Irina Smirnova (Nizhnevartovsk, Russia) from Nizhnevartovsk a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Irina Smirnova (Nizhnevartovsk, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Irina Smirnova (Nizhnevartovsk, Russia)
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Irina Smirnova (Nizhnevartovsk, Russia)Im a single father of 2, Im 37 years old, Im a systems administrator for a law firm. I was contacted a few weeks ago, around the 15th of January by someone claiming to be this Irina Smirnova. I even gave my phone number and did receive a phone call. That was about Tuesday 1/05/02, the call lasted about maybe 30 or 45 seconds her saying she could only talk for so long. Anyway I was lucky enough to have found your website, and located her picture under your blacklist. She is using a completely different name under the picture listed on your website, but that or those are the pictures I received. I just wanted to warn others that this person whoever they may be is using a new name for this picture now. Im not sure if its important but this is the last letter that I received from her or whoever it is. First EmailLatest EmailI just feel that this warning might save someone else from some problems in the future. Here are the latest photos I received. Robert

Hi Bobby! I am glad that you answered to my email. Its interesting to receive the email from man of another country. I want to tell you about me and my life. I am cheerful woman, I think that the people dont must be gloomy. I like camping,fishing (there are many men in my country who love fishing. I like to see movies. Usualy its romantic movies, comedies. Now I want to tell you where I live. So, I live in Nizhnevartovsk, its not small town in our country. There are many beautiful places here. Maybe you saw this places on the pictures in internet. Do you saw? Please tell me about your live place, your town. I want to know where you live. I have the purpose: I want to find my soulmate, Im looking for companion of life with which I want to be. Of course I dont want to make mistake. My intentions are serious. You may think: why am I looking for man in other country? I think: Our country is beautiful of course, but there are some problems. There are financial problems in our country. It derivates drunkenness among the men, growth of number of criminal elements. I had two men, they are liked to drink alcohol. So, I decided to find my man in internet from other country, I choose the america because I think its more successfull country. In future, if I shall have a children I want that they must live in normal society. I badly know the computer, I ask the internet center consultant from internet service for help to find the nominee, he show me match service, I saw the profiles and I decide to write you. I decide that you quite worthy man. So what you think? You may ask about my english. You must know, our people learn english in school during five years. Then it learns in universities or college. By the way I finished the college of culinary. You know, I like to cook very much. My favourite dishes are italian and russian. I know english not bad. I can read and write english, I speak a little. Sometimes I use the dictionary to translate some words. I am 27 years old. I live in small flat which I rented. I have a mother. My father dead five years ago. He was taxi driver and he has got in failure (auto accident). I am very missed him. I havnt any brothers and sisters. My mother work in food-processing industries, she is casher of food store. I am work as bookkeeper in office of public catering. I make the receipts, checks and other. I think that you understand my english. Do you understand? I hope yes. I write you from work, we have two computers here for accounts department. I work five days per week. Sometimes I work in weekend. Please tell me about your life. What are you doing in weekends and free time? What do you do for a living? Do you work? I want to know more about you, and you? Sorry, I havnt pictures of me now, I shall try to scan it and send it to you in next email. If you will answer me, I shall write to you more about me and send my picture. So, please send me your pictures. I shall wait your email. Irina from Russia. Take care. Irina

Hi my love Bobby! Today is cold day here, I waked up at 6 oclock and go to work. I go to work by bus, I stand on bus stop and I has frozen because the cold wind blows and I stand about 15 minutes there. When I went to work I looked tha email from you and I was very happy when I find it in my email box, Now Im sitting and writing to you my love Bobby. When I was on bus stop I was frozen but when I think about you its warm me and my heart. I Love you Bobby! I work here and think about life, I work on my work place and have about 1800 roubles per month, its about 50-60 american dollars, the money is not important to me, I want only happy life, and its enough to me. I want to ask you about your work. My work is not very hard, I like to work in general. I like to contain my house in cleanliness and order. Every weekend I make a general cleaning, I dont like the dust and dirt. Im a clean women. And you must know that my love for you is clean and goes from heart. I think that the important thing is frankness, I totally frankness with you because I trust you and love you Bobby!!! I want that all people were honour, I like honour! We have the chance to embody our love and connect our hearts in life. I really want to see your face and talk with you Bobby! Tomorrow, I shall learnpossible ways of meeting, Ill write it to you and we must decide about our meeting, I beleive and hope that you want it too, do you want it Bobby??? I want it all my heart. Ill write you when Ill know about it. How are you dream our meeting? I dream about it every day and I think when Im go from plane, Ill see you. You meet me in airport we make hug, kiss and we go like the happiest humans and speak... Its my dream. I love you Bobby, Ill write you more later and Im looking forward your email today. I LOVE YOU, PLEASE DON:T FORGET ABOUT IT!!!!! With love, Irina. p.s. I found out the rather visa. In our city there is a tourist agency. This agency will help me to make the visa to arrive to you. This visa is valid 90 days in America. I shall find out more rather visa.I enjoyed your words! It is very pleasant to me to receive many your letters after week-end!!!! I heard your music. It of SUPER!!!!! It is surprising! I like this music. I am very glad to receive many your letters after week-end!!!
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