Elena Artemieva from Petersburg a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Elena Artemieva the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Elena Artemieva
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Irina Tarakanova (St. Petersburg, Russia) AKA Elena ArtemievaGreetings! these scammers just popped back up under a new name same pictures of the girl with her dog...4 other new ones are attached aswell! NEW ALIAS! ** Destiny of Hearts Internet Club Here is the new letters sent to me: They even want the same amount 1850.00 Please read through these emails they would definetly be good to post, it would help alot of people avoid being scammed. Thanks alot!!! Richard S.Letter#1****** __My reply:Letter#2---THE COME BACK TECHNIQUE----Letter#3
Dear sir:We certainly want to be helpful and we can understand your concerns regarding integrity sir, and will do all we can to assure you of our integrity. We are an honest business and would not risk our license for a mere fee. We have several clients and the bulk of our US clients come by reference or as you might be familiar with (word of mouth). Your reference and all other US references are key to our future growth, and we certainly would not jeopardize this.What I have done is pulled a couple of past US clients out for you to contact if you would like to. They can tell you of their experience with our business. Here are 2 previous clients and there contact information. We hope that they can shed some light on your concerns.William Boyer in Brooklyn, New York - e-mail is billyboyusa@hotmail.comTimothy Felton in Los Angeles, California - e-mail is tfbusiness@yahoo.comI hope that this reply can assist you with any concerns you may have. We can certainly assure you that we will put Irina on a flight to you in a timely manner. We can also assure you that we prescreen all of our clients so as to keep good business relations with their corresponding gentlemen. We are certainly confident Irina will give to this arrangement her complete sincerity and that her intentions are genuine.Finally, once we receive payment, we lock the account to your name. There is Certificate of Residency document produced. Our client will arrive with this document and can only reside and depart to name and resident on this certificate. We take this very serious, as it would affect our reputation and business accordingly. We do prepare a contract of course. We will prepare this for you if you choose to proceed. If you are satisfied with the information, please reply to us with full name, address and telephone number if you would like to move forward. Afterwhich, we will send you contract, payment procedures, etc.Sincerely,Svetlana OrlovaAccount Manager

Dear sir:My name is Svetlana Orlova, account manager for Irina Tarakanova, our client. She has informed us that you may be interested in her arriving to your country to meet with you. Irinas account costs is $1850. This will cover all of her legal documents, visa and travel costs.Please be aware that Irina has a deadline of January 11, 2002, to begin her process to your country, otherwise she will have to reapply. This deadline is mandated by government departments sponsoring these program. To reapply, her process could take between 6-10 months to be approved again and there is no guarantee that she would be approved once again. Irina is currently preapproved and can be made ready in 5-7 working days time from start of process. Because she is quite close to her deadline, if you decide you want to sponsor her, please inform us right away via e-mail, and we will forward the information on how to make payment arrangements, etc.Meanwhile, we will need the name of the International Airport you would need Irina to arrive to. Once we retrieve payment, Irina will be processed and ready for travel to your country within 5-7 working days.For your convenience, Ive included a breakdown of cost below:********************************************************************

Service Description CostOpen Acct Preparation of New Account 300Visa Enrollment Foreign Student Exchange 200Qualifying Process Process confirmation of physical test, interview and background checks 100School Registration Enrollment to school w/30 day waiver to attend 300Airline fee Tickets to any International Airport 700 Misc/fees Embassy, E-mail and various other process fees, etc. 250CURRENY = U.S. Dollars Grand Total 1850***************************************************************************Irina will arrive on Student Visa status. However, she will not be obligated to begin any schooling for 30-days. This means if you two would like to become married or engaged and reapply for marriage visa or fiance visa it will supercede the restrictions of student visa. Irina is looking for serious relationship with you of course. She does not expect more than that. Our process is simply an avenue to put you two together. Do not worry, we will be sending many instructions, along with all of your options as packet with Irina, both in English and Russian language.If you have any questions, please feel free to forward them via e-mail.Sincerely,Svetlana OrlovaAccount Manager

_______________________________ Destiny of Hearts Internet ClubGerasimova St 101, 2nd floorSt. Petersburg 871331 RUSSIA

Hello, I have a few questions before we continue...Does your company have any references, a business liscense? Where would I be sending this money & How long has Detiny of hearts been doing business? Is there a guaruntee that Irinia would actually arrive here, after I pay for the visa?
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