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Elena Moroz
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Elena Moroz (Minsk, Belarus) My name is Skip and I am from L.A., California. I started to correspond with Elena, mid December of 2001. I found her on the "lovechaser.com website #6334, but later found her on Americansingles.com.We wrote back and forth some 20 or 30 letters before it abruptly ended in mid March of 2002. Elena seemed very sincere from the beginning. Over a period of time Elena hinted at needing money to come visit me in America. She insisted she come here and for me not not to go to Minsk. She would not give me her last name or address for a really long time even though I asked her for them several times. I had a private investigator look for Elena Moroz and he could not find her anywhere. Her address is non-existent. Elena is so good at her deception, she would spend the money on long distance phone calls. I suppose this would be considered to be a small investment compared to the $2078 she tried to get me to send her and her "travel agent friend" for tickets, a $600 visa that are actually issued for free from the US Embassy to Belarussians. (there is a only $45 application fee). When she finally realized that I would never send her money but would only buy her an unrefundable electronic airline ticket, and that she wouldnt get a dime from me at least until she got to the States, she finally gave up. She had to be very vicious about it though by ending with the most incredible love letter full of beautiful promises she never intended to keep. But, I got the last laugh because I never spent a dime on her! My first doubts about her came on December 30 after I had offered to buy her an airline ticket to come visit me. At the time, I did not realize that it is practically impossible for a lady from her country to get a tourist visa to come to America. Here is her response to my suggestion: I responded back with: Then on January 6 she wrote: On January 7, I wrote: On January 12 she ignores my statement about the difficulty of getting her a visa. Her response was: On January 12, I sent her this letter. Note that I have asked for her street address and her last nameOn January 24, I finally received a response to my last letter. She told me the cost of the computer time at the internet cafe as being $50 per month. This I think is a little high since she doesnt need to use a translation service. Also, She is now trying to call me on the telephone. This is very convincing that she must be serious. But is was all just a small investment for her because she wants me to send her a very large amount of money for the Travel Agency and airline ticket. This will become obvious in a few more letters. She did not give me her last name and address after my request in the last letter. There was a 12 day delay between our letters. Here is some of my response to her letter: On Jan 30, her response was: I sent her the following response on Jan 30. I have asked her again for her last name and address (Here, I cut and pasted data from the US Embassy in Minsk for visa applications.) (Here is the part in the letter about her name and address:) I sent her another letter on Feb 2 again asking for her name and address. She had also stated that she would call me that weekend and she didnt. On Feb 7, I finally get her to give me her last name and address. But there seems to be a warning not to use them. She also said she would call every day, (which I thought was ridiculous) Here is what she wrote: On Feb 12th she has started to hint about getting money from me again. She is also lying to me about flower delivery in Belarus so that I wont send flowers to her false address. Heres the letter: On Feb 12th, I responded to her letter and here are some excerpts. By this time I have a pretty good idea that she is just trying to scam money from me. You can see how I am making it impossible for her to get my money. Also on Feb 12th, I confronted her on her recently updated page on her dating agency website: Feb 16th: the next bunch of lies about getting the visa to come to America and also the futile excuse about the webpage. She didnt even address the fact that she had recently updated it. Feb 18th, I sent the following: Feb 22, this is her response: Feb 28th, Elena is sending me the cost of her trip according to her travel agent friend. They want to charge $600 for a visa which the US Embassy issues for free. There is only a $45 application fee. The airline ticket bounces her all over Europe before arriving in the US, at a very high fee. Here is what she said: My response on Feb 28 is as follows: Her response was very interesting, but she had no intention of buying her own ticket as she has no money. In the next letter or two, Elena and I discuss my coming to Minsk. she tries to convince me that it is too dangerous for Americans. But I try to put her mind at ease. At this point, I almost believe that I have misjudged her and she is really not trying to scam me for money. Here is her response on March 8th: (Is this the most insane thing you have ever read? What a flip-flop!!!!) I was in shock, to say the least. I responded to each of these accusations and referred her to her earlier letters. March 10th, I tell Elena that I will now help her get a private visa by writing her a formal invitation. Here are some excerpts: Obviously not because she now understands that she is not going to get any money from me. So what will she do? She writes the most beautiful letter to she has ever written. But then I never hear from her again. It is her attempt to hurt me emotionally and I have to admit, I was sorry to see it end. I suppose I was hoping that I was completely wrong about her. But I was always smart enough to never send her any money. Heres a copy of the entire letter, dated March 10th.Aint Love Grand? Watch out for this one as she is very devious and will work her game for several months. Skip in L.A., CA. trapezium@earthlink.net

I like your idea, skip, to come to visit you in your country, but I havent got very much money maybe Ill need some help. Can you help me with the money for my trip?

Elena, I think if you will read my last letter to you, I said that I would buy you an airline ticket to come visit me. So do not worry about the money. All you have to do is get your visa and get on the airplane and soon, you will be by my side. You will need to get a passport and I want you to ask the American consulate what you need to get a tourist visa. I dont know if you need a special invitation from me. Please find this out and then let me know when you would like to come and for how long you would like to stay.

What do you think if Ill come to your country to visit you for some time? Will you be able to help me with some money if I need any?

Yes, I would love to have you come to see me in California! I would buy your airline ticket and you would not need much during your visit. But, Elena, I have been told that it is almost impossible to get you a tourist visa. But, I do not listen to others and give up so easily. I will ask the government what is required to have you come for your visit. If it is impossible for you to get a tourist visa, then I will just come to visit you. Would you like that?

Hi, dear Skip! Its really nice to hear from you. Youre always on my mind, and I think of us very often. Id also like to meet with you very soon, but I think well have to be patient, as it really needs time to arrange everything, to get the visa. I know that its quite possible to get a tourist visa here to USA. But this all needs time and surely money. What do you think, how much money shall I have to be enough for my visit to you? Maybe, I havent got such amount of money? But Id like to meet with you very much; Im waiting for our meeting and thinking of it constantly.

Hello Dear Elena! I have been waiting so impatiently for your letter and I was sitting at the computer when it finally came. You can imagine how excited I was to receive it! I have heard that it is very difficult to a woman in Ukraine to get a tourist visa to the USA but maybe I have been given the wrong information. If you think that you can get one, that that would be wonderful. I could write a letter to you to give to the American Consulate in Minsk, requesting them to issue you the visa to come visit me. I think that may help you in getting this visa. As far as any expenses for this, I will pay for anything you need. You just need to let me know how much and where to send it. I will also pay for your round trip airfare. I will buy the ticket and you will just need to pick it up at the airport before the flight. I have the money for the airfare saved already. But, Elena, I would want you to fly from Kiev instead of Minsk. The reason for this is that the cost to fly from Minsk is more than twice as much as is the cost to fly from Kiev. I have heard that you can take a bus from Minsk to Kiev for $20.00. You will not need much money when you come to visit me. Only what you want to buy any souvenirs and whatever you are comfortable with bringing. You can stay at my home and I will sleep on the couch in the living room and you can sleep in my bedroom. Would this be acceptable for you? However, if it turns out that it is too difficult for you to come to America, I will come to visit you instead. I would love to see you country very much so this is not a problem and it will be so very easy to do. I just will need to renew my passport and get visas for Minsk and Kiev. I would like you to send me your address to your home and if you have a telephone, I would like that also. Elena, I dont even know your last name! Can you tell me what it is?"

.......I dont want it to take 2 months before you can get the visa. So I came up with a wonderful idea. I will call the embassy and find out what they think of my idea. Here it is! I will mail you a letter with my formal invitation for you to get a guest visa to come visit me. But, I will also send a certified letter to the US Embassy in Minsk with the same invitation. It will have your name and address. I will include a copy of my birth certificate to prove that I am a US citizen. I will also get the invitation notarized. Everything will be very legal and hopefully, they will speed up the process of issuing you your visa. What do you think of this idea, Elena? Now, just in case you still cant get a visa, I will just have to come to visit you in Minsk. Would this be OK with you?............

..........I think Id like to come to visit you first and then if things will work out for us and we decide to be together, well return together to Minsk and Ill take you to my mother. But first Id like to come to your country and to see your life there.

..........I really like it very much that you want to come visit me. I would love that very much. I have been doing a lot of research about this possibility and I am finding that there may be difficulties. In general, it is hard to get a visa to come to America because of the terrorist attack last September. I know that the US Embassies in all countries are very cautious about issuing visas unless they are sure that the applicant will definitely want to only visit and not try to stay. I have also heard that if someone gets turned down for a visa, then later, when they apply for the fianc? visa, they may get rejected or they may have to wait 6 months or a year. But Sweetheart, I dont know if this is true or not. I think we should speak to the US Consulate there in Minsk and tell them what we want to do. If we are completely open with them, they may be impressed and will then be helpful. In my last big letter, I also mentioned that I should write you a formal invitation to come for your visit. I will include proof that I am a U.S. citizen as this seems to be their worry. I would send them a copy of my birth certificate and the invitation will be sent to them certified and notarized so they will know that it is real. I will also send you this same invitation so they will know that you are truly the one I am inviting............................ Elena, here is something I found at the website for the U.S. Embassy in Minsk. This is information that you will need to be familiar with I think with this information and my invitation, you probably will not have any difficulty in obtaining a visa. Let me know if you need any help with the cost of the fees.Here is the data from the website:

You know Sweetheart, I too have been a little frustrated about getting you to tell me your last name and for you to give me your address. I will need them for your invitation and for something else that I have dreamed up for you. (smile!!!) So I would like you to give me this information in your next letter. Please?????

Hi, Skip! Its nice to hear from you. Dont be afraid I got two letters of yours. You know, Im very sorry for havent phoned you this weekend. You know I had some problems at work and had to work extra time this weekend. And, as I have to go to the Internet caf? to communicate with you. I couldnt get there quickly and let you know about everything. So, Im very, very sorry for this. But now as I can call you every day Ill try to phone you as soon as possible. If it depends only on me, Id have called you long ago, but the circumstances are against me, and I so much want to hear your voice. And no, dont doubt Im not punishing you at all. That wasnt even on my mind! Im not so mean as you think me to be. What concerns flowers on St. Valentines Day, I must confess, that there are many problems with some flowers. There will be more problems than pleasure from getting them (if I get them at last, of course). So, I think a postcard would be quite enough. So, please, excuse me for this weekend, skip dear, but as you see I had a serious excuse. Take care. Hope to hear from you soon. Im thinking about you even when Im asleep. With best regards and lots of hugs and kisses for you. Always yours, Elena. My address: Belarus Minsk 220050 Scorina Avenue 10 Elena Moroz My best wishes and kisses for you dear.

Hi, Skip! Its nice to hear from you. I agree that we have a lot to discuss in our letters, and first of all the details of my trip. But I cant write to you every day, as you know I havent got a computer at home, and the Internet caf? is so far away from my home and job. It takes me a lot of time to get there. And sometimes Im so tired after work or simply have no opportunity to get there. I think Ive already described this situation to you. Of course, that would be very nice to communicate with you every day, but its impossible. About flowers. You know therere a lot of delivering companies in Europe and in your country, and it all doesnt work in our country. There are no such companies here, so its impossible to get flowers or anything else. Do you understand now?... My job is a job of a dentist. Yes, surely Id like to meet with you as soon as possible. Id like to see your face, to look into your eyes, to talk to you in person. Maybe Ill be able for a week or two, it depends on the Visa. Im going to get a tourist visa and I dont need an invitation about the hotels there. I think you neednt get a visa to Minsk yet. Well be able to return to Minsk together after my visit to you. SO, you still have some time to think if youre quite serious about your intentions. Besides, there can be some problems with money for me. Can you look on the Intern whats the price of a return airline ticket to your place? I dont know if I have enough money? Help me, please; I want to see you so badly, that Im eager to do everything possible to make this dream come true. Hope to hear from you soon. Take care. With best regards. Lots of hugs and sweet kisses only for you. Your Elena.

I have already looked on the internet for the prices of tickets. The best way for you to come here or for me to go to Minsk is to fly out of Kiev. I know that it is only a $20.00 bus ride from Minsk to Kiev. The tickets in Kiev to Los Angeles, round trip, fluctuates between $600 and $800. But the price to fly from Minsk is around $3000. So, it would be better to sit on a bus and save so very much money that could be used for other things for us. Sweetheart, you dont need to worry about the cost of the tickets. I can buy them on the internet and then all you have to do is to pick them up at the airport at the time of your flight. They will be in your name so you just need to give them your identification. You should call ahead to confirm that they have them though. Just to make sure there are no problems. Now I must tell you, these tickets will be non-refundable so you must fly at the time on the tickets.

Elena, I have something of great concern that I wan to mention to you again. It is something that I discovered just recently. I was going to the several internet dating agency sites to remove or suspend my profile. I am doing this because I am not interested in hearing from other ladies. I only am interested in you. anyway, I did, out of curiosity go to your web page and I saw that your photo and profile are still there. This didnt bother me too much because I thought you might have just forgotten about it. But then I noticed that it had been updated as recently as January 27th, 2002. Now I am very concerned that you really arent serious about me. That you are still looking aggressively for other men. I know we arent engaged or anything yet. But if we are far enough along in our relationship where I will be flying you half way around the world, I would expect you to suspend your search until we know if we are to be together. I would really like to hear what you think about this, Elena. You also did not respond to what I said about the delivery of flowers. Is there something going on that I should know about? I wait impatiently for your response. With all my love, Your Skip

Hi dear Skip! Thanks for your letters again. I enjoy hearing from you, but I think wed better talk in person instead of communication in letters only. But its a bit of a difficulty now and we should be patient. What concerns the tickets? You cant send me tickets, because here a travel agency is buying tickets, paying and organizing the visa itself. Do you understand? They wont give me any tourist visa without purchasing the tickets for me; its impossible they say. I dont know is it true or not, but its exactly what they say about it. They say they should be absolutely sure about my getting there and coming back and they should hand me the tickets them selves. I do feel very serious about you, otherwise I wont waste my and your time, believe me. Im not looking for often men. I just lost my code and cant remove my profile and photo from the web site. I just dont remember the code. And you know Im also very concerned about you not believing me. I really dont like it at all. Sincerely yours, Elena.

..............I dont understand this problem with the tickets. I am very skeptical about this travel agency. All you have to do is to go to the American Consulate in Minsk and request a tourist visa. There is a small fee to pay. You just need to show them that you are a dentist and that you have a practice to come back to. I can purchase you an airline ticket very easily and you just would need to pick it up at the airport. If this travel agency says you cant do this, then they are trying to make money from us when we dont need them. I think they are trying to take advantage of us thinking that we are stupid.

Good morning, my love Skip , I was just re-reading your letter again and I wanted to tell you how Happy you make me! I love the thought of living with you every day. I want you to be my husband! I want to see your face each morning, work and play with you every day, and hold you so close to me every night as we go to bed. Well talk about our day and our lives and make to each other the way people do when they are fully in love, my love, my mind is saturated with thoughts and dreams of you, my dear Skip . Ive found out the cost of my trip to you, we discussed the date of my coming, but whats now? You dont want me to come to you?? I know, its because of money?? Yes I realize, that its very expensive and its not easy for you to pay such money for a woman you have never met in real life, but you know Im very sincere?? and I truly want you, I truly love you and I did the my photo for you! Its such special feeling that I have towards you?? You are the man of my dream, who has become the love of my life. Please, dont laugh at me, but its true??I want to talk to you in real life, to hear your voice every day every night and also, to discuss our future together. I never want to lose you. You are a special and very important part of my life. I feel a desire to be near you, to take care of you, comfort when you feel bad, and to enjoy this life together with you when everything is good. I want to start a strong and happy family together with you. I want to be only yours and you to be only mine. Maybe too many "wants" of me, my dear? Tell me, what it is that you would like for us. I am waiting for your reply, dear Skip . Kiss you. Yours forever Elena.

......You know my love, Skip Id love, Id like to talk not only about our feelings, but about our plans over the phone, because I wont be able to talk for a long, its very expensive here, so, please, be ready to discuss the most important points of our meeting. And I want to warm you that itll be very expensive for me to come to you and I dont want it to be a surprise for you??.This is information that Ive found out I need to get a Visa. B2 Visitor Visa Used for foreign individuals that want to visit the U.S. temporarily for tourism. Tourist visa for 3 months. The law of the republic of Belarus let unmarried lady younger 45 leave the country only with tourist visa. The price of it is 600$ USA. Medical insurance is 85$ USA. All the documents and certificates (connected with the immigration), which required after coming to the USA. The needed documents cost 200$ USA. Passport -100$ USA. I have to back tickets to the both ends. (Its the most important point in getting visa with the departure and arrival dates. This is information I and my travel agent found in the Internet: expediadotcom/pub/agent.dll?tovr=2001101604 Total price for this trip: $2,078.30 Here is a detailed description of the flight(s) you selected, along with any rules and restrictions that apply

...........I told you that I would pay for your ticket. so you dont need to do that. I will buy it on the internet and have it so that you can pick it up at the airport when you are ready to make your trip to America. As I said before, it will be a non-refundable ticket. So you must come on the date the ticket is written for or I will lose a lot of money. The next thing is that I want you to fly from the airport in Kiev, Ukraine. It is only about a $20 bus ride from Minsk to Kiev. The reason for this is that the cost of the ticket in Kiev is about $750 while the cost of the ticket in Minsk is 2 or 3 times more money. The airport in California that you want is in Los Angeles. The airport code is: "LAX" You can find the prices of the flights on the internet by going to: .................

Hi dear Skip, Its nice to hear from you. Ok. Ive thoughts a bit and I decided not to go to the travel agency. I decided to buy a return ticket myself and go to the embassy myself, and take a B2 visa. What do you think of that? Do you trust me? J Ok. Hope to hear from you soon. Take care. With love lots of hugs and kisses for you. Yours, Elena.

Hi Skip! You know youve understood me wrong. I havent quit the idea of coming to you on a V2 visa. Its the best variant for me still. And I dont know what are you afraid of? You seem to be afraid of my visit to you. Maybe youve married there and thats why you dont want me to come to you? I started thinking so, after your strange behaviors. You promised me to send money for the telephone call and no money, no result at all. I start to doubt in your honesty and sincerity. I dont think Americans are stupid or arrogant. Besides your visit here is impossible how can I introduce you to my mother? What should I say to her?.........Then you dont love me at all, because you dont care about me, you do care only about you. Besides, why do you have any other woman or girl there? Please, explain everything to me. Because after all our discussions. I start losing my patience. You seem not to hear me at all. You hear only yourself and you cant discuss anything because you dont listen to my words, you think youve always right and Im always wrong. Ok. Hope to hear from you soon. Take care. I still love you. Lots of hugs and million of kisses only to you. Still yours, Elena.

So here is what I am going to do. Tonight I am going to call the U.S. Embassy in Minsk. I am going to ask them what we need to do to get them to issue you a private visa. This is different from a tourist visa. This will require me to give you a formal invitation for you to come to America to be with me. I think that if I send them a notarized formal letter with your name and address, along with the reason for your visit, and that I am accepting full financial responsibility for you, and that I will accept full responsibility to see that you return home at the proper time, they should give you the visa. I will also send you a copy of the formal invitation to take with you to the Embassy. I think this will give us a much better chance for you to get a visa. I have heard that only about 5% of the ladies your age are ever issued a tourist visa to come to America. This has been the reason of my reluctance about your visit ever since you first said you wanted to come here. I was never thinking of myself, Elena. I was always thinking of us and our future together. You must also know that you will have to fly to America from Kiev, not Minsk. I have told you this before but you never responded to this statement. I have heard that it is very inexpensive to travel from Minsk to Kiev by bus. I think the ticket is only about $20.00. But you will need to check on this. Now, we have much to do to make all of this happen as quickly as possible. Are you very positive that this is what you want to do?

My dear, hello Skip!!! I am so sad I wasnt able to reach you over the phone. I had a little problem at the post office when I tried to order a collect call. Our operator didnt understand my request. But Ill try to call you next week. I cant say beforehand when Ill call you?? Let it be a surprise. I want to spend my life with you Skip. I want to spend my life with you?? I want you to be my man I look at every night and every morning until my final breath?? And when we are both old and bent and our hair is gray, people will admire us because we have lived together and loved together for so long. Your words humble me so ?? my gentle heart?? We have chemistry - our very first touch is going to be a spark, a flash of lightning that sets us on fire. The heat will melt ice to water, and boil water to steam - but we will only burn for each other, a blaze of desire so bright that it will dazzle everyone around us. We will burn like two stars, orbiting each other, locked forever in an embrace so strong that the rest of the universe can only look at marvel and us?? You make me smile, my dear, Skip and in smiling, dream?? and then in dreaming, smile again. I admire you & want you, my love. You have taught me how powerful love is, my darling. I cannot sleep at night without saying your name. I drift along in a sea of my love for you Skip, carried by waves of longing, washed up on your shores, warmed by the light that radiates from your heart?? Yours, Elena.
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