Ludmila Borisenko (Kiev,Ukraine) from Kiev, Ukraine a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Ludmila Borisenko (Kiev,Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Ludmila Borisenko (Kiev,Ukraine)`s photo russian dating scammer Ludmila Borisenko (Kiev,Ukraine)`s photo
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Ludmila Borisenko (Kiev,Ukraine)
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Kiev, Ukraine
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Ludmila Borisenko (Kiev,Ukraine) Ludmila Borisenko of Kiev, Ukraine has scammed me since November 5th 2001. Her known address is U.L.Yaroslava Mudrogo 5/13 Flat3 Belaya Tserkov Ukraine 2456400. My name is Daniel I am a 43 y/o white male residing in Florida U.S.A. She wrote to me from friendfinder using the nickname "Middle 555" giving me her e-mail address as sent her $250.00 in gift cheques from postal service on December 24,2001.In addition I sent her a 10k gold necklace $100.00 value and $60.00 in American dollars on January 8th,2002 via Federal Express for her birthday and lastly on March 20th I sent her $800.00 in cash via Western Union I have the Money Transfer control number as well. Im enclosing photos she sent me and would love to have the address of the Russian Embassy in the U.S.A. It is still going on the contact with Ludmila which has been in the making for 6 months now. As of today I saw her name in your blacklist she was on it January 31,2002 with different photos but the letters were the same exact wordings she sent me. On Page63 January 3, 2002 notice the Ludmila photos they are different than mine. Mine are the Yulya Borisovna photos on page 63. I discovered today on page78 March 15th ,2002 Julia Shirokava from Kremenchug, Ukraine is the same person as Ludmila Borisenko from the photos and to top it off look at her address it is the same as Yulya Borisovna on Jan 31,2002 which had the photos of the Ludmila Im in contact with. All 3 women are the same only flopping photos and addresses Regards, Dan My e-mail address is dano927@bellsouth.netInitial LetterLetterLetterLetter
My dearest Dan! Today I went to the bank and changed the cheques with no problem. It is very pleasant to feel your care to me. I forgot about the problems for a while and I thought only about you. When I came back home, I bought flowers for me from you and imagined as they are presented by you. I wonder, how flower make the mood better. Thank you that you exist in this world and thanks to God that I met you. I also bought a big cake for 1,5 kg and a bottle of Sprite. Tomorrow will be my birthday and Ill do a small holiday for myself. Perhaps Ill invite two or three girl friends not to feel lonely and well cook something delicious. I also called to parents today and said that they shouldnt worry about me and I have money right now. My mum asked to thank you from her, she is happy that I have someone who takes care about me. Though I feel not very comfortable in this situation, I would like to take care of me by myself. As I always did it. But I love you and I cant refuse your care and I am not in that situation now to be independent. Actually all women are weak and want they were loved and spoiled. I must be also only a weak women. What would I do without you! I cant even imagine. I know that Valentines Day is the day of people who are in love and this day i would like to spend with you. It would be very pleasant to wake up with you this day and give kisses, smiles and gifts to each other. During this day lover present small heart (called Valentines) to each other. It must be very pleasant. I believe as you do my love. That we will meet and be very happy together. Well be in love from the moment we meet. A love that will be so real so pure and ever lasting. It will be strong when we meet and will be inseparable once we do. My heart has grown from meeting you and getting to know you. My mind wants to be one with you as does my body and soul. My best and warmest regards and thanks you. Always your, Ludmila.

Hello, Mysterious Knight! I;ve read your ad and said to myself why not to write to this nice man though, speaking frankly, it feels a bit scary. Maybe you are the right one I have thought about so long? My name is Ludmila. I live in a beautiful city of Kiev (Ukraine). Have you heard of it? The life seems to be wonderful, but unfortunately there is no that only man in my life yet. You know it is difficult to write about myself straight away to someone whom you haven’t seen, but I’ll try my best to. I’m 28 years old. I work as an office manager in a not large company. My job gives me a lot of pleasure, mostly because I see many different people. So it enables me to feel that I may help someone and they need it, to feel the necessity and importance of myself. I love communicating with people, to get to know them, to try to take in and to make the way to them. It is pleasant to give positive mood and present them with a smile. And I like to see people smiling back at me. There are many beautiful old parks in our city. I’m fond of trips and walking in woods thinking about something good. Like many women in my country I like cooking. I don’t know whether you tasted something from our national dishes. For example Ukrainian borsch, it’s really tasty. I’m sure you’d like it. I have many friends and I enjoy the time in their company but all of them are married . They have their families, children. I am envious of their happiness, glad for them and at the same time I’m sad and feel emptiness in my heart as there is no loving person beside me. And I want to love and to be loved so much! My dream is to find a special person , to care for him, to create my OWN family, to have children and to enjoy the life fully. Ludmila. P.S. Send me, please, the letter to this address: I’ll send you my photo in the next letter. Don’t pay attention to the data of my profile. They are meaningless set of words used only to sign in. I am not ready to place my real personal information for everybody’s survey.

Thank you very much my loving Dan, yesterday I received money you sent to me. I am very grateful to you for the help. I bought some food and paid for the apartment. That is all thanks to you. It is so pleasant to feel your care and love. The only thing that makes me sad that you are far yet and there is no way to get closer to you. I am sure that I would have no problems with you and it will be so when we will be together. Do you like sea food? I would so love to prepare shrimp and scallops severed over pasta for you one evening. That will be a beautiful evening for we will enjoy being together, listening to jazz and holding each other close. I so enjoy the thought of us being together, our arms around each other deeply looking into each others eyes and sharing the warmth and feeling of the moment. You are in my mind when I get up and say good morning to you my love, you are in my mind when I make coffe for breakfast and feel pity as I am to drink it alon. There is one more thing I wanted to say. I truly felt the purity of your love and thoughts, I love how you are able to express your deepest feelings about loving me and I know that will be reflected in your actions. I realize that when we make love it will be a beautiful heartfelt expression of how deeply we love each other. It is what I have dreamed of all my life. Being able to become one with the man that I love in this very sacred and intimate act. I know it will be the most beautiful experience two people can share. It will be true lovemaking at a spiritual level. I want to surrender to all your love and give you the deepest part of my soul in every way. This is not something that happens overnight, it takes time and patience. It takes trust and vulnerability and complete emotional surrender. It is definitely something that you and I will have in our relationship. I want so much to see you, to hold you, to be next to you. I need to hold you and love you in person. I want to see your eyes. To know your touch, to feel your heart beating next to mine. I want to hear your voice say my name and whisper in my ear. You are a remarkable man with a unique charm and power over me. I have never felt this much love before. I want to totally know your love and affection. To know your inter most feelings. I want to share your inter-most Love. I want to be completely taken in by your love for me. I am waiting for your next letter. I miss you and LOVE YOU WIT ALL MY HEART. Take care my precious Dan. Sending my LOVE and KISSES to YOU, along with my warm body to be next to you. YOUR LUDMILA.

Hi my loving Dan! I want to thank you once more for the presents. They are dear to me because you chose it specially for me. I have already put on the chain with the cologne and definitely Ill wear it on my birthday. It means that your heart will be near me. In your other package nothing was stolen, as you have written there were 60$. Ill go to the other bank on Monday and try to give your cheques there. I hope you are right saying that everything will be all right with it. I have phoned all the phones you gave me but I was said there that they dont exchange cheques and it is possible to do it only in the banks. So Ill keep trying. I was very busy for a couple of days. All the days I was trying to find a job. There were several suggestions I picked up from a newspaper. I had some conversations during this time. One proposition was really interesting. The enterprise deals with book publishing. I have known much about their work. It is very difficult to publish something serious today. Most of the product that is postcards, stamps and other small items. From books they prefer to publish cheap novels which are the best for selling, as taxes are pretty high. Their editor is such a funny person that cant sit still even a minute. Talking to me he moved continually, his gestures were full of energy. What a nice person! Then I talked to the manager he said that he was satisfied with my skills, but the results will be known not earlier than in a month. When I was returning home after conversation I passed nursery school. That was the time when kids where playing in the yard. I stood for a while and watched them playing. I dreamed about our children we will have in the future. I imagined them in the yard near our house. Their friends came to play with them. Together they played with their toys, they were laughing and had fun. Marvelous picture for parents! I can understand how much a child means for a woman. Though I have never had a child I can imagine how it is to feel. To see a child that you carried inside happy and to make everything for his or her happiness. To see him smiling is the best present for a mother. I would be really glad to have children one day. What do you think about our children? I am so grateful to God that I have you in my life. That you exist and live on this planet. I cant wait for your letter. Please, write me soon. Yours forever, Ludmila.
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