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Is Dasha (dashasha@nightmail.ru) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Dasha (dashasha@nightmail.ru)
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dashasha@nightmail.ru dashasha@nightmail.ru
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Dasha (dashasha@nightmail.ru)White male 39, advertising, Paris France. This clown dashasha@nightmail.ru got it touch in December 2001 at Kiss.com. After visiting this particular site, I started asking her some of the usual questions about where exactly she lived, why all of her photos seemed to be taken in a studio, her phone number, and if she was a computer technician why did she have to go to an Internet club etc. This girl, who was deeply in love with me, promptly stopped writing. She hadnt yet asked for money, but you can see for yourself she was setting me up for it. These are just a few of the letters. In them are more red flags than a communist convention! *One dead parent *Cute daughter *No permant address *Phone number that never answered *Reference to poor salary/wages *Model-like features and suspiciously posed photos *Prepared to travel, but very soon because she has no more holidays until August blah blah *Not answering specific questions *She had her own homepage! *And finally, of course, she really loved me after 5 or 6 letters! Sadly, many of the girls on the scammers page are still posting on Kiss. Ive never seen this one anywhere else but given the evidence, this one stinks like a dead fish. Hope this is of some help to you. Otherwise, happy hunting.Letter 1Letter 2
Hello***** Happy to see new letter from you. So as I see you are interested in me a lot, its please to see it from you side. It was very interesting to know new interesting things about you. Definitely my choose was right:-) I happy for it. Sending here one more my photograph, and promiss to send more in my next letters. I came to internet dating through marriage agency here in Russia. I didnt think to post my profile in internet, this thought just didnt came to my head:-), but now I see that this was right suggestion from their side. They post my ad, and post everythere my direct e-mail address, so now we had meet each other and we are only together now - only you and I:-) I really see no difference from that country will be my future man. God, who created this world, he didnt create geographics borders, so I see no difference. I know that when I will found my only man then I will move to him to any place at this world. I sure that good peoples can live at any place, especially when they love together. Ill try to write something about me that could be interesting for you, and just things which I want to tell you. And if you will want to ask me something, dont be afraid to ask. I always have only two chooses when someone asking me something: reply honestly, or not to reply. I will never lie. I was born in Moscow long time ago:-) and now I live on this planet already 26 years. Cant say that all things in my life are perfect, but I really enjoy life. My parents too were born in Moscow. But now all my family almost leaved this city. My father leaved it after death of my mother, he was not able to live there anymore. He moved to Gatchina (neigherhood of Saint Petersburg). My cousing always traveling around center of Russia because of his job. I still not settle down in constant place, but now I will have to settle down at some place soon. I work like self-employed consultant computer engineer. Right now I live in Tver (very close to Moscow), but will move nearest days for the new job. Regrets I switched off phone here several days ago, because I will leave this place, but I will tell you new phone as only Ill move to a new place! I really have beautiful family. I have no much relatives. I have only my father, cousin and my daughter. We are all feel ourselves one family, though live alone. My father still working, and my cousin mostly trying to rest and enjoy life (he working in model agency as photographer). Of course I keep my daughter with me. Her name is Nadia, I had no reason to choose that name, I just like it. Nadia is beautiful and perfect child. She soon will go to school and I am trying to get her ready to it. She enjoy languages, dancing and literature! I love her very much. I have the good friends, not many but just perfect! Thats the peoples on whom I can relay in almost most cases. I will try to tell you about my qualities too. Just to warn you that you could waiting from me:-) Hope not to scare you off with it. I am kind good woman, definitely kind, good looking, caring and honest. Sounds like poem in my name:-) I am some kind of dreamer, I image my sweet tales and can be really sad if they are not realizing. One of my dreams and hopes - to live in complete family sometherein good place, have good friends and not to bother ourselves with strange things like political, economical situation and etc:-). I want family there all members just life for each other. I like open minded peoples, who prefer to say sad things instead hiding it - even in the name of care. I am quite patient person, and I can holding in my feelings until I understand situation completely, but if something makes me angry - I am very temper. Like my friends tells "Its very hard to wake up good sleeping bear, but if you done it youd better to run away":-). If apply to the facts, I am very very and very rarely get angry; can remember only couples of situation - my ex-husband lie to me, and my daughter was offended by other childrends. And if to tell about relationships with other world... There are only two sides - me and my family and rest of world. I like cooking and I like to create cosiness at the home. I always try to create sweet sweet home, and I really want to enlarge family:-) to complete family! I really miss for someone who will share with me all joys of life and could be supportive in any situation. I like nature and animals, good food and I am very romantic person. I just want to enjoy all sides of life and need the one man to share it with! Hope not scared you with big letter:-) Dasha. P.S.: Your photos didnt came through:-(

Hello ***** I have looked at all that I found on you and read your letter, this not so much as I should like to know, but absolutely definitely I have liked that I saw. I liked you and I wish you to write me again. I should like to know more about you, because you are interesting for me. ... And please tell me your exact nickname on kiss.com, I am not sure that I have found you... but anyways I happy to hear suggestion to have the man who will show me best beaches, though I am not sure if I will have a possibility to visit Paris... but who knows:-) I want also write some more about me here, its almost all from my profile, but I want you to know all it about me. I am 26 years old, I am divorced and I have 5 y.o. daughter. I love her very lot, and I like all the children. I hope I am good looking blonde with green eyes and I adding my photo to prove it:-) I have graduated in university and now working at the engineer position in private firm. I honest, loyal, careful, tender, good cooking and I love good food. I like active life, travel, camping, attending gym, I like swimming and tennis. I do not drink and I do not smoke, but I dont mind if people have this habbits. My style of life is very healthy. I like nature and animals, sun and ocean, though winter is not bad too:-). I love life - I am optimist and I believe that most beautifull things are waiting us in future. I believe in the God and destiny and I am waiting for my only unique man. I believe in family and love and I search for the man to whom I will give all heat of my heart and with whom I will be always together ... I want to share with him all the things - good and sad, everything which we will meet in our life. My man clever and have strong spirit, he is kind and magnanimous/generous, he will do anything for me and will know that Ill do anything for him. The only my man who needs love and can give love. This is the man who needs reliable family and honest relations. And some about my life. I was born in Moscow, and grew up in that beautiful city. Right now I moved from there, but life not so far. I have great family. My mather already die - she was beautifull woman, kind and caring and very educated. My parents grew up strong feelings towards family in me, and I try to put same in my daughter. I feel that there are nothing more that supportive, good family. My father live alone from me, and still not married. He still miss my mother, though about 7 years gone since then. They loved each other and I saw in them good example of true love andloyality. Its very important to have the close peoples, to whom you can trust completely, and put whole myself and knowing that always family will be together... caring warm and kind. I really hope to meet my man. I dont know that will really happend, but I looking to the future with hope and smile. Dasha P.S.: Just in case my e-mail is dashasha@nightmail.ru
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