Ekaterina Smirnova (Saratov, Russia) from Saratov a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Ekaterina Smirnova (Saratov, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Ekaterina Smirnova (Saratov, Russia)
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Ekaterina Smirnova (Saratov, Russia)She wrote this with her address info:Her name is supposed to be Katya but her address has a different name. She claims to live in Saratov RussiaI am 43 years old, living in Chicago area. Divorced, working as a morgage loan officer.She wrote to me out of the blue after I wrote to many in the Absolute Agency. I did not write to Russia though, I wrote to Ukrainian women. How she wrote to me is a mystery. It has gone on for 3 weeks now. After a few personal letters, she will not answer any questions, instead she appears to send form letters with absolutely nothing personal in them about you. Written in a VERY general way.She only asked one time for a visa by mentioning how much a friend of hers quoted her for a price for a visa. Here is letter asking for visa money below.... Steven R. Martinovich

"Still I to want to give you my home address:"410009 Saratov Street Plehanova 8-35 Smirnova Ekaterina"I to want that you too to send me the home address( city, street and so on) I certainly can not know I to receive your letters here at us in Saratov. I think that they may to not reach and simply to be lost. I to think that it is better to you to write on my electronic address. So to us be to communicate with you easy and more conveniently."

Hello ,Greetings my love Steve . I to receive from you the letter. And I to understand that I only to begin to live. That at us with you still ahead. Now I though to find sense in life. I to not represent any more life without you. Let it to be loudly told, but I have got used to open the feelings thus. Please to not think poorly of me, simply to overflow me feelings and I to tell mine mum that probably I soon to leave in other country. You to not think that I to solve it spontaneously I the truth very long to think of it. I am simple to not want to miss the happiness again. I to speak mine mum and she(it) is very happy for me, she(it) even to bless me. It may sounds silly, but today I to represent as we with you we shall meet. I to think out very many interesting pictures. Present in the street fine weather, you to stand and wait for me in the airport to worry for my arrival. Then you approach to the plane, we to look around each other, with to become transfixed hearts to find each other and to rush into strong embraces each other. We to stand having embraced, all to pass and look at us. And for us as though nothing to exist. Only you and I. I to learn(find out) today about cost the visa. She(it) to cost approximately 310 dollars. I to learn(find out) from the girlfriend of mine mum, she(it) for a long time to work in the company of travels. Today wonderful day. But me it is all the same sad because you far! from me and we should be now together. But I all the same to trust that we with you to be together. I to trust in it. I want to send you a poem, I hope she(it) to you to like. By the way can me trust and can is not present, but I to write her(it) in free time. Sometimes on me discovers inspiration and would be desirable that that to invent and these poems at me receive. I to devote her(it) to you:Imagine, that you go on a Wood... The green Grass tampers with your Legs, The trees sing songs of a Summer(years). In your eyes - Delight and Surprise. Imagine, that you are floating on the Sea... You having seen, the Dolphins smile, The boundless ocean tampers with a Wind. In your eyes the hum of a Surf laughs. Imagine, that you to fly on a Palate... In huge blue the Sun shines, Play Clouds with you in ??????. In your eyes flicker of a secret Star. Imagine, that you - in my Palms! Rest in douche and persistence in heart... The instants build in a song of Bliss, In your eyes the boundless Happiness blossoms! Yours forever Katya.Best regards,mailto:katya_mn934@pochtamt.ru
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