Elena Vasina (Kemerovo, Russia) from Kemerovo a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Elena Vasina (Kemerovo, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Elena Vasina (Kemerovo, Russia)`s photo russian dating scammer Elena Vasina (Kemerovo, Russia)`s photo
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Elena Vasina (Kemerovo, Russia)
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Elena Vasina (Kemerovo, Russia)Through absolute Agency I was contacted by Elena. I found through the black list, letters she wrote to Jon on 6/8/01 were identical to the ones she wrote to me. Thanks for your information. Here are more of her letters, and pictures.LetterLetter
Hi my liked friend Mo. Thanks for you new letter. If I am honest, to wait it(him) all the day. I to be afraid, that you to not write to me. I already to miss for you letters a little. Thank I was very glad to you for very beautiful photos to see them. With each new letter we to become closer and closer to one another. All of us it is more to learn(find out) one another. And I to consider(count), is what is it correct. Now I to think, that I am available to you to tell about the experience with the man. For me was the man. I was very happy with it(him). I to like it(him) and to be pleased to each to conduct together with it(him) day. We were happy with it(him) equally 1 year. I already to dream of wedding and I to want to give rise to him children. But there was a case, which one has inverted completely all my life. I to learn(find out), that he to begin to receive drug materials(matters). With each day it(he) was more difficult for all for knowing. Then all this beginning to be combined with alcohol. Both all my schedules and dreams have failed. We become to not perceive one another. He began to concern very badly to me. To avoid me. His(its) love of steel only narcotic and to drink. I to attempt to him to help, but he to not listen to me. I many night to cry and to think. And I to decide that all this not for me. I shall not bear(take out) some more such moment in life. I any more will not entrust to Russian men. I to not want more so to risk and to fracture to myself life. I to want be is simplly happy and to live as the normal person. After that I to decide to address to a service of acquaintances. And I to find you. And we to write one another. And me it very much to like. I to want be is happy with the man and to conduct with it(him) all life. I to wait from the man of comprehension, I to think what is it most important and certainly large love and care of me and about our future monogynopaedium. I shall try to make the man happy. But without his(its) help, without his(its) love and comprehensions it will make difficultly. I once again to want to test(experience) such feeling as love. I very much to hope for it. Therefore I to write to you. I to think, that thee to perceive my words. I to want to learn(find out) thy judgement on all this. I to think, that it will be interesting to thee to learn(find out) my post address in Kemerovo . My post address 650056 Russia Kemerovo Lenina street 20 -12 Elena Vasina. Thee can to me dispatch there some letters and photo. I shall be happy to receive them. But I to think. It will be what is it very long and it is possible to lose all letters and photo. Thee simplly to not know as for us to work mail especially in Siberia. It while all. I to promise thee to write later. I with impatience shall wait for you answer. To take care . Yours friend Elena.

Hi my friend Mo. I am happy, that you again to answer to me. I very closely to read the letter and to understand almost all. It was very interesting to me to read it(him) and I to learn(find out) a lot of new about you. Age for me to not have meaning(importance). I think, that it will be interesting to you to learn(find out) about me. My growth(increase) 5 " 8, my weight 125 lbs. I am not so good to perceive your units of measurement. I to write to you, how it will be for us, growth(increase) 173 cm., weight 60 kg. I dwell with together with the mum. For us with her very good attitudes(relations) and she my best friend, helper. She the most dear(expensive) person for me. I very much to like and to respect her(it). We always with her can find a common language. I to think that you are good to perceive it. My mother still to not know yet, that we to write one another. I for the present to not know its(her) reacting to all this. But I to think, that she to perceive me. I to think, that she all the same should say all. Today I to say to her about it. For me no from my mum of any secrets. We to live together with my mum. My father has left from us 5 years back. I long can not go through it. I very much to like it(him). But they with the mother recently had differences. I guessed, that all goes to divorce. I now it(him) to not see. I to not know at all where he now. But I very much to miss for it(him). I do not have brothers. I to have only one sister. She now to live in Habarovsk together with the husband. I to not have the computer of a house, therefore I to write to you from the computer class at university. There to work my best girlfriend. I to know her(it) from the childhood. We with her together to grow. I to come to her and there to use the Internet. It is very convenient for me, because it is charge-free. For me is much hobbi. In free from activity time I to like to conduct time with the friends. I to like to listen to classic music. Me to like Bethoven and Chaykovski. What music to listen you to? To me to like simplly good modern music, which one to raise mood. I very much to like be on the nature. I to like be in a forest and on lake. Me very much to like camping. I to like to float. Each Sunday together with the girlfriend I to catch in basin. you to like to swiming? I very much. I very to like animal. I have cat Barsik. To him 5 years. This very beautiful and clever animal. By the way I am very good to prepare. My liked dish is of Pie with apples. It(him) to like all mine native and friends. They speak, that better me nobody can prepare it(him). you are very a pity, that to me can not it(him) try and evaluate. I to think, that you he too to like. I very much to like Russian galley. I to want to know what dishes to like you? And than you to like to be engaged in free time? What kinds(views) of sports to like you? To me to like to look large tennis. I to want to learn(find out) it is more about you. you can to me tell about the life. I shall finish the letter. If you can, transmit to me still photo. I to hope soon to receive the letter. Bye Bye Elena.
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