Elena Ivanova (Mari-El, Russia) from Mari-El a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Elena Ivanova (Mari-El, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Elena Ivanova (Mari-El, Russia)
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Elena Ivanova (Mari-El, Russia) Also called Kate I am a single father, white male, 41 WITH an American girlfriend.Lena wrote me the exact same letters as other men as I have recognized some of the other letters posted on this website. I laugh about it but it also saddens and then enrages me to see that there are men so desperately lonely and people so vile and base as to take advantage of such humanly lonely people. Lena is such a bad bird. Lenas letter and [check] mailing address are at the end of this letter.I dont how "Lena" or "Kate" found my email - but they did. She called herself Lena in March of 2002 but in one letter she referred to herself as Kate - so this indicates that this love-scammer uses multiple identities. Anyway, I never believed her to be genuine as I thought her stories read like lies that targeted white, 40ish American men. She claimed to be "inexperienced sexually" - but eager to learn (with me) and a baker of "tasty pies" - gee what more could a man want? Judging from her lacey photos, my girlfriend and I agreed that instead of a pie baking virginal image - Lena more looked like a hooker with a bad attitude. I also thought her letters were horse hockey yet funny and so I played her out. My daughter suggested that I write her a letter but say bad things about me in the middle to see what she said - so I did.My reply letters to Lena started off like love letters but then I threw in things like I was bald-headed [I am], fat [I am not], broke [I am], and unemployed [occasionally]. Once, I wrote Lena and told her that if she wanted to be a New York bride she had to master 21 sewing stitches and there would be a stitch exam upon her arrival. Sure enough, Lena wrote back saying nothing about stitches or me being fat, bald, and broke but sent form letters saying how delighted she was to read my letters and that soon we would be together. So I think this person is doing a brisk email business and didnt have time to personally read my replies beyond a few first sentences to give her a general feeling. So I sent her a short letter that said something like: "Lena, I you want to come to America start walking or get a night job. In the mean time, please stop sending me ugly pictures." I never heard from her again. Below is her last letter to me - before I told her off:Letter

Hi my love Tim! How at you? I hope, that as well as at me is excellent! I have for you one very pleasant news! Soon we can will meet! Remember, I wrote what for the sake of the favourite man I can go to him? So here, for the sake of you, love mine, I have decided to arrive. I was at the girlfriend in company of travels and she has told me that we soon shall meet! You not represent, what feelings now overflow me! I very wait for that moment, when I can see you, to embrace.... I have found out all concerning my arrival to you my love. I will need visa and passport. Also I need medical references for visa receiption. It will cost 440 dollars for me. I can try to receive visa myself (in that case it would cost 90 dollars), but I would have to go to Moscow to the nearest embassy and live in Moscow for at least 10 days. As I know, I will need about 50-70 dollars per day in Moscow, so it would be much cheaper and convenient for me to make request for visa via local transport company. Also I can make prepayment for airplane tickets and buy round-trip tickets for 1335 dollars. After successful arrival I would be able to request a refund for the back way ticket and return about 400-450 dollars. The last important condition - I must have 500 or more dollars in cash or on a credit card as a proof that Im able to pay for my expenses. As I know this rule is applied only for Russian and other third-party countries citizens. I dont have to spend the proof money, I must have them only to show their presence at custom-house. My visa would be valid for 6 months and I would be able to prolong it for another six months easily. And if we will decide to marry (I hope we will), I will not have problems with visa anymore. I will need 2275 dollars to arrange my arrival to you and I will be able to return 900-950 dollars. I hope it would not be very expensive for you. I have found out that the easiest and safest way would be send money by Western Union, using my home address. My home address: 4 Zvezdnaya st., apt. 37 Mari-El, 424000, Russia My complete name Elena Ivanova.If required, here is the bank address: Guta Bank 8 Vashskaya st. Mari-El, Russia Your complete name and complete home address is also necessary. It is very important! Im waiting for your answer. Yours Elena. PS: My love, I perfectly understand that it is the very large money. But if you want to see me you should send me in a near future even their part for the beginning of registration of the visa. My dear, believe, it for me is very important also. I shall wait for your fast reply.
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