Victoria Potapova / Vika (Lugansk, Ukraine) from Lugansk, Ukraine a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Victoria Potapova / Vika (Lugansk, Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Victoria Potapova / Vika (Lugansk, Ukraine)
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Lugansk, Ukraine
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Victoria Potapova / Vika (Lugansk, Ukraine)I initiated contact with Victoria Potapova through "Agency Journey". They also go by the name "Hearts Journey". In the first email, this girl (Victoria) mentioned that shes not looking for just fun emails and shes serious in her intentions. That made me feel that maybe this girl is honest. I had done extensive research on internet about dating scams and I knew that I had to be careful. After a few emails, she started sending very loving emails. That created doubts in my mind. I asked her how can she love me without even seeing me in person. That offended her and she stopped writing and told me that shes going to village to see her granny. Ive read such stories of guys who have unfortunately been scammed and faced similar situations where a girl would say that shes going to village to see her granny. Not an unusual thing though but I was getting mixed signals. Because of these mixed signals, I thought maybe I should give her the benefit of doubt so I apologized to her for not believing in her words in my next email. She did not answer. I called her many times at her home phone number. There was no response. Sometimes, some guy would pick up the phone and hang-up. Anyways, after sending several emails and making tons of telephone calls, I sent her a final email regretting my loss and wishing her the best. She replied the next day! She apologized for her silence and told me that she was sick. I responded back to her and told her that I was trying to reach her by telephone as well. She told me that her phone number had changed and gave me a new number. I called her and things went back to normal. However, I was not completely satisfied due to many reasons. Number one, she would never answer my questions the first time I would ask. Usually, I would have to repeat my questions three times and then she would respond. Number two, her emails became extremely loving. She would only say loving words in her emails. Number three, she gave me a fake home address without the postal code. I verified the address and turned out to be a fake one. Number four, the information that she had provided about herself in her emails such as age, height, weight, education etc. changed when I talked to her on the phone. The agency would never reveal their URL. In fact, the agency would follow the same practice of not answering any of my questions the first time. They were charging me $15/month through Western Union. So, I decided to do a final test and wrote to her as a different person. Guess what? I received exact same reply that I had received when I wrote her my first email. I once again gave her the benefit of doubt thinking that maybe the agency sends auto-generated emails and maybe Victoria is not yet aware that her name is being used to send emails to a person other than myself. So, I continued as the other person as well as continued as real-me. Then, things became very clear. She was sending exact same loving emails to both the persons. As real-me, I asked her to send me more of her photos, she said that she doesnt have any. To the other person, she sent a different photo (the one that I had never seen before). I sent an email to the agency (Hearts Journey/Agency Journey) and told them that I have revealed their scam. I think, they panicked. They changed their email address and a different girl wrote to me from a totally new email address. They even changed their ISP so I could not figure out that it was the same agency. The email said nothing but contained a video. I replied to that email using a different email account and asked the girl who she was and guess what? I received the exact same email yet another time that I had received from Victoria two times. Then, at the same email address, I received an email from the agency that I would have to pay $60/month if I want to continue correspondence with this girl. They had no idea that they were talking to the person who had already revealed their scam. Anyways, its very clear now that this agency (Hearts Journey/Agency Journey) is FRAUD!......Victoria Potapova is FRAUD and this 2nd girl (Helen or Helena Kisileva) who wrote to me from the same agency is also a SCAM. They usually use Yahoo email address (along with many others). The name of the person who sends the agency business emails is post-manager Vladislav and Helena Gorova. Here are the email addresses that they have used with me: hellkisil@yahoo.comPayment was made to: JS POSTAL PENSIONARY BANK AVAL LUGANSK CITY, UKRAINE in favor of Andrey Suvorov It seems that Lugansk is full of scammers. I intend to follow the advice provided on this black list website to reveal these scammers and make this information available on internet and use every other medium thats available to catch these scammers. Contact me at in case of any questions/comments. Thank-you. Noor PanjwaniFirst Letter Victoria Potapova Helena Kisileva

It was so pleasant for me to get your letter! Thanks for your pics,I like it. And thank you very much for writing me, You see Im really new in such an interesting world as Internet And all these is very interesting!!! I must say that Im really looking for someone special, and I dont want to waste someones time neither mine! I am not looking for a palm pan. I need not such long communication I want to get marriage. So Ive mail through the agency and I pay for their service. Thats why I dont to to waste time my or your. And if youre really serious can you come to meet with me. I think it is the best way to get right each other better in real life. So if you are serious, with sense of humor I want to get to know you better, but if it just for fun- its not for me. And a bit about me Im 23 years old, my weight is 48kg and height- 158sm Im an University student I like music, dance parties and to have fun!!! I like nature and animals especially dogs,flowers and the favorite one is rose, I like so many things in this world so its very difficult to list all of them... But here is one thing I like most of all and it is LIFE itself I think it would be enough for the first time hope to hear from you soon and take care Victoria
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