Natalia Gorbunova (Perm, Russia) from Murmasnk a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Natalia Gorbunova (Perm, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Natalia Gorbunova (Perm, Russia)
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Natalia Gorbunova (Perm, Russia)Hello, guys. I am a 36 year old ex-college professor and run my own digital media business in Kentucky. I have no children and have never been married. I believe Russian women are beautiful, but I have yet to have a good correspondence. I have to admit I am losing hope. I am glad this site exists.On December 4th 2001, I received an unsolicited email from a perp named Natalia (Natasha) Gorbunova, which happens to be the same name of a famous Russian composer and a famous Russian Head of State. We have exchanged about 8 letters since, but I noticed in the letters the classic scammer profile developing, the same profile as determined on Elenas wonderful an informative site.I have not lost any money, but have spent some time. By the 2nd letter, I started getting suspicious, so I went for a search on the web and found this wonderful site. Such saved me a lot.In my letters, Natasha (Natalia) says she lives with her "mum," she has no father, who left when she was one years old, and that her salary is very low. She is sharp because she will answer some of your questions and she is very convincing. However, by the 5th letter she was already in love with me, telling her girlfriends all about me. She also did not explain why she signed one letter "Natalia" and most of the others as "Natasha." Some questions she will NOT answer. Wonder why.Her profile is on match. com and is Galina111 at She (it) hashidden her profile and if you try to bring it up at, you get "the user doesnt exist." Yet, she emailed me from with as her address, so she (it) had to pay money for the account and the account would have to be real for her to send double-blind email. You can hide your profile at if you want, and this is what she has done. She needs to be stopped.Do not trust this woman. I enclose the first letter and the most recent letter. She is not to be trusted and is very friendly and attentive. She will answer some of your questions and make you think she is really reading your letters. All of her photos were numbered sequentially 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg and she sends a photo with each letter, even if you dont ask. She also wants your photos, so she may be creating a profile of her own. I attach the photos below and some of you will recognize them because some of them are on this site already. Though she has not yet asked for money, I know shes headed this way, so I will pull the plug when that happens, unless she has already gotten scared. Here are two letters below, the 2nd and most recent.Letter #2Natashas most recent letter (I already know she is a scammer at this time. Note that she is sensing my hesitancy and is really turning up the heat, including a brief sex talk)Letter #9 Natalia claims to be from Perm Russia, near Ekaterinaburg. She sent me a letter on the 19th of December, so she is still very active, or whatever organization behind the front is very active.Here are her (Natalia Gorbunovas) aliases so far as listed on this site: Page 50 Tatyana Aytova from Saratov Russia uses the same pictures.Page 29 Marina Svetlova from Ekaterina Ershove (Murmansk, Russia) uses the same pictures as (Tatyana Aytova) on page 50 and as some of mine I attach below. This front is very busy since September and is still going strong as we approach Christmas. Thanks to Elena for her wonderful site. It saved me a lot of heartache and money.Cheers, and good luck to the rest of you in finding a beautiful Russian bride!Kenneth

Hello!!!Excuse me for the fact that I long to not respond you. I to be sick and to lay in hospital and can not read your letter. But now I to receive your letter and very much to be pleased to this, because I to not hope, that someone will answer mine the letter. My girlfriend to say to me, that I am possible to find of the friend on internet, at first to not check, but then to decide to try. My fears to not be affirmed and I very much of rad. Excuse me please but I to not know English language and thee I shall write to thee in Russian, and then to transfer(translate) through a translator. But I what is it will not think by an encumbrance in our dialogue. (I to hope what is it not last your letter to me.) I shall learn(teach) your language and to think that you to help to me in it, and if you to want to learn(teach) Russian, I too to help to you in a measure of the forces and capabilities. I maiden time to write the letters in internet, and I very much to be stirred, because my girlfriend to say, that there are such people which one to deceive other. I to not want, that me to deceive, because it very much to offend me and I more never to be decided to trust other people. But I to hope what is it with me to not happen. Therefore I to write to you the letter. I to say a little about myself. My name is Natasha. To me of 25 years. I to think, that it is the most suitable age for acquaintance. I live in Russia. This is a very big and beautiful country. I to like my country and my ground. But our government is very bad to operate(control) our country. The people can not realize the potential completely. It is not enough in our country to remain of the good people for this reason. On my view. It became very difficult to live with such people. Everywhere to operate(control) gangsters, and simple people - beggar. But I to think, that for our country to reach the best time. I the romantic and optimist. To me to like to go in a campaign to the nature, in cine, in theatre. In our country there are a lot of beautiful places of the wild nature. I to want to know how to live the people in other countries, to see their nature, architecture, culture of other people. I to like to travel. I to live in major and beautiful city Perm, the capital of the Perm field(area), costs(stands) on beautiful and great Russian river Kama. To be about cities of Ekaterinburg, former Sverdlovsk. I to live and to be born here, here I to go at school and to end university. Now I the teacher of original classes. I to become the teacher because I very much to like children. Me very much to like my activity and children. For me very good and clever children in the class. I them to like and they to respond me by reciprocity. Not all of the teacher of our school can brag of it. I to reach it by the transactions and knowledge. The person can very much achieve, if very much wants. I am right? I to start activity at 8.00 in morning and I end at 17.00. sometimes to be delayed(held up) on activity. It when we with children to be prepared to conduct holidays, dancing parties. You likely to get tired from reading my letter. I too to have a fancy the story about myself. I to end to write my letter and to hope, that you to answer to me as soon as possible. I to want to learn(find out) about you on more. Write to me about you. I shall be of rad to your letter. I hope that we can begin the friends with you and we shall learn(find out) a lot of new about the friend the friend. How you to look at it? Before a new occurring! Yours Natalia.-- Best regards,natasha

Hello,I welcome, you my loved(liked) Kenneth ! I to receive your answer to my last letter. I am very glad, when there come your letters, but having received this letter I am simple outside of myself from delight. It so is healthy, that you to write to me. Your letters to do(make) you is closer to me, despite of distance. There may be I am repeated, but to me to seem, that it is valid so. It is impossible to transfer all my feelings which I to test to you through a E-Mail. I am simple to not find such words which is the most full to reflect all spectrum of my feelings to you. You to not think, that I to be mad, I am simple to become other person, probably. My attitude(relation) to the world varies in the positive party(side). I go along the street and I smile. All passers - by to turn around on me. I to think of us with you and to plan on the future. I to look at myself in the morning in a mirror and I to think what begin to look much more beautifully. With me such never to happen. Usually I not to be pleased with the appearance. There may be it occur because I at last to find the love. I to think that we to know each other already whole eternity. I to not want, that this feeling at has passed. I to not want parting with you. I to think what to pass enough time from the moment of our acquaintance that between us any feelings have appeared. I do not know, how you, but I already to speak you, that to me to seem what to grow fond of you. I to not doubt any more, to me to seem what to come time, when I may tell what to love you!!! You do not think, that it is delirium. There is no it really so. I already long to think as to tell you it. I am absolutely sure in the feelings and to not doubt of myself. I to ask you to not laugh over me and at my feelings. You may ask: _Eae I may admit the feelings in the letter? Whether not too I quickly to fall in love? _ I how may answer these questions. You to be far from me and other chances to admit to you in my feelings are not present. I very much to want to te!ll you these words and thus to look to you in eyes. But I may not make it. And me it is very bitter from it. Now I to answer the second question. I already enough the adult person to tell to fall in love I whether or not, I was good enough to know myself. I with confidence can tell, that I to fall in love, instead of simply to take a great interest or still something. Though I the first time to admit love through Internet, I to do(make) it not owing to my overindulgence that is why that I to ripen to be sure in the feelings. Please be not silent after my recognition to you. I shall suffer and lose very much belief in life and in the most beautiful and fine feeling on light - love. Write to me that you to suspect my account and if you to not love me write. Only be not silent. I to understand you if you to not love me. If you to answer me means to you my destiny is not indifferent. I the strong person and to go through a shock, but it only then when you to write to me and to explain to me why we may not be together. I too the person and to understand all. And if you to not answer me I am very strong to take offence at all men and to think, that you is simple to laugh over me. And there may be I vainly be upset? I too may be not indifferent to you? About if it was valid so! I to be inexpressibly glad to this. I so to want to embrace and kiss you strong& - was strong&. I to not want with you to leave never. Each minute, each second to be near to you and to see your eyes, your smile, to feel you near to itself. I want to take to feel as your hands to hold mine. And so all life. If we to like each other, I may tell you about my attitude(relation) to sex. I to love sex, but I hate sex, as simply animal feeling. I to want to tell it, that I may be engaged in sex only with the loved(liked) person. I am not so skilled in sex, but I to make everything, or nearly so everything to give to you pleasure. We shall enjoy love about the latest days of our life. Our love to make our sensations is stronger twice when we to merge with you in a single whole. And when we at last shall together us already nothing may separate us. But it is all while in my dreams. But dreams should come true sometime. I to send you the photo. And if you to not write any more to me that throw out it(him). I ask you! I to not want to be one more girl from your collection. And if we to continue attitudes(relations) let it will serve as a pledge of our love. There may be we sometime meet you. And this photo to remind you of me. And we to not pass past each other. Up to a meeting in the following letter! And may be - farewell!With hope for the best your Natalia!
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