Ekatrina Belousova (Chelyabinsk, Russia) from Chelyabinsk a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Ekatrina Belousova (Chelyabinsk, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Ekatrina Belousova (Chelyabinsk, Russia)
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Ekatrina Belousova (Chelyabinsk, Russia) is also Lubov Bazhenova of Orenburg Russia This is a warning that shes changed her name and is still doing same. I didnt lose anything but two-weeks time and the emotions. She sent me last email on: Tuesday, April 23, 2002 4:15 AM Asking for help in costs: " And full directions on how to send it, Attached photo of her in winter in Black coat with tiger stripes, hair done up like a crown.We had only sent a total of nine emails. She would send about 4 paragraphs, I sent sometimes a page. My reply to the money request was a list of 20 questions about our letters - she had said she constantly read over at night. She has not responded in two days. I would think shed say something if not a scam.The Sunday prior to her request I had talked with my sister & brother-in-law on why a 27 yr old girl in Russia would be head over heals for me, a 40 yr old, single guy in Ohio not making any big bucks. They said to check out web for Russian Bride Scams. I found the same photos shed sent me posted on blackpage61First contact from Elaterina came to my FriendFinder mailbox, said she liked my "Structure" and would like to know more. She sent it on Mar 26th 2002 but I didnt view it till about April 7th. Got curious and wrote. I told her about the dating & dancing in the States. Read her FriendFinder profile and said I liked a gal that admits she gets angry and not always "soft & fluffy". Appeared to be someone that had recovered from the hurt of a bad relationship. Said would like to find out about her and things in her country but wasnt looking for a bride. She seemed excited in response about having an American friend. This was the first contact she had got from her email request with the service of services was glad I hadnt disregarded her letter. Seemed that she was responding to questions Id asked. (One of first questions was what was her favorite Beatles tune - I still dont know... Ah Gril, Gril. ) Said was just ordinary 27-yr. Old Russian girl, gave her weight & height and talked of work as a Dance-Master at a childrens School. Seemed we were comparing our likes and dislikes in sports & music. She told how her children had won a city dance competitions that made her very proud.Was fun to get an email each day from the other side of the planet. She wrote back a mess of words - I laughed. Said she was using a translator program but could speak English and was learning more daily. Figured I could help correct English if she taught me some Russian. She sent a photo of her in black winter coat crouched near some rocks - looked rather young to me for 27.Letter Friday, April 19, 2002 4:44 AM(Photo of her at red brick coffee bar in green blouse & black leather jacket -nice with them green eyes)Ok, the rest of story: My letters were getting longer by the 4th but I told her not to fall for me. I was still going out to clubs and dancing but had her on mind at the nights end when left alone. Send her back her 2nd photo (standing on beach with black coat) with old photo of me with same length hair from 70s. By the 5th email Id been to the library to check out books and tapes on Russia. Id also surf for info about her area. I did link to a Russian Bride Scam site but didnt see her name and just read 1st page info - bookmarked. Her phases in English were still getting a chuckle from me "When to me was only 20 years, I actively was engaged in the pedestrian tourism by a camping. It was fine time when we gathered with friends at a fire at night and listened to songs with a guitar. We could stay at a fire all night, it so perfectly look at a flame of a fire. And you were fond earlier or now of a camping?" Charming right? Like 20 years ago maybe she was sitting on Lake Michigan shore when I was picking & grinning at college age girls. I sent photos of me and of the beach and trees back home cause shed talked of liking nature so. #4 Photo she was sitting on a mossy log. Email #5 was when things changed. She then "dared" to tell her folks about me. Im not putting much of what I wrote to her but a lot was telling how everyday life went and about family members. There wasnt much vulgar talk, just playful flirting about words different ideas from views in photos. Oh, yeah sure said I like to be that "favored person" she longed to dance with. Did some playing with Russian words and asked how shes say " Youre my sugar sweet candy". She never did come back with Russian lessons. Well Im still reading and curious to learn some of the language. That might be the best thing she did for me - sparked my interest. Well from email 6 on it was "You are man Ive searched for", I think about you always. How can we be together, It started to seem like she wrote them without reading my letters. There was almost no reply to questions or connections other than of this longing to meet. I wrote a lurid story and poem and shed say my letter was "interesting". I was having my doubts about this "your only" like virgin bride thats waited 27 years just for me. Told her that and wanted to hear the real persons story. She purposes marriage and being my husband in email #7 and think Ill post that here. #8 she starts - #9 is like I said above where she has to see me now - send the money. My reply to #7 was about 3 pages and full of other options for us on this path of friendship or love. I told her I had feelings but thought she deserved a life with a younger man. Told her to maybe find someone near her that she just hadnt noticed was looking. That I thought I should do the same. I tried to be a friend to this girl. I was looking for a way not to hurt her feelings. Think the tables turned there! I saved all our emails. If you get contacted by her and want my story email me at: thisandekat@yahoo.com Ill try to check that once a week for a few then monthly. Norm

The given visa of the visitor to cost 65 dollars. Directly visa of 45 dollars and 20 dollars for the sanction of stay to territories of USA during 90 days - medical inspection, it is all to cost 85 dollars. In general(common) me it is necessary 323 dollars.

After you will send me money you should inform me control number of translation (MTCN) it consists of 10 figures

Hi my liked Norm. Today I with impatience hurried in internetcafe more soon to check up the electronic letter box. I have found your letter and my heart was filled with a heat and to knock with unknown force. During our correspondence I have understood that you very good person. Also that you stand my attention. Also I hope that I stand yours too. You the man which I searched for all life. And when I have seen casually your structure I at once have fallen in love with you without memory. I became similar to the mad girl, raving love. First I was afraid to admit to you it, thought that when you at once will hear these words you will laugh at my feelings. You see I then did not know you so well as now. But during our dialogue I have not kept the feelings inside myself and they have escaped outside. Now I do not hesitate to admit to you it. I love you very strongly also want to leave for you in marriage!!!!!! I for ever yours. I hope you you will not break my dreams concerning you. Also you will be my husband in the future. I do not want you to lose for anything!!!!

Hi my dear Norm, I hope, that my last letter has not caused you an attack of bewilderment. You probably will ask me, " why so fast? "
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