Valya Mironenko from Lugansk a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Valya Mironenko the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 420

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Valya Mironenko
Valentina Jurbenco
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Valentina Mironenko (Lugansk, Ukraine). I am writing to you, as I feel that, yes I have been scammed, from an individual with the help of a dating agency called "Fortune", one of their offices are at Lugansk, Ukraine. They charge $100 for writing and translating 20 letters to and from the woman you have chosen. Up to now, I have only received about 6 letters, in a two month period. The person from the agency is named Inna Vitsentiy, the address of this so called agency is Sovetskaya 14, Lugansk 91000, Ukraine. They gave me the telephone number which is +380642562223. Now about this lady. Her name is Valentina Mironenko, her address is Matrosova Street 4-17, Schastie, 91000 Lugansk Region, Ukraine. I will now paste three letters from her on how she obtained $100 for herself, as I now, do not believe what she has written to me. She is now advertising herself on with the handle of Val 28. LettersI have had one more letter from her, saying that she is back in the hospital, or so she says, and she tried to explain why her profile was still on! It seems to me that this girl is very cleaver at playing on the conscience of people. So for all you guys out there looking for that someone special! Be careful as it seems that some people are not what they claim to be. Yes I have been a fool and out of pocket of $200, but I will put that down to experience. It has also occurred to me that the agency ( Inna Vitsentiy) and Valentina Mironenko are working together on this, as the response time for the so called scam way very quick, I fell for it. I have attached some photos of this girl and you can understand why I got a little bit too involved and did not take care of my instincts! It is a pity that this goes on. So once again be careful out there Regards Dave

Hi, my lovely David, Thank you for your beautiful letter, my darling. I have a problem now, and you are the only man, who I can share my problem with. I trust you and I love you with all my heart. I got into the difficult situation. As you know I was in the hospital, I spend a lot of money for it, because the treatment is very expensive. I paid 430$ for my treatment. But my salary is very small , last month I earned 80$, and thats why I borrowed 430$ to cover my hospital expenses. But today I met the person, who lent me the money, and he said, that he needs his money back immediately, and I should return them during 48 hours. He demands his money back. I dont know what to do. I am very desperate. My parents saved some money, but it is too little, about 100-110$. Sweetheart, can you borrow me the rest of this sum, 320$? I know it is a great sum of money, but I dont know what to do. I dont ask you to present me this sum, I ask you to borrow. My parents have a small house in the country side, and now they are selling it. As soon as I sell the house, I will return you the money. I promise. But know I need this money, 320$. Can you help me, sweetheart, or not? I am very disappointed about this situation, and it is a shame for me to ask you for money, but I need them very urgently. If you dont help me with the money, I will understand you, because every person has his problem and he should overcome it on his own. But if you decide to help me, can you send the money via Western Union, on the address: Ukraine, Lugansk, on the name of Valentina Mironenko. Please, reply as soon as you can, because I need to know your response very soon, Please, dont leave me alone with my problems, Love you, Kiss you tenderly, Valentina. Hi, my sweet David, Yes, I understand you very much, my darling, dont worry. I also know that many girls use the foreign man only for the money. I am not going to prove you that I am not the same, you will see, what I am , when the time pass. I am grateful to you for any help, and 100$ it will be a good help in my situation. And I hope, that the rest of the money I will find somewhere. Thank you, my lovely David. I will write more tomorrow. Please, when you send the money, send me the control number of the money transfer. My full name is Valentina Mironenko. I thank my destiny, that I have you in my life. I need you, only you, sweetheart. Kiss you, Valentina. Hi, my sweet David, Dont worry, I will pick up the money tomorrow, because I have the meeting with the man ,who lent me this money, tomorrow, and I will return him this money. My friend also promised to borrow me the rest of this sum, and I hope that tomorrow I will return the whole sum. Today I was at work till 18.00, usually I work till 17.00, but today I was very busy with all the papers, numbers, and didnt manage to finish my work by 17.00. And thats why I couldnt go to the Western Union office before, when I came at 18.15, the Western union was closed.Also I felt myself today not very good, I had a bad head-ache, I think it is the result of all my problems and nerves. But thanks God, I have you, my sweetheart, the only person, who brings me joy and happiness. I love you!!! Tomorrow I will pick up the money, and if there will be any problems, I will let you know. Hope to hear from you very very soon, Kiss you tenderly, Yours, Valentina. My lovely David, Thank you very much for your help, sweetheart, finally my problem is solved, and I again feel myself very active and optimistic. I have been thinking about you a lot these last few days, it seems that you have become part of my day-to-day virtual life. Whenever I work, watch TV or lie in bed I think and dream of you :-) It was supposed to rain over the weekend, but instead we just had a lot of cloudy weather. It slowly cleared up Saturday afternoon and we had a nice sunny, but cool day. Perfect for a nice barbecue though. Whenever summer comes along, we generally try to fit in as many barbecues as possible. I do all the cooking, which I dont mind because afterwards we just sit, chat and have a nice relaxing evening. Sunday was much the same, which made the weekend very pleasant indeed, but it lacked one vital aspect, you were not with me. I dont know what the future holds professionally but especially personally and although I am generally happy with where I am, something is not quite right. Have you ever completed a jigsaw and when you get near to the end, you cant find the last piece. You search everywhere, but you cant find that damn piece anywhere. You get frustrated and annoyed, but there is no point getting upset because you know it will turn up eventually, it always does. It is like loosing something and when you least expect it, you find it in your washing basket or a draw. That is what I think about our correspondence, however it is making me feel whole and complete, as though I have found that missing jigsaw piece. It is most definitely early days and I am in no rush. Time is a great healer (as they say) and it is also great in slowly getting to know someone. The only barrier to time is distance and I really feel the distance between us sometimes. Do you have a favorite place or activity that you like to do when it rains? One of my pleasures, is lying in bed listening to the rain as it hits the glass, it is almost hypnotizing. The pitter, patter sound it makes is comforting (in a strange way), and I can just sit for hours listening to it. How about thunder and lightening? I like waiting for the bolt of lightening then counting one, two, three... Inevitability the "BOOM" follows. Then it starts all over again, but this time the "BOOM" is closer. This is why lying in bed next to the person you love when it is thundering, is a wonderful experience. Sorry, but I dont understand, do you want to come to me, or you want to invite me in your country? It would be great to spend my vacations in England. OK, my sweetheart, I close up for now. Hope to hear from you very soon, Take care, Kiss you tenderly, Valentina.

Hi, my darling David, I know that I am very sorry , I made you worry about my silence, because I know how important our relations are for you . Inna told me everything , about my profile and how she communicated with you on the line. I want to explain you the system how the agency works. They put my picture with my profile in the Internet and then they check my mails and send the first general letter to my admirers. Then the agency shows me the letters of my clients with their pictures, and I choose some of them. So I dont have a deal with my profile and the Internet. I just can allow to put my profile and remove it. Now I want to explain, why I was silent, for about a week. I am again in the hospital, I felt myself very bad for the last time , I was weak and even 1 time I lost my conscience. My parents brought me to the hospital and there I was taken the analyses. I have very low hemoglobin and low blood pressure, thats why I was so weak. Now I am taking the treatment to make my hemoglobin higher and to make the blood pressure normal. And I will be in the hospital 3 days more. But I should say, that I didnt forget about you, sweetheart, I remember you and I want to see you besides. You are the only happiness in my life now. I didnt want to tell you that I was in the hospital, because I didnt want to make you worry about me and about my problems. But I am happy that you want to come to me. I think that the best time for it will be in January , beginning from 14th, because at that time I will have a vacation in the University and can take some days off from my work. What do you think about it? My lovely David, dont think of me bad. I love you, and I am very interested in our further relations. You cares about me, and it is very important for me. Please, dont be angry with me. I love you. Write to me as soon as you can, Take care, VAlentina.
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