Julia Shirokova from Kremenchug, Ukraine a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Julia Shirokova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Julia Shirokova
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Kremenchug, Ukraine
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I am a male from the US and would like to tell you a story about a new scammer Julia. I would like for you to add Julya or Yulya Shirokova from Kremenchug to your blacklist. I first contacted Julya through friendfinder under her profile name of mail_write. (She also had a profile listed at Matchdotcom) She wanted $100 for internet service in her second letter (see letters) and I offered to use a mail forwarding and translation service agency so that it would not cost her anything but she wanted nothing to do with such a thing and stated that "she did not believe in them". She of course was almost in love with me by the second letter so I knew something was wrong and she was a definite scammer. Playing along with her I asked her to visit me in the US and she bit on it hook, line and sinker. Not another word was ever mentioned about the cost of the internet as she was now greedy and wanted to get the grand prize, the cost of airline tickets, passport and also a visa. She of course wants me to send to her the money by Western Union as she can some how get this visa which is almost impossible to get. I will play with her for a while longer before I cut her loose. Please add her photos to your blacklist as she certainly belongs there. Here is the information that I have on her: Julia or Yulya Shirokova Naberejnaya leitenanta Dneprova 54, apt. 44 Poltava Region, Kremenchug, Ukraine 39608 e-mail address is Mail_write@ukrpost.net DOB- Jan1, 1977 Profile at Friendfinder is mail_write@friendfinder S. H. (Scammer Hunter)LetterLetter requesting money for internet fees
Hello *****, Many thanks for your interesting letter. How are you? As for me, Im very well. Now I know that you are serious to me and I can feel safe with you. I had a dream to have a prince on the white horse, who would love me and would make everything possible to protect, support me, create a strong family and clear all dark clouds off the skyline to prevent anything, which may hamper our love and relationships. You know last years I didnt believe that I might meet such an avatar of my dream. But this time I even was surprised to see that there is a man who doesnt stop against any difficulties in love. I didnt believe in real love earlier. Now I cant believe in your existence as Ive never faced such an attention, treatment. I like that you want to continue our correspondence. Dear ********, I want to find my love, my only man so much ! I dream to create a real strong family where love, mutual understanding and tender warmth will always cherish. I just can confirm U that Im also sincere and genuine and that I really have financial problems, I mean I cant afford it to me to write to U so often, if I dont pay for the Internet Services. If U are so kind to help not me, but us in our further correspondence, Id be very grateful to U. So you may send the money through Western Union on my full name - I give U my details: Address: 39608 Ukraine, Kremenchug, Poltava Region, Naberejnaya leitenanta Dneprova 54, Aprt.44 My full name: Shirokova Yulya Borisovna. You send me the code ( from 10 digits) with Ur full name and I get it from Western Union personally. Its the safest way. I need 100 USD. Itll take up costs for a month. It includes all the services. Thats all, I do not want to talk of it any more. What will your relatives say of me, did you tell them of me? As for me, Ill tell of you to my parents, they are my family. My Sweetheart! I want to know of you more. Tell me of your childhood. Some interesting moments of your life. If I can help you with something, tell me of it and Ill understand you clearly. Ill support you and feel your inner world. Tell me of your hardships, job, your ambitions for the future. As for my work, I already told you of it, its very ordinary work for all of our people, the most of them do it. Its not very easy, but I have to like it. I like this occupation, but in our country its not very beneficial. I want to feel you like personally at meeting , so you should try to do it, as well as I too. I dream to meet you personally! Yours, Julia

Dear ******! I didnt want to tell it to you, but I got many mails, it is my first visit Internet and I didnt know what to do. I told me that the 23d would be my Love. Its funny, but I chose you, you were that one. In this first letter Id like to introduce myself, if U dont mind, but in my next one Ill answer all Ur questions. You know why I wrote to Internet? I almost felt disappointed in men. May be you disagree, but thats truth. Im not even now sure that it was right to seek for my Love abroad. I decided to risk and write to you. In our country I couldnt find my happiness. I value Love, soul, family with children, who run in the house, garden andmake us with my Beloved person happy and merry. I dream of himand me chattering nights away about the future, making plans. But all those 5 years I suffered only pains. That was my former husband, whodidnt share my values and thoughts. I didnt want to see those betrayings of him. That thing hurt me most. May be you cant imagine all that and I wont tell all to you. But all was against my imaginations of a happy real life. So I decided to divorce with my husband. I didnt know what I would do without male support, but I couldnt stand that anymore. I do not have any close people to advice with about any life things even...But thats my own problem. I have wonderful work. When I comein the morning to work, I at once start to prepare for admitting children, and when they come to the kindergarten, we study some interesting materials with them. I teach them to hold pens right, draw, play, on the whole, so that they can be friendly, but not quarrelling. SO far there are much success in t, and I like the children, which are with me in my small group. In the evening they are taken by parents and I also go home after work. I go to shops, by food stuff, if necessary. But there are many problems, like everybody has. The most problem is when U are in lack of money. I am merry person, and my mood depends on much. You know, Id like you to tell me of you more, of your job and do not fail to mention about your problems, which hurt you. I care about it. Will you send me your pictures? I dont know what can better characterize you as personality. I respect in men not the appearance, but their inner world. I hope you seek for the love, not for a friend? Ive always cherished in mymind the dream of my second half, which would complete me. If Imeet a caring, kind man, Ill??(thats a secret). Now I want you to discover yourself. Julya
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