Irina Amilijianchuk (Brest, Belarus) from Brest a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Irina Amilijianchuk (Brest, Belarus) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Irina Amilijianchuk (Brest, Belarus)
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Irina Amilijianchuk (Brest, Belarus)I am a divorced father of two working in the field of software marketing and sales. I am writing to substantiate the story on in your blacklisted women section received from Tony about a woman in Brest, Belarus who goes by the name of Irina. She is definitely the same woman Tony wrote about - she is running a scam with a "travel company" called Tamerlan Tour, and has a counterpart named V.S Yarniko. These people are scam artists-make no mistake! The emails Irina and V.S. Yarniko used are identical to the emails Tony mentions and are as follows: Onlyforyou1900@hotmail.comIrasha87@hotmail.comTamerlan_tour@hotmail.comThe address where I received two hand-written letters from is as follows: 224000 Masherova, 32 Brest The Republic of Belarus Irina Amilijianchuk [NOTE: the name she used on her written letters matches her scammer name on your site and in Tonys letter BUT she had never used it before with me!] After reading Tonys account, I immediately recognized the young woman named Irina from Brest, Belarus, that I had talked to last year. She sent me the same letters - same writer, same voice, same spelling errors, and the very same letters in many cases. Apparently she sends the many letters to many men at the same time, looking for "marriage, love, and happiness", which makes sense because the letters are very one way - my questions hardly ever got answered directly. Irina also refused to see me in Belarus even though I offered many times to meet her over there - she said it was impossible. The money amounts are identical to the ones from Tonys letter; $857 and $1168. After the conversations when she knew I was not shipping money to her and Tamerlan Tour, the letters were flat, and I could tell she was "scam-spamming" me. There were other letters after the three I have here, but these three show the scam setup and how it works. I also include for you three pictures that were sent to me for Identification Purposes, should anyone else receive her pictures. #1 > [This is one of the first substantial letters I received from Irina (she also goes by Ira and Irina Pedrovna). Here first contact was in late March. I have not spell checked her documents to keep their authenticity intact.]: #2> [ Here she tells me how much she is thinking of me??¶growing fonder of me??¶] :April 6, 2001#3> [ Previously I had asked Irina how we could meet??¶this is her response and how her scam works - this is the setup email??¶] :April 9, 2001#4> [AND here is the email from her "travel agency."] April 10, 2001 from VS Yarniko, tamerlan_tour@hotmail.comWe are glad to service you respectfully. So thats how beautiful Irinas scam works. I dont even associate the pictures anymore with the so-called Irina and V.S. Yarniko, as I would like to think the pretty face in the picture is a pawn of some unscrupulous people, and has no idea her picture is all over the Net. YOU have been warned; watch out for Irina.Mr. Shaun C.Oakland, CA

April 3, 2001 Hi, my dear! I can believe that we re getting that much close to each other, it seems the time goes to fast, but were getting closer to each other more & more, you dont know how mush you made me happy by writing to me. Every time i open my email, the only thing im looking for is your letter, your beautiful email, which is all patient & your true feelings about me. Sometimes i think im dreaming & this not real & im talking to someone how is not real at all. You dont know how much i have a feeling about you & is not the day i dont think about you & this is real every time you send me your beautiful picture, it take me a long time to close it, cause from the time i open your picture make me sit & look at it, for a while, it make me freeze & i think im getting very close to you. I really believe in soulmates, call me sentimental of hopeless romantic but i know that some where in this word theres somebody i could just look in the eyes i know that im looking to my other half. I look around & ask my self why im not with anybody that "available", & then i know why im alone. This person would have to be smart, someone i could learn from; beautiful, not just of external beauty but more important beauty from the heart & soul; compassionate, someone that cares about others & try to make a different in other peoples life; genuine, someone that would bring the best of my to really complement my life & the life that wed build together; open minded; someone not afraid to explore the world & life to really find the essence of our existence; well sounds pretty tough huh, to some with all that together, well thats the reason im by myself but i know that if i find the person ill do anything to be with her cause i know that a world together would be a world of discovering, a world of understanding, a world of happiness. I think about my birthday (10.04) i dont jet how to celebrate it. I have a lot of friends wholl want to come & meet me this day. Id love to spend this day in the country. Id love to spend this day with my dear. i also think about my vacation. I want to take the vacation next month & to spend it together with you. Ill try o collect money & if i have enough for this trip ill come & see you. Id love to see you so much. How do yiou think about this? I also love to see any picture you send me & be doing that you make my life going. I love to loved & i do the same for someone who i love. I try to make the best for you (give my heart). I hope we see each other close & get to know each other better. Shaun, your poem is wonderful. I like it so much. Best of all id love to see Niagara fall. Its my dream. And what about you? Well, thank you again for the poem. Ill write you soon. Take care, my dear. Ira.

Hi, Shaun! Its good to hear from you again. Im so happy that you tell me everything about yourself and youre open person. As you probably know, the weather is very nice & it seems like a spring is here already. Sometimes is raining & it give the fresh air to this season. Me & my friends went to the park yesterday. We tried to get together most of the weekends & spend sometime & we have fun. We cook & take our food there & we eat together & i wish you were here next to me one day & we could go for picnic. I wish you celebrate my birthday with me but i feel im always with you & where ever youre im next to you. Im looking forward to meet. I hope itll be soon. You dont know how happy im every time you write me & i happy that you think like me. I think about you more & more. Dear, must think about our meeting. Ill do all my best for this. I want to be with you forever. I want to see you every morning & say Good morning, my love, my only love. I dream of you & think ill be able to be good wife for you. I feel ill be able to make you happy & youll be a good husband for me. I only want to be happy together. I want to give you all my love. And im sure itll be soon. How do you think my dear about this? I cant wait until us being together. I want you not to forget me. I want you love me & be with me all my life. With love, Ira. Take care, please, my dear.

Hi, Shaun! Its very good to hear from you. I cant wait to read your letter. I look forward to this day. It brings great happiness to me. Im glad to hear that youre OK. Im always thinking about the first time that ill meet you i always want to be with you & nobody else. And i feel in my heart that well be always happy together. I also want to love me & be with me all my life. Youll always be in my dreams & i send you lots of hugs & kisses. I begin prepare the documents for the triip. Itll take much time. I want to see you so much, my dear, & ill do my best for this. This weekend i with my friends celebrated my birthday, cause ill not be able to do this 10th of April. The weather was very good & we had a lot of fun. And how was your weekend? Hope it was good too. Thank you so much for the postcard. Youre very kind. What airfreight tickets prices look like from my end? I think about 600$. But im not sure. If you want to know, i give you the address of the our travel agency. They give you all information. Well, my dear, write me soon. I miss you & dream of you. Have a great week. Love, Ira.

Dear Mr Shaun Case , The Tamerlan_tour agency arranges trips to the USA completely. Our service includes making: 1. tourist visa for 3 months. The law of the republic of Belarus let unmarried lady younger 35 leave the country only with tourist 2. medical insurance 3. all the documents and certificates (connected with the immigration) which required after coming to the USA 4. passport 5. we book the tickets to the both ends. (Its the most important point in getting visa with the departure and arrival dates). 6. we could make arrangement at the hotel and arrange food.You can refuse from the 6th point, if the client has a place of living. The full cost of the preparation with the visa, insurance & necessary documents is 857$. The cost of the flight to the both ends is approximately 1168$ . We inform you that: The time for preparation of documents 35-40 days, after all is paid. Western-Union system let make all the payments by credit card. westernuniondotcom/ Inform us, please, about the nearest to you airport. Its needed for us to help you to meet the tourist. We guarantee to prepare tour during 35 days from the date of payment. We will know the value of the tour after your information about the place and time of arrival. The cost of the tickets depends on these, so in the present moment I cant tell you this information. Sincerely Manager V.S.Yarniko ;
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