Olga/Olya Cherepanova (Cheboksary, Russia) from Cheboksary a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Olga/Olya Cherepanova (Cheboksary, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Olga/Olya Cherepanova (Cheboksary, Russia)
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Olga/Olya Cherepanova (Cheboksary, Russia)My name is John Herritt. I am a 43 year old computer professional and I live just north of Baltimore, Maryland. I was approached by her on Friendfinder.Com on March 20, 2002. I responded to her inquiry with caution since I had been approached by two other women on your list (Lubov Gavrilova, who contacted me back in October of 2001 an Ludmila Vinogradova who had approached me back in February of 2002 In both cases they asked me for money for a Visa and airfare. Both women wanted to me to wire them the funds via Western Union immediately. After viewing stories on the subject of internet dating scams and by running checks on both Lubov and Ludmila using Dogpile when connected me to your website. Their correspondance seem to go in this pattern: Initial Contact by them. Polite responses from me. After about 3 or 4 emails, they say that their now "in love" with me. They solicit money for visa and/or passport and airfare to get here. I want to know them better before I send money to them Contact ends..They seem to disappear?? Letter 1:LetterLetter - request for moneyThank you very much! Sincerely, John Herritt Email: johnherritt@comcast.net

Hi John. I am very pleased so soon to receive from you the letter. I would like to receive new photos from you. To Me very much to similar, that you to understand mine not so good English language Language. I want to speak, that I has learned (found out) it in school, and behind of it in College. I have growth of 172 centimeters and weights of 51 kg, I have Formation the secretary in a private concern which is engaged in sale of pagers. And I look behind of behaviour of children. I live in city Cheboksary. It to Be approximately in 900 kilometers from cities Moscow. I want to speak you, That I very much love of children. I had experience of dialogue in me directly in Russia with the people. But they were not adjusted (are adapted), is serious also we owed Part. And they very much frequently to drink alcohol and in set, and It not so is pleasant to me. I think, that in you - not a gift (present) such habit. I want to inform, that I do not smoke, and I do not drink strong spirits drinks of spirit. But sometimes I love to drink in the good company not a lot of grape vine, Though it happens very seldom. I want to speak, which I am capable well to play Want to inform, that I live with my mum. I have the Father, grandfather Unfortunately has died, 2 years back. I want to you to speak, which I loveVarious music, but basically classical. I want to have seriousThe attitudes (relation) with you to find with you love and to create happy family. I Will be pleased, if you it as will want as I. I want to speak, which I write You from firm of the computer. I Unfortunately have no the computer and telephone of a house. I think, with what It will not be for us by a problem? I want more to study (find out) rather You, concerning your family. I think, that you can to me, soon answer, I shall be Write soon Olya.

Hi my John. I am sorry that so long to not write to you. The matter is that my grandmother strongly was ill also we with mum looked after it(her). I have just now arrived to city and at once have gone to cafe Internet to read your letters. I am very glad to receive news from you again and again. I very much love to prepare various tasty meal. I shall prepare to you the most tasty dishes at ours with you meeting. I to live now one with my mum. My daddy to throw us, when to me there were 6 years. I muc to our regret do not have brothers and sisters. It is very a pity. At us very beautiful city. It is a lot of trees and parks, But now still there is a lot of snow. I unfortunately do not have telephone. I corresponding with you through Internet cafe! I very much like to read yours of the letter and they deliver to me a lot of pleasures. I already more reflect on ours with you the attitudes (relations) more seriously. My opinion is those, I consider (count) that most important between the man and woman this complet trust, I hate when the people deceive each other. As I consider (count) in what that the moment we of life to accept the conciliatory proposals, you see it too is the important part of the attitude (relation) between the man and woman. You probably think that I the very serious man, but it not so, I simply do not want to be mistaken in a choice of the future husband and liking man. to your words I begin to understand that you the honour man. Your words which you write me warm my soul and heart. It so is wonderful when there is in this world a man to which I is not indifferent. It is pleasant to me so to receive from you the letters and feelings which I thus test to not pass by words. Probably on it I shall finish and with the large impatience. I shall wait for your next letter. Strong I embrace also kiss. Yours Olya!!!

Hi my love John! I to study I (find (out) all concerning my arrival (achievement) in you my love. I - necessary need (requirement) the visa and passport, and also document of insurance and hospital. It costs (stands) 415 $ USA. I am written down on reception in the transport company on environment(Wednesday). I shall give back back documents concerning registration. I shall require in by to Thursday the next week to pay my documents in embassy. You will send to me this sum of by environment(Wednesday) to this week? My documents will be registration in time 10 days. It is good? I have given you the address, on which you through branch (branch) of bank Western Union should send to me money? I very much to want as soon as possible to arrive in you my love. I to give you the address of my bank where there is a system of remittances Western Union. Mine a complete name Olga Cherepanova. My home address. Russia, Republic Chuvashia, city Cheboksary, street ??????, house 32 an apartment 17. I give you the address of bank! Menatep, Street the prospectus ?????? 6A, city Cheboksary. complete home address and airport, nearest (coming) to you also is necessary for me your complete name. It is very important! I very much to wait on your fast answer! Your future wife Olya.
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