Larisa Lukovskya (Kremenchug, Ukraine) from Kremenchug a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Larisa Lukovskya (Kremenchug, Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Larisa Lukovskya (Kremenchug, Ukraine)
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Larisa Lukovskya (Kremenchug, Ukraine)My names is Bill from California. I recently started writing to a woman on (Larisa7777) is her profile ID#, her name is Larisa Lukovskya, from the town of Kremenchug, Poltava area, Ukraine. Her address is 1905 str. 4-40. She first asked me to pay $100. for her email expenses at her web cafe. Next after I sent her money via Western Union, she asked for $1900. for travel to this country to visit me. I started to get wise when she kept insisted that I only send cash. This started after the second email, so she likes to work fast. Some of her alias are Larisa Skorenko, Lora Kremenchug, Larisa Sorenko, that I know about. Her email address that she gave me is Letter #1Letter #2Letter #3Letter #4Thanks for your web site - it saved me time and money, Bill Norwood

My Dear Bill! I am very pleased you interested in my. I am very happy to here from you. I will tell some more about me. I am 28 years old. I have a daughter. My little Angel 7 years old. I have two higher educations - pedagogical and economic. I work at the children garden. I like to work with children because I love them too much. My Dear! I want to say to you I am a very serious person and I do not look for a pen-pall. The only I would like to find is a strong, lovely and happy family. That is why I need in such faithful and true man which will be my husband in the nearest future. I have already understood that it will be very difficult to find such man. But I am still not despair and I hope my second part is you. I would like to ask you, my Honey Bill to send me your photo though appearance is not important for me. The main thing is his inner life and his soul. Also I want to let know beforehand about I do not like any kind of lie and cheat. I need to be sure you are honest with me. That is why all that I seek in my life is not your point of view do not trouble me, please. If we have the same feelings I am waiting impatiently for your letter. Best regards. Larisa. P.S. Write me to my e-mail:

My Sweetheart Bill! I am very glad to receive your letter. It s very nice that youve chosen me. That means that we have common values and aims. I sincerely hope that well gain strong and long relationships, which well cherish together. Thanks for your photo. You are very attractive man. I like such man as are you, my Dear. You have so kind eyes. My Dear! The world is full of insincerity and falsity. We live here and can face all it. Im very afraid of it as everyone I think. So I dont fully trust the words on the paper. The life itself makes me judge the people upon their actions. Id appreciate it very much, my Dear Bill, if you d help me to pay for our correspondence. Its really expensive for me and it wouldnt be very easy if I pay it myself. Also this action will prove that you really need serious relationships and think of our future. Im thankful for your help beforehand. Because I really need it. Believing in tomorrow is so hard when all your yesterdays are filled with pain. Trusting in the future isnt easy when the past is just pouring rain. If you need someone to take you by the hand and help you heal your broken you how to find the faith and love again so you can make a brand new start. If your looking for the man to chase away your clouds and be your morning sun. I am the one! About your question about children. Now its very hard for me to grow up the child by myself. And I just dont think to have many of them. Of course I like children very much. But Im sure all decisions must be taken together in a really happy, friendly, and loving family. And no matter what the decision is, itll always be common, desired and thought out. I and Veronika watered today our tree. This summer we planted small apple-tree near the window. When it appeared it was so small and poor. And now it grew stronger, came out with the leaves and smiles to us every morning. Veronika likes to talk to it, pat it and wash every leave. It is as our small child which we like very much. My Dear Bill! I want you to be with me and Vera so much. And to be glad with each other every morning and give happiness day after day. To love each other and this love to de the most necessary thing in our life. I kiss you with Vera. I wish you good day. Larisa and Vera

Hello my Sweetheart Bill! Today I went to the internet club and received your letter. Do you know what I felt? It was like the whole world smiled to me. And I wanted so much to give it mutual smile. Yes, I really want to kiss and hug this big world, crazy world because it gives you to me. Im grateful to God so much it helped me to find you to me! That Im not lonely anymore that I can think about you every minute, smile, and breathe with you for anyone beside you smiled to you too. My Nice Bill! I very positively look at, that we will meet in nearest future. I want very much to meet with you, because no letters not change meeting. Its very important, that people will feel when they will be together. I so want to feel you near me and kiss you eyes! Everybody want to love and be loving. But not every can do this. You must have clear soul, dreams and actions , to love. And people now became so shabby acting. When I look in this, I want never speak with they. I afraid it. I afraid, that I will not be able to find a person, who will be really Person. With big letter. Which will not be able to lie, betrayal and disrespect. Which will be kind, tender and faithful. Perhaps, that is why I like best of all children and dogs. They are not able betray and be not thankful. People cant understand that the sense of all existence is only in Love - love to child, nature, man, woman, to all surrounded you. And there, where is love, there is no place for something unclear and false. Dear Bill! If you really want to help me with a payment of our correspondence, I will thankful to you. Transfer is better to do with system Western Union to my full name -Larisa Lukovskya, town of Kremenchug, Poltava area, Ukraine. My adddress - 1905 str. 4-40 Our correspondence cost about 100$ in month. Next letter you must sent me cod transfer, your full name and sum. Nice Bill! I will be very happy if you love Veronika. She is very beautiful child, so tender girl. I very love her and I have nothing in this life without her. I think that you understand, how is important your love to her. I kiss you and wait your letter. With love. Larisa.

Hello my Honey Beloved Bill! Thank you very much my Darling for such a wonderful letter. Im always very happy to receive your letters. We with Veronika are fine. It became a little bit warmer outside and we began to walk more to work through the park. Always when I go through the park I imagine how wonderful it would be if you walked with us holding my hand. We would talk about nothing enjoying one anothers company watching Veronika running before us. At the first sight it would an ordinary day but in the bottom of our soul we both would know that every day like this is unique and very precious for us. precious because were together and we have one another in this world. I was so glad to know that you share my dreams of our meeting. I imagined myself how we two would walk the streets of your city, how in the evening we sit in the cozy house and you hug me tenderly. And I will be so happy that I will be able to see you so soon, hug you and kiss. I was so worried that I couldnt sleep for a night because of joy. I went to the Agency and got to know everything. Darling, I was told in the Agency that on the whole I would need $1900 for my trip. The price includes passport 50$, visa 650$, ticket costs around 850$, but the price for the ticket will depend on the time Ill flight, but anyway itll not exceed 900$ if I have to flight to San Francisco airport as you have written. Ill have to flight from Borispol airport because its more convenient because its just 300km to Kiev, and to Moscow its about 1200km. I must also have 200$ with me for crossing the border. Passport, visa and insurance will be ready in two-three weeks after I pay the money. The tickets are reserved in the last turn, but I think I would be able to inform you of the day of my arrival so that you could meet me. At the Agency they told me that they understand all difficulties concerning this case and they deal with American advocates and employers. They open the visas for girls to work on term from 3 till 6 months. Nobody of employers to whom the girl will come will ask her presence on the place of work besides some formalities with documents. This term of her presence in the USA will be legal and nobody can prevent us to get married if we would like to and to make emigration process in the USA using the service of American advocates. Bill, I know that a great number of girls from our Internet Cafe left with the help of this Agency. Thats why Im sure that this Agency is reliable and legal. Honey Bill, I shared my joy with my family, said that I would probably fly to you soon. My parents are worried as much as I am, as I havent gone on a trip before. But they are so happy that there is a hope in my life for the happy future near the loved and loving person, and also wonderful, tender, kind and caring father for my daughter. Honey Bill, I want to be the best person I can be for my only man. I want to be everything for you, your first morning kiss, your breath, your laugh and joy, I want to share everything with you. I want to give all my care, tenderness, all my love, all my heart and passion. To share all troubles and problem, to be interested in everything you like. I want to kiss you with every meeting... I like it very much... I want to be not only lover, I want to be your best friend and to be a woman you would proud of. Honey Bill, I close my letter now. I kiss and hug you tenderly. All my love, Your Larisa and Veronika.
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