Tatyana Ershova (Kiev Ukraine) from Kiev, Ukraine a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Tatyana Ershova (Kiev Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Tatyana Ershova (Kiev Ukraine)`s photo russian dating scammer Tatyana Ershova (Kiev Ukraine)`s photo
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Tatyana Ershova (Kiev Ukraine)
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Kiev, Ukraine
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Tatyana Ershova (Kiev Ukraine)I am a single male living in Minnesota. I first started receiving letters from this woman back in November 2001. She contacted me thru Lonelyfire. She seemed really truthful at first. Told me that her parents died in a car crash 5 years ago and that she lived with her older brother. She said she was born 10-27-78 and that she had just finished college at Kiev National University, majoring in Foreign Languages as an English intrepetor. She did speak English very well as I spoke to her on the phone several times. We seemed to get along very well. She suggested that we meet because there would be no reason to correspond unless we were compatible. She also mentioned that her brother had a boyfriend who worked at the airlines that could get the plane ticket at half price. Well, on December 28, I sent her $600 which would cover the plane ticket and visa. The money was sent thru Western Union, in her name, and address which is: 8 Bubnova St. apt 33, Kiev Ukraine 03040. Her phone number is 380442442175. The next day she e-mailed me and said there was a problem. She said that she could not get the plane ticket in her name and that she would have to pay full price for it, and would I send her $400 more? I said I didnt have the cash, but I would buy a ticket here in the U.S. and send it to her after she sends back the money. Well, she said that she would but I have yet to see it! She hangs up on me when I call and she only responded to one of my emails and said that her aunt died and that she would send it back in a few days. That was January 15 and I havent heard from her since. I contacted Lonelyfire and they pulled her profile. Here is a letter from her and another photo. Thank you, I hope this keeps someone else from being scammed! (the pic that the other writer sent you, she sent the same one to me!) Steve T. (steves340@hotmail.com) Letter

Hi my dear and sweet Steve! Darling, as i have already told you, I got the money in the evening, thanks a lot. I got exactly 550$. Today in the morning i went to the air company to buy the tickets. There are some problems. The man, who promised to buy me the tickets with the discount, cant do it for some reasons. He told that he could give me the ticket on his name, but this variant is not for me, as I should bring my tickets to the Embassy for getting my visa. There should be my name. So, now I should buy the tickets in full price. It is 835$ for travelling fee and 100$ for visa. Totally, it is 935$. I have only 550$, which you sent to me. I would need 385$ more to buy the tickets. Honey, sorry for it, but it is not my fault. Please, if you can, send me today the money I need for me to manage to give my documents for arranging visa even today. Then i will manage to do everything by the date we chosed. Today in the morning i also was to the Visa department of the Embassy. If i manage to bring the thickets even today, so on Wensday, the 2nd of Jan, i will get my visa. So, i should try to do everything even today. I was promised that they will try to do everything as soon as possible. I cant do it without tickets. I will buy the tickets as soon as I get the lack of money. Today I will bring my documents to the tour agency for them to manage to bring it today to the Embassy. Honey, forgive me once more for making you all these problems. I promise that everything will be fine. Please, try to do everything as soon as possible, cause there is little time left. Waiting for your info. Thanks a lot for the maps. Now i imagine, where you live. Honey, i am also waiting for meeting your family. I am worried a bit, but i hope they will like me and we will have perfect communication. Please, call me now if you can. If i manage to do everything today, and if i manage to give my documents to the Embassy for getting visa, so today in the evening my brother and i will go to visit our aunt, we have a little present for the new year for her. May be, i will have no possibility to do it later, as soon after the holidays, i will go to you. But nothing is decided yet, i will know if i really go to my aunt only when my brother is back at home from work. May be, he has different plans, and i wont go alone, as it is pretty late, but if i will go, i will write you about it. I should solve everything as for the tickets and visa. Kiss you tenderly, Love, Your Tatyana.
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