Olga Boiko (Chernigov, Ukraine) from Chernigov a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Olga Boiko (Chernigov, Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Olga Boiko (Chernigov, Ukraine)`s photo russian dating scammer Olga Boiko (Chernigov, Ukraine)`s photo
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Olga Boiko (Chernigov, Ukraine)
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Olga Boiko (Chernigov, Ukraine) My description: Single Muslim male residing in Canada. Scam Line: Need money to maintain Internet. Obtained my email from: Muslim matrimonial sites (zawaj.com) How much: $80-$100 USD. Mode of request: westernunion.com Her present operating address: In her words, "You need to know for that my full name as it is written in my passport and my home address. That is following." Olga Boiko Lenina str.23, app.47 14031 Chernigov-31 Ukraine Email address being used: r56981@ukr.netIdentifiable traits: tone and style of writing are exactly the same as others posted on your site. Letter 1Letter 2Letter 3Letter 4Letter 5Letter 6 - Request for MoneyThere you have it gents. Need I say more? I hope that in taking the time to share this with others it might help others to better protect themselves and be cautious when seeking a potential mate overseas. Certainly not all people are bad but we must approach with caution. Moreover, the moment someone asks for money is also the moment when you make like a jet and get out of there! What this all boils down to is begging global style! It just shows the length that people will go to and will stop at nothing to support their damning and hurtful approach; even if it means stepping on others in the process. Reaud Safraj

Salam Aleikum, brother, Im writing to you because you are a Muslim as I am. You are looking for a wife and Im looking for a husband. Ive found your advertisement at one Muslim Marriage Site. And I decided to write you because if Muhammad do not come to the mountain, the mountain must come to him, as we are saying here. Im young, attractive and educated Muslimah from the respectfull family and the very one but big problem I do have is that Im living in non-Muslim country - Ukraine. Thats why I dont have a fiance yet and should start my search in another country. From the very childhood my mother prepared me for a marriage and now my parents are thinking that Im ready for that. On the 03 of June Ill be 22. I have higher education already. Alhamdulillah. My mother teached me to do house-keeping. Im enough good in that, I believe. Specially I like to cook. Also Im very good in sewing and knitting. Im wearing Hijab and Im praying five times a day as it must be. Im sending to you my fotos that you could see me and decide for yourself - do you wish to continue speak with me. I ask you very much, dear brother, to write me back only if you are serious in your marriage search and if you are really interesting to try start something with the girl from so far away. Ill answer the question you may have in another letter, if Ill get a reply from you, of course. In Sha Allah. Allah Hafiz, Olga.

Salam Alaikum, dear Thank you very much for your kind and so nice reply. I hope in Sha Allah you and your family are Ok. As I understood you are interesting in me and you want to know me better. Bismillah... My country is Ukraine and my nationality is ukrainian. My native language is also ukrainian, but I could speak Russian and English as well. I was born and live till now in the very old and beautiful city - Chernigov, the city with 1500-years history. I live with my family in a bit small but very cozy and spiritually warm 3-rooms appartments. My parents are both teachers at senior school. I have younger brother George. He is pupil 14 years old. Also I have an older sister Elena (she is 25). She is happily married and live with her husband and sun Alexander independantly. Last year Ive finished a University of Fine Art and now Im working at the same school with my parents. Im a teacher of painting. I love children very much and Im happy with my work. My sallary is very very low as it is in every school in my country but I think that to teach kids is a very big honor and happyness. And that is my destiny, I believe. In Sha Allah, one day Ill teach my own children. As for my apperance, I should describe myself in the parts you were not able to see on the photos. Im 163 cm height, 55 kg weight, hier is long, black and eyes are durk-brown. My figure is slim and very femine. As for my likes and dislikes I must say that I love honesty and the biggest haram in my oppinian is dishonesty. Im romantic very much. At my free time I love to listen classical music and dream... In Sha Allah Ill tell you my dreams later... I love beautiful nature very much. Every week-end when the wether is fine we are going together with my brother outside of the city to draw. He is also dreaming to be an artist and Im teaching him. I believe he has a talent. My dear new friend, please, tell me a little bit more about yourself, your family, your country and specially about the nature in your country. I guess it must be beautiful! I did never travel outside of my country thats why it will be interesting for me to read about your travel experience, if you have some. Untill the next letter, dear. Your new friend Olga Allah Hafiz.

Salam Aleikum, In Sha Allah you and your family are fine. My family is also good and me too. Elhamdulillah. I like to write letters to you, dear, and of course I love to receive so wonderful letters from you, my new friend. Also Id like to talk to you via telefoon or better in person. In Sha Allah. But you know, its totally impossible for a moment. Pity. I guess I told you that I dont have a telefoon at home. And also I dont have a computer. Only very little number of peoples have Internet at home here, in the Ukraine. Its too expencive for us. Im writing to you from the Internet cafe each time when I have the money. And the money I have only when Im selling something from my works - paintings. The money Im getting from my work at the school, Im giving to my mother. This is a rool in our family. Thats why Im not able to write you as often as I want. In Sha Allah youll not be dissapointed and I hope you are not going to forget me in the long period between the letters. As for me, Ill try to draw more and better to have a possibility to talk to you as much as you and me need. In Sha Allah. I wish you to have a nice day, dear brother. Allah bless you. Allah Hafiz. Olga P.S I could send you another fotos via regular post, if you like. Its also much more romantic, I believe. Allah bless you and your family, dear.

Salam Aleikum, dear! Hope you are Ok and your family as well. In Sha Allah. Elhamdulillah, Im fine and my family also. Allah Acbar. I must say you that Im happy very much that we have found each other. I love your letters and Im very near to tell you my very private dreams. I see that you didnt forget that the reason weve started to correspond is that we both are looking for fiance. You replyed to me because your aim is the same as mine. And now we became a very close friends to each other, I believe. I guess, I could feel and understand your impression about marriage now. Im not sure that we both are ready to decide exactly, do we want marry each other. But I know for sure that we both are looking for the answer to this question. And as for me, I prefer to find this answer as soon as possible, because Im a wooman and Id like to give my beauty to my very one husband before I become old. Im not feel totally comfortable with the idea to show you my face openly now, but I think that I could really trust you, my dearest brother. Also if our modern life presents us such a wonderful things like a possibility to find and study each other via Internet, we should appreciate it. Thats why I decided to send you my foto without Hijab with this letter to give you a possibility to do not make a mistake with your choise. I hope In Sha Allah youll not understand me wrong. As for me, I need to know what kind of living condition you would like to propose to your future wife. Yours Olga. Allah bless you and your family, dear

Salam Aleikum, dearest! In Sha Allah this letter will reach you in a good mood. Hope your family is doing well. Mine is Ok. Allah Acbar! You know, dear brother, right now Ive re-read all of your wonderful letters to me and got such a strong feeling that you are my destiny. Please, tell me, do you feel the same or not? If yes, that is Allah really wants us to be together. But if no, lets stop our relation right now because I dont want to breack my heart. I believe that if something is really between us, we should both feel something very very special to each other. As for me, I do feel that already. I feel that I miss you all the time even when Im geting a new letter from you. I feel nervous when Im opening your letters, my heart starts jumping and my blood-preasher is going to be high, I think. Im not a doctor to make a dessicion about whats going on with me. But may be it has nothing to do with the medecine? What do you think? Sorry... if I sayid something not correct. I hope youll not understand me wrong. In Sha Allah. Allah Hafiz, Olga Allah bless you and your family, dear

Salam Aleikum, my dearest, As alwais, Im happy to say that Im well and I hope you and your family also. You have wrote me a lot of so wonderful words. I love to talk to you very much, and may be I love YOU already.Yes, I think, I love you. I know that I should not tell you such a words, but... what could I do...I love you really, I believe. Allah Acbar! I love to talk to you very much, and you are already someone very much important to me. But I dont have any means to do that any more. Sorry. I should tell you the truth that Ive borrowed 50 US$ to have a possibility to correspond with you, my dear. Those money are finished already because the Internet is a very expencive thing here, specially for someone who has not own computer. Ive sold one of my paintings today that I will have a chance to get in Internet-cafe ones more to get a reply from you, my dearest, dearest and very much dearest. As you are very clever and inteligent man, I know youll understand that my country is poor very much. If you are ready to solve our communication problem, please, do that because Im affraid to loose you very much, my love. We just found each other. Ive checked that you may send me the money via Western Union Money Transfer organization. westernunion.com You need to know for that my full name as it is written in my passport and my home address. That is following. Olga Boiko Lenina str.23, app.47 14031 Chernigov-31 Ukraine If youll send me 80-100 US$ Ill be able to give back my borg and we could talk via net more before we will figure out what to do. Please, remember, that Im able to get online myself only once. (I mean that I have the money just for one visit of the Internet-cafe to check my mail). Ill do that after tomorrow that youll have a chance to send me a transmission code from tha money transfer youll do for me tomorrow. In Sha Allah. I hope youll do that for us, my love. Yours Olga Boiko. Allah Hafiz. Allah bless you and your family, dearest.
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