Elena Grineva (Kremenchug, Ukraine) from Kremenchug a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Elena Grineva (Kremenchug, Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Elena Grineva (Kremenchug, Ukraine)
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Elena Grineva (Kremenchug, Ukraine)Hello, My name is JACK and Im 49 years old and Im American. I have 2 lovely daughters. The scammer is named Elena Grineva. I remember writing her 2 years ago and saw her ad accidentally just recently. So I wrote her again to see if in fact she was still trying to scam people. 2 years ago I didnt know any better . She pretends to be a rookie at this thing. She says she works two jobs day and night but her responses to me emails were almost immediate ... at least within a few hours and always during her work hours. GO FIGURE. Any questions ... please write to me at " ritzar@aol.com" JACKLETTER #1:LETTER #2:LETTER #3:LETTER 4: MONEY REQUEST. (Note, this girl has been doing this for 2 years yet she pretends she is a rookie).
Hello my dear Jack! I am so happy to get your letter and photo.But I see on the photo only one of your daughter,she is very nice girl,I hope next time you will send me photo of your second daughter,I am sure she is also nice. My dear,today it is St.Valentines Day.I am so glad that we have aquainted closer to this holliday.I want to conratulate you with this wonderful day.I wish we could be together on this day as it is the day for people who are fallen in love.All my friends will be with their lovely men but I will be alone again.I will stay at home and all of my thoughts will be about you only.I want so much to see you,to feel your heart beating,to hear your breathing and laughing,to find myself in your arms. My dear,I want to tell you that Glebs father is not involved in raising his son,I am doing it by myself with no help from the side.That is why I think that he will not object because he is not interested at all in his sons life and destiny.As I told you already men in our country do not take care about their families,they just try to escape from the problems drinking much alcohol,using drugs and so on.That is why I am not looking and do not want to look for my destiny here.Many of my friends got married with foreigners and left for different countries and when they visit their parents here they look so happy and full and strong families.Looking at them I came to this marriage agency and started to look for my destiny.I do want to believe that my second half Ive been looking for is you.That is why,I am not willing to leave my country but I am willing to live in the place where my lovely man lives either in America. Honey,of course,I will be happy to meet you in Kiev as I do want to see you in person and you will be my guest and I will do everything in best way for you. My dear Jack,you know,I am a member of marriage agency.The marriage a gencys service costs per month 50$ and besides each sent orrecieved letter costs 2,5$. Approximately per month it will cost 100$.I talked to the women who visit this agency also and they advised to use the service of Western Union as it is the quickest and safest way of transfering money.You should go to the WU office and send me money through them using my full name and address: Elena Grineva d.8,kv.73 ul.Pavlova Kremenchug 39600 Poltava region Ukraine Well,my dear,I am ending the letter. Looking forward to your reply. Kisses and hugs. With love Elena

Hello dear Jack!!!!!!! I was so happy to get your message and I am very pleased that you are interested in me,hope I will not disappoint you. If only you could know how lonely I am now in this imperfect wolrd.I was disappointed in men in past.Maybe this is because in our country men forgot that there are some very important values in the life such as decentness,faithfullness,honesty,caring and respect.I think that a family,children and relative people should be most important and dear for each person.But in our society nowadays these all things have lost their value and meaning. I was born and grown in such a family which was full of love,caring, mutual understanding and that is why I have always been thinking that in such a way it should be in this world. But unfortunately my life went in other way. But anyway life is going on and I do believe that everything will be fine.I am trying to be strong and overcome through the hardships in this life in order to fall in love again and feel and know that I am beloved as well.I am looking for my destiny,my second half in this world ,I want to be a good friend,a faithful wife and a passionate lover for my future only one man. I would like my man to be decent,loving,caring,tender romantic,real gentleman who will love me and respect me and we would be a perfect and the best couple in the world. Maybe you are my perfect man whom I am looking for ? I smile. Dear Jack ,please tell me more about yourself and send me your photo. Looking forward to your reply.I send you my photo.Hope you will like it. Sincerely Elena

Hello dear Jack!!!!!! Thanks for your photos,you look very well. You cannot imagine how happy I was to recieve your letter,it was like something turned inside me and I felt pleasant warmness which I am still feeling.I am really pleased that you wrote me because it means that you are really interested in me,i nterested in creating strong family with good children and caring ,loving wife. I would like to know more about you,your personality as soon as possible and that is why we should write each other as often as possible and make the efforts to meet in person and stay together forever.My dear,now I would like to tell you something about myself. I live in Ukraine in a small town Kremenchug which is 300km far from Kiev city,our capital. I have a son Hleb who is 7 y.o.He goes to school.He is a very good boy and I thank God that I have him in my life.Hleb is my only happiness proudness in my life for now,I love him very much .Yes,I would be happy to have even more children as children are the flowers in our life. I work on two jobs in order to survive in this crazy poor country.You even cannot imagine how we live here,maybe if once you come here you will see it by yourself and will be surprised how our people can live in such bad conditions.I do not want to stay here,I wish these grey everyday life go to the past and I have new interesting life I dream about.I want to have only one lovely man who will love me and take care about me.It is so pleasant when man takes care about his woman and is faithful to her.But for now I have nobody beside me to take care of,I am alone and has to take care about my son as well by myself. Dear Jack,I ask you very much to write me only in the case if you are really interested in meand have serious intentions towards me.I am trying to be careful with these marriage services.I heard that some girls are writing to several men trying to chose one of them.But I do not want to do in such way because I found you and I am interested in you,I am willing to meet you in person and make our lonely hearts in one big loving heart and be together forever. I would very glad if you can visit me here,we would be able to know each other much better in person meeting,we can write all the words in the wolrd but it would not be equel to looking into each other eyes. I ask you think about it,understand your feelings,thoughts and wishes and after it if you decide that you have found that perfect woman for you in myself so I will be the happiest woman in this world. Looking forward to your reply.I liked you very much and it would be wonderful if we were together. Kisses and hugs With love Elena

Hello my dear Jack! I am so glad to get a letter from you.I am very pleased to know that you are thinking about me and my son.I like to read your letters as in such way I can know you better. You asking me would I like to have a daughter?Yes,I dream about having a girl because she would be a small princess,a beautiful doll.You are happy men because you have two daughters and they can brighten your life with their baeuty.I would like so much to get closer to them,to know them better.Of course I would teach them to be perfect and gorgeous and true ladies. About my jobs,so in daytime I work in the shop as a goodskeeper and also I work in the firm as assistant of accounter in the evening time but this job is good because I can take some paper work to do it at home.But I am so tired already to work so hard and so much and the awful thing is that I cannot devote much time to my son. My dear,I will be so happy if you visit me here because the personal meeting is much better than correspondence as we can write all the words in the world but it would not be equel to looking deep into each other eyes.I think we have found each other in this world and our first meeting will be unforgatteble and you will never regret about it.Dear Jack,I should end the letter.I am sorry I cannot write you big letters as I have to pay for it much money.It is very hard life here in Ukraine and nothing is free here.Our people have to work at two or more jobs to survive. My dear,I do not want to disturb you but I would like to ask you to help me in payment for our correspondence.I would appreciate you very much and we will be able to write each other often and without any problems,I do not want to lose connection with you. Looking forward to your reply with great hope. Kisses and hugs. With love Elena
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