Lubov Bazhenova (Tyumen City, Russia) - 2 from Tyumen a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Lubov Bazhenova (Tyumen City, Russia) - 2 the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Lubov Bazhenova (Tyumen City, Russia) - 2`s photo
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Lubov Bazhenova (Tyumen City, Russia) - 2
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Lubov Bazhenova (Tyumen City, Russia) - 2Well, Im a 40 yr old dog musher in Alaska. Never married yet. It gets lonely sometimes so I thought I need to find someone to spend my life. Honestly Im finally ready to commit to someone after all these years of playing. I guess its the age thing catching up to me. I have heard stories that Russian women still have a lot of the old fashioned values so I thought my dreams came true - NOT. I thought Id try computer dating. I have meat some local women where I live and was quite amazed when Lubov from Tyumen Russia (also spelled as Tumen) contacted me. I told her from the get go I was a simple man with just a little more income then the working poor by American standards. I also told her I wouldnt be able to afford to give her money to come to the US. When that went over her head I knew something wasnt right. Shes good though. She did answer some of my questions I asked her. Im still going to play her. She has NO idea I know. I didnt want to believe it. But when I read the same exact words I new it was true. She wanted me to send the money western union to; Diplomat Bank (its real I looked it up) Uritskogo st.,36, Tyumen City 625000 To: Lubov BazhenovaScott L.P.Letter

Hi my dear friend, Scott! I was so glad to receive your answer again, it was so good part of my day. Scott, before my coming to bosss computer I had a sad mood because the weather was very bad. It is around -3 to -4 degrees of air without sunshine. But when I saw your letter in the computer, my mood became so good. Scott, I see that we are interested in each other, and I think that it is so good for us because I have so good and liked friend as you, Scott. I am so interested by you Scott, that my life became better than before an acquaintance with you, Scott. You are so good friend, you can understand me as a good friend to good friend and I think that it is important thing in life. Scott, I see that you trust me, as I do it, and I think that it is so good thing in our friendship, really, Scott? I hope that you understand me, Scott, that in my opinion, all people in the world must to understand each other in spiritual plan of a dialogue. Do you agree with me, Scott? Tell me about it, ok? By the way I want to say to you that believe in God very much, I believe in Jesus, I am a Christian woman. I love to go to Church, it is not far from our church. Our Citys Church is very beautiful place, there is a lot of an beautiful icons. The priests sing beautiful songs and I like it very much. This so calms my soul when I have a bad mood too. But now, I want to say to you that your letters calms me too when I have a bad mood, I feel it, Scott. I want to say to you that some people, here in our college know that we with you write each other by the Internet. They said me that it is so good for us, they said you hi and they, as I my friend, want know more about USA and american life, about your culture in USA. By the way, Scott, I want to say to you that we are a work personal of our college work from Monday to Saturday as a rule, in Sunday I learn to our students a lessons of ball dances. I so like to ball dance, our students like the ball dances very much too, they dance very beautiful and I help them to dance better. I hope that we with you will dance together sometime, I think you want it very much, realy Scott? I want to learn you ball dances too as I learn it to students. It is so simple and very nice, believe me, Scott. Do you want it Scott? Tell me about it Scott, ok? Scott, I want to ask you your full name and your home address also. Scott, I will send you my home address. The fact in that may be our bosss computer will break, and I think that it will so pity that we willnt can to write to each other by emails long time. But I think that God willnt admit it because he know that we like to write each other a letters. Scott, I can send you a postmails or postcards by the usual pochtamt also. But you must know that will be better if you willnt send me a postmessages or other post things(the parcel posts, for example) by our city usual pochtamt. Scott, it is so shame that we in Russia have a peoples or post organizations who like steal the postsendings of any peoples. I know many cases about it from my girlfriends. It is the shame for this peoples and organizations, realy? I hope that in your country with postorganization all ok. Please, dont send me anything by the our citys pochtamt, I dont want that your postsending will stealed by any thieves. But I will give you my home address and my full name on any case. Here is my individual datas: My full name is Lubov Bazhenova, 59, Lunacharskogo, 2, Tumen City, Russia, 625001. Also thank you for your phone number Scott too, I promise you, if I will have a free time from my work, I will call you soon by the Citys Telegraph. I so want to hear your voice, it will important for me to hear your real voice Scott. On this not I will finish my letter to you, Scott, you can see that I say about myself very much and I want it too from you. Please, answer me soon, ok, Scott? I will wait for your letters my american friend Scott. As usual, a hot hi from my parents and friends to yo you too!!! HUGS & KISSES, All my warmth friendship for you, Your dear friend from Russia, Lubov.
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