Lubov Smirnova (Makeevka, Ukraine) from Makeevka a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Lubov Smirnova (Makeevka, Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Lubov Smirnova (Makeevka, Ukraine)`s photo russian dating scammer Lubov Smirnova (Makeevka, Ukraine)`s photo
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Lubov Smirnova (Makeevka, Ukraine)
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Lubov Smirnova (Makeevka, Ukraine) Osanna agency Don Bass I am 37 years old from Switzerland - I started communicating with this lady a few months ago - Her name is Lubov Smirnova. I knew her from I was just coming out from another scammer relationship in which I had lost some money. However, what seem unique to me with this one was her constant reference to God - she seemed quite real and apparently she didnt even ask for money, but constantly referred to her mother who was sick and the medical fees, which seems to be too expensive for her. I was quite outright - I told her, I wasnt going to be responsible until I can sit down with her and talk - however, I was so stupid to send her a 50$ for our communication. What made me suspicious was the fact that she made a mistake on one of her later in which she referred to me with a name of somebody else - the whole scam came clear when I phone to the agency (Don bass - which is the real scammer) - she was not the same Lubov who is so tender but a cold voice of a monster. Thats when I checked the blacklist and found the Devil - a pretender who comes as an angle of light!! The following are the wonderful sweet sensation of this devil.LetterE-MAIL: Lubov mailto:lubov@lpc-lingvo.donbass.comLetterLetterLetterLetter with the wrong name
My sweetheart Mr. Bin! I like how you share your thoughts with me, i feel how The Fathers hand is guiding us to each other- we are on the right way,dear!!! My future husband i am very dedicated to our relationship. I feel very positive and excited about our nearest future... I wish to create a family with you and be a helping hand to our parents and loving ones. Thinking about you(about us!!!)I am ready to forget about all the difficulties and troubles- I wish to pray one day behind you- feeling your shoulder close to mine,my Mr. Bin. My address and full ame are: Lubov Sedova street,172a/18 Makeevka-6 86106 Ukraine My honey, I wish to hear your voice. It helps me to imagine myself close to you. You call me,my sweetheart!But unfortunately I dont have a telephone at ome. So we may use the telephone of the Linguistic club. Mr. Bin, dont be afraid of my bad knowing of English. I can speak a little, but I understand almost everything if you speak slowly, of course. So, here is the telephone number of the Club 380-62-385-27-21 Is it possible for you to call me on Monday,the 28 of January at 17.30 (Kiev, Ukraine time)? And mind the difference of time, my dear Keith. I miss your sweat voice and you,dear!!! I send you my warm kiss waiting your soon reply. Only your Lubov.

Hello, my dear Mr. Bin! I am very glad to continuer our correspondents. I hope that everything was OK with you and your relatives those days. I want to thank you for you. You change my life for better like the spring sun can change the weather for a few days-you are my life and my dreams. It is so wonderful to feel such way... But our life consists not only of good but bad time too. I am worry about my mother- she is in hospital now. Our doctors are good but the medicines which she need cost a great amount of money but the others help her very slowly. it is very difficult to understand that you can do nothing to help such person as your mother. I hope that The God hears my prays and helps her to recover as soon as possible. Sorry, I dont want to bother you with my problems and troubles but I feel that you are kind man and can understand what I feel these days. I am an optimist and believe only in better... Please, take care about yourself. I wish you to be health. I send you my kisses waiting for your soon reply. Only your Lubov.

Hello, dear Mr. Bin! I need your letters and your sweet thoughts and you,Honey... Of course,you are right that only our meting help us to realize better that we are the parts of one unit-you and me... It is wonderful to imagine your sweet smile, kind and full of love eyes and warm hands- you are the perfect man to me- I feel it by every inch of my body... I need to see you and to be behind you 24 hours a day, if it is possible... But nowadays you are there and I am here and only our letters can bring the peaces of our thoughts and feelings to each other. If only it would be possible to change something I wish only to appear in your arms. I send you my long warm kiss waiting your soon reply. Only your Lubov.

Hello, my dear Mr. Bin! I feel myself so unusual way- you are so far from me and I have never seen you but it seems for me that I have known you for ages. I trust you so that ready to follow behind you to the end of Earth... Of course, I understand quite well that only our meeting show us the true reality of things- and help us to feel, if it is possible to create the family. Please, forgive me but I have no possibility to click see you photos and albums, I have seen only your beautiful card and rose. Roses in button are my favorite flowers- they look like a lady- full of beauty and mystery at the same time... Thank you very much for them. I like you very much,Mr. Bin. I wish to be behind you kissing every inch of your face... I so worry about my mother but I have no possibility to help her. I am so sad that these peaces of paper which we call- money means more in our life then the people lives. It is terrible. But I hope that the God is with us and help my mother to recover soon. My brother worried about her too. He was so young when our father died. I dont want that this illness take our mother too. We so love and need her. I am sure you understand me,dear. Please, forgive me that I bother you with my problems but I so trust you. Only such man as you can understand me and share my problem not only best moments of my life. I send you my warm kiss right on your sweet lips. Only your Lubov.

My sweetheart,hi! I am so happy to receive your letter,my future!!! Mr. Bin,I trust on you, my intuition whispers me that you are the right person for me... Thank you very much for your prayers. My mother is much better now but lack of money to buy the necessary medicines play its role in her recover. But I am sure that our prayers help her a little,my Angel. Our God is so kind for His children that He is constantly taking care about us,human beings!!! Im really happy that I met you in my life. I dont know what I would do either if I dont meet you, Mr. Bin. Im certain that you and I are meant to be together. I just know that deep within my heart that this is all happening for a reason and though it may not be easy but in the end it will all be worth it and we will be happy with each other. I am so thankful that you have come into my life and one day I will be able to show you how much I appreciate you, dear. I wish we could have met years earlier but it is meant to happen this way so I cant change destiny. In life there are up and down cycles and at certain timeswhen you are up things dont cross your path at that time which you want, they sometimes cross your path when you are on a down cycle but if something crosses your path then, you will appreciate this more. Im not sure I am making any sense here and I will explain this to you when we meet. When we meet I have so much to say which I dont think I could properly convey in a letter. You are my inspiration and you make me think that anything is possible and I never have felt this way before. I hope that you feel the same, my dear Mr. Bin. I must tell you that I feel very positive and excited about our future. I have to tell you bye for now, dear. Im thinking about you all the time... Take care, your Lubov.
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