Tatyana Zatsepina/Anna Avdeenko (Khabarovsk, Russia) from Khabarovsk a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Tatyana Zatsepina/Anna Avdeenko (Khabarovsk, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Tatyana Zatsepina/Anna Avdeenko (Khabarovsk, Russia)`s photo
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Tatyana Zatsepina/Anna Avdeenko (Khabarovsk, Russia)
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Tatyana Zatsepina/Anna Avdeenko (Khabarovsk, Russia)Thia women is also going by Anna Avdeenko, I found on your site. This is the 7th letter I recieved, and 7 photos the same as on your site. She has now moved to far east Russia, see below address....she also gave me another address to her home, it is Russia, Khabarovsk territory City of Khabarovsk. Street Habarova the house 4 apartment 48 Tatyana Zatsepina. Michael Letter

Hi my unforgettable love Michael. Today I as when am pleased to see your letter because I very much was absent under your letters. Thank for your beautiful letter. And that you love me for that. I think, that we are created the friend for the friend and we should be together. What you think of it? When two persons like each other the distance loses value. They should be together embrace each other and enjoy a sight. Most of all I want to nestle on you and to feel heat of your body. Now I know precisely that you are necessary for me only. You my future and the present. I hope that I want from you not much. There may be you will decide that I am in a hurry not much, but I simply do not want to lose that that have found. I do not want to lose you. I you searched for all life, and now I know that you on light are. And each minute I you live, you I breathe both in dream and on ??????. I want to be your woman, I want that you embraced me and caressed, want to engage with you love. Today I was in travel agency and have learned(found out) all about the visa and about tickets. I shall do(make) the visa for 3 months, visa B-2 which is the tourist visa. It - 90 days, we with you together mine shall be fine. To me have told that ??????? ???????? all necessary documents she(it) will be ready in 2 week from the moment of submission of documents. And as I to you have already written in last (last) letter that have given documents on registration of the passport, his(its) cost 100 $, cost of the visa 180 $. As I have earned(found out) how many there is a return ticket, 860 $. All together turns out 140 $. I do not know, but I want to ask you if you may send it to me money, it - very much a shame to me to ask you money, My dear, you have agreed to pay ll wastes in the last letter. I understand probably you, they - the big money but as I think it they, that in comparison with our love, I think, that you agree with me. Unfortunately 90 days it so - is not enough time but as I was told by my mum for us, that it - the optimal variant for us with you, because we may meet you to live some time together and then we may discuss together as to us to live further and that to us, to do(make). I have learned(found out) from us in city there is a Western Union, I even was there today and have learned(found out) as you should send money. To you the necessary data for this purpose about me The addressee: surname Zatsepina. name TATYANA, City of Khabarovsk 680000, the country Russia. When you will enter bank, that there to you should give Number of Management of Transfer of Money (MTCN) it Consist of 10 numbers. You should send these numbers to me, that I might receive this money. That you as all will learn(find out,recognize) thank about the visa, but to me promised all will help very well. To me have already written the list of all documents which are necessary for registration of the visa. I need to collect very much, but I shall make it. The next week my passport and then I shall go to make out the visa will be ready. By the way I have thought what send all this sum at once you can not, it is a lot of, you may send its(her) parts. But it already to solve to you. Not the gift as I shall live without you, I all heart, wants to meet you, but unfortunately between us huge distance. I think, that this distance not that in comparison with our love and we should find a way what to be together Because both of us want it. I think, that you understand me, and I wait For your answer. I love you, I without mind(wit) from you, yours and only yours Tatyana.
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