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Is Irina Amilijianchuk the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Irina Amilijianchuk
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Irina Amilijianchuk Branislavovna (Belarus) and V.S. Yarniko of the Tamerlon Tour. I am a divorced father of two, 36yr old white American working in the professional industry of technology. I had a personals add on that Irina answered. Since March of 2001 she has been sending me e-mails scamming me on what she says is the future. She tells of a promising future with everything you would want to have in a relationship. In the past month or two she started pushing toward me sending money for the flights and visa costs. Before I would consider doing that I sent e-mails to the Embassies of our two countries asking them for assistance in finding out whether they were who they said they were. The total for flights the Tamerlon Tour was asking for via Western Union was (US)$1168. Roman Hryscenko or Roman GrishcHenko said that Irina was going to be able to come up with the (US)$864 for the Visa/documents and I was suspicious of that. I received some days later an e-mail from the Belarus Embassy in New York, NY telling me about Irina being on a Russian bride blacklist. I was amazed to see her PIC right there and the letters she wrote some poor guy Les. This cost me nothing but time really. Though how much is a year of dating worth? I sent her, or supposedly her, an e-mail stating that I now know about her scamming ways. To date I have not received any more e-mails from Irina. Irisha87@hotmail, Onlyforyou1900@hotmail.comThe Tamerlon Tour and Irina both sent e-mails to my home, work and yahoo e-mail accounts every time I was sent an e-mail. This practice I believe to be from the same person sending e-mails for Irina and the Tamerlon Tour.E-mail sent Jan 10th/2002Email sent Feb 20th, 2002Letter from V.S.YarnikoLetter from V.S.Yarniko - money quoteSincerely, Tony

Hello my Love Tony, How are you? Glad to hear from you again. Oh, my sweet, I miss you very much! I saw a wonderful dream this night. We met in a yard full of flowers. We could fly and were so light. We were happy because we were together and loved each other. We kissed a lot. I think, we were the best pair in that yard. It was so pleasure to feel lightness in all body. Dear Tony, I went to the agency and they said that they havent receive your letter. Please, write them once again. My beloved, I think about you every minute and dream when we can be together. It is the greatest my dream to live together. I miss you!!! I need you, only you!!! I want to love you till my death and make you the happiest man. Darling, I want to give you my passion and all my love. I accept you as my husband, friend and lover. My dreams before the New Year were very interesting and sensual. I suppose they will bring me fate. Id like to be a careful wife to you and good mother for our children. I like children very much. Children are our future. They must respect their parents and Ill try to do my best to be a respectable person. It is difficult to correspond with you without hearing your nice voice, dont look at your beautiful eyes, dont hear your tender words and without feeling warmth of your hands. My Love, during this time of the year, know that you have me with you?? miles separate us right now, but this will be not for much longer. My dearest, today Im tired a bit. I had a lot of clients. Now I need to take a shower and go to the bed. I wish you a colored sweet dream and successful day. I love you very much and want to share my life with you. Take care yourself, Irina

Hello my darling Tony! How was your weekend? Hope you had a good time. Did you miss me, think about me? As for me, i had a good time but i wish you were with me. The weather on Sunday was great! The sun was shining and it was so warm about 8C. I went to visit Nina and we went to walk. We went to the difference shops and then went to the church. I needed to put the candle for my father. I saw the dream about him. Please, tell me about your weekend. Today I am at work and decided to write you a small note. Today i have a lot of work to do. I cant wait when i will have a vacation and spend it with you. I will never be doing good until we are together. My Love, you are my whole life and nothing will ever stop me from loving you so very much. The distance we are apart only makes me want to be with you more and more. My whole life i have been searching for someone to fill my heart with love and you are the only that i want, my honey. No one else will ever take you place because we will spend our future together for the rest of our lives. Sometimes words will not enter my mind which will describe how much i love you and how much you mean to me. My love is always with you. Dear, by the way, I have dreamed how I had a baby. He was a son and he was so beautiful! I hold his on my hands and was so happy! They say it is very well if i dreamed a little boy. I hope it means that soon well be together and our dreams will come true. I wonder what are you going to do today? Will you meet with your friends? Today i will go to the swimming pool. I cant wait when the weather will be hot and it will be possible to go to the beach to get sunburn. Well, dear, now i have to return to my work. Please write me soon. Have a great day and wonderful mood! Yours forever, Irina

Dear Mr ****** , You need make the transfer to the name of Roman Hrysc?enko. Also you need inform us the 10s number code, the total sum of the transfer, the full name of the country-receiver & the country sender, the full name of the sender and receiver. When we receive the transfer we will connect with your lady immediately and start the preparation for the trip. Our address is Sedova, 7 korp 3. & phone number is 8.162527819 If any questions or request will arise, please ask. Well help you with a pleasure. We are waiting for your reply. Sincerely V.S.Yarniko .

Dear Mr ****** , We are glad that The Visitor Visa is like you. The full cost of the preparation with the visa, insurance & necessary documents is 857$. The cost of the flight to the both ends is approximately 1168$ . If you have any questions, please ask. Well answer with pleasure. Sincerely V.S.Yarniko .
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