Marina Kapustina (Chelyabinsk, Russia) from Chelyabinsk a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Marina Kapustina (Chelyabinsk, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Marina Kapustina (Chelyabinsk, Russia)
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Marina Kapustina (Chelyabinsk, Russia)email used: Fortunately, Im not an easy target. I dont know if I was necessarily skeptical at first as much as just cautious. The real shame of all this is that I *just* saw a show on TV where they discussed all these horror stories of internet love affairs. One of the guests made the comment that everyone on the internet lies. I was fairly outraged at that comment, as Ive had a certain amount of experience dating on the internet. Ive been on-line for probably 7 or 8 years, and have met a majority of my romantic involvements sine that time over the net. So far, I have to say, my experience has been pretty good. In the last two years alone, I met with two women from Italy, and various others from accross the US, including some from my own city.This particular experience began only 2 short weeks ago, in early February of 2002. I had once upon a time joined an internet dating service called Neodates. Not even a full membership, just a freebie trial thing. I received a notification from this service that I had new mail. The mail was from a user who called themselves TNT2001. The note was typical of the ones Ive read here, stating that she would like to get to know me. My very first hint was from when I went to review her profile on Neodates, that TNT2001 no longer existed. First red flag. Not being one to automatically jump to conclusions, I responded to the email, which was a email address. I responded with the typical superficial stats about myself. Of course asking questions of her along the way. On the second day following my email, a reply was sent which went into more generic information about her. Not addressing any of the questions set forth in my email to her. Also a great deal of dialog regarding the necessity of trust. Red flags two and three.After another couple of emails from her, in which none of my questions were answered, and where she asked questions I had already answered in previous emails, she proclaims her love for me. Now, Im not a total cynic, and I can go along with love at first sight, been there, done that, have the tee shirt to prove it. But along with the other elements, these were all just red flags four through ten.Her sixth email to me she closed by stating that she would visit the nearest travel agent to find out about a visa. The Next email was when the request for money came. I have to give this person credit, they are good at playing on human nature, and how we so often have misplaced senses of obligation. heres the excerpt from the email:See what they did there? Good job. She went on to say that she requires another 394 bucks to complete the process. But by suggesting that shes already given 50 bucks to start the process, it creates in the mark (supposedly me in this case) a sense of obligation..."gee, I dont want her to lose her fifty bucks," ...or, "wow, she paid fifty bucks already, this must be for real..." Something along those lines. Pretty smart. There were several other things along the way that aroused my suspicion. Such as conflicting personal information. In the first letter, she was blue eys and white hair. Her picture showed her as a strawberry blond. OK, I can go along with that little variation, its a language thing, white=blonde maybe....oops, whats this, in her commentary on the picture she says the picture doesnt show her green eyes. OK now, wait a minute.....Its easy for me to see how so many people get suckered into these scams. I dont want it to be true either. How flattering it was for me a guy of 42 to have this young beautiful woman attracted to me. And what a blow to my ego to find out it was a scam. Despite my suspicions, I still found myself thinking about this person during the day, and developing an attraction, and even an affection for her. It is probably easy for a lot of guys to lie to themselves, and not allow themselves to see whats real. Fortunately, I have lost no money, and wont suffer any real emotional pain as a result of this. I know a lot of guys have lost a lot in the past, and many will lose a lot in the future. Just be smart guys. Dont let your ego blind you to truth. The short emotional pain youll feel as a result of seeing the truth will be a lot easier to handle now. If you follow through, and get scammed, not only will you STILL feel that pain of the emotional loss, but youll have the humiliation of knowing you were duped, along with the financial loss. Do yourselves a favor, see it for what it is, and take the fifteen hundred bucks youre about to be scammed out of, and go on a trip to Daytona Beach. Trust me, itll be less expensive, and youll come back feeling alot better about the whole thing. Who knows, down there, you might even get screwed the good way. Do I think these scams are predominant, probably not, Ive seen the .5% statistic, which might be optomistic, Im sure its likely higher than that. But that still doesnt mean that most people on the internet, including women seeking American male companionship are dishonest. I just hope in my case, the girl in the pictures isnt involved. She has a sweet and innocent looking face. It would be a shame if that beauty concealed the heart of a callous and calculating thief who would play on the emotions of another human being. I prefer to think shes not involved. I have a small amount of internet security knowledge. Hopefully enough to be dangerous to the people who are perpetrating these acts. After deciding to take some positive action, I began to analyze the emails I received, and Ive determined the internet service provider being used by these people. Not the mail system mind you, I know its an anonymous email system. Ive actually determined the company that provides them with their internet access. I have sufficient information now to identify these people, with the help of the ISP. I have also located via your website one other person who was victimized by them, and in his case, actually lost a substantial amount of money. As I actually lost no money, I would have no real complaint, but since he has, we might be able to get the cooperation of the appropriate authorities, and are moving forward with that objective. I encourage anyone who reads this to feel free to contact me regarding your situation, and Ill help you isolate the proper information. It is necessary to have the original email messages, as I need the hidden information within the message. Additionally, Ill try to help put together people who have been scammed by the same perpetrators. And no, Im not charging and theres no hook. These sneak thieves just piss me off. Ive set up an account specifically for this purpose: scambreaker@yahoo.comAt this time, Ive not revealed myself to the scammers, and still am in their confidence. I have in general only delayed the sending of any money (as far as theyre concerned) until I determine if this is important enough for the authorities to become involved in and actually try and set a trap. I can use some help if anyone can provide it, as far as what legal authorities in Russia to contact, and any other resources in Russia that might be interested in these scams and bringing the scammers to justice. If I can be of any help to anyone, feel free to contact me at the above email address. Best of luck to all J. W

Well, I searched for the visa one Still yesterday and to me it is necessary to pay to 47 dollars the Visa And registration for 21 dollars, I have left in embassy and in me, There were 50 dollars in hands, I have told them, that I have 50 dollars and Them have told well, give 50 dollars. And me have begun registration.
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