Natalia Sergeevna (Ulyanovsk, Russia) from Ulyanovsk a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Natalia Sergeevna (Ulyanovsk, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Natalia Sergeevna (Ulyanovsk, Russia)`s photo russian dating scammer Natalia Sergeevna (Ulyanovsk, Russia)`s photo
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Natalia Sergeevna (Ulyanovsk, Russia)
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Natalia Sergeevna (Ulyanovsk, Russia) handle: nata4you ( email address: nataforyou@fromru.comI am a 44 year divorced, white American. I originally corresponded to Natasha, aka Natalia, through We corresponded for about one month. I enjoyed her letters, she painted the picture that she was a poor Russian girl still living with her parents in a 2 bedroom apartment coz she couldnt afford to live by herself. They did not have a telephone so I could never call her. She really does not come out and say that she needs money. She lets the person being scammed volunteer it which is why I trusted her.I eventually suggested to go over to her city to meet her and her parents and she talked me out of it by saying that she has heard that some American guys that have come over to see their Russian girls never made it to their destination, insinuating that it was a dangerous place and that she would never forgive herself if something ever happened to me. So, she suggested that since she has never been abroad before that she would love to come over to the US to visit me. I asked how much this would cost and she told me $400 for the VISA and Passport and $1300 for a round trip ticket through this travel agency that was in her city. I tried to find out whether the travel agency takes credit cards and she said no. Then she suggested that she had seen a commercial on TV about sending money thru Western Union. So I sent her the money thru Western Union. After she got the money I did not here from here for several days. I kept sending her emails and then she finally responded with 1 line responses not being very friendly anymore and very standoffish. This is when I started looking for scamming information and found this website. When I read the section on "Dating Scams" the "Scam Patterns" were very similar to what I had just experienced. So I sent her an email asking her if she was scamming me and she never responded.I also, set up another profile on as a different user and started to correspond to her again and guess what, she responded with the identical pictures and introductory email as my initial correspondence. Busted!!! But too late for me!I informed and they told me to file an internet fraud complaint with the FBI, they were not very helpful.Harold hgendreau@mindspring.comLetter - This is the first letter....Letter - This is the letter where she discourages me to come see her..Letter - This is the letter where she indicates the requirements for traveling...Letter - This is where she asks for the money...
Hello my brightest star! How are you doing today? I do hope all is great! Darling, when I was laying on the bed this night and trying to fall asleep, I felt so lonely as Ive never felt before. I embraced the pillow and cried because I needed you so much! I needed you to stroke my hair, and tell me "oh baby, I love you, I love you so much, Im here with you, honey, and itll be so always. Come on, babe, see... Im here, sitting by you, hugging you and we are not apart, we are together, sweetie, I wont leave you, dont cry... I do love you!..." And I laid so for almost all the night and when I fell asleep at last, I woke up many time because Ive seen nightmares and there werent you near me to calm me down or just to press myself to you when you are sleeping beside, to feel your warm and feel so good because you can give me all the calmness of the world... I love you my only one and Ill love you for eternity... Honey, may be its funny and weird, but its the paradox of Russia, when people can live on such small salaries when their expenses are larger than their income. And at this time, they dont borrow the money from anybody. I cant explain this straight, because people here themselves dont understand this. :-) Oh, by the way, I told you about the salary in USD, its about 1500 rubles. The cost at the agency for my documents is 400 USD and about 1300 USD for the round trip tickets (the price for it depends on what airport Ill fly to and what date I want to fly on). Please, tell me the nearest airport from you. They will do for me the travel visa (form B-2) for 6 months, but you know, I can stay with you for all my life, if we get married and fill some forms at the Embassy. Regarding the situation with my friend who left Russia for the US, she also got the travel visa. I dont know at what agency she has done her documents and I cant ask her now because shes in France now, having their honey month, so she havent been writing me for a while and I dont know when I can receive her letter because they were going to stay in Paris for a half of the year, because her husband was offered by work there. But I know some people who used the help of this agency and were successful, so I trust them. Harold, Ill try to call you tomorrow, please, write me your phone number. May be I could borrow the money for the call from my parents, but I wont have much time to talk :-(( Honey, thank you for your suggestion for help, but I know that the system with checks doesnt work here. Dont forget, Russia is backward poor country :-)) I have seen TV advertisement about Western Union... I dont know what it is exactly, but they said that its the best way to transfer the money all over the world, may be we could use it? Id like to talk to you in messenger one day, but I dont want to bother my friend much, so I cant talk long and often, may be once or twice a week, is it ok? I would be happy to see you and hear your voice! My friend doesnt have the camera, but she does have the mic (hmmm... sometimes it works very bad, but I hope all will be well) Darling, you are always in my heart and in my mind... I love you madly, deeply, sincerely, truly, dearly.... With all my heart and soul Natasha

Hello Harold, Thank you for your letter and your picture... You look really nice! My dear, please, tell me about your favorite things: color, flavor, flower, movie, season, book, sport, hobby, music, weather, type of woman etc. Im interested to know more about your work and everyday life... Please, tell me what do you expect from relations between two people? And if its no secret, Id like to know smth about your experience in the serious relationship. My favorite writers are Russian classics such as L.Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. I also like Ernest Hemingway and Oscar Wild. I do love to read Arthur Rembaud, Paul Verlen, W. Shakespeare and Byron. I like to read some modern russian writers as Victor Pelevin. And Im fond of Carlos Kastanyeda, Stephen King, Mark Twein etc... My favorite color is red, flower is daffodil, season is spring, time is night and evening, movie is "The Story Of Us"... My favourite food is fruit and smth sweet (scherbet, chak-chak, kazinaki, do you know what it is?) I like Russian food such as pelmeni and borsch, I do love shashlic... Also I like Mexican and Indian food... I like to cook smth unusual, especially if I cook for smb special... It could be great if this special man is the man whom Im writing this letter. My family isnt large, my parents and me. I live with them in two-rooms apartment. My mother is the most beautiful woman for me (and for my dad, of course :-)) She so kind, careful, understanding, loving and wise person! And my dad is very interesting, intelligent man. He is philosopher inside. He read a lot and think about the world a lot... My parents are the best advisers for me, its strange but they never make mistakes in their advises. I love them most of smb else... Well, its hard to tell what I really expect from the serious relations, from the marriage. It depends on the man with whom I build the relations. I want to be loved, respected, trusted... And I want the understanding firstly. I want to feel that this man is the part of me who can understand me as deeply as I can understand myself or I suppose much more deeply... Im in need of trust. I was scammed so much times so I hardly can trust people. But I want to trust them! And I need to be proved and if the man could prove that I really can trust him Ill believe him for all my life and nothing could break my trust in such man. My dream is simple enough. I want to meet that one who will love me. I want to marry, create a family and born children. I want to spend with my future husband all my life. Only I need is to be with the man who will love me, trust me, understand me. I want to share with him all my life, all my dreams and feelings. Well, I better go now. Im thinking of you and waiting for your letter impatiently. Bye for now! Best regards, Natasha

Darling, I do want to meet you! I live in 700 miles from Moscow to south east and you can go here by train. I dont know how about the plain from Moscow to Ulyanovsk... May be itll cost about $100... I dont know exactly. Honey, are you sure, you want to come here? I do want to meet you but Im a little worried that you wont feel comfortable here. I heard that there are many foreigners who came to Russia to see their women and they were stolen or even killed by some bastards. If something happens to you here, I wont forget myself. And you know I have never been abroad and it could be the best adventure for me to see how you live there, what is around you, what you see every day. I do want to know your reality to know and understand you better. My visa is invalid now, so if you decide to go here, we have to wait while my visa will be done....May and June is great, but may we meet earlier? What do you think? Honey, Im really crazy about you! I want to be with you for all my life and to give you all I have... Harold, you are so wonderful, thank you for being with me, for your care and love, for all you are giving me. I better go for now... I do love you, my Sun, I love you from the bottom of my heart... Your Natasha

Hello my Prince! Thank you for your wonderful words, oh gosh, if you could know how much I wanna be with you. Its the true happiness to sit by you and to hold your hand. My hearts crying when I think about my inability to do it now. You face near mine, your eyes looking into mine, your lips tenderly touching mine... Im getting crazy because I know that I wake up tomorrow morning and you wont be there with me. Its slowly killing me every morning when I open my eyes and every evening when I close them, every day when I know that Ill come home and you wont say hi Hon and kiss me. Darling, sometimes I think that the love is only for very strong people who can pass through all challenges and wont give up in the fight for the happiness. And I want to prove you that Im worth of your love, and our patience is worth of our future. Ill love you for all my life even if you tell me that you dont wanna be with me any more because nobody was able to give my soul this magic you are giving me. Im walking along the streets and I see your face in the crowd, I close my eyes and I see our date, when you are coming to me, lightning from deep inside by tenderness, care and love. My star, please, take my love just because its all I have... I want to sit by the computer all days long telling you how i feel because there is so much inside of me for you. But I have to go now, to go back in the reality where theres no you, theres no us together. Im afraid to go there because its so painful to have no chance just to touch your face and say these magical three words. I love you................................. Darling, I asked about the trip in the travel agencies and what a surprise! I met at the one of them my old friend, we havent met for a very long time and now hes working at the travel agency as a lawyer. And he said that if I want to come to you, I have to make the visa and passport and to make it I have to get the medical certificate. And they can do the visa and passport for me just in a month! Can you imagine! So soon... They have right lines with the Embassy, thats why its so quick. And I also found out that its only one agency which can make visa. My friend also told me that I have to buy the round trip tickets and visa at once at their agency. I dont know why I have to do it but in the other case they wont do my visa and passport. Please, tell me what do you think about it. With all my heart Your NatashaPS my address is Russia, Ulyanovsk, Zapadnii bulvar, 73-12 and I dont have the phone at home :-((( but may be we could talk in yahoo messenger? My id is natarus2002 and my friend has the mic, so its able for us to hear each other voice... I do want to hear you!!
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