Valusha28, Valentino Mironenko, Fortuneteller (Lugansk, Ukraine) from Lugansk, Ukraine a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Valusha28, Valentino Mironenko, Fortuneteller (Lugansk, Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Valusha28, Valentino Mironenko, Fortuneteller (Lugansk, Ukraine)
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Lugansk, Ukraine
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Valusha28, Valentino Mironenko, Fortuneteller (Lugansk, Ukraine)OK, here was a quick scam in progress from a girl posing as username Valusha28 on the site. I just tried to look her up again and her profile was apparently removed already. I began contact a week ago, e-mailed her a letter. In her first letter she "warned" me that she was using this dating agency called "Fortuneteller" for interpretation and so forth because she doesnt know English. That was fine, so I replied and answered her questions. The very next letter I get from her address is from the "dating service" telling me they need money after 2-3 letters. Well, she had only sent me one, so I immediately got suspicious. The girl also appears as Valentino Mironenko on this site, so shes a known scammer.Fortunately, I got to see her picture before I started agreeing to pay for the translation service, which at $65 didnt seem like too bad a rip-off, but now I KNOW its a complete rip-off so - no way! Letter 1Very romantic, isnt it? Heres letter 2, already begging for moneyLetter 2Also was skeptical of above where it says English lessons for 1 month, thats got to cost more than $65, right? Doug

Hi, dear , How are you there? I hope this letter finds you doing well. First of all I should say that my English is not so good as you read in my letter, because I use the interpretation service of the agency "Fortuneteller" , I want you to know about it, I am very interested in our further relations and so it will be a great pity for me if we lose the connection. I want you to know more about me, so I will tell you about my interests. I like open space, as fresh air of mountains and sea. I like very much to see stars, especially the moon, when is great and brightly, in warm nights of summer, and to think that everybody desire it can see in the same moon in every part of the world. But it is so sad to have this romantic moments without a person close to me,who is agree about this simply but nice feelings. I am open minded, and able to understand a different culture, because I am motivated about this. I have a dream to be able to come home from work, give my husband a big kiss a hug and tell him I missed him during the day. To be able to sit down at the dinner table together as a family and talk about the events of the day and our plans for some future outing or something we would like to do. To be able to call my sweetheart during the day and take him out to lunch and maybe shopping or have him just show up at the office and take me out if he wanted to. To be able to bring home a small gift (maybe not so small) to let him know I was thinking of him during the day. For I have always believes that there is no "me" in family only a whole lot of "us". I dream of quiet evenings together by the fire in the winter and long walks on warm moonlit nights in the summer. I have been called a bit old fashioned at times but I would like to think I am just a hopeless romantic at heart. I would like to believe that in a relationship a man and a woman should be as equal as possible. They should both give and take, listen and voice their opinion be able to share their thoughts, feelings and Love for each other without expecting anything in return. By both husband and wife giving to each other then neither should feel they are always giving and never receiving anything in return. I would very much like my future man to be my best friend and confidant then my lover and last but not least my husband. I put them in this order because you can be friends without being lovers, husband and wife without being friends and lovers without being either. But to have your mate be your best friend first your lover then your husband or wife seems to me to be the best of all worlds. I would very much like to learn so much more about you, your dreams for yourself, I am interested in your feelings on family, how you see your roll in the family? Are you interested in pursuing a career? What are your favorite colors and what do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Here I go asking far too many questions, well I hope you know I am just interested in learning about you. I invite you to ask me anything at all about me, I will try to be as open an honest as possible, please do not worry about offending me as I have pretty thick skin and I do not offend easily. ha-ha-ha Now I am a student, I am finishing my last year in the University, and at the same time I work as an accountant part-time. It is not very well-paid job, but I hope that in the future I will have a chance to find more paid job. Close up for now, Kiss you, Have a nice day, Valentina.

Dear Sir, In our agency there is a letter for you from your lady Valentina. Unfortunately,we cant translate and send it to you,because we dont know about your intention as to further correspondence with Valentina. We help Valentina with the translation of her correspondence, and we also provide the Internet service for your lady. The translation of 2-3 letters are for free, but further translation is must be paid by you or by your lady. Before we offer Valentina to pay for our further service, we decided to propose it to you. Could you be so kind, to inform us what should we do in that case. Are you going to pay for our further service or should we give her letter back to her? Are you interested in this correspondence? The price for our further service is rather reasonable. You pay 65$ and this sum covers all your further unlimited correspondence with Valentina, we will also provide you with all necessary information about your lady: her postal address, her full name , her phone, where you can contact her, and we will send some of Valentinas recent pictures. Also we will arrange free English lessons for your lady during 1 month. If you decide to send the money , you should send them via Western Union on the address: Ukraine, Lugansk, on the name of Lubov Guzeva. What do you think about it? Please, inform us. We are looking forward to your reply. Sincerely, Lubov Guzeva, Account manager.
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