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She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Svetlana Verevka
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+380 642 58 85 34
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My name is Joel Warnant, I am a Belgian Citizen and I work in Luxembourg for a television broadcast. I am 36, single, I have been victim of Scammer these last months, from September 2006 to December.
We started a correspondence together at the end of August 2006, this summer, I had seen her profile on, by the way she still has her profile on this web site, her member number is 4750069. Her name is Svetlana Verevka. She is from Lugansk, Ukraine. After a few weeks, I was the first one to propose to send her money, because she was telling me about her poor wages (20$ per month) in one of her letters. She start to send me some love letters, writing that I was the man of her life, that she wanted to meet me and to get invited by me somewhere "in some romantic places". Also she told me that she was a choregraphist, that she was working as a ballet teacher in Donetsk in a Dance school. To put me in confidence, she send me her address, which was in Antrazit, little town 100 km away from Lugansk, and as I trust her I started to send her money first to pay her correspondence.
As I wanted to call her, I asked her phone number, she told me she didnt have any, but that her boss, at school, agreed that I would call her at her work at the evening. So we started to communicate by phone and she seemed really in love with me, I must say that she is an outstanding actress, but as I was frustrated of the timing of my phone calls, and the bad quality of the lines , she proposed me to buy her a mobile phone, so we could speak to each other more often. She wanted me to send the money, I did, I send 200$ but after receiving she told me that she could not find any phone at that price! So as I happened to have a spare Erickson that someone offered me, I sent to her. But for that she gave me her brother s address in Lugansk. When she had received the phone by express mail delivery she told me that she had no more money to buy a card and than I laughed because she seemed so charming, like a little child who had spent all her money to buy candies, and I sent her some more. At the same time we were planning to meet, I thought it was a good idea to invite her in Moscow in November 2006.
As I was a little bit suspicious with the phone story, she was still looking for a card by that time and I was still calling 3 times a week "her office" in Donetsk, so I was supposed to send her money to buy the flight ticket from Donetsk to Moscow for her, I didnt, I bought it in Brussels at a travel agency dealing with eastern Europeans countries, and then Air Ukraine send the ticket to her brothers address in Lugansk. She seemed a little bit disappointed when I told her by phone that i had send her a flight ticket rather than the money to buy it, but I didnt pay attention, and still she was very friendly and sensual. When I was in Moscow, of course she did not come, her mother had suddenly an "heart attack" and Svetlana had to stay with her at the hospital. That time I was guessing that something was happening, but I refused to believe the truth that she was a scammer, and I told her that we still had a last chance to meet, that I would come myself in Donetsk at the end of the year to celebrate the new year with her. She seemed happy, but since than I did not send her any more money, it was beginning of December. She started to write less often, her letters were less brighten than before, and when I was calling "her boss" used to tell me she was not "working that day" and so on. I decided to take a flight anyway at the end of the year, it was 30th December, to face the truth.
With Svetlana we had decided that we would meet in Donetsk when arrived I would go to a hotel and inform her by phone or email where I was. But the last ten days she did not answer any more at all. When I arrived, in Donetsk, I tried to call her, but the phone number I was usually calling was actually from Lugansk and not Donetsk. We managed to speak to "her boss" who told "yes I know her, no she is not working here, anyway I dont know were she is at the moment. I decided that since I was there, to find out everything and the 31th December went to Lugansk. I went to her brothers address he was not there, and then thinking that she might be at her address in Antrazit I took a taxi at the New Year s eve to go there.
When I arrived at 23.00 the 31 th December I found her mother, it didnt seem that she had an heart attack 3 weeks before - she was looking all right, she told me her daughter were in Lugansk, but refused me to give her phone number. But she told me, "you may call her brother, he might know where she is." The phone number was exactly the same than her so-called work number so than I understood what was so obvious - she was lying to me from the very beginning! Each time I was calling it was actually her brother who played " the boss ". I spent my New Year in the taxi and then the Hotel Drushba. The next day I called Denis (her brother) and for the first time I called him by his name, it was the same voice that the so-called "boss" I was usually calling asking for Sveta. Denis suddenly recognised me and wished me an "Cnovim Godam" Happy New Year. He seemed surprised i was there in Lugansk, he took my hotel room phone number and told me her sister would call me during the day. I have been waiting; of course she never called. So thats all. I have tried to contact the web site to warn them that there was a scammer on their web site, I have heard on an other web site that there is a lots of scammers in the Lugansk Region specially on this web site Well they never even answer to me, apparently they just dont care, i think they should rename themself" that would be more appropriate. When I was sending her money, she asked me to send it at Donetsk , becauuse she wanted me to believe she was working there and did not want me to know she was actually living in Lugansk. She seems to be a professional in her job and have all skills required, she speaks and writes perfect English. I think this kind of girl never expected that someone like me would go himself on the crime scene to check out and find out the truth, but I did. JOEL WARNANT
Her mothers adress is Svetlana S. Verevka 8 Komarova str. Pos. Krepenskiy, Antrazit Lugansk region 94600 Ukraine Her " boss " adress Dennis Verevka Vatutin Ulitsa 5 91005 Lugansk 380 642 58 85 34, she use this adress email:
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