Olya Sergeeva(Yoshkar-Ola,Russia) from Yoshkar-Ola a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Olya Sergeeva(Yoshkar-Ola,Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Olya Sergeeva(Yoshkar-Ola,Russia)`s photo russian dating scammer Olya Sergeeva(Yoshkar-Ola,Russia)`s photo
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Olya Sergeeva(Yoshkar-Ola,Russia)
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Olya Sergeeva(Yoshkar-Ola,Russia)I am a single white male who has never been married. I was contacted through my Date.com account by Olya. The first contact was on Jan.11,2002 and the last letter was received today Jan.22,2002.I have recieved the following letters from her:Letter OneLetter TwoLetter ThreeLetter FourLetter FiveLetter SixLetter SevenAnd like an idiot I sent her the money via western Union!!!!! It wasnt till I got the next letter when I got suspicious and found this site.Letter EightAs you can see these letters are almost identical as a lot of the letters from Irina, Natalya,and many others. And Im out $394. But Ive learned a my lesson from all this. Following is the two pics she sent to me. I hope this helps you. John

Hi, I have seen the announcements on Date.com and I liked your structure very much! You have seemed to me as the good man. My name is Olya. I am 26 years old. I work as the childrens doctor in hospital. I like children and animals.I am interesting in reading books and going in for sport. I have the romantic character. I want to find the happiness!!! If you think me the person you like,look through for my structure I hope a lot for the answer in a short time. I am waiting for your letter, Olya.olya2075@yandex.ru

Hi my dear John! I am pleasure of your letter very much. I want to speak a little bit more about myself. My work consists in treating and preventing childrens diseases. Its a very important work. I work in irregular hours, once in afternoon,once at night. I like my work very much. Now about my pets.I have a cat. Its name is Barsik. It can dance under the music, that I perform on the piano. As for my preferences, I like classic music, composed by Bah, Shopen, Mozart, ect.My favourite food is sea products and also various fruit salads. I can cook a lot of other dishes of course. I am a good cooker. I like to go for a walk in woods in my free from the work time. But during long winter evenings I prefer to sit on the sofa reading romantic books or knitting. Also I am going in for sport of course. I like jogging.And I like to watch the Olimpic Games. As for my location. I live in Yoshkar-ola. It is a small town by comparison with Moskow. Yoshkar-Ola is the capital of Mari El Rep. It is about 850 km. east f

Hi my Dear! There is snowing in the street now. Its very beautiful! I do not love this weather condition. I like warm weather, that it was possible to bathe in the river or lake. When I was a young girl I used to run along in streets when it was a rain at summer. Today I am going for shopping and cleaning my apartment. After dinner I want to visit my mother to help her about the house. She is a middle aged woman. She lives at the countryside and has her own small house. She holds cow and pigs. When I was a yong I lived in the village. There is a lake full of fish near our village too. I wasnt be able to fish very well but I tried to do that. There was a very beautiful nature and atmospere wasnt so poluted. I an intrested in what you used to do in your childhood. I to want that you to set to me questions which interest you under the order in a pole as it will be done by(with) I, thus it will be easier to me to understand you. I with the large pleasure shall answer your questions. Waiting for your answer. My questions to you: 1. What your favourite foodstuffs? 2. What you love to do(make) in free from work time? 3. What kind of clothes you prefer? 4. What your favourite season? 5. What type the woman you to like? 6. What your favourite colour? 7. You love children? Yours forever, Marina.

Hello John! I with the large pleasure to answer your questions. 1. My favourite season is spring and summer. 2. My favourite colour is colour of scarlet roses. 3. I to want to find in the man love, mutual understanding, fidelity and Support. 4. I prefer basically that that it is pleasant to me for example there can be a dress, jeans, skirt, trousers or that be another, Main it should like me and my future favourite. 5. I have no any brothers or sisters. I yesterday have subscribed in the letter as Marina be not frightened it mine nick name, and mine The present name Olya. Today very cold weather. About 28 degrees is lower than zero. It is very cold at me in an apartment and to have to sleep in clothes. At us very old and low-power heating equipment. I many times to go to complain in the ministry of a municipal services, but they only to promise and nothing to do (make). Well, well lets talk slightly about us. How at you of business today? At me it is good. I shall look now at home TV. I very much love to look the sports programs and block of news. Now very much frequently to show the terrorist certificates (acts). I to want, that all terrorists have punished on all severity of the law. I now more often to think of you. I to try to present with what you in a reality. I to think, that you the good and honour man. I have about you only good o I very to wait for your letter. All time yours Olya.

My dear John!!! Today at us weather is 17 degrees below than zero much more warmly. I today to work. I to write to you in the lunch break. I not so to want meal. I to want to write to you the letter and that I always to think of you, why I do not know. We have decided tomorrow to do (make) a holiday for children in childrens hospital. I shall do (make) today purchase of gifts for children, but gifts they should deserve. To receive a gift it will be necessary to win in competition of celebratory costumes. I to think, that by all will be cheerful. You are very a pity, that it to not see. Tell to me please as you will carry spend today all day each your step. It is very interesting to me!!! With good wishes Olya

I only what to arrive home from my mum and at once to go to write to you the letter in Internet cafe. I to speak the mum about you. She(it) very not so well knows pleasure, that I on to go you on Internet, though she(it) this invention of mankind. She(it) transfers you hi and kiss!!! I hope, what you though a few to miss without me? I very much to miss without you. When I to go back home in a train. I all to dream, that when I to arrive home, I shall write to you this letter knowing that you it(him) will wait. I hope, what you am very good to carry out the day off? I now shall go home and as Internet the cafe will be closed now. I very much to get tired from a road. I shall wait very much for your answer. I shall write to you tomorrow . Kiss also love much!!! Yours Olya

Hi my love! How at you of business today? At me today very good news. I yesterday went in the transport company and to learn concerning my arrival in you. To me to speak, that I should take to receive the visa the passport and document of medical insurance. To me also to speak, that I can receive the tourist visa of the visitor. I shall take the tourist visa for the period of 60 days. I to think, that it is very good term to learn (find out) to us each other in the man. I am written down on reception in the transport company on Wednesday of next week. I need to pay 394 $ for my documents. I have agreed. You can send me 394 $ of January 22. It is very important for me. I also to go in our banks and to speak as you me can send money in short term of time. Me have offered system of remittances Western Union. To speak, that it is the most reliable translation of money. I to send you once again address and name on which you should send me this money. Olga Sergeeva. My address. Russia, Republic Mari-El. city Yoshkar-Ola, settlement Medvedevo, street Kommunisticheskaya 28 apartments 13. indexes 425200. I also to send you the address of banks in which there are branches Western Union. It is bank Menatep SPB, street Komsomolskaya Yoshkar-Ola. Guta Bank, Street Vashskaya 8, city Yoshkar-Ola. You also should write to me the exact home address and complete name, and also nearest airport in your city. I very to wait for your letter. Yours forever. Olya.

Hi my love John!!!I have received yesterday your money and have paid my documents to me have told that they will be ready February, 3. I as went I shall learn(find out) concerning cost of tickets of the plane them to receive from Ministry of Health at a discount.You should send me 1075 $ by January, 28.It is cost of two tickets. I hope that you You will send me money in time that has not arisen what problems. Love Olya.
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