Alena Fedorovskaya (Ekaterinburg, Russia) from Ekaterinburg a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Alena Fedorovskaya (Ekaterinburg, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Alena Fedorovskaya (Ekaterinburg, Russia)
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Alena Fedorovskaya (Ekaterinburg, Russia)Thank God for this site! I (being rather naive) was about to send $980US via Western Union to Vladimir Osipov (probably not his real name) on behalf of Alena Fedorovskaya (again, probably not her real name) for the balance of travel documents and an airplane ticket to the US (I had already sent $460 as a down payment to "start the paperwork"). Something just didnt feel quite "right", so I decided to do a search on the web, and found her name on several anti-scam sites. The pictures she sent to me are not of Anastasia Smirnova, but I recognized those pictures in yet another ad going by the name Elena. "Alena" and "Elena" were both originally advertised on (the same service used by Love@aol). The fifteen pictures "Alena" sent are in such natural settings (at home with her parents in her Mickey Mouse nightgown, out swimming at the lake with her mother and dog, etc.), and she is such a good liar in her letters and on the phone that I was really pulled in. The pictures of "Elena" are of the same girl as on your site (Anastasia Smirnova). This also is not just one girl running a scam, but a well-organized group of people; possibly with Russian Mafia ties, as I dont see how they could keep the websites that they use up for so long with impunity if it was just a small time ring. A male always answered the phone at the fake agency, and then pretended to go and see if "Alena" was waiting in the lobby to receive my call (of course, her "parents" didnt have a home phone yet). The emails "Alena" sent to me have the following web address as the email signature at the bottom WWW.RG.TELENET.RU and it is a real, if somewhat crappy, site (in the process of being totally redone, according to an email from the "Marriage Agency" management). A Whois look up shows the following info for this domain: domain: TELENET.RU type: CORPORATE descr: Corporative domain for descr: "Telenet Service" Ltd. descr: Kaliaeva 31/2 descr: Ekaterinburg descr: Russia admin-o: TSL8-ORG-RIPN nserver: nserver: created: 1999.03.29 state: Delegated till 2002.04.01 changed: 2001.02.17 mnt-by: TSL-MNT-RIPN source: RIPN org: Teleset-Servis, Ltd. nic-hdl: TSL8-ORG-RIPN admin-c: AAA31-RIPN bill-c: AVT18-RIPN phone: +7 3432 455250 phone: +7 3432 456734 e-mail: changed: 2001.02.19 mnt-by: TSL-MNT-RIPN state: RIPN NCC check completed OK source: RIPN person: Alex V Tsarkov nic-hdl: AVT18-RIPN address: ALEX V TSARKOV address: Teleset-Servis, Ltd. address: 31/3, Opalihinskaya str., address: 620034, Ekaterinburg, Russia phone: +7 3432 455250 phone: +7 3432 456734 e-mail: changed: 2000.06.06 mnt-by: TSL-MNT-RIPN source: RIPN person: Andrew A Alcheev nic-hdl: AAA31-RIPN phone: +7 3432 455250 e-mail: e-mail: changed: 2000.03.30 mnt-by: TSL-MNT-RIPN source: RIPN Her email address is an address, and after I recognized "Elenas" photo and wrote her an email as a test, she wrote me from another address, until they realized I was already writing to one of their other girls, then they quickly switched and started sending email from another domain, with a different web link at the bottom. I unfortunately deleted those messages from my inbox (I was pissed), but I am trying now to strike up another email conversation with "Elena" using a different email address so that I can get the other site and email domain back again. Ill post it here if Im successful. I did not get far enough with "Elena" to see if they used the same form letters as with "Alena", but hopefully well see. Thank God for these anti-scam sites, and for all of you posting here helping others! I consider $460 ($500 with Western Unions cut) a cheap lesson compared to what could have been. I will try and post some of the photos "Alena" sent to me. Jim
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