Irina Smirnova from Kurgan, Russia a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Irina Smirnova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Irina Smirnova
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Kurgan, Russia
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I am a single white American 37, whom is employed by the federal government and a veteran Where the contact originated from: Yahoo Personals ad where outside parties can send replies back to subscribing host. She requested a pen-pal over the 2001 Christmas holiday. The duration lasted from 23 December 2001 to 28 February 2002. She started out wanting a pen-pal with each successive email I was baited that she liked me and our inability to see each other (longing to be together). I invitied her to visit me in the United States (Arlington, Texas) and proceded to purchase the VISA (270.US first request, Plane Ticket (810 US later request ) and the second to last letter she spoke of Insurance money to leave country (410 US). The email requesting the VISA was very explict on what to do including instructions on how to send it via Western Union with a specific Russian location in Kurgan. Western Union "blankets" the country with the wire transfer so the pickup point could have been anywhere, supposedly an identification is required and a 10 digit number of the transaction is needed to obtain m Money Letter Additional, the perp requested a telephone number and called me (voice sounds like natasha on the bulwinkle show with a deep Russia accent. (spare me the jokes). The final is the loss of money, anger at being swindled and not even sure if the woman in pictures is real or a cheap marketing picture or the perp. I came across this site and the perp was identified with one other allias Yana Volkova/Irina Smirnova (Kurgan, Russia) Yana Volkova is operating under the name Irina Smirnova out of the city of Kurgan, with the email . Please Note my "Irinia" has a different picture (reddish brown hair green eyes). She stands 55" 130 pounds and the same (with some personal modifications to her email identical letters. Other notes include emails included a alleged address. Her email address used was Yahoo! Shopping - Mothers Day is May 12th! Letters
Hello my new friend from America! Im so glad that you answered to me from so far and it is great happiness to know that I can so simply to find a new friend at any side of the world with help of such a great system as Internet. My name is Irina. It is widespread name in Russia but I like it and I hope you too;-))) It is not a secret that name determines people characters and I think it is true. I am simple girl from Russia from city of Kurgan. It is enough far from the center of Russia and about 2000 kilometers far away from it. It was found in 1662 as settlement Tsaryevo Gorodishe and now it is center of Kurgan Oblast. It is not very big city with population of about 360 thousand people. Here is a wonderful river located near us - Tobol. This is about place I live at. It is good place for living I think and I love my Motherland. As you see my English is not very great - I learned it in school and in University - Kurgan State University. I am 26 years old now and I was born on the 12 of July. So as you see I am Cancer. As so I want to know when was you born and your sign and some more information about you, about your favourites - how do you think if you are romantic person? I think it is enough about me for now... If youll be interested Ill tell you more about me... I understand that the most important and best thing to talk about is coming holidays. It is the best time of the year I think because it is the time of best mood!!! I love Christmas but mostly New Year Party when time of last twelve impacts of bells comes (Im almost sure that it is not clear for you - but unfortunately I have very few words baggage of English and I use sometimes translator). We live in countries of too different cultures and Im sure that you love in these holidays something quite different than me. So I would really interested to know about how do you like to spend them and what do you plan to do for it... I hope my last request is quite understandable for you... I feel so great thinking about that great pleasure that will bring me coming holidays... I understand that it is too few of personal information in this letter but I hope that you will answer for my letter and we will continue our conversation using Internet. Just to be interested by you - Ill attach my photo to this letter - I hope youll find it not bad looking. Nevertheless my friends think that I look very pretty - is it really so - youll decide... Irina. p.s. At my photo I seem to be too young but all friend say to me that Im looking as "well saved" ;-))) Hi my friend Don! First of all please sorry that I didnt write you more earlier but it is a great difficulty here to get to Internet Centre in Russia during Christmas and New Year holidays!!!! It was opened only today and I couldnt got to it to write you a letter and to say that everything is OK with me and no need to worry for me!!! I would like to tell you a little about how did I spent the New Year. I hope it will be interesting for you to learn more about it... As you know I live apart from my parents and I decided to meet New Year with them - I so missed them all this year. So I make this decision and didnt regret about this at all!!! I loved this eve very much! I introduced three of my best girlfriends and we have a very great party!!! I loved it so much! We made very interesting and funny presents to each other and we have a great fun for the New Year Eve. It was very difficult day (31st of December) but very funny - we made many things - we were shopping with mom than we were making different dishes for the evening to make a great table. And we did it with great success. Anyway everything was very good. I loved it very-very. The only problem was the fact that you were not with me for that day. I thought it should be so great fun if we meet New Year together!!! So it was really great! I love this time - this is the time of dreams coming true. It is very good time - I hope that you loved yours holidays too.. Ill stop at this for now - I hope to hear from you very soon!!! Thinking of you as about good friend Irina. Hi again my friend Don!!! I love to get your letters and I love to hear from you my friend! Im happy to hear that you remember still about me. I want to tell you a little about how did I spent my holidays - especially just overed Christmas... I hope that you understand about my silence last several days - thats were days off here and only today Internet Centre was opened. I had a great fun before yesterday with girlfriends for the night before Christmas. It is considered here as the time of mystery and dreams about marriage to come true between girls who still wasnt married... And we had a party of Mystery with girlfriends - I dont know how does this is called in English but in Russian it is called as "gadaniya". It was really awful - we called for spirits of different famous people and they were answering for our questions. It is not what I believe in but it was really interesting but scared!!! Also an important thing I did that famous day of my life was my visit to church - I love to do it and this time wasnt exception of this fact. I saw the service of the patriarch and it made me crying with the tears of affection. I loved that visit and my best wish to God was to meet my prince some day!!! It was really great time of unity with my God.... I went there with my mom and she was asked God to help me in my dreams to be happy - I was so thankful her for this. I loved that day of Christmas - it was really great and wonderful. I hope you are still interested in knowing some more about me and Ill continue my story... More about me... I have never been married and I have no children but I think that Im ready for family life and I think that I want for this but I still looking for my best half in life. By the way it is one of my best wishes - to live happy family life - but Im not sure if you are interested in knowing about this... My favourites are really different - but I like calmness and reliability in life. I like violet color - I know that it is the color of loneliness but I dont suppose to alone in life - I have many friends that I love and think that they reciprocate to me. I love calm music - especially classic that gives me good mood and calmness... I like different kinds of dishes - so Im not sure to allocate some especially but I like to prepare food - this is my hobby;-))) I live apart from my parents - by the way I forgot to tell you about them. They are very nice and I love them very much. I have no brothers and sisters - so Im one child in the family... Moms name is Ekaterina, fathers - Mikhail (sounds similar with American Michael...) They are good parents... So what - I work designer of clothes in studio. I like my work and I have many girlfriends there. We are close together - and for example today we had a great "Tea-drinking" - we spoke much about catholic Christmas and had a very good time... S-s-sooo. I forgot to tell about my parameters. I am 169 sentimetres height and 55 kilogrammes weight - Im not sure how much it will be in American measures but I hope youll find it yourself and translate it from metric system... I forgot else to tell about how do I use Internet - I go to Internet Cafe that localize in library. It is not expensive for me and I hope that Ill can write you more in future. Today I was working first day after New Year holidays and it was very difficult day for me. I was really tired and I want to have a rest for now. The weather is very cold here - low than 20 degrees zero (Celsius) and the way through the streets is so hard because of the strong wind that blows so unpleasantly. Im really tired and Ill stop for now. Ill wait for your answer very impatiently. Irina. Hi my good friend Don! Sorry my friend I couldnt write you earlier - I was sick and beeing at home with high temperature. But you are not to worry now I feel more better now and have enough power to come to Internet Centre to write you a letter. With every letter to you I feel that something is growing between us. Im not sure for that what is it but I know that I like you and your letters very much. They make me feel warmer and I feel much better when I read your letter. It is really great to know that you have a good friend at another part of the world. I understand quite good that you are really interested in knowing more about me and my life. Im trying to describe it to you. I will continue this in my next letters to you. It is very hard to write long letters because the ideas are forced down and block each other sometimes. For example I want to write about one thing but at the end write about another. I hope this is not very bother you. Some words about the weather here. It is very windy today and the weather is some gloomy but nevertheless it does not make me feel bad. I think that the weather does not influence very much for me. I have seen with my mom yesterday and told her about you, about the fact that I found a friend at USA. Firstly she was shocked to hear about this but when I told her about that you are very good she agreed that it is very good and interesting to write with American man. She is very good and always understand me very good. We are in very good relations. She asked me to pass a warm "Hello" to you to another part of the Earth. It is not very interesting to story about boring things. I want you to know about my favourite things too. I like many things because Im very great life-lover. I hope that it is not sounded very wrong! I love life! I love to live! I like to live brighten. I like vivid colors. I like bright things. I like sun! I like summer. I like snow. I like to sky. I like to dance. I like to go to dancings. I like to go to night clubs to dance there for the hole night not thinking about how difficult it will be to wake in the next mourning to go to work. Hi my close friend Don! Im so glad to write an answer to you again. It takes to me a great pleasure to read your letters and to know that someone far away waits for mine too. I feel happy to find news from you my dear friend! As you understand it has come cold here. The weather is very fine and clear air gives fresh feeling of freedom when going through the street. That kind of the weather is my best in the winter - it is frosty but very-very clear and very specific - even I cant describe by words. With each letter between us I feel that firstly called feeling between us is growing and becoming stronger. It is very strange to understand the fact that two people can feel closer without even ever meeting but it is really so!!! My girlfriend at work began to mark that Im a little differ from mine else several weeks ago. She said that I became more looking happier and having fun in every moment of life. And I fell that I changed my mind too after acquaintance with you. It is really great that I feel so!!! And you know... I feel that I have a great desire to come to USA to see you in reality. It may sound a little crazy but I really would love to meet you some day, to say you "Hallo" in person, to shake your hand. It should be so romantic meeting!!! But from another side it seems to be crazy dream only - you see - we live so far apart that it makes me unhappy that such a usual girl as me have no chance to move there where she want as easy as it is possible in fantasies... But from dreams to reality... I finally forgot to give you my address you can write me a letter through usual mail. It is following: Irina Smirnova 483010, Russia, city of Kurgan, Sovetskaya street, 14 - 32. In turn Id love to know yours. Ill be really glad to send you the letter by mail. So if you dont against I want you to send me your mail address. OK? I could miss it in one of your last letters. If you sent it already please dont angry for me but simply resent it to me. Ill wait! My usual life is very close to work and I love it in own way. I have many dialogues there, I see many people and as it is not strange I feel very tired usually after I come home. I have a very cosy flat I live in. Here are many toys. I love toys! I even sleep with one of the most favorite. It is brown bear - nice and thick and very funny!!! His name is Kosolapyi. Sorry it is very difficult to spell Russian name in English and Im not sure that I made it quite right. Id love to tell you else about my first love. He was a boy of my age. His name is Andrey. I loved him so... so... But our love story finished very sad. He exchanged me for the career. He is gone to Africa to the city of Cairo and live there now. I suffered so much. I loved him. We were meeting for almost two years but he drop as... I cant recall this without tears. I almost forgot it. t happened a year before now I found you in so far!!! I hope that you are not bored with my stories? It seemed to me that I feel for you growing feelings. What is it - I dont know. I think that the time will show!!! But you cant deny the fact that our hearts becoming closer. I hope that I dont make a mistake thinking this. I really feel something new in my soul! Ill finish now. I spent too much time already at the computer but for the final Id love ask some questions. If you dont want you may not to answer them.Firstly Id love to know about your first romantic love. Who was she? Was she beautiful? Why did you get apart? You may tell me more about American women. I cant imagine them. Its really hard for simple Russian girl. Else I want you to tell me how do you feel about our future. Is there any chance for us to meet? So Ill stop this long letter. I hope to here from you more... Irina. I like different kinds of music and dance music is not the only I love! I love classic music very much! It make me very calm and when listening to it I began to understand that the life is something best that was given us from higher states, from God. I think that Im enough religious girl. I am christian as you understand. I was learned to respect God in face of Christ and I read Bible too. It is a very great book I think - it learns how to live not regreting that you live so. This was given to me by my granny - fathers mom. She was great woman but she died five years ago. I respected her strongly! M.m.m... If you want you can tell me more about your best friends, about how is the life there in USA. Do you like to dance? I want to know more about you too! I think that it is great that I decided to write to you! I feel that I did good thing! I like you and I hope that I am liked by you. I hope to hear from you extremely soon. Good bye for now... p.s. Sorry I forgot to ask your phone number - I want to do that earlier but forgot at all. If you dont mind I want to call to you to hear your voice and to check up that you are really exist! It sound some crazy may be but I wish to know your phone number! Really! Hi my love Don! Or what is it - Im in total confusion - whats happening to my poor mind. It may sound so crazy but I feel something for you! It is a very great feeling love! I cant describe that great mood that I got up today in the early mourning thinking of you huging me in the field of flowers! It was a great dream!!! I didnt see such kind of dreams from time of my firstly falling in love!!! It was so wonderful as in reality!!! I feel love and this fact heat my soul when the winter has taken its rules in its hands and already cold in the street. I feel that Im enough powerfull to make my dream come true and come to you to USA and to see you in reality and to shake your hand and to look into your eyes and to say you in person what I really wanted to say but cant get it in words on paper... It is so sweet - to think that it may happen to me and to turn all my life head over heels and bring me something I have never feel before. It is really seemed to be a land of the dream here. USA is something that does not seem to be real but some kind of fairy tale. I hope that this enthusiasm does not frighten you! I feel so happy thinking that some day we finally can meet in reality but not only over e-mail. Im sure we are to meet someday. I need to know you in reality!!! Mmm... I want to tell you about why am I still alone... It is really hard here to find a man I want to be with. It may seem to be whim but its not so. It is really poor here with good men. I cant describe it correctly but it seems to me that Russian man dont want to find their half in me. It is not good experience of changing boyfriends often but I come through it and it is all false. I hate that period of my life. I was crazy and finished at all to make mistakes in this life. Now I decided to find the man in other country and it happened that I decided to find him in USA. It was always my dream to marry American man. Of course that wish was mostly subconscious but finally I was advised to try to write to American man and I feel that make a good thing. I like whats happening to me last days. It is so new to me!... But I have known a little about how can I come to you. The most important is to get the foreign passport and visa to visit. It is not easy as have heard and but I think that theres no impossible things in the world. The most important is great wish and will to do what you want. I will speak with mother about this but firstly I need to know what do you think about this. I have learned that the cost of making all papers for me will totally cost about 200 US dollars but Ill learn it more better if you want. All this letter is so spontaneous but from the deep of my heart. I want to know what do you think about what I said to you in it. Is it really love - how do you think? This feeling makes me so strong and courageous. But in deep of the heart Im afraid to read your answer. I want to love but what future will show?... I need to know your answer!!! I wish for you to answer me as soon as you can. I love you. It is a little part of me. Im finishing at this... Irina.... Hey my love Don. I waited for the moment when I can receive your letter again and to write to you my answer and this happy moment has come!!! Now and I can find out what do you think of my previous letter. I will call to Moscow to the American embassy to learn more particularly about the visa. I shall inform you about results later. Unfortunately I do not have friends which have left for America, but I hope that I can learn details myself. It seems that we are so close that we as the husband and the wife. Only unfortunately divided huge distance so much.But nevertheless we should continue to love each other and to trust each ther.Do you agree with me? I cant do nothing with myself, it is love. It sings in me as a bird in the spring sky. I think that it is destiny. It can be dangerous, but I am madly in love with you. Your letters are filled with such heat and care. And the tears of pleasure sometimes run from my eyes. I thank to my God have helped me to find my only man and I hope that we will be together with you and well be very happy. I dream of our meeting and about as we shall walk with you keeping our hands together, as we shall look one at another and as we shall make love. I LOVE YOU, I WANT YOU, YOU FOR EVER IN MY HEART, IN MY IDEAS. I dream as you will carry me on hands, to embrace me, to kiss and caress my gentle body. Its a pity that thats only dreams and if is it fated to them to come true God knows only. I shall call to my aunt who works at the international airport, she works there and she can find out about how much money it will be need for the ticket to you to USA for the plane. Ill try to find out as much as possible about that how to arrive to you and to meet you. I do not have enough patience to wait for this light moment in our life. I want to meet you more soon to jump to you on a neck, to kiss you, to look into your eyes and to tell you that I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! When you are far apart I feel lonely, you are necessary for me. Ideas about our fast meeting heat my soul, they support me when Im in bad mood and make me happy. My girlfriend Marina have noticed that I began to look happier and cheerful. I am so happy that I have you. My love boils as a volcano woken by god Eros. It tries to escape outside but does not find an exit in absence of you. I wait for our meeting, as the young schoolgirl of the first appointment in her life. I think that I am like Juliette who waits for a meeting with her beloved Romeo!!! But I hope that our love story will be more happy than story of Romeo and Juliette :-)) I hope to see your letter very soon!!! Irina. Hi my love Don! Thats me again writing a new letter for you and thinking of our future meeting as about far but close dream... Sorry that I didnt write you warlier thats bad epydemy in our places. Great flu is here and many of my familiars were being at home during this bad time. Some of them as I were sick. I thought that I overcome last sickness but it wasnt so and I got to the bad again with high temperature. It was a very difficult time and I felt very bad but now I was made an inoculation and I hope that I will not be sick again very soon. I missed you greatly! It is so hard to imagine how can we love each other not seeing and never meet before but counter to destiny it is a fact. Anyway from my side it seemed to be really crazy to fall in love with man from so far away! But why did you loved me - so far and unreal? I cant imagine but I trust you because I love you and I need you!!! It is so great!!! But I want you to trust me too! It is very important between two loving people to trust each other. I hope you do... I think that love consists of trust, tenderness and patience. And what do you think about this? Do you agree or not with me?Love is like magic And it always will be. For love still remains Lifes sweet mystery!! Love works in ways That are wondrous and strange And theres nothing in life That love cannot change!! Love can transform The most commonplace Into beauty and splendor And sweetness and grace. Love is unselfish, Understanding and kind, For it sees with its heart And not with its mind!! Love is the answer That everyone seeks.... Love is the language, That every heart speaks. Love cant be bought, It is priceless and free, Love, like pure magic, Is lifes sweet mystery!! This is a little deviation from usual life. I hope you like it... Sorry if this letter seemed to be too sentimental but my love for you dictates these beautiful words for you!!! Now... A little about usual life here... It is pretty simple. I work as usual at library, see many people and much thinking about you. It is really cold here. But my warmness is in you... I feel so good when I dream of our first meeting. It is so pretty to be I think! My soul singing the song of love in expectation of our meeting. Im dreaming it so: as I running down the a gangway and begin kissing you as insatiable. The first our night will the most romantic night in my short life!!! Well walk and speak as much as we can. Im sure our love will overcome all language barriers!!! Well kiss as youngest lovers under the calm shining of Moon. The stars will shine only for us!!!! They will smile looking as two people cant find a word to describe such a great feeling arisen between us! You know Im crying sometimes with tears of love in to my a pillow by nights!!! Is it a love as great Shakespire describe?!!! I believe in this love and do you my love? I must say to you that Im not a virgin already - it is hard to be understood but I feel that I was to say you about this! It has happened firstly with Andrey. I hope you remember I told you about him. It was fantastic night - one of the best nights in my life but it is so hard to remember this because he broke my heart... I feel - all I said was so sentimental... I hope I dont bother you yet... Ill stop for now. Ill write very soon. Eternally yours Marina. p.s. Please sorry that I still didnt find complete information about the visa for me but Ill do it until next letter anyway!!! p.p.s. Warm Hello for from all my family. They are asking about you! How are you! We are thinking of you! Hi my best Don! Im so glad again writing a letter to you from Russia. I know it sounds a little official but I feel that today is very important day. I finally found the information about what do I need to get the visa and to make my dream come true and to come to you my love! I think that the best way for me is to get Tourist visitors visa. It is the easiest way to come to you. Sure it will be very hard to get it nevertheless but I hope that I can do it with your help! It has one weakness - it allow to stay in your country for only three months but I hope that after coming that time I will have a chance to prolong it. I was said that it is possible. I heard there are many events when girls from Russia got Tourists visas and after that got married and stayed abroad. So I think that we can be together too! How do you think? Am I right? I have known about total cost of preparing of all papers I need to come to USA. It has appeared more than 200 USD as I said before. It is needed 270 USD to make everything: visa, applications and passport. It is big sum of money that I cant get in even several months. I hope that you can help me to find that kind of money to make our dream come true. By the way I can get my visa in already two weeks! I was so pleased to hear this! It means that we can meet so soon as I didnt ever dreamed! Im really happy to know that! So I need 270 dollars as soon as it will be possible for you to send. I hope that I dont ask too much from you! You can send them through the system Western Union. When you will send the money they will give you Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN). This is ten digits. If you send me that MTCN by e-mail I can get your money at my bank here in Russia. Ill give you the adress of Western Union here in Murmansk that best of all to get for me: AVANGARD BANK KUIBYSHEVA, 12 KURGAN , 640000 The money are to send for my name - IRINA SMIRNOVA!!! Another important information is that I need information about the closest airport to you. This information will help to get the ticket with big discount! This was asked by my aunt Irina. She promised for me to make this good deal and cant express thanks to her for this! As you see I speak too much about money. I hate this world for it is controlled by the money! But without your help I will never see you! Unfortunately we are to pay to be together! Its so pity! Id love to fly to you simply with help of my love-wings that carry me in my dreams about I will meet you and we will live together forever until death!!! I love you so much! My parents were not very good with that idea for us to be together firstly. They thought it is so far and dangerous! But I convinced them to let me be with my beloved and they agree with me at the end. All my friends wish for me to be the happiest girl in the world to be together!!! Sorry if I may be offend you asking the money. But I hope that in your next letter Ill read very good news for us my love! I need you. I dream of you! I love to think about you. Im so crazy.... Irina. Hi my favourite man!!! Im very glad to get your letter today! I was thinking about how do you think about me asking you this money. I was scared that you will not answer me or will think that I want to stole your money. I was said that many American men are affraid of this because there are many Russian women who stole money from Americans. Its so hard to believe. Im crazy thinking if you think about me the same! I only can say that I think so much about you not because of the money! Im not - sure!!! Please trust me! I want you to trust me! I want you to believe in me!!! Oh! Thats all so hard to say... I do trust you anyway and I think that the love consists of trust - first of all! How do you think? Am I right? My love grow on the fact that I trust you! I really consider this - is it too naive? Oh... I again speak too much about money... I dont like to do that... Id better will tell you how do my usual life continuing without you unfortunately. At home it is very good. All are so glad for me. We much speaking how it should be interesting if I live in USA! How many interesting things I could know there! Mom praise God that I found you! She found that I look very happy! Yesterday here was my cousine and she found the same. Her name is Katya and she is some older than me and already married. She is saying that marriage is the stick of two ends. Of course it is very happy moment in life but from another side there are so many difficulties and problems with new life, new kind of relations. We spoke with her for the hole night and I was very glad to know so much about matrimonial life! It was very useful! If you think that I have some problems with my work - please dont worry for this. My boss is a good man and understand me very good. He is already old and knows so much about life. He teach me how to live it. I know so few about the life alone - without parents. He helped me to learn this life more better! Anyway the life here is the same - very usual and monotonous. So Im almost bored by it! The only idea that make my day shiny is idea about you my love! I love you so... I feel it so clear! My love is a ray of light in this bored days which pass one after another! I feel as Juliette that have a chance to get out of her little close home to freedom... with her only Romeo... beloved Prince... Such I feel now... It should be listened as romantic nonsense but I believe in love at this Earth. I do want to believe in it. I will always love you!!! I to close this letter now. Sorry if it sounded some silly... Simply I love and I want to sing this song of love as a nightingale in the spring!!! I love you my best!!! Always thinking of you Irina.Hi my love Don! How do I pleased to hear from you!!!! Your letters are really necessary to me to feel better every day of my life!!! I love you and expression of this fact is in my love letters to you!!! Thank you for the money helping me with visa. I think that very soon it will be ready and we will meet finally with you!!!! In every letter to me you think that I dont understand you but it is not quite so - simply Im very absent-minded girl sometimes and Im trying to find all your questions - it is not very difficult because I use the machine translator to understand them better but when I writing a letter to you I am forgetting mostly of them - I am fond in writing about one thing and forgetting about another important... This is bad of me but I cant do nothing with myself. In the future Ill try to do everything to correct this but I am very simple girl and not very much talanted.... I want to tell you about my favourites some more - it is not hard but difficult to begin... It is very interesting to tell you finally that I am good in preparing food. I love to do it and all I can with great love! I like to experiment in cooking and my favourite dish to prepare is chicken with great seasoning - my proud and secret!!! - many of my friends asking me to give them a secret but Im not. This is from my granny - she taught me to cook great and it is one of the things I thank her! I love to eat myself very practical food - something tasty but enough simple and fast in preparing.... m-m-m I love to eat fish - different kinds- especially river fish, trout for example... Sea products are good for me too but not as much as river fish! About my usual habits - I m no smoking, do not like to drink. The only exception is when holidays - I love to drink some wine - this is my weakness. I love to taste expensive kinds of wines - but usually it is very expensive - so my experience in this is not great....My usual life is really usual ;-) but I hope that you like to hear more and more about me... It is not really easy to write long letters. As soon as Im not a writer anyway but for some reason it is easier for me to write to you about how I love you but not about usual things.... This letter is mostly out of love words but I had a purpose to write something serious... Am I romantic person or some kind of crazy... Hard to say...Im so as I am in life and I live for life to be claimed by it too... Sorry for this confused andphilosophic final but I feel that it is enough for today - I feel very tired but happy having such a great man there far away loving and waiting for me... I love you very much!!! I want to hear from you very soon. Irina. p.s. I attached my photo with my girlfriend. I hope you like it.My dearest darling Don!!! I want to come to you anyway and I dont affraid of any difficulties!!! I will survive!!!! I hope that Ill find before the next time Ill write to you all information about how I will fly to you!!! Thank you for your best wishes for this light Valentines Day. I know that this day is really popular in USA but it is not very in Russia. Id love to be for this holiday more popular here but anyway thank you very much for this kind words!!!! I dream of you always, I want you near me all the time. I see me standing in a field surrounded by roses, they are pretty flowers. we slowly walk toward each other and you eyes shine so bright as we get closer to each other. Our arms reach out for each other and there is a tingling in our fingers as we slowly embrace. You lay me down on the rose petals covered ground and slowly remove my clothes. You caress my sweet breasts as I slowly kiss your tender lips. Your body is my temple of love. You slowly kiss me on my neck and nibble my ears all the while you are caressing my breasts. You slowly move down to kiss my breasts and they are so sweet. You take a long time kissing every of them. Then you slowly move down to kiss and caress my most private part, I squirms and leave out a sigh as your tongue enters me. After a time you mount me and my body pushes up to meet mine as you enter me. You start out slowly as if not to hurt me but with each thrust you meet me and we push harder. It seems to go on forever until there is like an explosion as we both climax at the same time. Your eyes shine so bright and your skin glistens from sweat. I kiss you sweet lips and we start all over again. I want and can make love to you for hours my love. I will never leave you go once you are in my arms. There is no meaning in my life without you. you have become my life and I dont want to live without you. Your loving princess Irina! Hi my great love Don! Sorry that I didnt write you earlier - I really couldnt get to Internet Centre! Ill be happy under any circumstances with you. Im very glad that you are my favourite man and the dearest at hole Universe. As soon as I read your letters which you send me to my address, I am very glad that you helped me with the visa. Im very much missing you. I have known about cheap ticket for the plane to you. It is necessary 810 dollars from Kurgan through Moscow. I understand that this is a very large money but I ask you to help to me with money for the ticket. I hope you dont mind...I am very speed because I wasknown that this ticket would be sold to those who will be earlier. I am very much indignant of the paper to not to give to be together for two fond people. I shall wait for your translation. I love you and I want to be with you very much. I am ready to go for all to arrive to you and to embrace you strong. I hope that you will make for me this great thing!!!! Please send your money to the same address of AVANGARD BANK for my name - Irina Smirnova. When you send money by Western Union dont forget to send me 10 figures of transfer number. I love you and I want to be with you. I shall finish the letter cause I have not much time. Ill write longer letter some late. OK? I hope to receive good news from you!!! I LOVE YOU MY DEAREST !!!!! Irina.Hello , my wonderful husband to be, Don! For your questions... sorry I didnt understand quite good all but anyway... The ticket Im going to get is for the round trip from Moscow. But the sum includes the cost of the road to Moscow from Kurgan. As for the amount - I was said that it is cheapest I can find from Russia. I tried to do everything to be together for us my love!!!! I am so in love with you, my best! I am so glad I found you through the internet! You are so wonderful, like you said, both inside & outside.Your love for me blows me away. I know we will be so happy together. Any problems we run into, we face them together. If we were to get in a disagreement about something, the way we know we love eachother like we do, we can work out that disagreement together. I am very sensitive to your feelings & needs. I want what best for you. I am not going anywhere my best, you have me. I love you. Yes I love you, yes I want you, yes I need you. Yes I want us to be together for the rest of our lives. I cant wait to kiss you, hold you, caress you. I love to cuddle, that will be nice. You are so hot, so wonderful. You care about me. My true love, the day we are in eachothers arms we will be the most happy couple in the world!! I guess sometimes I fear that because you and I are not physically together yet, you may tire of waiting for me, and find someone else. I hope that does not happen. I would be completely devistated. I am so CRAZY in love with you my sweetheart. Youre the only man for me, & youre all Ill need. We need each other. Im forever yours!!! I love you, your Princess, Irina! My only true love Don!!! Thank you for the help with money. I cant say any more - my love says everything for me. In my next letter Ill give you all flight information my love! You give me such facinating inspiration and comfort every moment of my life! You are my miracle of love and my rainbow after a long storm of emptiness. Together, at the same time, we have kindled a glowing fire of everlasting love. Never have I felt such loving warmth throughout my entire soul. It is a flood of heat!!! Now I look forward with eagerness to everything in life with you. Every beat of my heart is to make you happy! Your love takes care of me when I need it the most. I love you!!!!!!!! I think our love we share is written in the stars. Every night they shine drawing us closer together... To touch you, your body. To see you, the beautiful way your eyes touch my heart. To hear you, your laughter and whispered "I love you". To smell you, your perfume. To taste you, your sweet passionate kiss so hot!!!!!! To feel you, your glowing presence, your love. To love you, intensely with all of my heart, body, and soul!!!!!!! I need you my wonderful prince!!!!!!!!!, in a way words cannot express. The golden moment awaits for us to meet for our loving embrace. I am missing you, I am wanting you, I am longing to hold you in my arms!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eternally yours Irina. Hi my love Don. Sorry my dear man that I didnt write you these last several days. It was a very difficult time for me. I was in very big efforts and sadness - my mothers mother - my granny was dead three days ago and I had no chance to go to internet and write a letter to you! Please sorry but I was very busy and it was really hard times for my mother. Granny Anastasia was very old but nevertheless it was a very hard hit for mom. I want to say you that I was waiting for the moment I can else write a letter to you my love. I missed you very greatly and your support for me is very important!!! I love you!!! I very much love you for that you help me to arrive to you. I want to see you very much. I payed for the visa and for the ticket but I was telled that is necessary to pay for the insurance tomorrow. It costs 410 dollars, without the insurance Im not let out from the country. when I arrive to you from Russia this money return to you so we nothing lose. This money are very necessary for reception of the insurance. Please send money tomorrow its very important. I am very happy also I to write to you about love. Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses. Love is content with the present, it hopes for the future, and it doesnt brood over the past. Its the day-in and day-out chronicle of irritations, problems, compromises, small disappointments, big victories, and working toward common goals. If you have love in your life, it can make up for a great many things you lack. If you dont have it, no matter what else there is, its not enough. I love you as much as the sunny loves our little planet Earth we live at!!! I cant wait our meeting in person. I miss you as the desert waits for the rain!!! Sorry I have few time to write to you. I must go away now. Ill wait for your next letters. Your favourite woman Irina!!! Hi my Don! Thank you for the help with insurance - this is money that will come back to you!! I now have finally the visa and in my next letter Ill sure send you all flight information!!! I hope this letter will find you in a good mood. Im very glad to write a letter especially for you again. I love you too so madly that no word that can describe my feelings for you! And you know this very good without Im saying about this! I began to understand that there is no need to say so much about how great my love to you! Ill try to tell you more about my usual life here without you. I hope you dont mind my best! So its going really cold here! Today all day it were snowing and the temperature is below zero by Celsius. It is so cold here without you my love! I so want you to huge me warmly and deeply and to kiss gently and never push me away from you... But thats only dreams - Im so tired to be in fantasies... Sorry Im back again... The weather as you see is not best but I have a great power that supporting me in my desire to live - to live for you my love! I hope that I didnt bother you yet. Please say if I do! Thats my usual life here. It is mostly bored - work, home - work, home. As bad Mary-go-round (I hope I was right speeing it?) that tighten me deeper and deeper to the routine of household life. The only shine in it is you are my love! You brighten my way of life! You shine at my road to happiness! I will over at this - I am happy to drop you this note! I hope youll like it! Im still forever yours. Kissing softly Irina.

Hi my best Don! Im so glad again writing a letter to you from Russia. I know it sounds a little official but I feel that today is very important day. I finally found the information about what do I need to get the visa and to make my dream come true and to come to you my love! I think that the best way for me is to get Tourist visitors visa. It is the easiest way to come to you. Sure it will be very hard to get it nevertheless but I hope that I can do it with your help! It has one weakness - it allow to stay in your country for only three months but I hope that after coming that time I will have a chance to prolong it. I was said that it is possible. I heard there are many events when girls from Russia got Tourists visas and after that got married and stayed abroad. So I think that we can be together too! How do you think? Am I right? I have known about total cost of preparing of all papers I need to come to USA. It has appeared more than 200 USD as
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