Olga Akpulatova (Kazan, Russia) from Kazan a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Olga Akpulatova (Kazan, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Olga Akpulatova (Kazan, Russia)
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Olga_200@talkmatch.com olga0402@pochtamt.ru
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Olga Akpulatova (Kazan, Russia)Well, she (he/them/it?) seems to have reincarnated herself as "Olga Akpulatova." And this time, she was not associated with any Russian dating agency. "Olga" contacted me on November 11, 2001. Apparently, she was responding to a profile I had posted at Match.com (the e-mail address she used was "Olga_200@talkmatch.com.") BTW: My Match.com profile did *not* include a photo. Here is her initial e-mail:I responded, and she then sent me another e-mail with a photo. (Eventually, she sent me a total of 12 photos, and 1 sound file.) My reaction was that she was much, much too young for me (Im 45) -- my guess was that she was in her late teens/early twenties. I informed her of this, but she persisted. She claimed that she was 27 years old (which I didnt believe), and that our age difference didnt matter to her.I was suspicious. Nevertheless, I decided to "play the game." The correspondence continued. I remained suspicious, mostly because of the age difference (why would such a beautiful young woman want to "hook up" with a man 18-25 years older than her, when she could readily find someone much younger?), her beauty (why would such a beautiful young woman want to commit to a man whose photo she has never seen?), her frequent evasive answers to some questions I had asked her, and how quickly she decided that she was "in love" with me. In addition, the sound file she sent me never mentioned my name...she referred to me only as "My Darling." (To me, it was like receiving a snail-mail letter that opens with "Dear Occupant.") Then my suspicions peaked when she began sending me e-mails that hinted at money. Here is an excerpt of one of them:I responded with:Soon thereafter, she broke off communications with me. Her last letter arrived on December 14, 2001. I, of course, concluded that my suspicions were correct: This was an attempted scam. But I did not fall for it, and she decided to move on to her next potential victim.For what it may (or may not) be worth, she claimed that her mailing address was: Olga Akpulatova Gorkogo 24-6 Kazan, Russia 420024Looking back on it all, the one thing that perplexes me is how she initially got my e-mail address (I have several, but the one she used to contact me is not "published"). The only way she could have contacted me at that e-mail address would be if she subscribed to Match.com. But, given that she herself had never posted her profile on Match.com, plus my feeling that she would *not* spend the money to subscribe, I remain puzzled as to how she discovered my e-mail address. Martin

Hi. My name is Olga. I very strongly like your data. I wish to get acquainted with such person as you. Your data have simply fascinated me and if I you have interested that write to me. Mine E-mail:olga0402@pochtamt.ru Write please to me on this address as for technical reasons I can not use е-mail Olga_200. P.S. I want to add from myself, that in turn I shall offer you mutual understanding, respect and love...

...But before our meeting it is a lot of difficulties. I have the girlfriend which work in travel agency. She has told me that the visa in USA which resolves arrival for 3 months to cost 350 dollars. It is very expensive for me. My salary makes 60 dollars per one month. Therefore I think that our meeting very much will be not fast. I need many months to save the sum of money for trip. I become very sad from it. We so far apart. Between us huge ocean, but in ideas I always with you. I love you very much. I grieve without you very much. I shall be closed now... For ever yours Olga

I am concerned and puzzled by your last few letters: They all are focused on the details regarding my sending you money to help you to get your visa and airplane tickets. You seem to be in a rush -- a *big* rush -- to come over here. But we have been communicating with each other for less than one month. This is a very short time -- *too* short to make such an important decision
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