Elena Zdorovetskaya (Ukraine, Odessa) from Odessa a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Elena Zdorovetskaya (Ukraine, Odessa) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Elena Zdorovetskaya (Ukraine, Odessa)
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ukramur@yahoo.com inter_chance@yahoo.com prague1cz@yahoo.com
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Elena Zdorovetskaya (Ukraine, Odessa)I have been in touch with someone who calls themselves Elena Zdorovetskaya. I contacted her through Match.com and received a letter almost immediately and quite long - which was suspicious as she only claimed to speak a little English. In the letter she guided to me another site, ( skybusinessdotcom/czlove/index.htm ) at the chapter NEW GIRLS, page 9, #341, to see some more pictures of her, although they were labelled under the name Tatiana. She told me of the loss of her father in an airplane crash, the move to a small apartment with her mother and the recent end of an abusive relationship with her first boyfriend all in the first letter. The second was much of the same and only answered two of my questions which again was suspicious. The third letter again much of the same except she no questions were answered and she asked me what movies I liked - except I had already told her in a previous letter, which was again strange a she told me she loved to reread my letters. After the third letter from her I decided to confront her with knowledge I had received from your site and her obvious lack of attention, she never got to the part of asking for money although she was about to lose her job - I havent heard from her since and her profile has disappeared from Match.com - strange.Letter 1Letter 2Letter 3Here is the last letter I wrote to herI have attached the five photos I have of her for your files. Excellent site, very informative, keep up the good work. Cya, Ian

Hello, Thank you very much for message. If to be honestly I am very glad to have it. As you might know, my name is Elena. I was born at March 1sh 1972. I have never been married and have no kids. I am also the only child in my family. My hight is 5.6(168cm) and weight is 120 lbs. I am blonde and have a brown eyes. I live in the south of Ukraine, in Odessa for the last fife years. I found that people over is more freinly and kind I have ever seen. My interests are tennis, golf, occasional 10 pin bowling, theatre, cinema, walking and reading. I enjoy watching movies, motor racing and other sport on TV. I like good conversation and am a very, very good listener. I am polite, well mannered, very little spoken (English) and I have a very good sense of humour. I have no hang-ups, not into any kind of drugs, I don-t smoke and only drink socially (one or two glasses of good wine). I-m even tempered and dislike violence of any kind. I am usually smartly dressed, although I really enjoy wearing casuals/jeans. I am a reasonable cook and would enjoy sharing in the preparation of a meal - especially with a close friend!!!!! Odessa is cappitol of hummor. I moved to that sity at 1996. I was born in Poltava. There I finished elementary school and went to college as bookkeeper. Atfer college I worked at school as bookkepper. I liked that job. I like to tear a books. Do you like to read a books? I had a very hard time 5 years ago. My father was died. At the localed a millitary airdrom, where tested a millitary plans. My father was a pilot. I will never forget that motning when someone called from the airdrom and said that my father plan is got a crash. At that moment I could hardly understand what is going on, it almost killed me. Me and my mother loved him very much. We had a very happy family. After my father death we moved to Odessa, because my mother had a relatives there. Of course, because I went to the large sity I had a very difficult time to adopt at the begining. I left all of my frends out there, but I realized that it should be better for my mother. In Odessa I took a job as a bookkepper at the one of the biggest factory. There I met my first boyfriend. I thought we were loved each other, but I was wrong. We were lived together for 1.5 years and then we broke up. Yes, I know what was a reason for our brake up. After more then one year of our being together I proposed to get marry, but then he said no. I could understand him. The econnomic situation in Ukraine was at that moment just terrible. He made a 30$ per month from the factory. He said I couldnt let myself to have a real family. I made a very little money neither. And it became very hard time for our union. But little by little I became to observe that my boy friend was going home evey night very drank and too late. And we were faiting with each other almost every night at this point. But the worst think he was hurting me ones in a while. And I realized that I am a stranger for him and I falled from the clody by dreaming about happy family life. In two days, he offered to brake a part and I was agree. So, this is my sad story. As for now I am living in a small flat with my mother at the cenrtum of the city. I am the only one child in the family. Once I saw in a magasine subject that marriage agency "Inter-Chance" propose to find a husband from abroud. I went to the agency and plassed my add there. I do truly believe that someday I will find a man to crate a happy family with. I have to belive that I will be able to find that man. I would like to get to know you better. And I hope our correspondence will become as something a very ecpessial. First, I want you to know that I am serious in my intentions of finding my best friend, soulmate and lover for life. I feel that I have alot to offer that special man in my life. I am honest, sincere, loyal, I have a sense of humor, and I use humor to make other people laugh and feel good, and I use humor to help me feel good also. It is nice to know that you have a great sense of humor. There is room in my heart for that special person, and have decided to seek that person thru the internet. I am a family woman, and I do miss the family enviroment. And of course I hope that our letters will make us more close, and who knows, maybe my dreams will come true. My e-mail is:nter_chance@yahoo.com More pic of me you can find (skybusinessdotcom/czlove/index.htm) at the chapter NEW GIRLS, page 9, #341 Hope to hear from you soon. Your truly, Elena.

Hello, Today I got your second letter and pictures, I would like to tell you thank you very much. I am new in English. Actually I know English language just a little. I meen I read so so, I write with the numerous mistakes, I can say short phrases, for example "Hi", "How are you?", "I am O,k". And more difficulty is to understand when somebody speaks to me. I feel very uncomfortable because I am not able to answer though I have a lot to say. But I would like to know English, I will try to learn it to make our communications more intimate. I am assure no one interpriter is not able to reproduce exactly my style, thoughts, words, emotional experiences. I understand that the fastest and safiest way for correspondence is e-mail. Unfortunately I dont have my own computer and I use the service of the agency . As about comming to live to other country... Yes, I know it would be difficult, but all depends on a person who will be next to me. I dont really care about the country to live in, I just need to find a right man for me, who will love me. I think that different between a cultures could make a family more stronger and interesting. What do you think? I dont want to tell you that all ukrainian man is so bad and all foreign is so nice. It is all depends on personality. I like to change my hair style and now my hair is dark blonde( like on the pictures in the bikini, it is the last one of me). In fact I am really a very warm, genuine, compassionate, loving, sincere, humorous and entertaining person who is sincerely looking for a new life partner. In fact Im truly not saying all this to try to impress you, but simply to alert you to the nature and qualities of that special man who I would present at my side. From the very preliminary evidence you seem possibly to be that very person. I have always been sincere and loyal to all those whom I have loved and have loved me. My hobbies are classical music, ancient history, physics, theatre and polemics, skydiving, sailing, reading biographies of famous people and collecting great works of classical art. I am a good dancer, interesting, highly cultured, distinguished and very well educated, intellectual, clever and entertaining and can be quite charming and romantic. I have a great sense of humor, am optimistic with no bad habits and dont smoke or drink and am passionate about life. I am both sensual and sexual and appreciate and enjoy intimacy with those I love. However, I have also always been a one-man woman, never stray, and stay devoted for life. When I am going to the agency, I am hoping that there is a letter from you. And I think you are a very special person to me and I would like to continue our relationships more close. And of course I would like to find a man who I could love and trust. The death of my father made me and my mother to suffer a lot. Braking up with my boy friend made me and my family to suffer too. This is why I hate to be divorced as well. My future family I can imagine as a happy not because just a money, but I care about our relationships which will growing up between us. You can be reach at fanancial point, but at the same time very poor in spiritual life. Of course the pain from braking up with my ex-boy friend is still lives in my heart. I had a doubt for a long time that I wouldnt be able to fall in love at all. But the best medicine for my soul was the time, and time has come to find the piece of mind with someone who will love me. I have been trying to find someone here in my country. But I guess that I am not lucky or I couldnt believe them totally and complitely. But the point of Ukrainian men who wanted to be with me was just a sex. But I couldnt do that, I could never have sex with a man without any feelings. But my point is to find a right man who I will love. I am a woman, and I want to love and be loved. I can understand a men from my country. They cant let themself to have a family, because this is quite expencive. Because of econoic situation here is a very bad. And my ex-boy friend is not the only one who fall to the leavel as alcoholic. Ok, that is enough to talk about sad things. I like chocolade a lot, and I hope I will have enough money to buy one for that spessial evening. Do you like chocolade? Ok, I will be waiting for your letter. Yours, truly, Elena.

Hello, Thank you very much for your letter. I would like you to know that I am very happy to get your letters. I am always waiting impatiently to come to the agency to get your letter. When I went to the agency to place myself to the internet I didnt believed that I could find anyone for myself from there. But you made me realized that its possible. You made me believe that I can find a man to marry him for the rest of my life. I am always very happy to reread your letters. When I read them I still can imagine you in my mind. Unfortunatelly I dont have many of your letters, but every single letter just made me like a fly into the sky. I come from a very respectable and moral family. I also think that family is the most important thing in life because it is where we can feel safe and also be vulnerable. I like to have fun in life but I am very serious when it is required. I know that it is very dificult to get to know someone so far away. Eventhough it is challenging it can be very fulfilling. I do not like people who pretend that they are someone they are not. I do not like people that are interested more in material things than real feelings and life. Yes, I do have a "heart of gold". Sometimes my kind heart gets me in trouble when people try to take advantage of me. I have a strong Chritian, religious upbringing so I am conditioned to have an honest, kind, gentle and giving nature. I am a gentle, quiet, calm woman. Last few days I am talking with my mom a lot about you. Of course she is wishing me to be happy. She doesent know English language and when I read some phrases from your letters it makes her smille. She said it doesent matter what language person is using for writing the letter, the matter is what inside of that person. I can understand her, she is right. Of course it would be difficult for her if I will leave to the other country. But I asked her opinion about my future and she said that she want me to be happy no matter what, and no matter where I will be. Unfortunatelly I cant tell you any good news about my job. After the summer holliday something has happened and our factory will be closed very soon. And by the way nobody here is interesting to read a books. And I am getting scare of that crazy world. I am scare that with in 10 years noone will read Tolstoy or Puchkin and they wont even know who is this Lermontov at all. The whole world will just watch a TV and nobody will care about the books any more. I think I will have to go look for a new job, but I think it will very hard. But I wont loose my hope. But I want to tell you that I like movies as well. I love to see a romantic movies like "Titanic", I was crying. At that moment I wanted so much to be loved by someone like at that movie. I felf myself like I am there at that movie. What about you? What kind of movies do you like? I wont be able to write you so often as I want because our correspondence is needed money what I dont have now. I will write you via your post mail. I understand that it will take a long time but you are so dear for me and I dont want to loose you. So, please give me your post address. I am waiting for your letter impatiently, Yours truly, Elena. Also my full address and name is: Elena Zdorovetskaya. Ukraine, 65010, Odessa, Pr. Admiralskiy 35/3, apt. 52.

Hello Elena, Thankyou for you letter. I have some questions that I feel need answering from you before we continue and Im sure that, being the person you are, you will have no problems answering or understanding why I ask them. When I went to inter-chance to see your pictures they were named for Tatiana and not Elena ? why was that ? Also the site inter-chance Skybiz Account Natali was disabled on 1/21/2002 at 5:10:26 pm, yet you say you still go to the agency ? When on the site " Russian Brides and Dating Scams " I noticed that Inter-chance at skybusiness.com. used to trade as Amour of Ukraine, Amour Agency, Amour 2000 and the Manager was a well known scammer - Natali Romanovski. Their new old email address was ukramur@yahoo.com. and their new address is inter_chance@yahoo.com or prague1cz@yahoo.com. it is also noted there that inter-chance is using photos of non-existing women, although there are now only a few photos remaining. You understand my concern that being far away in another country and sending only emails you can never really be sure who you are talking too, and doubt arises even more when the questions that I asked you are not answered, even when those emails are being re-read ? Hopefully you will be able to answer my questions. Hope to hear from you soon
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