Ekaterina Sokalova (Khabarovsk, Russia) from Khabarovsk a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Ekaterina Sokalova (Khabarovsk, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Ekaterina Sokalova (Khabarovsk, Russia)
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Ekaterina Sokalova (Khabarovsk, Russia)I am a Divorced White male, father of three grown boys, and 43 years old. I was approached by Ekaterina as a response to a dating post I had made. She told me how impressed she was with my profile and wanted to know more. She sent a picture, and told me she was 28, living with her mum, etc. I saw the picture of this lovely young lady and I thought it odd such a lovely lady would seek out a man like I, but then I thought, "why not try?" Every Day a new letter, and a new picture. I was amazed that she found me so interesting, I began to read up on Russian Customs and my eyes were opened that MAYBE this was a true opportunity for me. Every letter she sent, she was more and more in love with me, but rarely answered direct questions (altho she DID answer one or two) and then began to talk of wanting to meet me immediately. THATS when the letter asking for the money came. I had already informed her that this time of year in my business is not a good time to take off, and that I travel for my work. Still, she sent the following letter, and if you look at the PROFILE of Marina Salina, also of Khabarovsk, you will find the two letters almost Identical!!!Letter 2:Letter 4:Letter 6:Letter 7:Letter requesting money.... and then after I had basically told her NOT NOW, This letter came..Letter 9This letter immediately caused me to look into scamming, and see if this indeed was happening to me. I found your site, and at first thought that maybe I was being too suspicious, and gave her the benefit of the doubt. Today, however, I was perusing your site again and searched the blacklist for names from Khabarovsk. That is when I saw the letter regarding this Marina Saliva, and was so disheartened by it all. Now I must end this email relationship, and it makes me sad to think that people will play on others emotions so willingly. I hope the following letters and pictures will help another spot a scammer more quickly than I did. I may not have sent her any money, but my heart was really interested in this one. God Bless, All! TJ

Congratulations my new friend TJ. It - I Ekaterina! I so am pleased, that you have answer on my letter which I have written to you through neodates.com. I did not hope at all, that such person as you, I shall answer me. To me The truth very pleasantly from it. Now it - is a little about itself. I Alive in Russia in city of Khabarovsk. It - not so small city, it Possible(probable) even to inform, that big. I live, and I work here. I work medical sister In childrens hospital. Very much to similar me work, because I very much It is a lot of love small children. Unfortunately, I nevertheless have no any children, but me Think, that in the future I shall be capable to have children from The favourite person. I have written the first letter to you not simply So, I have written it because you very much loved me as the person. I want to study (find out) about you in the greatest possible degree and is direct me Will inform you about me directly. Also I think, that our friendship will be Do not lose sense, and each day becomes stronger. oops, has passed(missed) To inform you, about age. To me of 28 years. I gave rise June, 5 1973 in native city. I have since then the childhood which grow in mine The city and very much is (it((him)) I like. I do not know why, but in me huge Bent for on travels. Probably, it because of my father, it (it((he)) was The traveller, unfortunately I remember it (it((him)) a little, because it (it((he)) Was tragically lost in one (sending) from expeditions(dispatches) when I was some More very small, but I believe, that it (it((he)) very much loved us with Mum. I very much estimate in ability of the person to love(like) (similarly to), up to The end of days. In heart I also very romantic person, I very much Like to observe (to observe) stars at night, sometimes I would like to fly Also touch (touch) their hands. I would be, so is happy, if with me about(near) The person who could care of me, was. Unfortunately, now I have no any anyone The person during long time because I had in past very bad case with One person the ambassador who long could not trust any. But recently I have Met (executed) the girlfriend, and she(it) (it) advised (notified) to me to take advantage Service (service) of acquaintances, on it I have taken advantage of services neodates.com Also have chosen you from thousand other people. You can Judge my appearance (occurrence) from a picture which I to you I send, please inform, That you think of it. And I would be pleased to receive your photo also. I Would be pleased to hear, which you inform about you directly. I want to Study (find out) all about you, because so we can reach(achieve) mutual Understanding and familiarity (attitudes((relations)). Inform me about Directly. I shall wait your prompt reply with impatience. Also I shall be Inform about me directly even more in my ambassador of the letter. Your new friend Ekaterina!!!

Congratulations my best friend TJ. Thank for the letter back and for The shown Interest (interest) (interest ((interest) to me. So it is pleasant for me from it, That you (do((make)), do not forget me. I think, that we became good Friends. I feel, that ours the friendship becomes stronger each day. I Are pleased, which was not mistaken In you, and I shall try to was not present Disappoint you behaviour. I already Spoke you, that I live with mum Together, unfortunately I have no any any anyone Brothers and sisters About which it is possible to share (divide((share)) the most Reserved (kept) secrets And dreams. On it to my mum if it is interesting His(its) (its((her)) age, With 51 years to you. We very friendly alive with my mum. I admit I (recognize) me (Recognize) (rather enough ((fairly), it, again and again my mum was against Acquaintance to the foreigner but when I have shown (its((her)) yours Letters, she(it) (which it) has told, that you were not right and that the person The respect (attitude((relation)) is good, and (the attitude(relation) ((attitude(((relation)) deserves. By the way, mine Mum passes (moves) you Congratulations. She(it) (it) is sure, that we shall be Good friends also That we should charge each other completely because Without ?????????? (the trust ((trust) is not present any strong friendship. I try to was not present Think concerning that distance which separates us, but about each yours The letter to me to seem, up to which the distance between us reduces and Start ever less and less. I like to dance much, is especial a Waltz. In the childhood I was borrowed (borrowed((occupied)) In dances in Choreographic school. Whether also you really capable to dance - a Waltz? If - not existing, I could study you to this, certainly for This purpose the purpose it is necessary for us to meet everyone Another face to face though everyone can take place in the future + In Us today cold weather it it is snowing, and you have snow, and as Frequently? I know, that to you to ski, have need(requirement), to lift Highly in mountains, and to us for this purpose the purpose, it It is necessary to leave in the street. And what weather Now in You? Inform me even more about itself. I want to know about All from you And directly I should try to inform about me directly so much, as Much Possible(probable) (probable). I shall look forward to hearing from you with impatience. Your best Friend Ekaterina.

Greetings my loved(liked) TJ. Today I with impatience have hastened in internetclub Is faster to check an electronic box of the letter. I have found yours The letter and my heart were filled with high temperature and to knock with unknown Force. During our correspondence (conformity) I have understood that you very good The person. Also that you maintain my attention. Also I hope, that I stand Yours also. You the person whom I searched for all life. And when I have I seeing carelessly your structure at once have fallen in love with you Without memory. I became similar to the mad girl, raving love. First I was afraid to recognize you it, thought, that when you at once will be Hear these words, you will laugh at my feelings. You see, that I then did(made) Do not know you so well as now. But during our dialogue I did not store(keep) Feelings inside me it is direct also they have escaped outside of. Now I do(make) Are not confused to recognize you it. I love you, very urgently also want To leave for you in a marriage(spoilage)!!!!!! I for ever yours. I hope you you Will not break (to break) my dreams concerning you. Also you will be my husband In the future. I do not want, that you lost for what - ??????!!!! With love ekaterina!!!!!!!!

Greetings my dear TJ. I hope, that my last letter has no Caused you an attack of confusion. You probably ask me, " why So quickly? " I shall hasten to answer you which I simply could not keep In me directly these feelings are more, and they have escaped outside of. I am simple Did not know, how to you to inform about it at once, you see then you Would not understand me. I have never checked up such feelings to anyone to Another. I think, that you are created especially (specially) for me, and I want to To be create only for you my love. Your letters always bring high temperature and a Cosiness in my heart though we and far apart, I all the same feel you As though you - with me in one room (place). I so want to convenient and feeling to You are heated up your breath, I feel, which with you to me will be always Warm, even in the coldest weather. I believe that to you that the person Which I searched for all life. I am very lonely here without you. I Hold all your letters in me directly and when me, to begin one I read Them again and I to become little bit better. Sometimes I think, and It if we have met (would execute) and have remained one even within some minutes Then it would be the happiest day in my life. Interestingly, and there Any way - for our meeting? I so would like, that it was possible. Tomorrow I shall go for the sake of my interest (interest) in any travel agency And I shall ask them concerning an opportunity of travel to USA. I Hope, what you not against it? Please, inform me, that you think of it. I shall wait your answer. With love Ekaterina. I send you a photo Which, I have made in this summer, I hope, you love it.

"Congratulations my love TJ, I am very happy to read your letter, as Always. Many thanks for your good letterI was interested one Travel agency about an opportunity of travel to USA. And then to me Have told, that with it there are no problems, and I can arrive in You. Only for this purpose again and again it is necessary for me to Released(exempted) for me directly the visa, and then I have left in embassy, And in me informed, that to me it is necessary to pay on 47 Dollars the Visa and registration to 21 dollar, I have left in The embassy and in me, there was 50 dollars in hands, I have told them, That I have 50 dollars, and them have told well, give 50 dollars. And Me have begun registration. They have started to do(make) (do((make)) (do(make) ((do(((make)) The visa to me. But to finish registration it it is urgently necessary To bring all Documents which is the review of pass in hospital and It to cost 96 dollars and more and more registration and made According to many documents, the foreign passport and all necessary Accusations which is all from them, USA for 379 dollars, will cost. You Understand? I have told, and it is possible, later, which I give Their their Money because I ???????? enough money, to receive all from them Documents. To me have told, that they can wait approximately within the limits of 5 Days and if I as I believe in you, and in us to both, that all in us It will Be good! And I hope, they - Everyone, I shall be good. I know it. If You can send this money to me as soon as far as far as possible(probable). Please, if you can send me this money these 5 days. Well? It - very much Important, that we could meet (to execute) you. I wait! And The visa at last was made in 2 weeks or is faster if to pay 24 more $, Also it will be good for three-monthly. It - visa B-2, the tourist. But Concerning me have explained, if us to want, marry, she(it) (on it) (on (It) we can be changed (are replaced) (is replaced) for constant. So, I want to Inform, that Money it is better to send system of the bank named The western Union. It - System, it is very reliable, also money Transfer (moving) (moving) is executed within the limits of 15 minutes. As you should send Money to my passport the data. - my data: EKATERINA SOKOLOVA, RUSSIA, KHABAROVSK, STREET SOVIET 53-102. After you will send money, you in The bank informs ten numbers (numbers) (numbers ((number)) (MTCN, number (number) (number (number)) The control (management) (management), also does not pass (avoid) to write your full The address And YOUR FULL NAME (NAME) (the NAME ((NAME) which you are filled in a package (the Package ((parcel(((sending)) of money also should inform me it. Yesterday night, I had remarkable, sexual dream to be relative you and I. As you take Hands of me to offer a kiss and to pass a soft, wide bed. Gentle and sensitive to place me in it (her(it) ((it) to touch everyone a Part of my body (body) (body ((body)), and me yours. It deletes (removes ((lifts)) us up to Clouds of happiness and ecstasy. I should express it to you to be Divided(shared) (has divided(shared)) the Part it with you. I should find out, whether you Also have dream Concerning similar character (mark) (mark), or - only me. You and I, anyone still. I love you very much. I want to speak love To you. We now have snow. Snow brings love. The love prospers in it Weather. It - very romantic situation. When is all white, Beautiful falling (about (autumn) of snowflakes. I love you, is very strong. Yours for ever ekaterina!

Greetings my love TJ. I have received your e-mail. I loved it. Fairly, I completely use Reception of your characters. That I use most of all which you very much open and It does(makes) it very simple for me to open my basis (main principles) also. That I am valid It is loved, your three sources of love were. It - silent understanding, Mutual privacy (trust), Division and pardon. It - loyalty through good times. The love is pleased Existing, it hopes during the future, and it does not reflect the past. It - the chronicle " day in Day from " Irritations, problems, compromises, small disappointments, the big victories And Overall aims. If you have love in your resource (safe life), it can be filled very much Many many things you absence. Anyhow, which can a little also " to be juicy " for The person, but it something, that to close (to capture) me within the limits of the last several years. Successful opencast but it is fair, they really do not mean (mean) much because their things do(make) (Main principles) do not help the basis. I am pleased, that you can trust me, and you can Name me love. I hope it Legs (support) that path. If there is any time where you doubt be relative Concerning me or if I speak something, that infringements (excitement) you, please inform To me. I think, that is very simple To be fair, when we speak concerning good , however, I find subjects (section) difficult To be completely fair, when we Speak concerning negative editions. At least it for me. I hope, sometime, that you Feeling, that you can trust me sufficient to inform me "Poor" things also. Especially (specially), if you Infringement (excitement) with me. I shall try to do(make) the Same. However, I should emphasize, I Have no any any reason to doubt be relative concerning you. Fairly, your characters were filled so The big soul and the basis (main principles) which it we (force) me to feel really good. It was long time as I felt a warm feeling Inside my main principles. I like to receive Your e-mails. You, ????????, very pleasant (sweet) person, it seems, really to know that you Search in for the Attitude(relation) also does not wish to agree about less than it, you search, It It seems, really to use a resource (safe life) and to have the strong basis (main principles). Gratitude For opening your basis (main principles) to me. I wish to study much more be relative You. Your love Ekaterina.
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