Yulia Solovyova from Serov, Russia a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Yulia Solovyova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Yulia Solovyova
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Serov, Russia
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I am a 34 year old, divorced male living in the U.S. I received an email from a woman named Yulia Solovyova. She resides in Serov, Russia. Her email address is solovyova@yours.com. She first contacted me on a singles dating site. We corresponded for about 2 months, which after the third or fourth letter she had asked me to send her some $ in order to help pay for a visa. The visa was to cost her $310, which I later found out should have only costed around $150 (it depends on what type of visa they are getting, most are $150 or less). She would hardly ever answer any of my questions directly, but when she did they were very short and to the point and usually at the end of the letter (probably added at the end of the "form letter"). I caught her contradicting herself on several occasions. She always asked for money to be sent to her through western union and to be sent as quickly MW Letter 1

Hi, american friend. Thank you very much that you have answered my letter. please, forgive me that I havent written you at once. The reason of my long silence is a computer. Unfortunately I havent got a computer at home. Ive got a computyer at my work. I can use it 5 days per week (from Monday till Friday) . Last time it worked not very good and the computer was taken for repairing. Now it is okey and I can answer you. I hope you dont worry that I wont be able to answer you at weekend. But if you want I can write you using Internet Cafe. I havent found your name at singles.com. Please write me whats your name. I dont know how to call you. I will call you my american friend. I hope I havent offended you by anything. If I have offended you by calling you this name, please, forgive me. Now I am going to tell you about myself because the information at singles.com about me is not full. My full name Yulia Solovyova. I am 27. My birthday is November 20. I live with my aunt. Unfortunately I havent got parents, I lost them 2 years ago. They perished in the traffic accident.I was shocked and it is still difficult for me to write about it. I have never been married and I havent got children. During my free time I like cooking and kniting different things. My favourite dish is "French meat". I think I will be able to cook it for you some time. I like to listen to music and to dance. When I want to to rest I listen to classical music, when I am in a merry mood I prefer dancing music.But nevertheless I feel lonely Because I havent got brothers or siters. American friend, may be you have got a question why I cant find a boy-friend in Russia and why I use singles.com. OK. I will answer you this question. I had a boy-friend. Our relationship was short. He was light-minded. He used to drink and to go to other women. In our country men drink toomuch. Its a great problem for our country. I thought that only my boy-friend behaves so. But my girl-friends have got the same problems. Its good that I understood it at once. Sometimes I would like to leave for another town but I havent got friends there. But I dont despond and try to smile because smile is always nessesary. I think that woman should do housekeeping, cooking and bringing up children. Its pleasant when loving wife and happy children meet you. But dont think that I am afraid of work. I attend English courses because I am not good at English. When writing letters I use dictionary. Please write me concerning my English, because it is necessary for us and it will help us to learn each other better. American friend, for me our correspondence is not a joke. It is very serious. I dont like when people deceive each other. I hear that now there are a lot of different jokers in Internet which use Internet for there entertainment. If you are such a person I will be very angry. I was already deceived many times in my life by other people. I ask you dont do it with me. Its mean when people deceive each other. I want you to understand that our correspondece is very seriouse. If you find my letter interesting please write me back. I am waiting for your reply, american friend. Your new friend Yulia. P.S. I promised you to send a photo. I keep my promise. Also I will try to find and send you a map where you can find my town Serov I live in.
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Date: 2016-11-29 | Name: Brian | Email: hidden
Thank you so much for this list, I still have all my money. Watch out for this one!! Yulia Solovyova Russia, 62440, Serov, Sverdlovsk Region, Zaslavskogo, Street, 23-85 We met on singles.comI would like to send some of her letters and pictures in hopes others will know what to be aware of. After her second e-mail to me she was already in love and of course needed $310 for a visa, sound familiar? Both her parents died in a car wreck 3 years ago (sympathy). She has never driven a car though, how amazing. She is 27, are all women in Russia this age? She only knows the metric system and weighs 125.5lbs., but measures her height in centimeters. I even have a picture of her vacationing on the Black Sea, over 2,000 miles from where she lives. I know some things about Russia and in the past it was political figures that went there. Im sure it is a vacation for the wealthy only. Sort of like an American going to Hawaii for vacation. From her pictures her flat appears to be nicer than my living quarters. I also seen a large, 25in. or larger T.V. in her picture. She has also apologized for the quality of her photos, wish mine were as good and said she needs a digital camera! Not bad for the average Russian salary of $40 a month and she works as a food inspector. By the sixth e-mail she has managed to get a $300 visa and now just needs an airline ticket for $540. I checked all the airlines and the best I could find was $818. Like others Ive read, she doesnt have a phone. Uses her computer at work, I guess they must provide scanners for the sent pictures also! Wish I worked for such a company. Let me send some examples of her e-mail in hopes it will keep others from getting scammed!

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