Olga Muraveva (Novosibirsk, Russia) from Novosibirsk a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Olga Muraveva (Novosibirsk, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Olga Muraveva (Novosibirsk, Russia)`s photo russian dating scammer Olga Muraveva (Novosibirsk, Russia)`s photo
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Olga Muraveva (Novosibirsk, Russia)
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Olga Muraveva (Novosibirsk, Russia)I am a 37yr old male and would like to say that Olya Gushina is at it again. This time using the name Olga Muraveva.She sent me the almost exact letters that someone recieved on page50 Thanks to blacklist I caught her. I didnt get scammed but watch out. Bill McLetter 1Letter 2
Greetings loved(liked) Bert. I so am happy, that you at me on mind(wit) all the day. I am happy to read your letter. How at you an affair? How mood? I to think, that at you all is good. I to want it am very strong. I shall ask the god that you were healthy and happy. I the christian and frequently to go to church. It is very important for me. You to visit(attend) church? What you to ask the god? I always to ask him(it) that at all all was good also everyone were healthy. I to know, that it(he) to hear me and to be good only for people. Each person in the world should live well and happily regardless of the fact that it(he) to make bad. You agree with me? I to want to know your point of view on this question. Well, I to want to tell you, that my heart began to beat more often when I to think of you. It is spring?!!!! Certainly yes!!!, but my heart is beaten so when I to think of you!!!! I to ask you, that you to send me all photos which at you are. They will help me to feel you r presence near to me. I to want to feel you, your gentle sight, yours a smile, your hands. I so to require in heat and care and I to think, that I to ask not so much. I to search pure(clean) love and romanticism in attitudes(relations). I to like when all is beautiful, fine, gentle and romantic!!! Desire to have the family, the loved(liked) person beside, feeling care and constant support in difficult minute, to what to aspire each person in life and I too. To me 30 years, and I and to ot ha e, about what I to speak you. I was close to happiness in the past, but my trust to break my heart. I should trust the person with which I all life. To trust his(its) each word, gesture, a sight, a smile. In the world now so it is a lot of meanness(low act) and deceit, that it is necessary to concern to people which to surround you very closely(attentively). I to not speak you, that it is necessary to concern about mistrust to everyone, just necessary to know the person so that to be com pletely sure in it(him). I to know you not long, but I can tell, that you very fair and open and it very much to involve me and lets me trust, that I that I can love and be loved(liked)!!! My mum to learn(teach) me, that I should be always open. I to tell it(her), that our attitudes(relations) to develop successfully and she(it) is happy for us. She(it) to dream, that I, at last, there was not one and to have family. Now I to want to share with you my small pleasure. Last night to arrive my sister. She(it) to work in university and to teach biology. At it(her) it is a lot of friends on all world and she(it) to go n USA to the American colleague. She(it) to leave there 3 weeks back and to return only yesterday. She(it) very much to not want to leave, as to it(her) the husband and the daughter was necessary to leave for a while. By the way the daughter my sister is called Oksana and it(her) with 5 years. She(it) simply charm and I to love her(it) as the daughter. But this trip was very important for it(her) and for university and it(she) had to go. But its(her) husband is very good, careful, true the man and it(he) to consult(cope) one about the daughter and I to be proud of him(it). As soon as she(it) to arrive, she(it) to send us the telegram and we with mum to go on telephone item(point) and to speak with it(her) on the phone. She(it) was very happy to come back home to the family. She(it) to tell me, that was at Jenifer which lives in staff(state) Florida. She is very good and kind woman. She(it) to tell what to reach without any problem and to live all this time at it(her). But now its(her) stay of a house will be not long, she(it) about the daughter and the husband will leave on 4 week to have a rest in medical sanatorium. And all these days they will be together, is far from work and can devote all this time each other. It is very happy and loving(liking) family. I to think, that you were not against, that I to share with you my pleasure. I now very much to want to talk about you! I so to want to share with you pleasure personally when I to see your eyes and a smile of that I am glad. I to w t o see your pleasure and to divide(share) her(it) with you. I to want to know what to do(make) you happy? And I shall try, that everything, t a I to make was the present happiness for you. Please give me chance to make it!!! Give me chance again to feel the loved(liked) and loving(liking) woman. I wait for your beautiful letter and I promise, tha I shall think of you each minute. About love Olga. P.s My post address Russia City Novosibirsk Index 630007 Gagarina street 20-12 My full name Olga Muraveva

I am very glad, that you to answer me. This day will be main in my life. I to receive from you the letter and should tell about myself all. I to want, that we it is good to know each other and to understand completely. You probably already notice what to use the translator when to write to you. I to do(make) it because I was not so good to know the English language. But it should not be a problem between us. I to want to study your language and to learn(teach) you Russian. It will be very interesting and useful for us. As to know language and culture other country very important. It is the help to us will speak openly. I to want to tell you, that acquaintance through the Internet this new to me. I never to do(make) it earlier. I very much to worry and be afraid. I to not trust, that such it happens, but my girlfriend to get acquainted and now she(it) is happy. I to decide to try to write to you. I to worry, but I shall be open and there will be a story about itself. Now I shal!l speak about myself. ??. Me call Olga. I live in Russia. It is very big country which to have is a lot of an opportunity but as I to think, she(it) to not open yet all potential. In Russia is all for good life resources, the ground, clever people is a lot of, but now there is a transition period. People here trust, that all will be fast well, but for the present it is not known to wait still how many. Though people which want to work and have the purpose in life, live happily. There were only people which bring up at kmmunism and it is very difficult to break their stereotype about life when for you to do(make) all state. They to not know, that such the market, market attitudes(relations) and business. You do not think, that I so to divide(share) people and to speak so, but it is the Russian reality. I to think what there to know about Russia and to know our life. I too to know about your country much but to want to study more concerning it. You will learn(teach) me about yo! ur country and the city? It is very interesting to me! I live in city Novosibirsk. It is the big city in comparison with other cities. It(he) is in east part Russia. Our city is industrial here again to make much industrial the goods. Now you to know about where I live. I to think, that it was interesting to you to learn(find out) it. I was born and have grown here. Here I to go to a kindergarten, in school and in university. To remain with me very good memoirs on my childhood. I was very vigorous and inquisitive girl. Now to me of 30 years and I already to work. I to work in library. It is childrens library. She(it) small and only for schoolboys. At us it is a lot of book for school and almost all the book the Russian writer and the poet. In our library each day to come it is a lot of children. With them it is very interesting to work. I to explain them what book to them it is better to take to study only on an excellent(a different) estimation. They very much to like our library. With me to work 4 more persons. They are women at which very(verymuch) wide experience and I to study at them. I to work here not so long. In university I to study as building faculty. I to receive higher education and should work as the engineer the builder. But at us it is very difficult to find work and I can not find such. Everywhere to demand the experience it is not less 5 years and it is very difficult for young experts to find work. I can be arranged on work in library. I to not regret about it, but I always to dream to be the builder and to work in the building organization. I to trust, that my dream will be a reality. I shall aspire to this. My work not complex(difficult), but she(it) to borrow(occupy) many(a lot of,much) time. My working day to begin in 9.00am. We do not have dinner and I to come back home only in 20.00pm. The library is far from our house and I to go up to work on the bus. I to like to work. You are not strong to get tired when to read my letter? I am simple to want to tell to you the life. I to hope, that you to understand, that I to write to you. Now I very much to get tired and I shall write about myself more in the following letter. I shall wait from you the letter and the information on you if you to want that I to know about you was more. Good to you of day. I hope your friend Olga.
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