Elena Yambaeva (Tyumen, Russia) from Tyumen a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Elena Yambaeva (Tyumen, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Elena Yambaeva (Tyumen, Russia)
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Elena Yambaeva (Tyumen, Russia)I wish that I would have found this site sooner. Im a single, 31 year old who was contacted first by Elena Yambaeva. I received an email from her stating she liked my ad that I had posted on one of those online singles sites. Pretty much identical to the other item listed here under her name. We talked through emails for almost a 3 months before she mentioned money for a visa. $315. which I sent after telling her I couldnt send it right away. She said she wanted to meet me but needed that money for the visa. after giving me the address and telling me what to do at western union(somehow no alarms went off in my head). she knew more about what to do than I did. then she said in another email that she needed $780 for ticket but could get it for $663 with her aunts(who happened to work at an airport) discount. about then was when my alarms went off. I wrote back that I couldnt afford it and could she get a loan from her "mum". the last email I received about a week ago stated she would talk with her "mum" and would write me again soon. no email yet. she never mentioned anybody getting a heart attack but she did say she had a sick grandmother and be away for awhile. that was about a week before I heard from her again. about half way through our email relationship. I included all her emails and the 4 pics she sent me. Im out $315 plus the western union fee for sending it. lost a little money but learned a good lesson. a phrase I learned from a favorite TV program that I should have heeded...Trust No One. her first email came from DatingFaces.com but she told to write to this email address...lenshik_27@hotbox.ru1st email - Oct 232nd email - Oct 263rd email - Oct 294th email - Nov 25th email - Nov 56th email - Nov 127th email - Nov 148th email - Nov 179th email - Nov 1810th email - Nov 2711th email - Nov 29Hello *****, my love. I am as always very happy to read your letter. You are my beloved, my love, my dream! I extremely need you like you need me. I wish to be close to you, to feel your breath and your lips. I want to hold your hands, look into your eyes and to kiss you. You and me... I can no longer keep these feelings inside my heart. I should express them to you, share them with you. I want to feel your tongue, your breath. Yesterday night I had an expressive dream about you, which you should know, whether you also have dream of similar nature, or it is only mine. You and me, there is no anybody. We are near to each other on a large bed. We cover each other, our bodes are poured into a single body, our lips meet each other and synchronize in a long kiss. I feel your body, you feel my body. You undress me then I undress you. I feel your sensitive body. You feel my caress skin. I lay at top of your sensitive body, listening your heartbeat, which is double speeded. We lay near to each other, speak about love looking at each other. I study your beautiful eyes you study my eyes, both see love in the eyes of each other. I will kiss you a breast, necks, everywhere. You also touch me with your sensitive gentle lips. I love you very much. I want to hear your beautiful vote. I want to speak about love with you. It is raining now. The rain brings love. The love prospers in such weather. It is a very romantic atmosphere. Please write me a letter. Tell me everything about your ideas, work and friends. Love Elena.12th email - Dec 413th email - Dec 714th email - Dec 11was just a long poem ending with this...15th email - Dec 1216th email - Dec 1417th email - Dec 1818th email - Dec 1919th email - Dec 2220th email - Dec 24
Dear *****, I have just received your letter. Ill tell with my mom and then write you again. I Love you. I want to see you sooner. your forever Elena.

Hi my friend. My name is Elena. Ive see your profile. I like it. I was born in November, 24, 1973 in Tyumen, Russia. I live in Tyumen all my life. This city near big city of Omsk. I think therefore Im very romantic, kind, merry and tender. I like a lot the parties and my friends. I like to have fun and enjoy the life. The relatives and my friends are the best people around me. I like to talk to them about everything. I think I can share anything with them and they share all their problems and all their happy moments with me. The town I live in is unusually splendour. You should see it in the summer time. It is so green and there are so many crystal lakes around it. The forests are the most beautiful I have ever seen. It is also perfect in the winter time when everything is covered with the snow. I like traveling and especially biking, camping and skiing. I think I would prefer the very romantic and very outgoing man in my life to have him next to me. I would like to take him out and go far away from the citys noise to one of the crystal lakes where under the moon we could have a very nice conversation about the life. I would tell him about everythig! I love the animals, they are our little brothers, and I think I love the dogs the more. I would like my man could also like the animals. I read a lot of books. I think it is my passion. I love the stories of the people, when they tell a lot about their life. If you want to correspond with me, please write me from your e-mail address. I am afraid that soon I can not write to you through datingfaces. They can ask me to pay money in addition. Write to me on the address lenshik_27@hotbox.ru OK?

Hello *****. I was very glad that you answered me. I would like to find out more about you very much. I live in Tyumen, in the north of Russia. I do not know how much is it far from Moscow, but I think, it is about 2200 km. There are approximately 600,000 inhabitants in my city. Im very cheerful person. I want to find a man of my life with whom I would spend the rest of my life. I do not want to make a mistake in my choice and I wish to know as much as it is possible about my future friend. My schedule is very severe. I live with the mum now. She is a very good person. I do not know... maybe I moving to the U.S. in the future soon... I have not possibility now. Ive said to my mother today that a person from USA had answered me. She was pleasantly surprised. But she does not trust in the success of Internet relations between couples. My mother is very far from all this things. Together with you we are two persons who entered into a labyrinth at the end of which we shall meet or not. But I think that for both of us it will be also good if we understand each other. It is good, that you choose to be careful to learn about me what is, I think, as it should be. I cannot make promises that the future may bind us, but I wish to help you to study more about me. I have never been married. I do not have children. As you probably already had noted Im 27 years and my birthday will be absolutely soon in November 24, and it will be 28 and I would like to find a companion of my life. I was bad to perceive the computer but I learn now. I work as a junior book-keeper. On weekends and holidays I work as a tutor of Mathematics for children from secondary schools. Basically there are children from 7 to 14 years. I have university education in economy. My favorite food is Pelmeni. Pelmeni is a simple Russian dish, which is made of paste and meat. It is very tasty. I know many receipts of good meal. I like roses among the flowers. Usually I go to our office to write you letters. There is an Internet connection Sometimes I may go to an Internet Cafe. But I cannot allow myself use of Internet Cafe very often. Here it is still expensive for us. I like to listen to music in the free time. I listen different compositions depending on mood. I have never been married and I want to create good family. Probably we will become good friends or even more, if we are very successful. Probably as it is the same with you my private life is too limited by the absence of free time. Even my weekends sometimes are filled with the work. Sometimes also Im asked to displace other bookkeepers, so that I had no a lot of time for my own pleasure this year. Im not complaining. I believe that the time will award me and I feel that I shall have a greater control of my private life thereafter. I hope to find the second half of my life and to share with him love and everything. I was not successful enough before to find one for me. I wish to find a self-confident and kind man. I know that it will be a hard work, but I will move to this purpose. I shall try to form the strong bonds of confidence and communication with you and to be the good mother of our future children. I hope that your purposes will be similar. I would like to know your thoughts about your future. I hope that you have listened me with the interest and it will be the beginning to help you to know me a bit better. I will be waiting for your answer.Your friend, Elena.

Hello *****, my dear friend. Im very happy to receive your letter because you show concern about me. I begin to feel that we are getting closer and that we have a lot of common in our minds. My grandmother lives in 75 km from the city. And I like very much to visit him at this time. There are many beautiful rivers and a beautiful forest. Its a pleasant place to relax and to built plans for the future, to dream. Ive read some words from your letter to my mother today. She said that you were probably a very good person. She says "hello" to you and wishes us all the best. We started understand each other - this is most important. I believe that we should trust each other. Lie is a bad thing in this world. We should have a complete trust what is the basis of a good union. It is a pity that the distance between us is so long. But I believe that every new letter makes it shorter and shorter. I hope that at some point we will meet each other. But it remains only a dream for a while. Today my uncle visited us. His name is Grigory. Several weeks ago he went to the forest and had picked up several baskets of mushrooms. He shared a little with us. Mum is going now to prepare a mushroom pie. My mum knows a lot of tasty receipts. I hope that you will try them one day. I like to dance! I usually dance under rock & roll or popular pop music. I go to disco about two times per one week. I like Jitterbug, Cha-Cha and receive lessons to learn more. I believe that one day we will pour together in a romantic dance. You seem to me a very good and interesting man. It is a big pleasure for me to know a bit more about your every time. I am sure that you will get a good friend and I want only to communicate with you more and to receive an information from you soon again. By your responds you may share with me any problems you have. Feel free in writing. We may start to learn one another. I shall finish the letter here. Ill be waiting for your letter.Your Elena.p.s. I send my photo... sorry... but it is not best quality. I`m try to send you another photos in my next letters...

Hello *****, my dear friend. Im so happy to receive another letter from you. Your letter is very warm. With every your letter I feel that you are more and more interesting to me. And every time I wish to learn more and more about you. My grandmother called at my mothers place of work today from her village. I talked to her long time ago. Lots of things have changed form that time. Unfortunately, we cannot visit each other very often. But I miss her sauna. Do you know anything about Russian saunas? They are usually totally made of wood. There is a heating device inside where one should put the wood and to burn it. There are several middle size stones on the upper level of the heating. When they are hot you should put there small quantity of hot water. Hot steam will cover the air. Traditionally we use switches of green birch twigs in sauna. You hit another person with such switches. It is good for health. I like to go to sauna especially in winter when you may jump into the snow from sauna. The feelings after that are unimaginable. You may stay thereafter on the cold for a few minutes and you feel very warm. Please, tell me more about your mode of life. Ill be waiting for your letter.Yours Elena.p.s. I send photo with me and my mom.

I like to read your letters very much. They give me a lot of pleasure. Every time when I receive a message from you I begin to understand that you are very nice person. Day by day I take our communication more serious. I consider that the most important thing between a man and a woman is complete trust. I hate when people deceive each other. One of the most important parts of the relationship between a man and a woman is the moment when one of them has to express his/her consent to a greater relationship. Probably you think that Im very serious person. However it is not so. Simply I do not want to be mislead in a choice of a future husband and a lovely man. My feelings to YOU already are more than friendship. From your words I begin to understand that you are the man of honor. Your words, which you write me, touch my heart and warm my soul. It is very wonderful that there is a man in this world to whom Im not indifferent. Its a pleasure to me to receive letters from you and feelings that I get are difficult to describe with the words. You are a great man who was sent to me from the high. With a big pleasure I note that there is a mutual understanding between us what is a very important fact in our relationship. If we want to establish a strong union we should trust and understand each other in everything. You should not worry about me with this respect. You wrote that you like to scare the kids when they come up to you house... do you use make oneself up :) I have received a salary today. You will laugh but it is forty dollars per one month. However I do not want to disturb you with these small problems. Please write me as often as it is possible. I like to read your letters very much. They inspire me to greater actions and thoughts. It raises immediately the mood when I remember that there is a lovely man somewhere away from me. And the feeling that we may probably meet one day makes stronger desire to live. I will be waiting for your answer and send you many kisses from the bottom of my heart. You are every minute in my heart. I have even such feeling that I receive a large charge of energy for the whole day.Write me about your work. I would like to know everything about you. What is your the most favorite dish? What do you like to do at your free hours? What kind of dreams do you see? Honey, I want to tell you that I have chosen love, mercy and happiness as the most superior values in our relationship. I just want to ask you to be honest with me. You know that deception crashes huge amount of families. Im going to Church today and will pray for us. Please be healthy and in good spirit and remember that you are always in my heart. To say true the love is blind. And it is often referred as a bad thing. On the one hand Im blind because I do not see you, I cannot touch you and talk to you. But in our case Im sure that I met a very good and reliable man. I desire to see us together. evenings in a house. dinners. we would talk being alone. I found recently one book about love. I want to cite you something from it: There are three sources which define a person - soul, mind and body. Soul derivates friendship. Mind derivates respect. Body derivates desire. The connection of all three sources derivates love.Im waiting for your letter.Elena

Dear *****,I was very glad to receive your letter. When I was reading it by the end my eyes were full of tears of happiness. I start to believe that we need each other. I visit Christian Church often and dream inside about our relationships and future meeting. How are you there without me? My longing about you increased very much. I do not know whats happening. You are always in my dreams. You show a strong interest in me, which is a pleasure to realize. Excuse me that I seem to be so direct but I cannot stop my thoughts to run and I often imagine now the moment when we will probably meet soon. Nevertheless I wont fasten things. Im used to be patient. Yesterday I was in a village at the grandmother. And I could not write to you earlier. But I would like to do it very much. I helped her on a farm. She is old and was glad to accept my help. I have washed floors in the house, milk cow, fed livestock. The grandmother has a cow, five rams, pig and hen. It was very pleasant for me to help her. I have told to her about you. She has wished to you and me the long and happy relations. She has lived the long life and probably has understood from my words about you, that I did not begin to think of you not simply as about the friend. Write me please any questions you are interested in. I will answer them with a big pleasure and inspiration. You are the second person in this world after my mother who became dearest to me. I strongly hope that our meeting will be sooner. Im so much grateful to you that you trust me. E-mailing is not a natural way of communication. We are unable here to keep our hands and look into eyes of each other and talk about the beauties of the world. Im in a very good mood every day now because of you. I think about you all day long and cannot concentrate at my duties. I wish to know about you more and more. You are very important to me. When we started to correspond I hoped internally in success of our relationship. With every your letter I understand that I found that man who is necessary to me. Thank you for you trust! I want to embrace you with caress. I want to tell you that my feelings and the words in relation to you were always sincere and I always believed in our trust as a basis of a real union. Today Im sure at 100 percent that I can trust you. And you are the man whom I need because I see sincerity in your words when I read your letters. I do not know what force governs me. I wanted. want. to say. that. I love you!My life from the last days became much easier because I think only about you. When I receive your letters when you say that you think about me it warms my soul and my heart. For the sake of interest I asked my colleague who visited Australia in past about the prices for visa abroad. She showed me advertisement of a travel firm. I was impressed very much by the prices they set for visas to USA. It was around three hundred fifteen US dollars. I thought at that moment that I will never be able to visit you at least during the nearest two years. I was sad. When I was on the way from home today I thought how to say you. I told you that there should be a complete trust between us and we should know each other enough. Im a virgin. You probably think that Im not modern enough and do not follow the pace of time. However I decided for myself, influenced by precepts of my mother and old Russian traditions, that I will have affinity only with a beloved. Sometimes I dream about you, however, it is probably shame on me to talk about this. I was dreaming about this all last night: we had dinner with candles and roses with you and then we went to a bedroom. and began to love each other. Unfortunately Im not familiar with sexual relationships. I watched only few movies. But now I have an unimaginable desire to open my heart to a Beloved. Excuse me that Im so frankly with you, but I feel that you have to know everything about me before I would be able to visit you. My feelings to you are reflected in this poem . My love is like a burning flame Dying out until I know your name In my heart Im crying out for you Unwrap my love, this you can only do Give me all your love and Ill give you mine And forever the two of us will combine I want to please your mind, body, and soul I want to be the only love you know I may be young, but my love is pure We both have lonely hearts, Together were the cure I hold so many secrets I can only tell you But where is my soulmate, God just give me a clue For love we both know just what it takes We have to love, honor, trust, and communicate With you I must be united My mind will be at ease, My heart will be dilighted When I find you, into one we will be grown But remember, We all enter and leave this world alone I shall wait for your answer. Yours Elena.

My dear *****, I need you very much!!! I love your last letter, which touches the very intimate strings. It is still in my heart and in my soul. It has charged me with very warm feelings and reached the bottom of my heart. I`m agree with you... I should wait until married to explore sex. Im ready to exchange my life for a possibility to be with you. Im alone here without you! The only things I have here about you are your letters, which I read a lot of times every day and which keep me in forces. I read them every time when I miss you. The reality makes me sad because I see that I cannot be with YOU NOW. I wish to be with you much more than I wished anything in my life before!!! It happened... You are the only wish which I may desire in my life ... your caress... love... understanding... and honour!!! I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH, MY HONEY! I had no such a feeling before. I want to say you that you are the one for me and the only person I desire to be with. Nobody will force me to change my mind. My emotions now are so strong... I DONT WANT TO LOOSE YOU! We havent met each other yet but when it will happen Ill tell you everything that is in my soul now. It will be the happiest moment in my life. Today I may only dream about this time. But I hope that it will happen and I will be the happiest woman and you - the happiest man in this world. Please, please write me as often as it is possible!!! I love you very much by whole heart!!! Nothing will stop me to meet you. A plenty of love from your favourite woman.Elenap.s. thanks for e-cards..

Dear *****,Today I had serious conversation with mum. She does not have any objections if I would go to USA. She wishes happiness to me. I had long conversations with her about you. She says that if you write such letters you are a good person. But she is still a bit prejudiced about the possibility of deceit. But I love you and completely believe you. There is a firm in our city, which deals with visa registration. They charge 315 US. It is unbelievably high for me. But it is so! Visa is arranged during 1 month. I know also that there is a governmental visa department. They charge a bit less money, however such visa is prepared from 0,5 to 1 year and it is not yet known how it will work. My girlfriend recently visited Australia and she told me everything how to receive visa and to prepare for the flight. Ill tell you everything about this. You just have to listen me carefully. :)I am very glad that you want to see me. I also dream about this. I want to be with you!!! I understand that a lot of money is necessary to travel to you. And once again Ill tell you that the visa to refer to is B-2.I do not know why I became so crazy about you. I think that it is the man about which I dreamed all my life. Im so inspired with our future meeting that I cannot find a place for myself anywhere. 315 dollars are necessary to buy visa. This visa is valid for 90 days. We after all will have to come back to the issue of visa. Believe me now I collected all information. I am very grateful to you that you help so much to our meeting. I want to tell you that money is better to send on system Western Union. This system is very reliable and money transaction is carried out within 15 minutes. Here is information how to send money here:Close Jaint Stock Company Bank "Diplomat" Uritskogo st. 36, Tyumen, 625000 RUSSIA Elena YambaevaAfter you will send money here the bank will tell you ten figures and you should inform me about them. I know that our relationship is under construction for trust. But we should trust each other without trust we simply cannot exist. My mothers sister works in Moscow in an airport. Mum called her today and spoke to her. Write me please what is the nearest airport I will come to and then Ill tell you about the air tickets. The ticket for me will be with the discount due to my aunt. Many times I asked a question to myself: Why in this world everything depends on money? I consider that money is not the basis. The most important is when people understand each other. I can live without money. But I strongly want to arrive to you and money here is necessary. So it is obvious that money were separating us. I have a big desire to meet you, to embrace you and to kiss you. If I would have money Ill immediately arrive to you. Money is just a temporary paper. But human relationships are built forever. Now I understand that love is a strong feeling. I am glad that I have found this feeling. When I open the mailbox and see there your letter it is becoming easily on my soul. When I read it my heart blossoms. I want to sing with happiness.I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!Elena. p.s. I want answer on your question... usually I do not use Russian perfume, I use Russian cosmetics... it named "cherniy gemchug"... I do not know what it will be in English, I think "Black pearl". p.s.s. I will have a months holiday from 10 December, and I want to see you in this time. What you think about this.

My dear *****, dear friend,unfortunately my grandmother became very sick. And Im leaving right now to the village. I think Ill spend there about 7-10 days. As soon as I return Ill right you immediately. Kiss you many many times.. Elena.p.s. sorry I have not time to write you more.

My dear *****, my love,Fortunately Ive returned from the village. I had to stay there a bit longer than it was expected. I was warring so much that I cannot write you and cannot read your nice letters. Im extremely sorry, that I made you waiting for my reply for so long. I love you very much, my honey. I become very crazy about you day by day, night by night, hour by hour, minute by minute. My grandmother is OK. But she was feeling quite bad when she was removed from the hospital. She wishes us all the best. And she hopes that we will be a nice couple and will live in peace. I wish I were with you. Thank you for congratulations! I had a birthday celebration on Saturday. Im 28 already. I celebrated it in a village. I was so busy at that day. I had to do a lot of housework and then to cook. Fortunately, my mother helped me a lot. I prepared a big cake. Whole evening I spent with my family celebrating birthday. It was a quite and practically usual evening. I talked a lot about you: how you are good and how Im happy to know you. I congratulate you with past Thanksgiving Day! Better late than never! The days are becoming colder and colder here. I to feel so lonely without you. How are you there? What was changed in your life. I think I havent seen you for ages. I hope to hear from you!Elena.

Good day *****, my love.I have received your letters and e-card. I liked it. I start to take an example from you trying to obtain your characters. Im trying to be also open as you with everybody. It makes communication easier. Do you agree? And it makes me simpler to discover my nature to you. What I really like in you - your three sources of love: mutual confidence, sharing and pardoning. In other words - "loyalty" each time when I receive letters from you. Love discovers us its nature. She makes a person hope for the future and she does not reflect the past. She is like a chronicle - day by day she measures borings, problems, compromises, small disappointments, large victories and General Purposes and helps a person to move towards her aims. If one has love in her life this may fill many gaps. Other means to fill in those gaps are much weaker and they help only the external side of a human mind but not internal. I believe now that we made a big step forward in our relationship. If there is a time where you doubt concerning me or if I say something that disturbs you please say me. I think honesty makes everything simpler. I think now that I may share with you everything I have in mind. And, please, do not feel restrained in this way and talk to me about everything you wish. I wish to underline that I have no longer reasons to doubt about you. Im so happy that I found such a person in my life and I hope that I will no longer remember about the bad which I had in past. It was so long ago when I felt so warm in my heart. I like to receive your e-mails. Im persuaded now that you seek for a long-term relationship and you will never agree on anything else. I consider this as a strong basis for our future relationship. Thank you for discovering your nature to me. I wish to study muchmore concerning you in a closer communication.Always thinking of you. Your Elena.

Good day *****, my love. Im very glad to see and to read your letter. Your letters warm me and give energy for all day. My mother noticed that I LOVE you very strongly I do not know why it is so but its the truth, I love you so strong that I cannot live without you. Your letters warm me whenever I feel lonely or longing. It becomes very boring without you and I want to see you sooner very much as you want the same. My mother became a bit sick today. I think it is because of drinking a lot of cold beverages. I went to the doctor today. She gave me an advice on the drugs to buy my mother. I hope that it will be OK with her. She just needs a portion of good sleep. She always says me that she likes you. Today I have a lot of work so I wont be able to write you a long letter but I wish you will write me sooner and Ill be waiting for your letter even a couple of sentences. I just need to know that you are OK. In any case it would be still better if we could meet together. I wish this moment happened sooner because I love very much and feel that I have nothing to do here without you. Could you say me how strong you want to see me, my love? Every day when I go to bed I start to think about you. When I open my eyes Im always sad that you are not with me ... sometimes Im crying. Im also becoming angry on the fact that everything in this life depends on money, which hinder our meeting. I just need to meet you and I do not wish anything more. I shall finish the letter and will be waiting for your answer, my love. Loving you forever Elena.p.s. I send you this music file... I hope you like it.

I love you, and want you near to me. Bye bye !!! Your love Elena.p.s. can we meet each other in January?

I Love You.. Elena.

Dear *****, how are you? I called yesterday to my aunt and she checked tickets to Lubbock and said that for the best fly: Sheremetyevo (SVO), Moscow, Russian Federation - *******, **, USA Saturday, January 5, 2002Delta Air Lines DL 031 Sheremetyevo (SVO), Moscow, Russian Federation 13:15 John F Kennedy Intl (JFK), New York, NY, USA 15:40 Delta Air Lines DL 1719 John F Kennedy Intl (JFK), New York, NY, USA 17:15 *************** (***), ******, **, USA 20:25 Delta Air Lines DL 4817 OP *************** (***), ******, **, USA 21:10 ******* Intl (***), *******, **, USA 22:30I just want ask you... what do you think about it? please let me know... with Love,Your forever Elena.

Dear *****, I just received your letter. I need about 2-3 days for get visa... trip to Moscow takes about 35 hours. If you send money January 2 it will be not enough time to come to you. I hope you understand me. I am always open in trying something new and I understand that fortune favors the bold. I enjoy also getting away from my work to spend private time with those people who are special to me. We like to spend time together, like to have fun. We dont drink, sometimes a little, just dont forget who brought you there and whos going to take you home. The life during the past years had a lot of gaps, which may be filled only with the presence of a man whom I would love with the whole sole. I think that man and woman (husband and wife) should be the best friends in everything. I believe that from a well balanced home the well balanced person will come into this life. For me it doesnt matter where I can live. The most important thing is that I live with my husband because I want to give him love and understand his sentiments be a good wife and I am ready to go with him everywhere! The world is so small! In the end I send a poem of love and happiness. May it bring a smile on your face and a warmth to your heart. It always does for me. Who knows if the moons a balloon, coming out of a keen city in the sky filled with pretty people? Get into it, if they should take me and take you into their balloon, why then wed go up higher with all the pretty people than houses and steeples and clouds: go sailing away and away sailing into a keen city which nobodys ever visited always its spring and everyones in love and flowers pick themselves love, Peace and a kiss.

Dear *****, how are you today? Im ok. My mom said you hello. Ive received money from you today and was so happy with the thought that we will be together very soon. Ive given money for the passport for foreign travels today. It will be ready on the next week. I have an identification document (in Russian: "pasport") and I can pick up the money presenting my passport. With love Elena.

Dear *****, I was disappointed when I came to visa department. They said that visa would be ready without tickets in tree weeks. If I have tickets it will be ready in 2-3 days. I told them that Ill try to present them aeroplane tickets in three days. I dont know how to tell you that those tickets require 780 $. But my aunt promised to get for me the tickets with 15 % discount. Then they will cost 663 $.. My hurt is simply torn up when I think that it could be that we might not meet soon. Nevertheless Ive given money for the passport for foreign travels today. It will be ready on the next week. Your Elena... I will be waiting your letter.
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