the truth. We with you Completely should entrust each other only the ambassador who may be a The good union. It is a pity, that we with you - while separately. But everyone Our letter rallies us, and distances between us become ever It is less and less. I like to dance!!! It very much to similar me. And you Like to dance and to what dances it is similar to you? I dance a waltz, it is a lot of another Modern dances. When I some was more absolute small I to go in The school of dances it was funny very much. You seem to me which most of all The good person I has met in life. I would like to write to you each day. If you certainly not against. It to similar me. I would like to hear Concerning you it is more. How you like to carry out spend a free time? Write to me not much about city in which you live? You like To be on nature and to sit in summer evening on fire? It you See so it is romantic, whether the truth? Write to me answers to mine Calls in question and to ask me anyone interesting you and problems. I hope to Receive the information from you soon. So we may begin to study each other. On it I finish the letter. I wait from you The answer. Tatyana.

Hi my loving friend J. I am so happy to receive from you the letter again. When I find your letters in the letter box me at once to become easily and joyfully on heart. I feel, that every day we all become closer and more close to each other. I am sure that you do not forget me for one minute. I too always think of you. I very much love walks on a nature. I in general very much love a nature and animals. At us now autumn was included in full force and around all blossoms. Leaves on trees start to turn yellow and all around to become gold. And you love a nature? And what trees grow at you? At us grow: the birch, a linden, a maple, a fur-tree, a pine, a cedar and is a lot of another. Today we with mum went in a village to the grandfather, his(its) name Fedor. My mum has told the grandfather, that I correspond with the foreigner. Then the grandfather has called me to itself and has wished good luck me good luck in it. It(he) was glad, that I at last have found the person who is interesting to me. It you my dear, you seem to me very interesting person to correspond with you delivers to me great pleasure. In a village at the grandfather we went in a bath. The bath in the country is very popular in us, it is our pride. And you heard about Russian bath? If is not present, I shall tell to you about it. The bath is such small house which is made of logs of a tree. In this house there is a room in which it is necessary to bakee. Temperature in this room very high approximately 80 degrees Celsey. Near to the bath is the river, in which we to jump when to run out from a bath. It so is fine, when from such hot room to plunge into cool water. Tatyana is mine a full name, and in abbreviated form or simply Tanya. You understand me?Now I shall finish the letter. Write to me as I was possible more often very much I wait for your following letter with impatience. Sincerely yours, Tatyana.

Hi J. I very much love to read your letters, and they deliver me many pleasures. With each your letter I am begun, understand, that in us with you that can which was going. I already more to reflect in the our attitude (attitudes) is more serious. My opinion - those, I examine(consider) it as most important between the man and woman by this complete trust (trust), I hate, when the people deceive each other. I began to correspond with the person whom to be outside of Russia therefore here I have not found that the man with whom it is possible to live the stayed life. Earlier I walked with one guy, but it(he) has hurt offended me, and after that I with anybody did not dare to get acquainted, till now. As I examine (consider) that it is the moment we of life to accept the conciliatory proposals, you see, that it also - important part of the attitude (relation) between the man and woman. You probably think, that I the most serious man, but it not so, I simply do not want to be mistaken in a choice of the future husband and man of sympathy.At the given moment my feelings to YOU already, that it is more than friendly. I to feel, that we as 2 small streamlets, which run in themselves, and at the end of ways merge in one large river. Which to break all barrier on the way for the sake of one purpose. To your words I begin to understand that you the man of honour. Your words, which you write to me warm my soul and heart. So it is wonderful, when there there is in this world a man to which I is not indifferent. It is pleasant to me so that to receive from you letter and feeling, which I thus check to not pass by words. Probably on it I shall come to an end, and with the large impatience Separately you are grateful before a card, that to you to me has sent. She(it) very much loved to me. It is very pleasant to me to study (find out), that we by mutual understanding the friend the friend, you see, that it - most important fact in the our attitude (attitudes). If we want to create strong union, we shouldentrust and understand each other everything, I feel perfect, concerning me can not worry with me, it in the order is ((good). Write to me, as it is possible more frequently, I very much love to read your letters, they establish in me any pleasure in life, to believe that in me somewhere far there loves, the man, mood at once lifts, it would be desirable to live and to believe that we when to be we shall meet. I shall wait your answer today. Many times you cover a kiss and from the basis of heart I. You in my heart each minute. In me even such feeling, that I have received loading (accusation) of the large energy within all day. Write to me concerning work. I would like to know concerning all of you, that in you the majority of a favourite dish, than you loves to be engaged in free from work time. Perfect I want to inform, that I have chosen in you soul superior others in love in, in mercy, in powerful desire to love and to bring happiness. And please, with me to be honour. You see, that the deceit breaks huge quantity(amount) of families. Today I shall visit church, and about me will ask about us. Be healthy and in the good arrangement of spirit, know that you always in my heart. Fidelity and tenderness are necessary for you? I have chosen destiny of fidelity, as closest to my character . Will be convinced. Unsuccessfully speak, that love blind; true in it fond is indifferent to this or that lacks, which it perfectly sees, if only it seemed, that it he)) finds in the man that for him(it) it (is) by most important. And it in you. As I would like to see us together, evening, in a room. We would reach (begin) from you long conversation. I shall wait your letter. Kiss from me. Tatyana. P.S. This photos is made one year ago.

Hi my loved J. Today I with impatience have hurried in internetcafe Is faster to check an electronic box of the letter. I have found yours The letter and my heart were filled with high temperature and to knock with unknown Force. During our correspondence I have understood that you very good The person. Also that you maintain my attention. Also I hope, that I stand Yours also. Yesterday in church I have understood, that you the person Which I searched for all life. And when I saw carelessly yours The structure I at once has fallen in love with you without memory. I Became similar to the mad girl, raving love. All over again I was afraid to Recognize you it, thought, that when you will hear at once these words You will laugh at my feelings. You see, that I then did not know you so Well as now. But during our dialogue I did not store feeling Inside me it is direct also they have escaped outside of. Now I not ?‹?????…?‚?????“?? to Recognize you it. I for ever yours. I hope you, you will not break (to break) mine Dreams concerning you. Mine full name Tatyana Tsaregorodseva or on Russian ( ?????’?…?‡???’???„???…x??). I do not want, that you lost for what !!!! You for me J! With love Tatyana!!!!!!!!

Hi J!!! I very much LOVE the Letter which you have written to me, it was than most of all and VERY CLOSE HEATING!! It my HEART And SOUL GOOD!!! It has Taking into account me very much warm feelings inside, downwards - is deep in my SOUL. I Want more than life directly for YOU to be With YOU! YOU ARE VERY NECESSARY FOR ME!!! I am very lonely Here without YOU! Everything, that I have - your letters to lead me Progress (progress). I come back, and I read them when I am lonely for YOU. But Then it we do me, it is sad, because I can not be with YOU NOW! I WANT OUR UNION MORE THAN THAT - TO BE in which to me DEMANDED EVERYONE LIFE!!!!!!! IT HAPPENS!!!!! YOU - very much a thing about which I might Ask in LIFE, YOU CARE, LIKE, UNDERSTANDING, And HONOUR!!!!! I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH MY LOVE. I had no any such feelings of love in very long time. I May inform YOU, that YOU -THAT FOR ME!!!! UNIQUE I WANT!!!!!!!! NOBODY WILL COMPEL ME TO FEEL the WAY by WHICH YOU DO!! MY EMOTIONS, the STRONGEST FOR YOU And YOU ONLY!! I DO NOT WANT To LOSE YOU!! THEY - MY of SYMPATHY YOU, And ALL OF US HAVE NO SEIZED!!! SO, WHEN WE CLOSE we (COVER), MY FEELINGS WILL BLOW UP!!!!!!!!!!! IT WILL BE the HAPPIEST MOMENT of MY LIFE With FROM the QUESTION!!!!!!! Now I only can dream of this time, but soon real it is fast goes in Happen, and I SHALL BE the HAPPIEST WOMAN In the WORLD And YOU the HAPPIEST PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE, PLEASE WRITE to ME, FREQUENTLY I NEED In YOU!!!!!! I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTHING WILL STOP ME FROM a PRESENCE (FINDING) With YOU!!!!!! Today I am simple so have learned, that the visa it is possible to make. But I do not have such money to pay it. I to speak on the English language well enough. I to want to be closer to you! SET of LOVE FROM YOUR FAVORITE WOMAN Tatyana.

Hi my love J, I am very happy to read your letter, as always. Thank you so much for your nice letter! Well, I looked for visa one else yesterday and to me it is necessary to pay 45 dollars for the visa and 20 dollars registration I went to embassy and at me was 50 dollars in hands, I have told them, that I have 50 dollars and they have told well, give 50 dollars. And me have started registration. They started to make the visa for me. I so have understood that for the visa of this money will suffice, because to me so have told. But today I went there and to me have told, that to me gave the visa that it to finish registration urgently it is necessary to bring all those documents, i.e. pass inspection in hospital X-ray and it to cost 100 dollars and more and more registration and made many documents, foreign passport, i.e. all these will cost 350 dollars US. You understand? I have told, and it is possible later I give them these money, because I do not have not enough money to receive all these documents, at me at once have shouted, have scolded and have told, that for you then have begun to make the visa if you do not have not enough money, but I speak, that the visa costs 45 dollars and registration 20, but to me have not explained at once to receive the visa, is necessary that were applied all necessary documents, I has certainly apologized, and has told, that I shall bring soon, one of these days. To me have told, that they may wait about 5 days and if I shall not bring the necessary documents they will stop to make the visa to me. And it is even worse, that if I not shall have time, to me have told that may not make to me the visa more, they will take offence at me, for my acts. But I promised, that I shall make all correctly and to me have believed. Therefore I very much ask you, try to borrow from somebody money if you now do not have it, at the friends for example. Because to me now in such situation the help nobody may, I searched already, but not any successes. Therefore I hope only for you, you one to me may the help. Because I believe in you, and in both of us, that all at us will be Ok! And I hope, that all will be good. I know it. I ask you to send this money to me as soon as possible. Please send to me 300 dollars in these 5 days. Ok? Its very important. I wait! And visa was finally done in 2 weeks or faster and will be good for three month. So, I want to tell that the money better to send by the bank system called Western Union. This system is very reliable also transferring money is carried out during 15 minutes. By the way you must send the money on my passport data. Here is my data: TATYANA TSAREGORODSEVA, RUSSIA, NOVOSIBIRSK, KIROVA STREET 23-61. After you will send money you in bank will tell ten figures (MTCN, control number) and do not forget to write your full address and full name which you will fill at sending money and should inform me it. Yesterday night, I had this remarkable, sexual dream concerning you and me. I can not address, will carry out (spend) it to me immediately. I should express it to you, to be the divided (shared) part it with you. I should find out, whether you also have dream concerning similar character, or - only me. You and me, anyone still. I love you very much. I want to speak love to you. We now have a rain. The rain brings love. The love prospers in this weather. It - very romantic situation. I love you am very strong. Yours for ever Tatyana.

Hi my love J. I have received your email. I liked it. YOU HAVE OVERLOOKED TO WRITE to ME CONTROL NUMBER (MTSN), WITHOUT HIM to ME WILL NOT GIVE MONEY, LOVE MINE.Honestly, I completely use Obtaining of your characters. That I use most, that you very much open and It makes it very simple for me to open my basis(fundamentals) also. That I really liked, was your three sources of love. It - quiet comprehension, Mutual confidence, sharing and pardoning. It - loyalty through good times. The love is pleased with existing, it hopes during the future and it Does not reflect past. It - chronicle " day per day from " Borings, problems, compromises, small disappointments, large victories and General purposes. If you have love in your resource(safe life), it can fill very much many things you absence. Anyway, which one can a little too "be juicy" for the person, but it Something, that to cover with me within past several years. Successful opencast but it is honest they really do not mean much because them The things do not help the basis(fundamentals). I am pleased, that you can trust me, and you can name me love. I hope it of a Leg that path. If there is any time, where you doubt concerning me or if I speak something, that violations(disturbance) you, please inform to me. I think, what very simply be Honestly, when we speak concerning good subjects , however, I find it difficult to Be completely honest, when we speak concerning negative issuings. At least it Is for me. Specially, if you violation with me. I shall try to do Same.However, I should underline, I have no any reason to doubt concerning you. Honestly, your characters were filled so by large soul and basis(fundamentals), which one it does(makes) me feel really good. It was a long time, as I felt a warm feeling Inside my fundamentals. I like to receive your emails. You, seem, Very pleasant face, it seems, really know that you search in a for Relation and does not wish to agree on less than that you search, It seems, really use resource(safe life), and have the strong basis(fundamentals). Thanks for discovery your basis(fundamentals) to me. I wish to study much more concerning you. I love you J. Your love Tatyana. P.S. This photo was made the last year.

Hi my love J. I is very glad to see your letter. At ME FOR YOU GOOD NEWS! YESTERDAY I WENT To BANK And HAVE RECEIVED MONEY. And AT ONCE HAS PAID FOR the VISA. I so to be pleased, that we soon shall together my love!!! As I have learned(found out) that the ticket aboard the plane costs(stands) 932 $, up to you my love!I am simply happy and with such happiness I have written to you a poem. ARE YOU READY ?«...... SOFT GENTLE CONTACT KIND of LOVE...... YOU CAN NOT REACH ENOUGH THE MAN, WHICH CARES.....WHICH WILL NOT MAKE YOU WHO WILL PLACE a SMILE.....NSTEAD OF TO BECOME ANGRY ARE YOU READY To THIS SIMILARLY TO a LONG SENSITIVE KISS OR TENDERNESS of LOVE THE MESSAGE to YOU YOU - BEST ARE YOU READY To LOVE IT is sent FROM ABOVE ARE YOU READY TO BEGIN TO OPEN YOUR HEART MY HEART IS SO COMPLETE by LIFE And LOVE TO GIVE I PRODUCTION FOR the MAN, WHICH ALLOWS ME TO LOVE And ALIVE In HIS(ITS) HEART IT(HE) WILL KNOW what IT is by, LOVE to love FROM ME And I KNOW, THAT the WHOLE WIDE WORLD WILL SEE FROM a BEGINNING WHAT LOVE IS......., WITH WHAT the LOVE CAN DO(MAKE) ARE YOU READY To THIS I shall wait for your answer. It is a lot of love to you mine by a road.With love Tatyana!

Hi my love J. I am very pleased to receive from you the letter. The sun and good weather in street lights. I think, when to me will tell that the visa is made, only then it will be possible to speak about the ticket. You with me agree? I very much like all your photos which you send me! And the house too fine. I to be able to drive the automobile, but a driving licence at me is not present. Yes I am ready to to live life with you!I to wake up today in morning from good dream. Ours dreamed for the benefit of me at first with you meeting. I to arrive (to fly) to you and you to meet me at the airport. I at first to not see you and to search. Then I saw you. You cost(stand) with a bouquet of red roses. Seeing each other we run to each other at meeting. We urgently to capture each other and to kiss each other. In me on eyes of tear of happiness. It is real? Then we go to you home and me slightly to lie down to sleep from tiresome trip. When I to have rest we with you in the evening we enter into restaurant to have supper in candles. We drink a good wine drink, and we dance slowly dances all evening. After restaurant we go on foot on beautiful avenue. You to capture me, that it was not a cold. Your warm hands so are gentle. We look together at stars and softly to kiss each other. When we were slightly froze, we to go to you home. We to accept a warm bath with foam together. Then we to go to you in dream and I to begin to you to do(make) massage for a body. And then I have woken also my dream, was completed. I so did not want to wake up, I wanted to see my dream by the end. But I was disappointed, that up to the end looked dream. I know, that it will be speed not in dream, and actually. I to wake up very much with good mood. Today I think to be lowered (go) in cinema and to see interesting film concerning love. Now I shall finish the letter. I shall wait yours after the letter. It - there is a lot of love from yours Tatyana.

Hi by road J. I so am happy that you have written to me and very much I wait that instant, that moment when I shall find myself in your strong and hot embraces. I want will meet you as soon as possible. It will be necessary for me to fly up to Moscow by the plane, and then there to buy tickets of the plane there, I have found out concerning cost plane ticket from Moscow up to you my love, it makes 923 dollars. If you can help me with this money I shall buy beforehand tickets of the plane. If I shall do(make) it beforehand the VISA will be ready EVEN FASTER. ?©?„?? November I shall be already in your hot embraces, my love!I am very strong because of it to experience. Well why in our life all so depends on money. I do not understand those people, which live only for the sake of money. My mum to feel already it is good, and she(it) transfers you hi. Dear, by mail that do not send. I do not trust mail. My mum speaks me, that you so worry, all will be good, I so worry, that I shall see you, I shall be pressed to you. I directly fly with happiness, in me there is a lot of energy, that is ready to sing and to dance love mine. On work I go in good mood, I how anew to be born. I think, that between us there should be a truth, I have written all as is. But it is good while all. Write, very much I wait for the answer from you mine, TIGER. KISS! KISS! KISS! With LOVE Tatyana.

Hello , my pretty man in the world J!!! How are you today? Im fine. I love you. Today I have once again learned(found out) about cost of air tickets. And yes I have found the ticket which costs(stands) 800 $. You know loved(liked,favourite) for me it would be more convenient to buy the ticket here. When x?…???” at me it is more convenient and not so it is terrible. You understand me?I even dream how Im with you we go for a walk together, that we sit in restaurant at candles, it is very perfect dream and I want, that it was on the present. You think that too? I know, that you too so think, I love you and I want to be only with you!!!! I to feel your body near to mine, I want, that we to be kissed and to be embraced, I want you, I know, that at us all will be good. I at you want to ask, and what we shall do(make) in the beginning, when I arrive to you, we shall go somewhere and to look something, to travel? Write to me please what you think, what we shall do? I very wait for your answer, I think of you always when I sleep and when I work and even when to eat! Bye bye!!! I love you!!!! See you tomorrow! Your love Tatyana.

Hi J!!! Your words are very beautiful, you speak very well, it is very pleasant to me to read your letter, it is wonderful! I told, that Im with you soon shall together, because I love you! I am happy from one only idea, when I think of you, I am very glad. I ALL OVER AGAIN ALL THE SAME SHOULD GO In MOSCOW BECAUSE THERE it IS NECESSARY TO CONFIRM the VISA. THEREFORE it IS NECESSARY to ME the TICKET UP TO MOSCOW which costs(stands) 210 $, And THEN ONLY To SEATLE (To MY HUSBAND)!!!! YOU TO UNDERSTAND ME?? My mum too is pleased, when looks at my happy face, you understand me? I hope, that yes. I earlier, how it seems, did not trust in destiny, and now it is simply interesting, if it not the destiny has reduced us together, then who? Probably it is destiny so to make, that we have appeared together, it is perfect!!! I wait with impatience of each your letter, you to me write please, what we with you in the beginning shall do, may be we shall visit somewhere? I shall wait your letter. I think of you always. Bye bye my sweetheart! Your lady Tatyana.

Hi mine lovely, tender and gentle J! You can send money through the Western Union because the bank account at me is not present. I very much love you!!! I like color a peach. My size of a dress on ours a measure of 44 size. I to not have CD of the player. And I to write an arrival time to you when I shall be in Moscow. I very much love you my husband!Now behind a window the dampness, goes a cold rain and, alas, and my soul is compressed by a steel hoop by(with) melancholy on you. I am thrown by(with) that in heat, in a cold from one idea. That I already soon can inhale aroma of your hair, touch up to your leather(skin), touch by the lips of your lips. I present, as we with you sit, having embraced at the warm years(summer) night at border of inflow, gentle waves caress our legs, and in a wind to blow our naked bodies. The ocean of our feelings storms in me now, when I write you this letter. I like you sincerely and gently, is warm and is passionate. Whether you feel too to me? If yes that I shall live by one hope and dream to embrace you. I like you very strongly!!! Yours Tatyana.

The request for the $900 for the ticket Hello my love J! I want to be with you right now! I miss you very much! I love you! The sum which is necessary for me about(near) 900 $ with fine charges. I to go in Moscow as soon as to receive money, I at once to leave there. You know, sometimes I close my eyes and I see you, I feel you, as though you stand near me! Its wonderful to feel this! But I want, that this will be the reality! Do you understand? Well, these days were very difficult, because at my work there was the verification and I was very tired. And e-mail server was bad else. So, I hope that everything will be good now! And I want to read your dreams, about us, what do you think about us and what we shall do at first and then? When I arrive to you. Ill be waiting your letter with impatience! Bye bye my love! Your lady Tatyana.

Hi my love J! I very much love you. I love you so, that all becomes transfixed in heart. I want to be near to you! And the words leave, be convinced itself: " Two silver wings " we are up in the air again on my way the moment so near the waiting increased our longing indeed to look, hold and kiss is now what we need My heart, my desire, who would hold here? a mind full of questions I no more could bear this day on my way to you what will it hold moments of fear satisfaction untold Two people one hope, one moment so dear two hearts, one soul you and I we are here will we become friends, be united as one " co incident " fate, may be our gods will be done Despite of all odds make our wishes come true may there be a future still for me and for you if " love is in the air " like mimosa in the spring will our hearts grow " two silver wings "? to you with all my love. Yours love Tatyana!!!!! KISS/ KISS/ KISS!!!!!!

Hallo, lovely mine J! As I have become bored(missed) of you! I so to worry concerning trip. But I to be pleased, because I to meet you my love!As I have no your exciting sight, your gentle embraces! Each day I dream of meeting with you, I get accustomed - suddenly, in the underground, in crowd your eyes will flash, your smile to burn me by the heat, tenderness and love. You - mine. As it is pleasant to realize it, as the magic it sounds, but even better other words - I yours sound. Each day, each instant, each life I devote to you. Now you far from me - for thousand kilometers. And behind a window it is raining. Spring. Our liked season. We can by hours wander on park, look at drops killing the river, on perfect clouds and ??¦ to think of Spring. To our Spring. Which in us. Today. Now. You see if the people like they always live in the spring. I like you. You like me. Strange, truth? Though no - naturally. As in physics. The force of action is equal to force of counteraction. Neither it is more nor less. And it is surprisingly perfect. But why I then I pay? With happiness? Can be. And, can from ??¦. How to me to live without you these hours? I do not know. Whole, you. Yours Tatyana . P.S. Yes, has forgotten to say to you.Know, and you see I you almost do not know, liked, but I believe, that you are. You see there is I on this light. And the friend without the friend in any way is impossible for us. And you know it itself

Hi love J. At ME FOR YOU GOOD NEWS! I HAVE RECEIVED MONEY ALL HAVE PASSED WELL! TOMORROW I ???????????? In MOSCOW And FROM THERE TO WRITE to YOU AS ME TO MEET And WHAT FLIGHT. OK?I already spoke somehow, that you "sit" in each my section, so it is a lot of you in me and that I did not do(make) - I all time remember you, I think of you. You know, lovely, at me one habit has appeared. When I lie down to sleep, I extinguish light I start to think of you. I touch our next days with you, they such happy! What happiness - to be with you beside to keep for your hand, to look in your eyes and to see in them shine of own pleasure! I fall asleep with thoughts(dumas) about you and to wake up to me it would not be desirable at all. Therefore, when I wake up, I would not like to open eyes. You are not present beside, and the next sad day again begins. In the mornings I would like to cry. But I courageously collect the lax soul, the ideas creeping away in the different parties(sides) from bed, I tear off from a pillow the heavy head, I try to put even externally all in the order and I rise. Then I wash " with you ", I have breakfast " with you ", my utensils " with you ", I erase(wash) " with you ", all " with you ", " with you ", " with you ". Never before my life was not filled with such expectation - daily, hourly, every minute. Heart so extraordinary becomes transfixed, as soon as I shall think, that we shall meet, and I can nestle on you. Never suspected, that I am able so to wait. And, can, there are simply nobody. You know, that it would be desirable at present? With you beside go barefooted legs on pools under a years(summer) torrential rain, but necessarily warm to laugh and breathe fresh - fresh air which only and happens pure(clean) during a rain. It not seems to you, lovely, that my letters remind the logbook. All occuring events, material and moral, I ?†?‰?‹?“?‰?’?•?? on a paper. I as though by the ship which drifts in the storming sea of life. All is carried by by me at reckless speed, and I in the closed space of it of " the Flying Dutch " still has only the handle and a paper. It not seems to you, lovely, that my letters remind the logbook. All occuring events, material and moral, I ?†?‰?‹?“?‰?’?•?? on a paper. I as though by the ship which drifts in the storming sea of life. All is carried by by me at reckless speed, and I in the closed space of it of " the Flying Dutch " still has only the handle and a paper. Already so long we from each other in inconceivable gave, I hurry and I hurry time which near to you flies imperceptibly, and without you lasts is intolerable. I as though in any imprisonment as though it is punished for something, I choke without you, I do not live, I have turned to the big walking hours, I simply physically feel, how this clockwork of time does not work in separation from you. I as the bird who has got in a cell(cage), am beaten in last hope to escape from a captivity and to depart to you, as to my unique bright asterisk. So many the crossed out days in my calendar - the days which have been carried out(spent) without you! It is so much caress and tendernesses in us with you has collected for this time, that it seems to me, when we shall meet - this wave will overflow us with a head, and I at all against to plunge into it(her) and to be floating on its(her) current all life. I would like to become such small - small enter your heart and to remain there for ever! I so a long time have given you everything, that is at me - soul and a body, heart and reason then - when you also did not think to take it from me. I to belong to you. I ask you, do not doubt, never doubt of me whatever happened - I yours, I always yours! In a head something not clear is created, all time I think, I think of you, about myself, about us. Something turns endlessly in my poor head. Very much and very much I am afraid, that you not so will understand, not that will think. I have suddenly forgot to transfer the ideas on a paper. Very much I regret, that our system of communication(connection) so is imperfect, my letters are late, and I so instantly would like to transfer you the pulses arising in my brain to see your eyes, to hear your voice, to smell your smells - me alive dialogue with you is necessary. I feel only one - I can not, I shall not manage to transfer you that is now created in my soul. And nevertheless, you all the same would be better beside then all would explain you my eyes, my hands, my lips. I LOVE YOU!!! Yours love Tatyana.

Hi my love J. I am very glad to see your letter, I now to be in Moscow, I to write to you from the internet-centre. I have not enough of time to write to you much because here to cost very dearly internet. I you understand that you could not to take money, you me to ask where to send of money I you to speak that in Moscow because I now in Moscow, I to hope that you to me to send of money today because I here one, I very much love you to ask that you to me to send of money, I you, I so wait for this moment when I shall be with you, I very much to want you to see, I am very happy that you at me is, me who is necessary except for you, I very much to ask you that you to me to send 530 dollars, without the insurance me to not let out from the country. Remember, I love you also I to you to trust. I shall finish the letter. I shall wait for your letter. Yours forever Tatyana Tsaregorodseva.

Hi my love J.J, I do not know from what to begin to write to you, but at me very bad news, it not that that bad, they simply break my heart. I can not hold the tears on eyes and at me heart is poured by blood. I not many times was in Moscow, it is possible to tell, that I there in general in second time, I very badly know Moscow and when I to go in the underground, there were very many people. Me pushed from different directions, it very much was not pleasant to me and at me the bag was in hands, but her(it) didnt it was visible, when I to leave from the underground, I have seen, that my bag is open, I have thought, that like I would close her(it), why she(it) is open, I look in it(her), ??¦ and there, there is no at me is not present money, my notebook, all documents, temporary sanction to be in Moscow, ??¦ glory god at me passport have not stolen, I sat on bench and could not be set with place, I thought, how you is all to tell, you see it were such hopes on mine future(next), on our future, at me tear are poured river, I to run to militiaman and to tell all it(him), that has taken place, it(he) me asks, you remember person of the man, which at you has stolen thing, but I can not recollect, there was very many(a lot of, very much) people near to me, someone left, someone came, I do not know who at me has stolen everything, militiaman me speaks, as we shall search thief now, and I to cry and nothing can tell ??¦it(he) me speaks, Then I can not by anything the help to you. Me have taken up to houses and has told all to my aunt, and both of us sat and did not know what now to do(make). It(she) too had words, that something to tell me, she(it) completelywas upset, is sad, I all the same have decided to you to write and to tell in what business, probably now you hate me, you think, that I you to deceive, ??¦ you certainly can so think, this your right, you have on this right, but know I always to trust to you and to love you, I knew, that you me too love and if you spoke the truth, please, if can do not think about me poorly, because I shall love always you. You probably will tell, there can not be such, that so simply have stolen things, if you do not trust, I do not know, as though we could with you live together, if you do not trust me, basically, to me it seems, that you now to see me and do not want, because all so has turned out, and I do not know, how I now shall go home, because at me anything is not present ??¦ I hope, that will be the kind people and they help me, I do not know as all this to tell to the mum, because at it(her) sick heart, and suddenly at it(her) happen a heart attack with strong experience and frustration she(it) can die, I do not know, how to say this all to my mum ??¦ Then probably Im so sorry and goodbye ??¦ ??¦ ??¦. Ill be love you all my life Your love forever Tanya.

Hello J.J ! It is written to you by mum Svetlana. I now to be in Moscow. I to not know how to speak about it, but between you should be arrangements. I have arrived(flied) how to learn(find out) about it. At once! Happened terrible, I to not know at all how to write, at me tears cost(stand) on eyes. I daughter Tatyana was brought down with the machine. Now she(it) lays in hospital, and does not come in consciousness. Doctors struggle for its(her) life. These words to me to be given difficultly so excuse if what not so have written. She(it) was so is happy that the destiny has found the unique person in this life, but probably not. The daughter of me has warned, if what to happen to write to you. She(it) to be afraid. That you thought, that she(it) you has deceived or still something. She(it) the fair girl. And on the account of money which you sent it(her), I to not know, at it(her) remained not much that remained after medicines. And if you want I can to send you that you did not think, that she(it) to deceive you. We fair people. She(it) very much loved you. Well like and all. Thank you big. Mum Svetlana.
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