Yulya Klyukina (Ekaterinburg, Russia) from Ekaterinburg a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Yulya Klyukina (Ekaterinburg, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Yulya Klyukina (Ekaterinburg, Russia)
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Yulya Klyukina (Ekaterinburg, Russia)I am a divorced white male from Sydney Australia of 46 with no children. I was contacted just days after joining MSN singles by a Miss Yulia Klyukina of Ekaterinburg. This was a pleasant surprise as I had originally been considering only local women...and older than Yulia!!Yulia was supposedly a University graduate in business management (scared of the business skills learnt!)...and teaches English. She wrote fluently...and (the girl I spoke to) conversed also fluently in English over the phone!! After about 6-8 weeks of emails every other day, Yulia stated she would investigate coming to Australia. At first I thought this was good - assuming it be at her expense. Then early December, came the crunch... asking for me to cover all the costs! Fortunately, I had just prior discovered this website. So initially I calmly suggested no and that I would visit first, but NOT send money. Yulias reply was based on practicalities.... the time of year weather, our inability to enjoy Ekaterinburg etc. In fact, she was almost insistent that she should visit. I replied with a stronger objection. I even referred her to your website and warned that INTERPOL were requesting information on women asking for sums of money. I figured I would frighten her off if her intentions were dishonest. Below is an extract of my email, dated Dec 5th 2001...... Yulyas reply, 6th Dec, 2001My reply Dec 6th, 2001And this is where I got sucked right in. Dropped my stance, lowered my guard; got hit for six! Her reply: And so began the phone calls, prearranged by email, twice a week. I became COMPLETELY sucked in by the phone!! The Yulia I communicated with was sincere, intelligent, wonderfully mature and quite sensual. She also portrayed a very close family and real virtue and character...TRULY!!And so on Dec 17th, 2001, I sent $700USD to cover all visa/passport expenses. She had me!! Her response was (naturally) gleeful. She loved me for my sincerity and faithfulness...(why wouldnt she!) She was so excited because she had been GUARANTEED to have her visa by Dec 27th. This seemed consistent with my homework as to visa time application. Then again, on Dec 24th I sent $1100USD to cover airfares!! She confirmed that she had a tentative booking for the 29th Dec, meaning we would be together for New Year. This thrilled her like a child!! Letter Dec 25th, 2001Then...(it gets worse)...Letter Dec 26thBy now I was in too deep. If I didnt send the money, I stood to lose my investment at the border! If I had been conned, I would lose anyway. I took the punt! Yulia had cleverly avoided sending copies of tickets etc as she was not due to pick everything up til Dec 27th...Dec28th in Australia and two days before her departure! I borrowed the $1500USD form a friend and sent it. Letter Dec 27th 2001Looking good for me at this stage?? Youd think so...until on the evening of Dec 30th, I received this email from her "mother".Letter O NO!! You can imagine my shock! Curses...why didnt I listen to Womenrussia. In fact for the first month I did not take Yulia seriously. I considered the age difference too great...but she just kept coming back with a certain naivety and maturity. Makes me wonder who I really communicated with? I have since asked for repeated confirmation of the mothers story. I requested a hospital, address and number. These have not been forwarded. I suggested that til such time as I had this info, I would be treating the matter as fraud and contacting ALL concerned parties. This I have now done. My local police have confirmed no passenger by her name was listed on the flights from bangkok to Sydney. The phone number of the aunty is disconnected. On Jan 1st I received further email from "mother" Klyukina....LetterImagine using (near) death of a family member as an excuse to throw me off. These guys are ruthless!! If anyone has any light on this individual, has been contacted or had contact, I welcome information. my contact email: frriig@bigpond.comThe ONLY way to meet a Russian girl is to GO THERE FIRST.... regardless of any/all arguments or suggestions to the contrary. It is UNBELIEVABLE to think that such a high level of dishonesty and deception could be blatantly considered, least of all executed by these "sweet" foreign ladies - but it does! And, like me, there are ALWAYS suckers to keep feeding them. Still, if EVERYONE who has had a bad experience make enough noise, we can help make it easier for the many genuine ladies who simply desire, like us males, to meet someone genuine!JohnP.S. Meanwhile, thanks for a great site. Had it been October and armed with the wisdom of hindsight, Id have joined your site in a heartbeat. Having always been a little suspect of such an age difference with Yulya, I had initiated contact of my own with one or two other ladies....just in case!! (...not to put all my eggs in one basket so to speak!) Suffice to say, I am travelling to Krasnodar and Novosibirsk in March to meet (a) beautiful lady(s) I contacted back October.

....Straight up, Yulya. The only way I will pay for anyone to fly here is if I book the tickets myself and pay directly. Please understand. Im sure you are the most honest, sincere and thoughtful woman in Ekaterinburg.....but I wont allow common sense to be overruled by a sudden romance. Please have a look at womenrussia.com and you will understand my reservations. This site is written by a Russian bride to a western male. It is most enlightening, and equally most disturbing. I also understand what you say about the inpracticality of my visiting you....at least not for months. Yulya, I have all the time I need. Do you? If you really are quite sure about your feelings towards me, then carry on writing me for now. Should things between us blossom, then we will surely be together sometime first half of 2002. If not, then cest la vie!

Dear John, I am very sorry to hear about that. You have offended me so much though Ive never thought about anything like that. I would love you to come but I do not want to waste my time because I have already had bad experience with an American who has deceived me a lot. He promised me much but did nothing. He only took his time...I am sory that you are thinking of me in such a way. I am very hurt. It is impossible to get these papes in Russia if one wants to avoid the help of the agency... I would love you to have prepaid ticket for me but the agency will not engaged in drawing my visa and passport without including the tickets fere. I am very sorry.. I also cannot give you the contacts of the agency because they mustnt know about you and that I"m going to you. Otherwise I will not let you go... I wish you good luck and I will be thinking of you... Yulya

Dear Yulya I fully understand the difficulties you have in Russia as concerns "getting out" of the country. Your reaction to my email surprises me. Why TAKE offence? If you are offended, you choose to be offended. So, answer my original question. Would YOU send money to me on the strength of some emails? I do not know anything about you. Your address..? Telephone number...? The Agency name...? Your family history...your past...your experiences with americans..? Should you choose to terminate a possible relationship over questions of integrity, least of all money, then I have no worries!!Should you choose to maintain correspondance, then thats good. If not, good luck with your search. If you are still in Ekaterinburg after March/April, email me.

Dear John, You never asked me about the address or telephone number. I will write you it with pleasure. Russia Ekaterinburg ul.Posadskaya 44/2-23 Klyukina Yulia Yurievna As for the phone, I have no phone at home but we can speak from my auntys where I come to check my mail sometimes. So you can phone me when we arrange the time beforehand so that I were there. Here is a number +7 343 4868869 I hope you will inform me about the time difference as I am not aware. As for the agency details, Id not better give you their name and contacts because if they get to know that I have a man in the country I am going to theyll never help me with the passport and visa. They will think Ill marry you there and wont return. So if to start with the visa we should do it the sooner the better. I think it occurs to be cheaper than usual tourist visa because they do not charge for the hotel and other services like excursions and something of that kind. As far as I understand they earn their money for the drawing documents such as visa and passport. Visa will be ready in two weeks after paying and will cost $500. And the passport will be ready in 4 days, you know. I am sure to send you the copy of it before we pay for the tickets. So if I dont need the hotel Id be happy to stay at your house if only it is convenient for you. I am full of love to you and I need to give you it. I need your kisses and hugs, I need your love and kindness. As for my bad experience, you see I had corresponded with an American for 6 months and when we were going to meet he told me that would make everything himself but he wasted his time only. He was taking his time and then when I offered him to draw the papers through the agency he told me that he would send me the money and when I came to the bank I felt stupid. He did not send anything but deceived me and we never contacted each other then.. He was too young.. Thats why I believe you that youll never play with the feelings. You told me that only man after his late 30-s or 40-s can know how to treat a woman and I trusted you...I still think that we can be together and I do not want to lose you. With love, Yulya ps yes, I would have sent this money if I were you and saw such strong feelings to me...

Hello my darling John, Today I came to the bank and managed to get the money. Thank you for your kind letters. I am very happy and tomorrow on Tuesday I will go to the agency and will be able to tell you the flight details. I hope my flight will be the first one these days. I want to come to you most of all in my life and I know it will be so soon. My aunty is not feeling well yet but I hope she will recover soon and will be as cheerful as she used to be. My love, I just cant wait to be with you. I adore all your words of me and you are my soul and you are my deep love. You should never think I may choose staying here without you rather than coming to you, my love. That last talk on phone was really nice and I was never confused with your words. I think we should meet first and then well be able to do the shopping together when the times comes but actually I do not think about this. You were right that you told me this on phone and do not worry, my sweet love,as I understand you perfectly well. I think we can speak after Christmas when my aunty gets well hopefully. I had been so worried those days but I believed everything would be all right...You know, my dearest, the lady in the bank who helped me with your number was very polite. Thank God, all this has passed.. Now we can think about our meeting only. I will start packing as soon as I know the date of my departure... I am missing you so much and I just adore you, my love John. I wish you a Merry Christmas and want you to be healthy and successful. My best regards to your family and friends. I am looking forward to meeting you and I wish so much I would be with you tonight but anyway I will be with you soon. All my love to you, my darling and try to enjoy yourself till I arrive. I will be waiting for your reply, See you soon, Love you much, Yulia

My darling John, I adore you and love you with all my heart. I went to the agency today and I managed to know the flight details to come to you. But I have a very upset piece of news... I am so sorry to tell you this but it is really urgent. I do not have my papers yet in my hands but you should know they are ready and safe. I was warned today that I cannot leave this country until I prove my financial situation. I should show them $1500 US in cash so that they could believe that I am really going to travel but not just to enter your country to make some crime or prostitution. You know, my dearest, such things happen when people from Russia go abroad and start making some illegal business.. Thats why it is a rule at the customs to check every person who wants to leave if he has some money for living for the first time. You know, the agency only warned me but it is a rule of our government and besides I got to know today that it is a rule from your part as well as you see I can land in Australia and when your officials ask me if I have some money to live for I will not know what to say... I can be deported back to Russia. At first I was in shock because I thought we have to pay this money but we should only show it as a proof. I was told that I should only show this money as a proof of my financial stability and I will return you this fund right at the airport when I come to you...As for my tickets details I can come to you already on December,31 to Sydney if we do this law first. I will fly from Ekaterinburg to Moscow on December,29 and will make a change in Bangkok on December,30. So my flight will take me about 24 hours. I know it is long but I really want to be with you and we have little time before the New Year comes. I am waiting for your urgent reply, I love you so much, Yours forever, Yulya

My darling sweet John, I am sorry, I had to keep you waiting. I have just come from the agency and it was a really difficult day for both of us. Firstly, I went to the bank and got the money to prove this at the agency and went there at once. In the bank there were no problems and at there agency there were no problems either. I was so worried only that everything takes so much time and everywhere I have spent a half of the day but now everything is ok my darling and I will be with you soon. After coming to the agency( I went there with my dad as it is really big fund of money) I showed them this money and now we have all papers in hands and I can come to you in time. I am so exciting about seeing you, my love and I cant wait to find myself in your arms. Today it is December,27 night and I will leave already in two days, my darling... I want to see you so much and nothing will stop me from being with you. Thank you for your kind advice and I am sure to use it if it is necessary. I will do my best to be in safe with this money and I will behave naturally with the officials both from my side and yours. It is so nice that you have taken care of meeting me and I am too looking forward to meeting you and your friends. I think they are very kind to me and you. Like you I am so much exciting and I cant wait to be with you, my love. I will be calm only in your arms, my sweet heart and it is so new for me to travel so long to see my real love. I will fly to Moscow at 7am from Ekaterinburg and will make a change to Bangkok there at 10 pm. I will land in Sydney at 6.10 am December,31 and I will see you so soon, my love. Though I will have to spend the whole day at the airports and my parents cannot give me much with me but you should not worry, I hope I will manage not to spend much for myself in Moscow and Bangkok. I want to see you so much and your words about me only make this feeling stronger. I will be with you in 4 days darling and I will never leave you alone. I love you to much to spend a minute without you. I do not know if I can come here tomorrow as I have so much to do before I leave and besides I want so much to spend more time with my family this last day. Thank you again,my love, for your care. I will be very careful with the money and return you it back soon. I want to be with you so much and cant help thinking of you. I love you, Yulya

John! I the mum Yulenka. With Yulya there was a misfortune after she(it) has come to Moscva. She was very strongly have beaten in a toilet, have been selected all documents and money. We not at once could find her(it) in Moscva. She have taken in hospital. Now husband has gone to Moscva. I shall be pray for her. I in such sorrow. We received the call from doctors but we not know how she(it) feel. Vera Vasilieva

John! I very very badly understand the English language so not know to write to this to you. I cannot write you to this because I is (to be) in so strongly sorrow. Yulenka still at Moscva. Father went to her and we all not happy and cry. I too tomorrow go shall in Moscva. Yulya in bad ill case and the doctors do not sure to live she if. She still now in a high-gravity condition and I do not know when to it(her) becomes more lighter. The doctors speak, that the fatal outcome is possible(probable). I in horror. I realize, that you want to return your money. We with the husband by a by to try to accumulate and to return them step-by-step. I hope that you understand all ours sorrow and condole with us. Vera Vasilieva
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