Tatiana Shishkina (Kazan Russia) from Kazan a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Tatiana Shishkina (Kazan Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Tatiana Shishkina (Kazan Russia)
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Tatiana Shishkina (Kazan Russia) I am a 40 year old male from Pennsylvania USA and I found your website when it was too late. What really seemed weird about this woman was after she scammed me she sent me an e-mail apologizing. Isnt this unheard of? I had placed an add on Lovecity.com and she contacted me. Neither of us had a picture on the site. At first the letters seemed that she wanted to be friends and then she started falling in love. Her letters were not explicit though and I thought of her as a wholesome person. After about 7 letters ( about 3 weeks) she started to fall in love. After about 12 letters she wanted to fly to me but didnt know how to. After about 15 letters I had sent the money for a visa ($248.00). Then next was an airflight of ($620.00) and last was an insurance of $550.00 but I told her I didnt have the money so a few days later she said she borrowed $200.00 from friends and would only need $300.00. All of these were sent by Western Union. He address is: Tatiana Shishkina Lenin Street 27-15 Kazan Russia 423600First letter:(the actual first letter is deleted from Lovecity.com files so this is the letter she sent after I replied only asking for more info about her without going into detail about myself. My add had some detail in it though)I guess anyone could get suckered by this beautiful and innocent faceLetter requesting fundsShe had all the flight information and when she asked for insurance money I started to get suspicious and called the airlines about this. They said they didnt know anything about this and she also wasnt on the passenger list. At this point I truly wanted to believe her and asked some prying questions as to who wants the insurance why are you not on the passenger list and I also stated my friends doubts. You will see the results in the next letter:LetterSo I sent her the money she replied with a thank you, well I will let you read it:LetterI went to the airport waiting for 5 hours as there were 3 flight delays and lo and behold she never showed up!! Well, I blasted her with a couple of e-mails the next day. I knew I would never hear from her again......or would I? Check it out!!LetterDid you ever hear of a scammer confessing? This one did. But I pressed charges anyway. Watch out guys, shes good! Sincerely, Greg

Hello my friend. I am sorry that it takes me so long to send to you a reply. It is very pleasant, that you have answered my letter. I want to know more about you. I am not good with Internet and computer. And I am sorry if anything were wrong in my profile. My name is Tatiana. I am 28 years old. I live in Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia. It is the town in central part of Russia. I work as a teacher in a comprehensive school. I am very cheerful woman and very much love children. I was born at May 29, 1974. I am 5ft 5in (172 cm) height. I have blue eyes. I keep health life, and engaged in sports, I go on dancing. I love to listen to music and to read books. Also I take a great interest in cookery and knitting. I dream to find the partner of life. It will be kind, sympathetic, tender and clever man. I would like, that such man will become my husband and live with me all my life. As for children, I dont have any. But I am not against them. I want to have strong, amicable family. I has never been married. I live with my parents. I very much love them, but I should arrange the personal life. May be, I am naive, but it seems to me, that with the help of Internet I can find the worthy man who is ready to share all my pleasures and problems. At school I studied English. And now I study English independently. But my knowledge of language is not yet enough to talk now. I think that I can improve my knowleges with your help. Can you understand me? I want to arrange my personal life. I want to find the man, who can become my husband. I want, that it was the kind, sympathetic, decent and clever man. I am really tired from loneliness. The reliable support in life is necessary to me. As for me I am ready to become the fond and tender wife, good housewife for this man. I would like to learn your thoughts and intentions. I think they are serious. I cant promise you anything, lets be the friends. If you want to have fun, do not write me any longer, I will finaly learn about it. I need the man with serious intentions. You know, it seems to me, that you are respectable and honest man. I think, that we can understand each other. I hope for your answer. Yours faithfully Tatiana. P.S. I have written enough frank letter. I hope you are not confused. People must trust each other.

Hello, Greg. I love you. I miss you very much. Your letters do make me feel good. My mother even said me that I have looked better. Thank you for your poem. It is nice. You asked if I play or sing. I dont play but I can a little sing song. I like to sing when someone play on guitar or piano. And I am told that I do it enough well. I have been to my agency today. They said that everything goes well.And I will get my visa next week, on Thursday. Greg, I asked them about a plane ticket. I was told that it will be cheaper to fly from Moscow. I can get there by train. It will not be the problem. As for price, I learned that I can buy plane ticket here in my company. They have their own travel agent. And it will be cheaper than to reserve ticket in other company. They work with Aeroflot Airlines, it is Russian airlines company. I checked the price from Moscow and it is about 620 USD. They said that it is the best price here in Russia. What do you think? They said that there are sits on flight on next Sunday. Id like to fly to you on Sunday. And I have reserved ticket for this flight. Now I must pay on Monday. Dont you mind? Can we pay for ticket on Monday. Please, write me back. I am so excited. Send money soon if you can. I would like to pay for this ticket.Today I had a conversation with Maria Ivanovna. She is the teacher of the English language at our school. She is 50, shes going to retire on a pension. We discussed with her the problem of language barrier. She has told me, that when she was on training in England, she has fallen in love with an young teacher (Englishman). They had a love-affair. In that time she had poor English, but her friend understood her. When they remained alone, she did not use her knowledge of English. She understood him without any words. Smile. I think, that we will have the same situation. Now I do not worry about it. But I will work on English much. Anna Vasilevna promised to have some English practice with me. I want to work with her on my speech. Anna Vasilevna has told, that I can write well, but my speech is not enough good to communicate without any problem. I hope, you will help me to take possession English in perfection. Well, I close my letter. Think of me. I think of you constantly. I get very excited thinking of our meeting. I love you. Tatiana

Hi, Greg. I see that we must to gain an understanding. These last two days I was running over to my company and checking all that facts that you noticed in your letter. I want to tell you at first that you made me a little sad. You told you think that I am not going to come to you on Wednesday. Greg, you are wrong. I have very strong willing to come to you. I have checked all you were talking about. I asked them in my company why I am not in the passengers list. You see they said that they reserved some tickets for their company and it is the reason why I am not in passengers list. I will fly under their company name ticket. Do you understand? As for insurance I have found out that my company takes money for insurance not Aeroflot. They explained to me that they are responsible for my life when I am in travel. There is the law in Russia, that doesnt allow to be responsible for others without insurance. You see it was just juridical question. I didnt know it. I am sorry. I would had to know it earlier. You asked if I am able to come on Wednesday. Yes, but I need to pay this accursed insurance. I understand that your finances are very low now. But I dont know what to do? You asked me to get money here. I have asked some my friends to lend money to me. I could get only 200 USD. I am sorry I cant do anything else. I need your help. Maybe you could borrow another 300 USD for me. I need them tommorow morning. I will see if I could delay paying before Tuesday, but you see I will have to come to Moscow on Tuesday. Well, everything is in your hands. Make your choice. You told that the guys at your work made you angry because they said I just wanted your money. You must say they were wrong. Thank you that you dont doubt in me. Greg, I love you very much. We will be happy together. We have to do last step. Please, do something. If you really love me send money and I come. If you doubt in me, just tell me. I will return your money to you. If the only reason for your doubt is money than it is not worth to worry. I will return all money as soon as you want. But I am afraid that they will not return money for visa. Make your choice. Please. I hope it will be for me. Not for these guys. I love you, and I want to be with you. Tatiana. p.s. You asked me to to ask someone to take photo with me and with a sign saying "I LOVE YOU GREG". Sorry, I have no time to do it. You also asked for name of my company. Its called "Cruiz".Greg I am not playing games. I love you.

Hi, Greg. I love you. I have got money and already paid for all. Thank you. You see I am in hurry now, so my letter will be short. I have a train to Moscow in two hours. I must have time to go home to take my luggage. It is not large. Two suitcases: big and small. To be honest I am a little afraid to go to Moscow it is very large city. But I hope everything will be all right. You wanted to know what I will have on me. It wil be blue jeans and blue jacket. You will find me easily. And in any case dont forget a poster with my name. Thank you for advice of your mum. Say her hello. Well, I must go. I will write you as soon as I get to Moscow ans find there an Internet cafe. I love you and I will see you Wednesday! Bye now my love. Tatiana

Hi, my dear Greg. I love you. But I must say something important to you. You sent me money and I promised to come. I am sorry I cant come to you. I must confess that I lied to you. Please, dont do anything. Just read it and try to understand. Everything I said is the truth, but only two things I lied. I said that I was going to come. And I said that I have no any children. I have a son. You see, it is the most important thing in my life. I love him very much. He is 5 now. And he is very ill. All these money I tryed to get for him. He is a handicapped person from birth. He has weak heart and he needs to have an operation. At first everything was allright with his heart. But last year thing turned for the worse. Doctors said that he will die if he will not have this operation done. This operation is very expensive. You know that I am a teacher and I have no money to have this operation done. I worked very hard trying to get money. I was trying to work at three works. I couldnt do anything. I gave way to despair. Then I heard about Internet scam. I would never want to do this horrible thing. I hate myself for this. But I had to get money. I am very sorry. Please, forgive me if you can. I know you probably dont believe me. I will be damned for it. I know I hurted you very much, but please, try to understand me. I am not going to justify what I have done. There is no justification or it. I was trying to ask people for help they were deaf to me. Only one woman from Germany helped to me. She sent 100 USD. But it was not enough. I will never do it again. I promised it to my self. It is better to be a prostitute. This way you will not have to lie. I know you probably want to punish me. I am ready. You can bring an action against me. Well, you will be right. I know I have done the worse thing and I am ready to be punished. I am ready to go to prison. But my son will stay to live. And he will be grateful to me that I have saved his life. Please, dont write me any more. I cant read anything from you. If you want to shame me, dont do it. I am already shamed myself. Goodbye. I cant write any more. I cry. Greg, I am very sorry. Yours Tatiana
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