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Is Julia Kolossovskaya the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 420

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Julia Kolossovskaya
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Julia Kolossovskaya. I am single 45 year old Canadian male working in the Information Technology field.
I would like to spend out a warning to all you guys, especially to those of you who are with the Anastasia Agency, as this scammer claimed to have got hold of my details from the Anastasia magazine.
My warning is about this particular scammers activities. The womans name (or the name she gave) was Julia Kolossovskaya. The scam she tried to pull on me was straight out of the Cyberguide. I received her first letter around October of last year. She contacted me by letter saying that she had seen my advertisement in the Anastasia Catalog. The pattern was very close to Cyberguide. There was one difference with this scammer however; she refused to use the internet at all, in spite of my frequently urging her to do so. She claimed the reason was that she did not get home from work until after 8pm so it was not safe to go out to use the internet cafe. Notice that in her 4th letter however she claims to be available at home any time after 6pm! She preferred phone calls and (if pushed) letters.
She never gave her home address, but only a P.O. BOX, although she did give her phone number. In any event over the next couple of https://waze.com/ul/hsv8vhk8s6 she encouraged me to phone her, although when I did her line was often busy or she was not in. She very much disliked writing letters, and would only write to me at my insistence. Although she did not declare her "undying love" or anything like that though she called me "Dearest Michael" on her second letter and ended her third letter "with sweet kisses". I followed the advice given on this website and corresponded with a number of other Russian women, so I sensed this show of affection was way too fast in our relationship. For me these were early warning signs that something might be wrong, but I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt unless any other warning signs appeared. When I spoke to her over the phone her comprehension of English appeared to be very good.By January she seemed to be getting anxious to meet. I agreed and stated that I planned to be visiting Russia Summer of this year. She said it was too long to wait but agreed to write to me. I phoned her recently to wish her a happy birthday and happy womens day. It was then she attempted to pull the scam. She said she would wait no longer to see me and did not want to write me any more letters (she only wrote 4). She did not want to wait till the Summer and she knew someone who was a travel agent and that she could get tourist visa to come to Canada in about 2 to 3 weeks. I told her that was virtually impossible for her to get tourist visa to visit Canada, and that the same restrictions applied to the USA and Australia. I told her that my Agency had strongly advised all of us men that her suggestion was impossible. She again responded that she could not wait until Summer of this year to see me (although this has not been a problem with any of my other correspondents), even after I stated that I could not stop her corresponding with other men if she wanted to, and that she would lose nothing by meeting with me in Summer. She persisted with this attempted scam even after I warned her that her suggestion seemed to fit that of known scams on the internet to get men from the West to pay for non-existent visitors visas for Russian and East European women, and that I was becoming very concerned. She responded with the classic " I have known you for some time" "you should be able to trust me" stuff that the Cyberguide mentions and ended by stating she no longer wished to continue our relationship.Her 1st letterHer 2nd letter:Her 3rd letterHer 4th letterHer actual attempt to scam me was made over the phone after I received her 4th letter. This could indicate a new level of sophistication in the "scam game". Letters leave a trail that can be used for prosecution and so do emails. This scammers phone based method would appear to leave little evidence for a Prosecutor to follow up. With hindsight her refusal to use the internet, her reluctance to write letters, and her using a PO.Box instead of a home address should have warned me something was very wrong. Many thanks to the Cyberguide. Buying it has turned out to be one of the smartest investments I have made. I would also like to thank this web site and all of you guys who have contributed to it. Thanks to you all I was ready for the "visitors visa" scam attempt. My feelings are hurt - no one likes to be made a fool of - but at least she failed to rip me off and I have an opportunity to warn others of this womans corrupt activities. Good luck to all who are searching for a good honest Russian wife. Heaven knows we need it. Michael Canada

Dear M, I saw your add in Anastasia catalog and I liked you very much. I decided to write you, because I want to begin relations with you. My name is Julia and Im 22 Years old. This year I finished Medical University and my occupation is nurse. Im very sociable and I feel that Im ready for creating my own family. Also Im very sportive and always go to the gym and to the swimming pool. Im 168m tall and my weight is about 50 kg. I dont smoke and dont drink also I dont use drugs. I enjoy good music and long romantic evenings. My address is: Kolossovskaya Julia PO Box 276 121151 Moscow, Russia My phonenumber is 7(095) 243-24-82 Hope to hear from you soon. With best wishes Your Yulia

Dearest Michael, at first I want to thank you for your letter. Also I need to apologize for my handwriting, just my first letter to you was written by my sister. At first I want to tell you a little bit about myself: I havent very big family: my mother and my younger sister Evelin. My Father died about 5 years ago. My sister is a future teacher and my mother is a doctor. In the University I was studying in the Estonia, small country near with Finland. When I lived there I always went to Sweden for skiing. I like skiing very much and also I enjoy riding horses. My favourite colours are light-blue and white. I prefer to wear this colours. My date of birth is 03.03 and my star sign is the Fish. You know, Im not very good in writing letters and I prefer to have personal conversations. Im looking just for man who is ready for warm understanding relations. I feel that I want to share my care and love with someone special. Maybe it is you ? I hope to hear from you again and wish you all the best.My address is: Kolossovskaya Julia PO Box 276 121151 Moscow, Russia My phonenumber is 7(095) 243-24-82 Hope to hear from you soon. Sincerly, your Julia

Dearest Michael, thank you very much for so long and interesting letter. Unfortunately, Im not so good in writing letters and in english too. I prefer to have personal conversations. Also, I want to tell you that I like you and Im very interested in our relations. But we can get strange situation: we can write each other for several months, even years, but when well meet, maybe, well understand that we are not suitable for each other. So, I offer you meet at first and then decide, do we want to have relations or not. Please, let me know, what do you think about my suggestion. I would be happy to hear you by the phone. Really I want to know you better and I hope well like each other. My phonenumber is: (7095) 2432482. Also I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and I hope that all your wishes and desires come true next year. With sweet kisses, your Julia.

Dearest Michael, Im very interested in our relations and its not important the e-mail costs not so much. I hope youll call me again soon. Usually Im at home after 6pm Moscow time. Ive sent you letter not so long tome ago, I hope youve got it. By the way what do you think about our meeting ? Hope to hear from you really soon again. With best wishes, your Julia
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