Margarita Golubeva / Andrej Shepel (Nikolaev, Ukraine) from Nikolaev a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Margarita Golubeva / Andrej Shepel (Nikolaev, Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Margarita Golubeva / Andrej Shepel (Nikolaev, Ukraine)
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Margarita Golubeva / Andrej Shepel (Nikolaev, Ukraine)My name is Jack, Im a 49 year old male from the USA. Ive basically become tired of getting approached by scammers ... it seems they are everywhere. So now Ive decided to do something about it. She advertised on Absolute Agency and the letters below are from a woman who calls herself Margarita Golubeva who supposedly is a model from Nikolaev... but I believe these letters are written by a man or mafia group out of the same city. I believe these fotos are stolen. She asks me to send her money to her brother ... BIG HINT that THIS IS NOT KOSHER because he goes by the name Andrey Shepel .. its not even the same LAST NAME!! I played along and you can see what happens. The phone number is not operable ... I checked it ... and I assume the address is a FAKE. JackLETTER #1LETTER #2LETTER #3 - Money RequestLETTER #4
Hello, Jack. Honey, Thank you for your letter. I have some another pictures and I send it to you with this letter. What do I like to do. I like to watch TV, especially comedian movies. Also I like nature, sports and most of all I like to cook. I like to cook many of tasty dishes. Maybe you will try my cooking sometime. You are 45, I am - 24. I think that its not big difference and not problem, because I seek the man who will more older than me. I think that such man will more skilled in life. You know, I really ready to leave my modeling and I will be switched to family completely. Of course, I will be happy to start my American modeling career. I want to see Anmerica because I have never been in US. You need my address, ok. Ukraine/Nikolaev, Poperachnaya str 18, kv. 2 My last name is Golubeva. Honey after sending the money write me please transfer number, your full address and your full name. Ok? I need to go home now. Its very late here. I waiting for your next mail. Kiss you... Yours, Margarita.

Hello, ritzar. First I want to thank you for writing me. Let me introduce myself. I am 24. And I live in the beautiful ukrainian city Nikolaev. I was born here and live here all my life. I have a high-school degree. I am a specialist in graphic design industry. Also I am a photo model. I have 178 cm height and 60 kg. weight. I love sport, I like sea, I like to watch a romantic movies. A lot of my friends told me that I am attractive and cheerful. I like traveling and sometimes play computer games. I have own computer, but I have not access to Internet. It costs very much here! I write you from the Internet-Cafe which situated near from my home. I think that my time is came to create a happy and healthy family. Also like all women I want to have own child and to devote all my life to my future family. Write me if you like my story. And send me your picture if you have your own. Thank you. Forever your, Margarita

Hello, Jack. Thank you very much for you so nice letter and your picture. I love your pictures very much! I want to apologize for writing so late but you know my problem with the Internet access. You know, I am very romantic person too and I am very serious to find my second half of my life. I think that I got such age to create own family and t give the life for a child. Jack, can you help me? I need the money to pay my own Internet. And I will have the opportunity to write you everyday. Its so difficult for me because I am a student and I have not enough money. But if you help me I will correspond only with you. I know you are most kind the man and I can to love you. I hope you like me too. We can to be together someday. But for this purpose we need to know each other very well. I cant to write you often and I cant to receive you messages often because I have not my own Internet. I think you will understand taha it needs not for me. It needs for construction of our relationship. I will wait for your letter tomorrow. Please write me soonest. Thank you... Forever your, Margarita

Hello, Jack. Thank you very much for your letter and your understanding of my problem. I ask you the money to make our relationship more closer. I am happy that you understand it. You are good-looking man and I would like to know you very well. And I hope you want the same. If I could to have the opportunity to pay by itself, I never would ask you help. I know the company, named "Western Union" - westernuniondotcom/ It fastest and most secure way to send money. Dearest, I need $65 to pay my months Internet. I think that one month will be enough to learn each other and our feelings. For Western Union you need to know info which I gave you below: Full name: Andrey Shepel (its my brothers name, I have not my passport for now, because its a pledge for our apartment) Address: Ukraine, Nikolaev (its will enough) Then, you will get 10-digital number. I need this # when I will get the money. Please help me and we will correspond everyday. Honey, its very big money. Can you send me it or you cant to send so much money? You want to phone me? Ok. Call me, tel. +38-067-7814951 Thank you. I wait for your next letter. Forever your, Margarita
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