Tatyana Juravleva (Novosibirsk, Russia) from Moscow a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Tatyana Juravleva (Novosibirsk, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Tatyana Juravleva (Novosibirsk, Russia)`s photo russian dating scammer Tatyana Juravleva (Novosibirsk, Russia)`s photo russian dating scammer Tatyana Juravleva (Novosibirsk, Russia)`s photo russian dating scammer Tatyana Juravleva (Novosibirsk, Russia)`s photo
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Tatyana Juravleva (Novosibirsk, Russia)
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tanya2001@pochtant.ru tatyana2002@fromru.com tatyana_rus@fromru.com tana555@fromru.com
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Tatyana Juravleva (Novosibirsk, Russia)TATYANA YURINA, TATYANA PAVLOVA, TAYANA TSAREGORODSEVA, TATYANA ZAGAINOVA, and TATYANA JURAVLEVA This person is a TOTAL FRAUD !!!! Please do NOT sent any money to this person !!! This individual has scammed many thousands of dollars under many names. She must be STOPPED!!! I am a 43 years old single professional male, a US citizen, residing in Texas. I am also a victim of fraud by this individual. This individual contacted me through Kiss.com under the name of Tatyana Juravleva on September 29th,2001. The last letter from her was on December 13th,2001. She indicated on her 1st letter that she does not love deceit ( yea, right! ) I was shocked only to find out from the blacklist website that the same individual has used 5 different last names ( YURINA, PAVLOVA, TSAREGORODSEVA, ZAGAINOVA, and JURAVLEVA) to scam people. This individual also has used different emails (tatyanayur@fromru.com, tanya2001@pochtant.ru, tata333@fromru.com, tatyana2002@fromru.com, tatyana_rus@fromru.com, tana555@fromru.com.) In my case, she used tana555@fromru.com. Through my contact with the Western Union, there was nothing WU can do about it. The person may claim to be in Moscow or ANWHERE in Russia, so long as she has the MTCN confirmation code from you, you can kiss the money good bye. So DO NOT send money please !!! The real lesson is that if you never met the woman person-to-person and there is no binding of any forms, then do not feel obligated to send money in any conditions. I feel like a complete fool. I blame myself . Please do not be fooled by her persuasive letters. She wrote the same letters to her victims. The letters I received are identical to the one on page51 update. I intend to report this incident to the US and Russian embassies. I am compelled to warn everyone in hopes that whoever this individual is can be STOPPED. I hope this warning will benefit those who are still corresponding actively with this individual. For all we know, this individual can be anywhere within Russia. I am also notifying Kiss.com of the incident. I learn a painful lesson in most difficult way. I do like Russian women with all my heart. I can only hope to find the real Russian woman with sincere intentions. Good luck and God bless America. Best Wishes, Felix Letter #1 : Sep-29-2001Letter # 8 : ( Oct-14-2001) - Request for Visa moneyLetter #20 : (Nov-08-2001)- Request for airfareLetter #25 : (Nov-19-2001) Letter #28 : (Nov-30-2001) - Request for insurance moneyLetter #29 : (Dec-5-2001) - money was stolen
Hi my love Felix , I do not know from what to begin to write to you, but at me very bad news, it not that that bad, they simply break my heart. I can not hold the tears on eyes and at me heart is poured by blood. I not many times was in Moscow, it is possible to tell, that I there in general in second time, I very badly know Moscow and when I to go in the underground, there there were very many people. Me pushed from different directions, it very much was not pleasant to me and at me the bag was in hands, but her(it) didnt it was visible, when I to leave from the underground, I have seen, that my bag is open, I have thought, that like I would close her(it), why she(it) is open, I look in it(her), + and there, there is no at me is not present money, my notebook, all documents, temporary sanction to be in Moscow, + glory god at me passport have not stolen, I sat on bench and could not be set with place, I thought, how you is all to tell, you see it were such hopes on mine future(next), on our future, at me tear are poured river, I to run to militiaman and to tell all it(him), that has taken place, it(he) me asks, you remember person of the man, which at you has stolen thing, but I can not recollect, there was very many(a lot of, very much) people near to me, someone left, someone came, I do not know who at me has stolen everything, militiaman me speaks, as we shall search thief now, and I to cry and nothing can tell + it(he) me speaks, Then I can not by anything the help to you. Me have taken up to houses and has told all to my aunt, and both of us sat and did not know what now to do(make). It(she) too had words, that something to tell me, she(it) completely was upset, is sad, I all the same have decided to you to write and to tell in what business, probably now you hate me, you think, that I you to deceive, + you certainly can so think, this your right, you have on this right, but know I always to trust to you and to love you, I knew, that you me too love and if you spoke the truth, please, if can do not think about me poorly, because I shall love always you. You probably will tell, there can not be such, that so simply have stolen things, if you do not trust, I do not know, as though we could with you live together, if you do not trust me, basically, to me it seems, that you now to see me and do not want, because all so has turned out, and I do not know, how I now shall go home, because at me anything is not present + I hope, that will be the kind people and they help me, I do not know as all this to tell to the mum, because at it(her) sick heart, and suddenly at it(her) happen(~is possible) a heart attack with strong experience and frustration she(it) can die, I do not know, how to say this all to my mum + Then probably Im so so so sorry and goodbye + + +. Ill be love you all my life+. Your love forever Tanya.

Hi. My name is Tatyana. I have looked your structure on Kiss.com, it very much to like me and I have decided to write to you the letter. I very much want to get acquainted and strike up with you long acquaintance if certainly you do not object. On the character I very devoted woman and if I shall grow fond of someone I shall wish to remain together with him for ever. I am always fair in the intentions. Most of all in life I do not love a deceit. I very much hope, that you will not leave my letter without attention and will answer me my electronic address: tana555@fromru.com. I wait with impatience of your fast reply. And if you want, I can send you the photo. Tatyana.

Hi my love Felix, I am very happy to read your letter, as always. Thank you so much for your nice letter! Well, I looked for visa one else yesterday and to me it is necessary to pay 45 dollars for the visa and 20 dollars registration I went to embassy and at me was 50 dollars in hands, I have told them, that I have 50 dollars and they have told well, give 50 dollars. And me have started registration. They started to make the visa for me. I so have understood that for the visa of this money will suffice, because to me so have told. But today I went there and to me have told, that to me gave the visa that it to finish registration urgently it is necessary to bring all those documents, i.e. pass inspection in hospital X-ray and it to cost 100 dollars and more and more registration and made many documents, foreign passport, i.e. all these will cost 350 dollars US. You understand? I have told, and it is possible later I give them these money, because I do not have not enough money to receive all these documents, Yours for ever Tatyana.

Hi mine dear Felix!!! I love you, very much and I grieve without you so much! Yes the ticket still costs(stands) 932 $, love mine! I to grieve without you here!I can inform you, that I feel so bad without you, but I can happy you, because I, mine the mum and my grandfather, we - is good now!!! I think, that I can fly to you, is direct now and everyone will be good, I know, that you think also. And it, I have very bad mood, because, I have no anyone about me, and I want certainly, that you should be about with me, but I understand, which we should wait slightly for, but I do not want, wait more, I can not wait, I want to be with you! Please, do (make) that you can do (make), that we can be together. Please, understand me. I love you very much, so it is a lot of!!! I shall expect you the letter! Yours for ever Tatyana.

Hello my beautiful man, my love Felix!!! I very much love you! When you can send me money to the ticket?? I so to want to be with you beside!!! To nestle on you, to kiss! I shall wait for your answer, my love!Well, yesterday I looked very interesting film. The film was American, it referred to as " to return on Christmas ". Film about two people, man and woman. The man worked far from the house where he was waited by(with) the wife. He has promised to her to return in time on Christmas. But on a way home with him there were different histories. He had not time almost in time to return home and was absolutely disappointed. And he nevertheless has arrived to last moment to the wife, all tired. She to meet him with such kindness and love. I very much liked this film. I so would like with you to meet Christmas. In film I to see what beautiful at you at home in Christmas. All of them are decorated with multi-coloured fires. In the house to burn a fireplace, and number(line) to stand a New Years tree. Looking in a window the fluffy white snow falls. And we with you sit on a sofa, and happiness to be embraced. I to think that my happiness to consist in this christmas history. I am simply happy that you at me are. I shall finish the letter and I shall wait your letter. I love you!!! And I think that I begin to miss you!!! Your love TatYana

Hi my love Felix! I shall write to you, shortly because internet here in Moscow dearly costs(stands). Insurance, have made recently because as you probably heard, many planes fall. I very much love you and to want to be with you beside! And in Moscow I you see should confirm the visa in embassy. The ticket at me is, available. Flight to December, 7. We shall together soon, but I should pay for the insurance. I asked the and there is nobody such money was not present. I to not know that to me to do(make) now, love mine! Your wife Tatyana!
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