Julia from Odessa Brides (Odessa, Ukraine) from Odessa a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Julia from Odessa Brides (Odessa, Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Julia from Odessa Brides (Odessa, Ukraine)
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Julia from Odessa Brides (Odessa, Ukraine)My name is Jack, Im 49 year old American white male with 2 children. I saw Julias ad on Absolute Agency and had written to Julia ( bride@farlep.net ) back in September and I noticed her letters were very odd. She would go off on tangents writing stories about her dreams after answering some personal questions. I feel she is either NOT REAL because she is so beautiful, or if she is real she is basically taking money from people. I saw her ad again on Absolute Agency and wrote her again. She sent me the SAME intro letter plus followup letters have had exact same letters as back in September. I sent her a photo of me but she (or he )did not remember me. She talk of my eyes being beautiful ... but my photo was full length and I wear glasses which make it difficult to see them. By her forth letter she asked for support. Keep in mind she is writing me HUGE, LONG letters. She spoke of ODESSA BRIDES as if she was the OWNER of this agency ... even though she said it was her FIRST TIME to advertise on the internet. I have found almost 50% of the women from Odessa who advertise on Absolute Agency to be scammers.1st Letter - 27 February 022nd Letter - 4 March 023rd Letter - 9 March 024th Letter - 11 March 02
Hello Sweetheart Jack! Im glad to talk to you again.:) Dear, first of all I would like to apologize for delaying with my answer ??¶ I hope you are glad to see me now? :) You know??¶ I have some interesting thoughts what I would like to share with you. I hope you dont mind? Surely you dont:) Pleasure??¶ We are looking for it in art, in nature, in sex, in communication and just in life. Everybody searches it in his own way. Somebody discovers new stars or law of gravity. Somebody eats favorite burger and drink bear. But there is no any difference between pleasures of these people. I think its very important to be able to rejoice in simple things. As for me I like to come home after cold and raining weather, wrap myself in warm plaid and just watch TV. I like to wake my children in the morning and kiss their tender cheeks. I like to present gifts my close and loved people. Im fond of swimming and diving. I enjoy drinking coffee in the morning. I think we should live well and happily first of all for our loved people. If they feel fine we will able to feel fine either. We just must not wait. We are waiting for something all the time. I believe that we ought to live now, to live every second of this life as if it were the last. And we should enjoy every minute of our life. I cant do it by myself yet. Maybe you will teach me?:) It was nice talk to you.:) No, no I have not mistaken.:) Talk??¶ You are in my mind; in my heart you read my words and my thoughts through the lines of my letter. So we are talking and I like to talk to you. I hope to hear from you soon. :) Yours Julia. :)

Hello Honey! I am glad to meet you:) If you begin to yawn when you read my letter just tell me the next time: "Julia please stop it. Just tell me about yourself." :) So I will try. It was the New Years Eve. A very beautiful woman gave birth to a little curly girl with laughing green eyes. It was the best gift what my father would like to get. This special little gift was I. My parents and my elder brother Andrey were the first people who met me in this world. They have become my closest and dear people. Andrey was 9 years old. He was very indulgent nanny and the best friend the same time. You know even now when we have grown he considers me a baby and relates to me with that tenderness and love what he always gave me when I was a child. So when my parents had met each other love had settled in our house and stood there forever. My father was very kind, attentive and reserved man. He tried to do all the best to help people. Maybe thats the reason why he decided to be a doctor. He also was fond of reading. I think that my love to literature is the desert of my father. I remember when I was a child he read me fairy tales in the evenings and I had very nice dreams all night long.:) These dreams are so far now...My mother??¶ If I could be the best and the most talented writer in this world I think I would not describe her anyway??¶ She is restless, very energetic person who takes part in every event what occurs in our home. She is a wonderful housewife, mart woman and just a perfect mother. She is already 64 years old but I think she has remained the same till now. My brother has become a navigator. So his life is connected to fleet. I hope you dont think that Im a bore?:) Ok I will continue??¶As you already know I have graduated from medical college. My parents as well as I dreamed about my entrance to the Institute but instead Institute I went to the registry office??¶<< You cant marry in your age; its too early for marriage,?Ľ told me my parents but??¶ Who cares when you are 19 and you are in love.:) First love??¶ You know this moment turned my hackneyed story into wonderful affair.:) We met each other when we were teenagers; then 4 years later we became a husband and a wife. Many years passed many events happened in my life during this time??¶ But I think I will tell you about them in my next letter:) Dear, may I ask you to do something for me? I would lie you to send your letters on address to Julia. Thanks :) I hope you will not consider me a bore?:) I hope to hear from you soon. :) Charming, beautiful and smart young lady tells you Good bye.:)(It is a joke) Yours Julia. :)

Hello My Dear Friend Jack! Its snowing here??¶ Snowflakes are spinning in the air and softly fall on the ground??¶Days become colder and colder??¶ but your letters warm my soul:) Do you remember me?:) Thanks a lot for your attention and that wonderful pictures of yours.:) I must admit that you are a very cute man :) Today I thought about our corresponding and realized that I talked with man whom I almost did not know. I would like you to write to me more about yourself. You can write the first ideas what will appear in your mind just your thoughts.:) What do you think about love? What do you like to do? Your favorite occupation, place for rest? Do you like children? Too many questions? Sorry:) As for your proposition to try some of your beers??¶ Why not? :) I would try it with pleasure :) Today is my day off and I would like to spend it on the shore of the sea. I have a little house what is on the sand very close to water. You know when I sit right on the sand and stare at waves what touch my feet tenderly I feel that I am on the deck of the ship and it takes me away. The day passes and exciting night sinks on the world. It brings the sensation of mystery and expectation of something amazing. I am lying on the sand and feel its cool and tenderness. The huge sky is above me its deep as the ocean and boundless as the life. The thousand stars gaze at me. I feel that I am a tiny part of Universe and the whole world wrap me up the warm wind. I believe the longer we live the longer pause of expectation of love. Our life is unforeseen and sometimes we just cant find our love. This is the tragedy of our life but the same time it is the most exciting intrigue of it. The more you know what do you want the more your personality grows up. So every time the searching becomes harder and harder. But I am sure there is a way out in any drama if you realize your own mistakes. Then you will get a chance to have stronger feeling of the close person. I believe that love finds us in very moment when we begin to lose our faith. So as far as you can see Im a very optimistic person.:) I will bring my letter to the end. I hope to hear from you soon. :) Yours Julia. :)

Hello My Dear Jack! It was very pleasantly for me to receive your letter :) If you could see me how.:) I behave, as if I were a child. I had believed partly in communication in Internet and I was very glad to found out that I was wrong. :) As far as I can see you are a very curious man :) " This beautiful and sexy woman" is not looking for just a man ??¶ I want to find true, real love. Yes, this is my first time in Internet and I hope it will be successful :) I was born on December 19th. You know it seemed to me that when people are far from each other and communicate only through letters these relations just cant be serious. Now our feelings like a butterfly beautiful and tender. It sits on my hand and I fear to scare it off.:) Your letter warmed me. I appreciate your tenderness and kindness. I want you to know that YOU ARE VERY CUTE AND ATTRACTIVE MAN. Your eyes shine with intellect and kindness.:) I consider these qualities the most important of human personality. My friends tell me that I look at world through "pink glasses".:) It means that my point of view on our life is quite naive and old-fashioned. Maybe they are right.:)In fact there are many things in this world what I just cant accept as normal ones. Betrayal, lie and greed are the most disgusting and unpleasant things what can exist in human personality. But I think people should believe in love, faithfulness, decency and kindness. I appreciate family values. ITS A GREAT GIFT OF GOD TO LIVE ONE LIFE WITH OTHER MAN. Nine months ago a big tragedy occurred in our life. I lost my husband. Our children and I went through this sorrow together. They helped me to be strong for them and they were the best support for me. There was emptiness in my heart during long time. And words of my close people that life must go on seemed to be stupid and unimportant to me. Time passes??¶ Day by day night-by-night hour by hour I realized that life do must go on. I want to run through new life and new feeling. I dont need many men I need my one and only the closest the best the most caring. I want to fall asleep and awake next to him. I want to be inseparably linked with him to be afflicted with him to feel happy with him. Ok as you can see I could talk and talk with you but this letter will never be finished.:) People have a great advantage to speak and use speech. We can express the most important and wonderful feeling with words.:) Unfortunately I dont speak English well so I use the service of the translator from the agency for translation of our letters .The agency is renown by its good reputation and I decided to choose it. It wasnt easy for me to turn there for help, but once I have done it and I dont regret. The employees of the agency are very smart, responsive and professional people. They help me to carry my feelings to you, join our hearts. I hope I will able to translate our letters by myself soon. :) Well??¶ I will bring my letter to end in spite of my big unwillingness to do it.:) I hope to hear from you soon.:) With sincerity yours Julia:)
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