Nataliya Matvievskaya (Lugansk, Ukraine) from Kiev, Ukraine a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Nataliya Matvievskaya (Lugansk, Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Nataliya Matvievskaya (Lugansk, Ukraine)`s photo russian dating scammer Nataliya Matvievskaya (Lugansk, Ukraine)`s photo
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Nataliya Matvievskaya (Lugansk, Ukraine)
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Kiev, Ukraine
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Nataliya Matvievskaya (Lugansk, Ukraine)My name is Michael I am a 35 year old professional man living in England and I believe that I have been scammed by a lady by the name of Natalia Matvievskaya who lives in Lugansk Ukraine. This lady initiated contact with me back in May or June last year. Letter 1We corresponded with each other for several months during which time I sent her money for translation of letters, English letters and for her to obtain a passport. I have maybe 20 letters from her so and it is too much to send to you in this email but you can have them if necessary. After several months of correspondence we arranged to meet in Kiev. As soon as I met with her I realized there was something suspicious about her as she straight away started asking for expensive things such as mobile telephones designer label clothes and money to send to her parents allegedly. She was meant to have brought with her the passport that I had sent her $200 to get as we were meant to apply for a visitors visa for her to come to England. She conveniently forgot to bring it with her and said that she would have to make another trip to Kiev to visit the Embassy after I returned to England. I must admit she was very clever at emotional blackmail. I since found out that she has a boyfriend by the name of Yuriy and the money that I gave her for her parents went to him.Letter 2Final letter to meLetter to her brother after I sent her the money for her flight to USAI sent her $500.00 for her flight to UK. I subsequently found out that she used the money that I sent her for he flight money to go to America with her boyfriend Yuriy. She still advertises on Absolute Agency and other dating sites under the name of Nataangel. She speaks perfect English but still asks for money to translate letters and still asks for money to get a passport which I know she already has. Beware of this girl.I have since found a most beautiful and intelligent lady in Kiev. I have met with her several times and we are to be married in August. It was she that prompted me to write to you as she was upset at the thought of a countryman of hers being so dishonest. Mike

Hello my new friend Michael, You do not know me. I like you very much. I would like to corresponde with you. First of all I would like to introduse myself. My name is Matvievskaya Natalia, I am 23 years old. I was born in small town Rubeznoe Lugansk region, Ukraine. Although all my life I spend living in Ukraine, it was always different. I am a kind of fatal woman, people say. I am a Scorpio by horoscope and according to Chinese horoscope I was born in Snake year. 2001 - is my year. Astrology say that women-Scorpio are very sexual, attractive and wise as well. All my life was filled with unexpectedness. I am a sort of unpredictable person. As for my childhood, I was happy child in my family, parents loved and patted me very much. I was rather talented child with excellent memory. I wrote verses as I do it now. In my childhood I knew many poems by heart and declared them to enjoy my parents. At school my favorite subjects were physics and mathematics. Most of all I loved astrology and nuclear physics and hated chemistry. I finished special Lyceum in mathematics and physics when I was 16. Soon after that I entered East Ukrainian State University in Lugansk. My specialty is International Economic Relations. I worked as an economist for two years, but finally I understood that it was not my favorite profession. Best of all in my life I like journalism. It was my dream to become a journalist since the very childhood. I published several articles in a local papers and some of my verses as well. I am a kind of social person like of social person, like to communicate with different people, like go outside with friends to have cook-out, to swim, to work in the forest or simply to have a fun. I like to travel very much, but unfortunately I have no possibility to do it very often. I like everything new: new relations, meet new people, new acquaintances, I like spontaneous things very much. For example I like water, I enjoy felicity swimming in the sea. I am fond of sport very much. In my childhood I went in for swimming, later being a student - athletics, tennis and now light bodybuilding in a local sport gym. I have a lot of hobbies in my life. I like to listen music, especially classical music. I read different books, my favorite writers are Russian: Dostoevskiy, Bulgakov, Ilf and Petrov; American : Theodore Draiser; Chase; English: London; German: Remark and many other famous writers. In my spare time usually I go for a walk with my friends or watch some comic programs on TV with my younger brother. My friends say I am very purposeful person who can reach desired goals in life. I appreciate generosity, respect, friendship, justice, trustfulness and real love. I hope to create real strong loving family in my close future with someone who will understand me and love my children. I am sure It will be the most happy family in the World. Dear, please, if you decide to continue our correspondence, write me back. I will wait for your letter impationatly. I attached one my picture, hope you will like it. Please, if you are interested , send me your picture,ok?:))) Affectionatly yours Natali.

Hello honey MIKE Sorry for a short delay, I have just had no free access to the Internet, it is difficult in our country, you know. Thank you very much for answering my letter. I am so happy to receive it. I like you more and more. You are my magic knight, you are my fresh air in the morning, You are my charm, my joy, my sweetheart! Yes, you know its does not matter to me the color of your skin. My parents as well do not care about it. I think real feelings of love and understanding are the only thing important in peoples life. Mike, I would like to know you better, thank you very much for your pictures, I like them very much really. About your E-mail address, let it be my little sicret, ok:) Now, I am going to tell you more about myself. First of all, I am very serious girl in my intention to find my sole mate, my prince, my beloved, and my future husband. If you think and want the same, we could get along very well. I hope we will understand each other. As you know from my previous letters, I am already 23 years old, now I am not married, and thus I want to create a family and possibly to find myfuture husband through the Internet. I have grown up in the very decent and intelligent, but poor family. My mother is engineer, father is an officer, and my younger brother study at school. All my childhood I spend in small place Rubezhnoe, Lugansk region. It is one hundred and thirty km from Lugansk. From the very childhood people said that I am very special baby. I was so beautiful innocent little girl, that everyone wanted to touch and kiss me tenderly. I was very sociable child, who loved to talk and communicate with children of our yard. I have blue eyes and fear hear, red chubby lips and pretty face. My skin is very soft and smooth, athletic body, so I like to keep fit. Since I was seven years old, father schooled me to take cold baths and swim in the swimming pool in the winter. When I was thirteen I began to go in for sport seriously. I attended sport gym almost every day after school, I liked it very much. Thats why I fell myself cheerful and healthy all my life. I like to go out, to cook out somewhere in the forest near the river with friends and close relatives. People say I very easily contacted person, I like to communicate with people, to meet new friends, new ideas, and built new relations. I like to read interesting books very much, and I consider every new person in my life is a new unique books, which I can read an think about. I am a philosopher by nature, my friends say. I like to discuss something and to find the truth, which is always born from the argues. After finishing secondary school, I entered in the Lyceum specialized in physics and mathematics (two years).After graduation, I entered East Ukrainian State University in Lugansk . I was very active student in the University, liked to take a word on the conferences and other public activities. My specialty was Economic International relations, I studied therefor fife years, till 1999, and was graduated with degree of specialist in Economics. After that I was unemployed for about a half a year , and than I found a job in one private firm, which was specialized in the wholesale of food products and drinks. I worked their for about two years and than I was fired, because, this company was closed suddenly. They just didnt pay taxes or have big debts, and also realized that to sell food products and drinks is non-profitable for them. As for me, I have just realized that Economics is not my favorite profession. And although , I even want to write a book about it, in particular about Ukraines current economic situation, my dream Is to become a real journalist, and write articles and make interviews with some unordinary people. I want to see a World, to travel a lot, to find more information about sense of life of different peoples. Now my mother is a housewife, father retired, I am looking for the job, and you can understand how difficult to make both ends meet. As you possibly heard, now in Ukraine very high level of unemployment take place, so more than half of young people are looking for a job now. For young girls, who wants to marry, is very difficult to find a man, who can provide their future family with necessary things, as food, as accommodation, because young people have no enough money to maintain the family. I have no my own computer and Internet at home, so I use services of Internet cafe. For me is very important to find someone, who can understand and support me. You know in our country Internet is not free of charge, it cost $2 an hour, and as far as I do not know English, translation of one letter cost me $5 per one letter. That even can be cheaper if you pay $100 per month to Internet service for both translations and correspondence, and we could correspond every day, even several times a day to enjoy each other. Meanwhile I have to borrow money from my girlfriend, whose parents richer than my. May be its difficult to understand for you, but unfortunately, I have to ask my parents for money, to pay for Internet services as well. I am ashamed of it, but, my dear, if you can help me to pay for our correspondence, I would be very grateful to you. I would likewe could continue our correspondence to know each other better, and may be in future we could meet and understand that we need each other, and can not live without each other, so , perhaps its destiny, who knows? So, darling, if you can afford it, please let me know, I do not want to loose you, I need you. You are my kind, understanding , sympathetic man, please, do not leave me to the mercy of fate! I believe that someday, may be very soon we can meet and look into each other eyes and may be will understand that we belong to each other forever!:)So, dear, if you dicide to help me, you can tranfer money on the Bank account in First International Ukraininan Bank on my credit card, all naccesary information you will find below. I do not want you to think that I need only your money, its not true. I have just financial problems now, thats why I ask you about it so urgently. I am waiting for your decision impatiently. I look forward to hear from you soon. Buy-buy.:) Kiss you tenderly. Affectionatly yours Natali.P.S.Beneficiary: Acc.Number: Matvievskaya Nataliya 6762715600031791LUG-001107-USD-3551-10 Beneficiary bank: FIRST UKRAINIAN INTERNATIONAL BANKLugansk, Ukraine SWIFT: FUIB UA 2X LUGCorrespondents: 1. THE BANK OF NEW YORK One Wall Street, New York,N.Y.10286, U.S.A.ACC.890-0372-478SWIFT: IRVT US 3N 2. BANKERS TRUST COMPANY1 Bankers Trust Plaza, Floor 16, New York NY 10015, POB 318, U.S.A.ACC. 04-182-366CHIPS UID343939 SWIFT: BKTR US 33

Dear Mike! Thank you for your E-mail.I am still in Lugansk, but I can already answer all your questions. As for my visa, I already know it is will be valid from the 1th of December till the till the 1st of July 2002. So, I can come to you in any of these month. I would prefer to do it in December, because I would like to meet you as soon as possible and also visit England on Christmas and New Year Eve. Of cause I should book my plane tickets beforehand. I think I will not find more cheaper then that prise that I told you. I have found the cheapest price in Ukraine. I can give you the numbers of this company and you can check that this is the cheapest price of plane tickets to London because it includes 15% discount for young passengers, who under 26 years old and season discount. It is company "KiyAvia", the largest company in Ukraine, here the numbers: +380 642 55 35 94 +380 642 55 35 89 +380 642 53 34 91 I think that they speak English. Or you can confirm the prices by fax: +380 642 53 32 51 I am almost sure I will not find cheapest prices. I think I can find only higher prices in Kiev. But if you wish I can ask and let you know. If you will be able to send me money on Tuesday, it could be good, because in that case I could buy my tickets in Kiev at once and bring them with me to Lugansk upon my return. Then I would be 100% sure about my coming to you on Sunday the 2nd of December. I will buy my return ticket also for the longest stay. I think I would like to stay 6 month with you, dear. Of cause I will be able to change my flight any time, but I think it will be not necessary, honey. I think once I come I do not want to return to Ukraine. I will live with you as long as possible till we finally get married. I am really serious about you and our life together, Mike. Yes, we should be very careful and make sure that everything is perfect. So, please let me know your thoughts about it. I look forward to hear from you, Your Nata

Hello Antony again! How are you today? I am fine!!! Write you about your daily life, I am always wondering to know all this kind of things. I am doing ok, now my working day is almost finished and I am going to the sport gym soon, I will meet Yuriy today and on this coming Saturday we are going to watch baseball game with him and have a picnic with his family. And I am very happy with that. I am enjoyong my time in USA very much!!! I love to satyt here. The nature here is very beautiful, mouintain are very beautiful over here, we have really freash air and wonderful autumn colors: a lot of yeallow, green, red and brown. The sun is shining all day long and no wind, very warm outside. Joan ( the woman with whom I live ) have wonderful new house and car DODGE caravan new model, it is very comfortable, with few conditionars in it and automatic transmission system. The car is really big and comfortable, and I like to ride with her in it. She brings me always to my working place orwherever I want. I adore to ride with her. Here the road are really good to drive, very smooth and beautiful. I will live in the Vice Presidents of company Hornover Direct where I work now house. I think it will be great. That secon family is going to arrange abig birthday party for me on the 5th of November, I am going to invite all my ukraian firends and we will have real fun. I am sure we will have great time on my birthday. I look forward to my birthday party. I will call you myself on that day. I kiss and hug you all. I love you all, say hello to mama and papa from me. All the best, Your sister Natali P.S. Did Borisov from Odessa or someone else called me the other days? PLease let me know who called me,ok?
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