Nataly- Agency of Alexandra Kasianenco (Ukraine) from a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Nataly- Agency of Alexandra Kasianenco (Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Nataly- Agency of Alexandra Kasianenco (Ukraine)
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Nataly- Agency of Alexandra Kasianenco (Ukraine)Thank-you for the wonderful site you have. It has helped me get out of some possible scams!I came across the Agency of Alexandra Kasianenco listed in your Scammers list. I noticed that it was the same as the agency I am now using to correspond with a lady. I have been corresponding with this lady Nataly for 1 month. I contacted her via under profile number : V5002466 n_klochak77. After about 20 e-mails over the last month she requested in her last few emails that I help her pay the cost of correspondence (with a sob story). During my correspondence I have noticed that some questions I asked directly havent been answered or any of my requests been followed through. I decided to tests this agency and this girl after reading you web site.Heres the first email I received from this lady and a few others please notice the same information cut and pasted to the false (fake name of Daniel) e-mail I sent to test the girl and agency. Notice it came the same day as she said she couldnt afford to write to me anymore. The e-mail to Daniel contains the same paragraphs as pasted in a few of my emails.Here is a copy of the web site that Alexandra Kasianenco operates from: Please note she has posted her profiles on usualy containing the ladys first initial and last name followed by 77.DanielLetter from AgencyLetter#1Letter#2Final LetterThen I sent a fake e-mail to test Nataly and the agency. And she replied on the same day she asked me for money.Reply to fake e-mail:
Hello dear DanielIt was so pleasant to get your letter, I liked it very much. Thank you for sending your lovely photos. You must have a great success among women:)I think you are a very interesting person and Id like to know more about you. I never before got acquainted on Internet and thats why Im a worried a little. Id like to meet a man whom I can fully trust. I treasure a lot honesty, decency and sincerity. Hope, our correspondence will help us to know more about each other and such a special feeling will appear that well wont to overcome the thousands of kilometres and to meet each other. But because we dont know each other at all Ill tell you a bit about myself. I live in the Ukraine and I am 24 years old. I graduated from The Pedagogical University and work as a psychologist at school. I like kids very much and enjoy communicating with them in different situations. I feel very happy because very day I get good emotions, kindness, and open hearts from my pupils. I am fond of cooking, can knit and sew. I do not smoke and drink socially. I very want to have my own family: children and dearly loved husband. I like to draw and I with great pleasure draw colours all over the walls in my house. Late at evening, seating near the fire place I shall be surprised my Dearly loved people with blackberries cake and telling fairy -tales. I want very much that this day will come soon. And what do you think about my dream? And what is family for you, Daniel ? I look forward to hearing from you again. Nataly.Dear sir, please, send your messages to the direct e-mail address:

Dear Mr. ***, The detailed information about our client Nataly Klochak you can easily find on the pages of our web site destiny.sphostingdotcom/. We wish you all the best. Best regards, post-manager Alexandra Kasianenco

Hi dear ******, Thank you for writing back to me. My name is Nataly. Ill try to return a favor in some way, at least in this letter. If you want to meet a unpredictable person with whom youll go to the hottest point of the globe, maybe with whom you will step under the downpour and accomplish a lot of unconsidered actions then you ... found me!!!!! Im so romantic. I like holidays with great number of candles, Lily of the valley in May and strawberries with cream. And I very want to meet my love: biggest and for Life. My dream is to go with my dearly-loved man to the desert island, where we can enjoy tropical nature, sea surf and in the company of each other!!!!!! I love children very much, they are flowers of life (and I will have my irresistible flower bed)! Maybe thats why I am working as a teacher in the school. Im very happy and every day I want to present everyone with Love, tenderness and cordiality. If you want to become close friend with me, Ill wait impatiently for your letter. I look forward to hearing from you again. Nataly. *******,send me your photo, please! Dear sir, please, send your messages to the direct e-mail address:

Hello dear *****, I was very glad to get your letter, I very happy you are interested in me! I liked your photo I was shown in the agency, too and your story. You have a very good figure, probably you have success among women?:)I understood we have same ideas about family and life, we both want to love and to be loved I like very much to bring an optimism and hope to the peoples souls. It seems to me that a happy is not a life without cares and griefs but happy is a state of a soul. From my point of view, a real love to a person- is a wish him a lot of happy. I want outside world would be more kind. It seems to me that a main thing in the life- to do good, because evil, envy, intrigues, indifference to the peoples pain will not allow us to achieve the success, to find happiness. It is very difficult but the world needs in it. People can warrant their existence by means of only one thing- it is LOVE!!! You asked me about my character, I think Im kind, tender, caring, faithful, sexy, romantic. I like that live in Australia but it is very far, its a very exotic country for me, and Id like to meet sunrise with you on the beach of the ocean. I hope one day we will scuba diving together and have a ride on your bike, do you like high speed? Im also interested in many things and have a lot of hobbies, I go to movies often, the latest one I saw was Pearl Harbour and I enjoyed it a lot! I like to listen to different music especially classical and modern. Especially Bethoven and Mozart. Dear ******, Im also interested to know why you decided to find a girlfriend in Interne and did you get acquainted like this before? And do you enjoy your job as technician for an international manufacturing company? Dear *****,I want to finish my letter, because some thoughts and dreams must be kept for the next letters. Thank you for appearing in my life. It will be a pleasure or me to answer all your questions about me. Nataly.Dear sir, please, send your messages to the direct e-mail address:

My dear ********, I feel sorry about talking to you but I lost my second job and I dont have an opportunity to pay for the correspondence. I was embarrassed to tell you I work additionally in a night shop to pay for the agencys service. The shop wont work for 2 months and Im without additional work now. Its a pity to tell you this, but I dont have another way out. Im very happy that I met you and I dont want our relations to stop. You are a man, *******, with whom Id like to create a family and Im very afraid to lose you. If Im important to you as well, if your heart feels something towards me, then dont let our relations to abort. Could you pay for our correspondence, ****** Is it hard for you? I will try to find a second job to free you from these expenses. Sorry that my letter isnt romantic as usually. With all my love and tenderness, your Nataly.Dear sir, please, send your messages to the direct e-mail
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