Pavlo Sirotyuk (Volovets, Ukraine) from Volovets a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Pavlo Sirotyuk (Volovets, Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Pavlo Sirotyuk (Volovets, Ukraine)`s photo russian dating scammer Pavlo Sirotyuk (Volovets, Ukraine)`s photo
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Pavlo Sirotyuk (Volovets, Ukraine)
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Pavlo Sirotyuk (Volovets, Ukraine)Hi, my name is Christoff Gibson. I was just scammed by Pavlo Sirotyuk just like Jason Wright. Like him I was not looking for a Russian girl, but I had put my profile on Yahoo personals. Pavlo or Pava first contacted me on February 6th 2002 with pretty much the exact same message she sent Jason Wright.Letter 1I replied thinking "What the heck?". Then on February 10th she sent the this email, which again is almost word for word the email she sent Jason.Letter 2I thought she was a very hot girl so I again replied only to get the third email which was also sent to Jason.Letter 3I became very suspicious after she asked for money so I did a web search where I came across your site. I couldnt believe it when I read the emails that were sent to me almost exactly word for word posted on your site. That was this morning, February 12th and I sent her an email telling her that my good friend Jason Wright of Indiana had told me that I shouldnt send her any money. Luckily I found your site before I even had a chance for the 4th email, although I wouldnt have offered to send her money anyway. The email address she used to correspond with me was . Thank you very much for your site, which enable me to realize the scam before I actually fell for her crap and I really hope that I will in some way help someone else from falling for her lies. Thank you for your help. Christoff Gibson

Dear christoff420. I saw your personal add. You know you are very interesting person. Itll make me upset if it was only a joke. My name is Pavlo (it sounds like [PAVLA] in English). But friends call me Pava. I m 23 years old. And Im from Ukraine, The former republic of USSR. I hope youll drop me a line and who knows?? Ill be waiting for your letter very much. I also have many pictures if you want to see. Sincerely yours. Pavlo.

Dear Christoff, thank you very much for your answer. And excuse me for my long time answer if it was so. I dont have a computer and Internet connection. Im really very glad youve wrote me back and I hope youll do it again.Let me describe myself. My name is Pavlo, but my friends call me Pava. Im 23 and I used to live in Belovo, but now Im a student and study at Volovets at Architecture College. So I may say that I live in Volovets in Ukraine now. I dont have any brothers or sisters, as for my parents they live in the north of Russia they dont live with me because my father have a job there, so here in Volovets Im alone. I have many friends like any student who lives in students hostel. But I havent a loving person. May be you think that Im too young to think in such way, but I think you know what life means without love. And another point, to my opinion every person have to think about the future. Every person wants to love and to be loved but not everyone tells about it. As for me I want to try to find my second part in life through this agency, create a loving family and have children. I think such words are not surprising you. I have never been abroad and honestly I want so much. I like to travel very much and I was mostly in every part of Ukraine. Ill not type such typical phrases, as I love animals and nature and so on. Im a common person and love good and interesting things like each of us. You know, now you and I are trying our fate! And who knows, may be someday well meet. Thank you again for your letter and hope it will not be the last one. Sincerely yours. Pava.

Dear Christoff. Thank you very much for the answer. Im really happy to receive your letters. My mother made these pictures last summer in Lviv. I dont have manyquestions as you thought. I only want to know what a person are you, how strong can you love and can I believe you or not. To tell you the truth I like your letters, but what a person behind them? Im all right. Studying my lessons and so on...The main subjects I study at the Academy are Philosophy, English, Arts and Design, architecture of course and many different common subjects which everyone study at any University. My major is flats and houses design. Ill graduate next year. My Academy will take part at an international students exchange program in early May and Im going to take part there too, I very hope well meet in spring:-)(if you dont mind of course) I have never been abroad but sometimes I imagine that some day may be Ill travel somewhere far then my country border. I dont know if you lived in students hostel like me, but its not the place I want to stay. Here is not very cold about -5*C and its snowing a little all the week, everyone feel that winter is passing by and spring is coming:-) Mostly forgot, may be Ill not be able to speak with you through Internet for some months, but If you only know how I want to. The problem is that I dont have my own computer and Internet connection, so I have rent a computer and use a provider, but in our country its very expensive. I have to pay them for each letter that comes from you and that I send you. Internet in our country is very new thing and every one who has it try to use it with his own rules. Its very shame for me, I have to be honest with you, but my money comes to an end. Please only say if you can help me with money for our correspondence. Hope to have another letter from you. Ill be waiting it very much. Sincerely yours. Pava.
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